Top 5 Awesome Tech Under $50!

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It's backkkkk! Time for another top 5 awesome tech under $50. What budget should come next? Sponsored by Setapp. Click: bit.ly/2B1Crju to get a free trial of the full Setapp collection for an entire week!
Xbox Sent Me The BEST Upgrade! - ruvid.net/video/video-PfPR_yS_iOE.html
Pixel 4 Hands On - What You DIDN'T Know. - ruvid.net/video/video-qcXX8GmwZJM.html
Find everything here:
FlyDigi Smartphone Controller: amzn.to/33aQsqN
Orbit Stick-On Tracker: amzn.to/2OtDO2j
Wyze Security Camera: amzn.to/31YWNFC
Belkin Surge Protectors:
6 Outlet - amzn.to/30RZqIc
8 Outlet - amzn.to/2odRhR9
12 Outlet - amzn.to/2LU6uzw
SupCase Tablet Stand: amzn.to/2oqVwbQ
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
TragestyX 3 months ago
Change your fucking channel name. You didn't even start off average.
Atharva Kharbade
Atharva Kharbade 4 months ago
Which lamp is it?
سجاد فيصل
سجاد فيصل 6 months ago
JvstMo 6 months ago
Iv used your backdrops as a design reference for my room.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 7 months ago
$200 please
Mr Aries
Mr Aries 8 months ago
Jerry Xing
Jerry Xing 8 months ago
look at my beautiful tongue. 0.00
I'm hungry
I'm hungry 8 months ago
Do a holiday tech video please brother. Hopefully before black Friday so I can get some ideas haha
Tri-otus 8 months ago
Always gotta have a gundam in the background
Kasen Gallahan
Kasen Gallahan 8 months ago
50 or 100
Zeh Zahl
Zeh Zahl 8 months ago
Look at all the negative one-star reviews on Amazon for these Belkin surge protectors saying that they fail to do their job during a surge, and that Belkin does not honor their coverage warranties when there is a surge and subsequent damage. On to the next brand for me!
Bathala 8 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed that PG Strike and a flash of Freedom gundam???? Ok, those are well built mate!
George Cavalevu
George Cavalevu 8 months ago
It would be awesome to see a vid on your gundam model collection
Tester NCsoft_Seed
Tester NCsoft_Seed 8 months ago
Wyze cam is even better than what you said. It includes free cloud storage for 14 days of any triggered event you have set up in the application. So they can't just steal your camera with the SD card and you have nothing. Also for $10 more the Pan cam is far more amazing. Yes, only $10 more!!!
jokamutta 8 months ago
Can u watch the cameras feed if u are connected to 4G on ur phone?
Axl Smet
Axl Smet 8 months ago
Me watching at the powerbrick as an European 😢
Bitchass McGee
Bitchass McGee 8 months ago
That controller is fuckin stupid
Gayla 8 months ago
the belkin surge protectors dont protect had $3000 worth of stuff fried from them not protecting anything.
H B 8 months ago
Bro, you should mention the prices in the video itself, instead of us clicking on every affiliate link just to check the price.
Mouhamadou Ndiaye
Mouhamadou Ndiaye 8 months ago
top under 100
Kasim Raza
Kasim Raza 8 months ago
Did I see a Liger Zero there?
PIN TECH 8 months ago
Where did u buy your sweater?
Elvis Mark
Elvis Mark 8 months ago
Never trust anything for free it's a scam it's a rip-off even Google is taking up a free offer for a Google mini and I did the application haven't received it and I never will just watch out for these free offers that could be scam also take your money put you in a critical position when you can't get out of just remember these things are scams
Jose Di Franco
Jose Di Franco 8 months ago
Harry Playz
Harry Playz 8 months ago
Pls do a vid showcasing all of your gundams
chamlionare 8 months ago
Wyze cam has 14 days of free cloud storage
Stephen Wales
Stephen Wales 8 months ago
How do you manage to get your hands on so many products to test this is something I am interested in doing please can you tell me how to start
Martain Ferguson
Martain Ferguson 8 months ago
Using the stationary and pan and tilt Wyze cams at both home and work, and haven't had any issues. They do have 14 days of cloud storage for free, which overwrites the oldest files once the 14 days is reached.
Karl Stefan Lewis Fokum Siyam
Top 5 under 100$
Eric Risch
Eric Risch 8 months ago
wyze cam does have cloud storage 12 second for every event
Marcosanchxz 8 months ago
Top 40 best tech under $3.87
Spencer White
Spencer White 8 months ago
I literally mean this, with the most sincere feelings, This man, Has to be one of my new favorite RUvidrs.
Yulises !
Yulises ! 8 months ago
Can you do a separate review for the Flydigi smartphone controller?
Llama Pajama Music
Llama Pajama Music 8 months ago
I really want that controller to be on both sides.
Hero4Fun 8 months ago
Nice Zoids and gundam
ButteredBreadSlice 8 months ago
Thanks will smith.
JHTraumA 8 months ago
Been looking for an affordable security camera for a while... just ordered the Wyze one, thanks to you. Been a fan for a long time-- Keep up the great work!
