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Best Men's Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants
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Topic of discussion: What is your favorite deodorant?
What is the best deodorant for me? When should I start wearing deodorants? We start asking ourselves these questions pretty early on as men, so today's video will include the top 5 best deodorants for men in my opinion. These are the strongest deodorants for men I could find over the counter. Some are also anti-perspirant and will 100% get the job done when it comes to stop sweating, stop and eliminate body odors, and make you feel fresh, dry, and cool.
5- Old Spice Fresher Collection (Denali): bit.ly/2ugyz8d
4- Crystal Natural Body Deodorant: bit.ly/2ugoPL8
3- Dove Men Care Dry Spray (Elements): bit.ly/2ug9QB9
2- Degree Dry Protection: bit.ly/2ugmsYW
1- Right Guard Xtreme Defense 5 (Arctic Blast): bit.ly/2u0bdZs
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Top 5 Best Deodorants for Men | Best anti-perspirants:
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Aug 1, 2017




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Comments 544
Bunkn Berry
Bunkn Berry 7 days ago
I watched this because speed stick wasn't cutting it for me
yoboybigcountry 10 days ago
I use old spice fiji
Barewest 18 days ago
Arm& Hammer is the best it’s underrated
Besjan Hasani
Besjan Hasani 20 days ago
I’m 12 I use the dove spray
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 23 days ago
Sir I have sweating problem in my armpit,, which will be useful product for stop of armpit sweating which you showed in this video plz reply
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 21 day ago
@Zach H. you idiot
Zach H.
Zach H. 21 day ago
everybody sweats, none will stop sweat
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 23 days ago
Sir old spice is no side effect or yes plz reply
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 21 day ago
@Zach H. stupid close your mouth
Zach H.
Zach H. 21 day ago
it wouldn't be top 5 if it had bad side effects idiot
iTryMyBest 25 days ago
How do I stop smelly sweat I'm 14 help
David Nicolau
David Nicolau 26 days ago
I use old spicy all the time
Jessica Kirunda
Jessica Kirunda Month ago
Loved this tip. Thank you
Eddie Ah
Eddie Ah Month ago
I use Dior sausage’s and it smells great
Rhoods Kevin
Rhoods Kevin 9 days ago
More expensive
Hellfire YT
Hellfire YT Month ago
Are u wearing a denim jacket?
Harley Ken Bermudez
Nivea or dove ?
Man. I do not recommend axe deodorant body spray !
Greco RiSe
Greco RiSe Month ago
fawzy tamer
fawzy tamer Month ago
Dove ..Rexona..Nevia.. Neutro Roberts ..LOREAL
El Capitan
El Capitan 2 months ago
Don’t use anti perspirant deodorant they all have aluminum.
Kenjko 2 months ago
axe africa😍
Douglas Vasconcelos
Douglas Vasconcelos 2 months ago
I use the secret fresh shower stick and dove original. It super works for me.
My Dick is Tiny BUT
My Dick is Tiny BUT 2 months ago
What is more effictive ROLL ON or STICK please reply
Jose Nicolas Rojas Valdes
What Right Guard do you recomend, gel, stick or spray?
TonyTigerplays 007
TonyTigerplays 007 3 months ago
lol I've been wearing deodorants scene i was 9 yo speed stick old spice axe you name it
Croko 3 months ago
this is the first video i shared in all my 7 years of wathing youtube cause it is worth sharing!
Starch Boi
Starch Boi 3 months ago
Oh my god I’m a fourteen year old now and my first and regular pick for deodorant is the Gillette gel
Not Swedish
Not Swedish 3 months ago
the fuck is your chin
Focusgames 3 months ago
Wheres axe :(
Sailor W
Sailor W 3 months ago
jsutty 3 months ago
Gillete gel...not even a contest...once its dry its like u put nothing on and nice mild clean scents...no staining
Mimi Me
Mimi Me 3 months ago
So glad I found your channel. I picked up my 16 year old grandson from school the other day and almost made him walk home. He smelled so bad!! First time I noticed this. He showers at least twice a day so it's not that he's dirty. I see in the comments that a lot of guys use the Dove spray. I just might get him that and Degree and Right Guard and let him decide. Thanks!
aymen jiovani
aymen jiovani 3 months ago
fuck you
ThePandaahBear 3 months ago
How should I combine deodorants with parfume?
steve jessemey
steve jessemey 4 months ago
Have you ever heard of Forever Living products ? It has a roll on that gives you a full days protection. I used to use it in Japan. I must say that it is a little expensive. Please check it out .
