Top 5 BEST Exhaust Set Ups for Chevy Tahoe 5.3L!

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Top 5 BEST Exhaust Set Ups for Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon Denali/Cadillac Escalade 5.3L!
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May 15, 2020




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Comments 32
ThatWideTahoe 7 days ago
LOL The one Tahoe cut the little black car off and he honked LMAO
Lawson Pritchett
Lawson Pritchett 8 days ago
Which option is the cheapest?
josh7120 11 days ago
Can we talk about the weld job? No offense but its clumped together. My dad thats welded for years calls that bird shit lol
HeathFX 15 days ago
what sucks about stock cats is how good they work as mufflers. You lose a lot of the crisp higher tones making the sound "muddy".
mathew hunt
mathew hunt 25 days ago
best exhaust video ive ever seen! hope you make a part two!
Justin Graf
Justin Graf Month ago
I have a spintek and cats. Mine sounds better.
Delta Boy
Delta Boy Month ago
2014 PPV Tahoe Magna Flow Muffler-Cats Delete-Tune-Whipple Super Charger ruvid.net/video/video-OmD3-mo-VZg.html
Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation
Stupid go from a 3.5 in into a 2.5 in muffler
Dark Dog
Dark Dog Month ago
Love the videos very helpful
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez 2 months ago
nobody be rocking the corsa exhaust tho 😞
hacatan24 2 months ago
I got the super 40 and I left the resonator on sounds really good..... not even loud on the freeway and that's what I like but in town that's when you want it... But I got the 6.2...
Brayden Brewer
Brayden Brewer 2 months ago
Does leaving the resonator on affect the quality of the sound or does it just simply make the sound quieter???
bugoy kikay
bugoy kikay 20 days ago
it also has less droning sound and thats about it so i wont recommend removing it but its up to u
bugoy kikay
bugoy kikay 20 days ago
just quiter at about 2000 to 2500 rpms and higher rpms it just acts as a straight pipe
Robert feost
Robert feost Month ago
Quieter at higher rpms I think
Brayden Brewer
Brayden Brewer 2 months ago
Where is this shop located?
Brayden Brewer
Brayden Brewer 2 months ago
Exhaust Addicts Thank you!!!
Exhaust Addicts
Exhaust Addicts 2 months ago
Petercat Life
Petercat Life 2 months ago
# 3 my favorite
leroy varela
leroy varela 2 months ago
2007 chevy Tahoe, 2015 chevy Tahoe 2007 chevy Tahoe wtf is lmfaooooo all jokes great video
D Mags
D Mags 3 months ago
Just modified the exhaust on my vehicles and made a short comparison video. ruvid.net/video/video-V_aze7b5s_A.html
Zyphrz 3 months ago
Straight pipe is best 😂
Tino Gutierrez
Tino Gutierrez 3 months ago
Have you heard of flowtech raptor mufflers, if so are there any videos on them?
MARIO JUÁREZ 3 months ago
I have a 2018 Silverado V6 with a 40 series but sounds like a Tacoma 😡 and just wanted to sound like a V8 should I put a super 10?
Greg l
Greg l Month ago
Unless you do headers it will be hard to get a v6 to sound like a v8. With headers it will sound deeper still not a v8 but close as you will get.
D Mags
D Mags 3 months ago
Muffler delete sounded the best
Jon Galt
Jon Galt 4 months ago
Much better
Jarrod Badgeley
Jarrod Badgeley 4 months ago
Anyone looking for exhaust for a 5.3 needs to check out Carven. Made in Southern California, 304L stainless, better quality than borla and corsa. I’ve got their TR series with resonator delete on my 2015 Sierra and it’s perfect, aggressive growl on cold start then mellows out to a nice deep tone ideal for a daily.
Jon Teesdale
Jon Teesdale 4 months ago
For a daily driver SUV, that Z71 sounded best!
Neon Sky
Neon Sky 5 months ago
Hey there! I'd like to ask you quick question, my friend just gave me a Flowmaster 943040, That's the 40 Delta flow. That one has the center in, center outlet. I noticed that most of the flowmasters for that particular truck (2007 tahoe) are offset intlet or outlet. Would the center in and out, fit without any issues? thanks!
Alex Celedon
Alex Celedon 4 months ago
That's 07-13 GM trucks
Alex Celedon
Alex Celedon 4 months ago
From 07-13 the muffler shops install a offset Inlet and and offset outlet when it come down to mufflers.
The Joker
The Joker 5 months ago
Cut the converters too, everything just open pipe
timmy240ax 3 months ago
With the shop being 1/2 mile from emissions testing center and that also being against federal law...wont be anymore videos if that were done
RJZJR1 5 months ago
Black Z71 tahoe best sound... mellow
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 5 months ago
I’m sorry but magnaflow sucks! It’s barely louder than stock.
Greg l
Greg l Month ago
I'm sorry but i like horsepower. Not exhaust restriction like slowmasters. Dyno proven to reduce power and rust just as fast
Aquarium Guy
Aquarium Guy 5 months ago
this guy is so fkn annoying
Luis Lara
Luis Lara 5 months ago
I have a chevy 2011 equinox. Any cool exhausts I should know about???
Larry 5 months ago
Luis Lara lol
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze 5 months ago
V6? Please say yes because if not then don't even worry about it.
EJ102 5 months ago
The Magnaflow 14" Magnapack 14419 would be a better comparison.
Johnny Cella
Johnny Cella 5 months ago
Does this translate over to the LS 4.8 L vortec engine?
Peyton Howard
Peyton Howard 2 months ago
It most likely does sound the exact same. Only difference from the 5.3 is the larger stroke so the 4.8 might sound a little less throaty.
house of lion
house of lion 5 months ago
I recently upgraded my 2013 Yukon from a flowmaster 40 series to the super 10 and deleted the resonator. Love the sound!!!
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