JosieJay D
JosieJay D 8 months ago
I like how you included the orbit into the video! I just had someone ask me about that recently and I had to sell it to them, but at least I know someone uses it! Now the main thing is I wonder if it’ll remind me where I parked! Haha also can you do a automobile series including Bluetooth accessories for the car for like radios, cameras, and alarms and trackers for those people that still drive outdated cars with little or no tech n the cars. Would be very helpful! Thank you I love your channel!
steve bishop
steve bishop 8 months ago
Who tracks there daily Cary knife lol
shashikanth gunda
shashikanth gunda 8 months ago
It is amazing tech video
Zerhc 8 months ago
1:18 what is the name of that game??
Musharna mush
Musharna mush 8 months ago
challange: something for windows users.
oplenty villarreal
oplenty villarreal 8 months ago
What is that base you have for the Perfect Strike at the beginning of the video?
gaming is everything
Where can you get gundam model kits
Benjamin Okello
Benjamin Okello 8 months ago
What's the name of that keyboard
Overkills 8 months ago
Wouldn't go w/ the Wyze cam, according to reviews it says it is not secure. Wyze claims the streaming content is sent directly to Amazon Web Services(AWS), but users have noted that the network traffic routes through many providers including "AWS, Linode (US) Vultr/Choopa (europe) and Aliyum/Alibaba (china)". On top of that they use a Network Time Protocol(NTP) server located in Russia. I hope this comment helps some people, unsecured ip cameras are a big issue. Always do your own research as well, don't just take my word for it.
Matthias 8 months ago
Dude I favorited this video! Love everything here and as a man on a budget, I'll be buying something or everything in this vid very soon for me or others. Thanks for posting. You're awesome 😎⭐
Corey Desorcy
Corey Desorcy 8 months ago
Amazon says it offers cloud space for 14 days on the website . Also the belkin power strip is awesome
Gurman Singh
Gurman Singh 8 months ago
On amazon this security camera got really bad reviews that anyone can hack it really easy and most likely someone from China hacks it really quick
Sujit Kumar Das
Sujit Kumar Das 8 months ago
Nice tip
SAKITHA GURUGE 8 months ago
Hey this might seem random, but I’m about to get a new MacBook Pro for year 8 but unsure if the butterfly keyboard issue is really an issue.
YouTube YouTube
YouTube YouTube 8 months ago
Django Groen
Django Groen 8 months ago
That’s ca,era would be awesome. But I live in 1 room. Not a full house. So yeah I don’t like being recorded while having sex 😝
Fatih Yasin Altin
Fatih Yasin Altin 8 months ago
I'm looking for something like the FlyDigi for my s9+ but with or /only 2 programmable triggers for both sides(L1 L2 R1 R2) to play my ps4 games with the new updated Playstation app. Is there any gadget out there? I can't use the conteoller because my s9+ has no android 10 update yet and I don't want to wait till next year to play on it.
devGOD 8 months ago
The Wyze cam does have cloud storage for FREE
Brandon Do
Brandon Do 8 months ago
Video starts at 1:08
Mr. Blue1o7
Mr. Blue1o7 8 months ago
What game was he playing In the first clip ahhh I got to know lol
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal 8 months ago
3:35 Yea but does it also stream all that to a company in China? Is the REAL question.
Daniel R.
Daniel R. 8 months ago
The SupCase tablet stand does NOT ship to Canada. Does anyone know how I can get one in Canada?
Mitchell H
Mitchell H 8 months ago
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 8 months ago
Love ya video bro always top notch. But is there something wrong with your jaw ? In some shots it's really stiff not trying to be disrespectful but I can't unsee it
Putu Krishna Adi Pradnyana
That Wyze camera just looks very similiar with xiaomi xiaofang.
KryptoSteph22 8 months ago
anyone know the name of the first game he was playing?
Leon Wadii
Leon Wadii 8 months ago
good series but needs more interesting products than just 5 things
Aryeh Bluth
Aryeh Bluth 8 months ago
Anyone else look and see that the phone controller is over $50 ?
Arish Hurbans
Arish Hurbans 8 months ago
Not so average consumer coming back down to earth??
Jayakanthan durairaj
Can you provide some recommendations on NAS?
aban 119
aban 119 8 months ago
Under 100
Gatefan1565 8 months ago
I just saw your Lyger! That is awesome man! Enjoy your videos!
Paarth Sood
Paarth Sood 8 months ago
Move to 18:9 my man... Now, no phones or even pc displays come with the og 16:9
Michael Bertolino
Michael Bertolino 8 months ago
Been using the 12 Outlet Belkin Surge protector for about 3 years now and I love it!
Ayman Alamoudi
Ayman Alamoudi 8 months ago
I thought this guy was wijnaldum
Sensei Yeet
Sensei Yeet 8 months ago
Under 20
X Shota
X Shota 8 months ago
You’ll get banned for using that in pubgm.
T3CHGY007 8 months ago
challenge: top 5 dollar store tech!
Flávio Fonseca
Flávio Fonseca 8 months ago
I really that game controller for smartphone, the main issue is that I don't really my smartphone as a gaming platform, I either go to my Nintendo Switch or PS4
Fletcher Yuill
Fletcher Yuill 8 months ago
Under $25
Dylan _
Dylan _ 8 months ago
Y so many dislikes?
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez 8 months ago
I like the Apple Watch band you have where can I get one like that
adil halai
adil halai 8 months ago
Can you hear the audio crackling at the 6.00 6.07 mark? I thought my phone had some audio issues..
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