Top 5 Awesome Tech! (Under $25)

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Best Tech Gift Ideas! (Under $100) - ruvid.net/video/video-Uku_YoZYZGo.html&index=1
DetroitBorg's Video - ruvid.net/video/video-7kALlRajPYs.html
Giveaway Details:
Up for grabs is an iPhone 7 Plus and a Google Pixel XL!
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4.) Check Social Media for winner in two weeks!
Here is a quick top 5 list of some awesome tech that can still be picked up as some of the best gifts of 2016, if you're super late with that holiday shopping!
Find them here:
1byone 10,000 mAh Portable Charger: amzn.to/2hjs3KH
Logitech X100: amzn.to/2hny76E
G-Cord In Earbuds - amzn.to/2hUBxg4
Avantree Headphone Stand: amzn.to/2hjehb5
Boweike USB-C Dock: amzn.to/2irTlMP
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Dec 24, 2016




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Evan and Ella York
Evan and Ella York 7 months ago
Communistbretherin 7 months ago
Uh.. Guyz? is it only me or does the portable charger link take u 2 a razor?
nafissagirl the gamer
Noah's Opinion
Noah's Opinion 7 months ago
- watching this in 2019 and I deeply love the focus on financial accessibility of tech!!
Caleb Byrne
Caleb Byrne 7 months ago
Always love watching your videos, your great
Michael Lin
Michael Lin 8 months ago
Why am I watching this in 2019..
DON'T SUB TO ME 8 months ago
My mans was listening to your welcome by Dwayne the rock Johnson
Oliver Raikes
Oliver Raikes 11 months ago
Man this guy is so my favourite RUvidr
Ardhendu Baine
Nice video 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
Nicole Dulce
Nicole Dulce Year ago
Can I have a phone? Please.
Dez1re Year ago
iphone 7 pls
Mounika Minnu
Mounika Minnu Year ago
give A review on "BOSE EARBUD"'
Cassidy Madimba
Hey Judner! Really like what you do, keep it up man... Waiting for more of your videos!
Teroy Ranada
Teroy Ranada Year ago
Please do a review on the ve monk plus :) its a great contender for the earpods but costs way more less
Outback Coins
Outback Coins Year ago
I love the tech and I love your vids keep up the good work mate 😎 and I would to win the iPhone 7 please and cool watch
mashpotato xx
mashpotato xx Year ago
Im kinda early so lemme make a joke... There’s a new EA Game. Man it’s very good
Gizmoscope Year ago
BRO 2K Year ago
Awesome stuff
gksreekumari Year ago
I subbed
Anh T Dang
Anh T Dang Year ago
Heyy ... . . . legen .... . . . Wait for it . . . Dary . . . . LEGENDARY man. ! . . . Pi ... . . . Wait for itttt . . . Dary . . . PIXELDARY man !! 📷
Penn Year ago
I wanna win xd
LDM TV Year ago
Would love to meet you before I die in 7 months 😭😔
usbtechs Year ago
Pls iphone 7 plus ,thank you so much
HarryLokmanTV Year ago
Hello, Judner.Can you make a review on JBL GO 2 ???
Screaming Taco
The link for the battery bank leads me to a 900 dollar scale
alex lara
alex lara Year ago
The link to the portable charger is wrong and when I found it, it was $40 bucks
daniel lester
daniel lester Year ago
nice to see someone who knows what there taking about also you can add me to that phone giveaway
Benjamin Amhaus
Benjamin Amhaus 2 years ago
Goggle pixel
matt law
matt law 2 years ago
dno why commented
matt law
matt law 2 years ago
boi let man win
Sabbir Islam
Sabbir Islam 2 years ago
Can I have the iPhone pls
Nathaniel Ferguson
Nathaniel Ferguson 2 years ago
I would love to get a nice phone!