Oscar Orfiano
Oscar Orfiano 4 months ago
What will happen to sweat if we use anti perspirant?
Youssef Zeiny
Youssef Zeiny 4 months ago
Oscar Orfiano anti perispirant blocks your pores so you dont sweat at all. You should get rexona (degree) it blocks your pores and if you sweat it makes the smell good.
Oscar Orfiano
Oscar Orfiano 4 months ago
Being sweaty is s***t
Johnson Amaechi
Johnson Amaechi 5 months ago
Old spice swagger
Jay Kop Beats
Jay Kop Beats 5 months ago
«Solvent abuse can kill instantly» what doea that mean
Eddie Taggart
Eddie Taggart 5 months ago
how bout a designer like Gio armani etc>>>>>>
INFINITY NightMare 5 months ago
Degree is a go to
tHe BeAsTs
tHe BeAsTs 5 months ago
Holy shit this was an year ago.
dontgetoffended 2 months ago
a* not an
Mahesh Limbu
Mahesh Limbu 5 months ago
so hansom u r
List Less
List Less 5 months ago
does the right guard gel good too ?
Andrew Balaz
Andrew Balaz 5 months ago
1:37 "It is not too strong" , 1:50 "It is super strong" .... :D
Agent 47
Agent 47 5 months ago
Seems legit
Liam Dorol
Liam Dorol 5 months ago
will these products not cause yellow stains?
Artemlifemusic 4 months ago
Dove is good and won't do that
lukas buhaj
lukas buhaj 6 months ago
The best ones in Europe are Loreal red and Nivea Deep. Tested many times and always my nr 1.
King Keif
King Keif 6 months ago
Gel old spice deodorant burned my arm
Neha Tambe
Neha Tambe 6 months ago
Nice bro
tanvirahmedrudro 7980
Bro degree deo price pls
Roman Reign
Roman Reign 6 months ago
Which deodrents are better roll on or sprays
Master Assassin
Master Assassin 6 months ago
Ricardo souza
Ricardo souza 6 months ago
Start on 1:01
Salih Abdur-Rasheed
Salih Abdur-Rasheed 6 months ago
Canal Interesting
Canal Interesting 6 months ago
No no no, o melhor é Square 4 Men!
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 6 months ago
I prefer to stay away from aluminum zirconium... May b a video on best deo without al zr?
Lasse Rasmussen
Lasse Rasmussen 6 months ago
Sorry. But the best deodorant is without a doubt Biotherm 72 hours. I can easily go 2 full days with just a few swipes. Doesn't colour white t-shirts in anyway way. Expensive though, but worth it!!
Ryo Raijin
Ryo Raijin 6 months ago
how about nivea men protect and care antiperspirant is it good?
Luigi Ciobanu
Luigi Ciobanu 6 months ago
The spray ofcourse
Luigi Ciobanu
Luigi Ciobanu 6 months ago
Those are not so good . Try invictus Paco rabanne the grey one . I think it's the best . It's a little expensive but it's worth it
Charlie Fischer
Charlie Fischer 6 months ago
Crystal is good and all but the biggest problem with it is that the plastic container will inevitably break making it very hard to use. Still good though.
dreck 2991
dreck 2991 6 months ago
Old spice errday nothing even comes close
VolticZz 6 months ago
In the UK the right guard costs £23
Mkenya Halisi
Mkenya Halisi 6 months ago
L'oreal men sensitive control
BTR.S.V Diamond
BTR.S.V Diamond 7 months ago
Only using spray deodorants, the sticks have destroyed my fave shirts. I usually choose AXΕ 'cause I like the scent, I hate Nivea deodorants, the hairs always stick together and become stiff and it's hard to wash it off. I really wanna find an unscented spray deodorant though so I can use it with colognes, but I can't . . .
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