Lemon Up lol
Lemon Up lol 2 years ago
thats rad
Darth Awar
Darth Awar 2 years ago
love you video as always great work keep it up my man
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 2 years ago
Ok let's be honest Who won the phones??
zach hamilton
zach hamilton 2 years ago
what up
timmytot666 2 years ago
pls let me win that pixel
VaultHunter#1 2 years ago
of course its about dre pods headphones and iphones who knew
VaultHunter#1 2 years ago
fuck off with your dumbass iphones shit
luke 2 years ago
My eyes usually blur when a camera focuses so I can see every thing and not just focus on one thing. When I saw that Bluetooth speaker I TRIPPED OUT I had to literally rub my eyes.
Camilo Games
Camilo Games 2 years ago
You are the best tech guy I’ve ever know. Hope you get a lot of subscribers
Robert Shiiney
Robert Shiiney 2 years ago
I Subscribed 👌🏼
TH- Vibez
TH- Vibez 2 years ago
Great job. I literally use your videos everyday.
Chirag 2 years ago
Cole Field
Cole Field 2 years ago
1 year later I comment
Dohntaut 2 years ago
great video
Tray Muse
Tray Muse 2 years ago
Nice buddy
Is Dy
Is Dy 2 years ago
Kaleb Ouellette
Kaleb Ouellette 2 years ago
Bruno Saenz
Bruno Saenz 2 years ago
Brady Pfeiffer
Brady Pfeiffer 2 years ago
Shivam Chauhan
Shivam Chauhan 2 years ago
nice video
Luthira Desilva
Luthira Desilva 2 years ago
your awesome man
sk8gamer 2 years ago
Was he giveaway even real?
sk8gamer 2 years ago
TheTntPug - gaming there are a lot of RUvidrs that say they are doing a giveaway just for subs. I'm subbed to this guy either way
sk8gamer 2 years ago
TheTntPug - gaming I wasn't entering it just seemed fake
Xavier Charbonneau
Xavier Charbonneau 2 years ago
Both phones would be a nice upgrade from my 5s
Sharkzila 9S
Sharkzila 9S 2 years ago
I want the phone
Matej Bilokapić
Matej Bilokapić 2 years ago
I have google but I don't have iphone
Kevin Zhang Xie
Kevin Zhang Xie 2 years ago
Tech ❤️
Kevin Zhang Xie
Kevin Zhang Xie 2 years ago
sanjeet menezes
sanjeet menezes 2 years ago
Nice tech!!!And also under $25 dollars....too good
Joel Chiworeka
Joel Chiworeka 2 years ago
Oh! The iPhone looks good. May I plz have it 😂😂😂😂
Hassan Ahsan
Hassan Ahsan 2 years ago
first class reviews
Areebah Islam
Areebah Islam 2 years ago
I love your and his videos a lot
Dan Tai
Dan Tai 2 years ago
Winning the iPhone would make my LIFE! good luck all
Ernesto Guevara
Ernesto Guevara 2 years ago
JBL Go and Logitech X100. Which is better?
Ibrahim Abedin
Ibrahim Abedin 2 years ago
Hi I'm a really big fan to both channels
Ashfaq Khan
Ashfaq Khan 2 years ago
I've subscribed 😀😁😀😁
Mathieu Constant
Mathieu Constant 2 years ago
the powerbank is fucking slow !
William Gibu
William Gibu 2 years ago
Buddika Eranda
Buddika Eranda 2 years ago
Love your videos
Christina Pap
Christina Pap 2 years ago
I phonee👌❤
H / Tv
H / Tv 2 years ago
Odisseus Alfatih
Odisseus Alfatih 2 years ago
Iphone 7 Plus please!
Caeden 2 years ago
I have that charger! It's awesome.
Quan Tran
Quan Tran 2 years ago
Richard Munro
Richard Munro 2 years ago
I subscribed to your channel :):):)!!
Smudge 2 years ago
iPhone 7 Plus
Amudha Rajesh
Amudha Rajesh 2 years ago
Give me
Robot Challenges Yt
Your so Legendary!!!!!!!!!!😆😀😀😀
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