Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In 2019

Life of Luba
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Which language to learn next year? In this video I talk about which languages to learn in 2019 based on market popularity, salary, and potential.
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Comments 80
Life of Luba
Life of Luba Year ago
Thanks for watching everyone! What languages do you use most or want to learn!?
anjana bhanja
anjana bhanja 3 months ago
Love Python Respect Java
Saunak Nandi
Saunak Nandi 3 months ago
Miss the video is wonderful, and I have a special crush on u miss😍😍
Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan 3 months ago
Yes i want to more...
Rafael Peguero JR
Rafael Peguero JR 3 months ago
I would like to learn Phyton or Go
Markus Burrer
Markus Burrer 4 months ago
I'm missing Rust in this list. All of the languages are high level languages and I miss a system level language like Rust. C/C++ should be retired asap
Harald Veland
Love how you can say "Google something on Amazon", and get away with it.
nursima Doğan
nursima Doğan 6 days ago
good video
Mein geliebter Führer
JS is not a language and is used only to colorize text in the browser
bannajirocks Month ago
java run anywhere does not give it an edge anymore in containerized world. thanks to docker
New project development for idea say
arun kumar
arun kumar 2 months ago
& what about HTML(programming language)😝😝😝😝😝
arun kumar
arun kumar 2 months ago
which can hack nasa
fuck google I ain't giving my real name
C# and asp.net , PHP are still very much dominant and in demand
Ismail Ghedamsi
Ismail Ghedamsi 2 months ago
I want to learn a language for every programming paradigm
saimon saimon
saimon saimon 2 months ago
I love you sis,whatever!
Programmer Interview questions & Answer
Who are working on database
CHMARKH ELMEHDI 2 months ago
goooooooooooooooood works
Whitney 3 months ago
It's crazy that the guy that starred in The Notebook and La La Land created Java.
Gencay Deniz
Gencay Deniz 3 months ago
Java forever
qwerty 3 months ago
Java, Javascript, Python Javascript is like all-in-one language runs on everything (Mostly Browsers) and you can make hybrid-native looking apps, games and much more other stuff with node.js
Aurélio Soares
Aurélio Soares 3 months ago
You got me on "games". I always see people saying JS is for web apps, but I was wainting for a comment on games. If it's good for that too, I'm in.
abdelkarim el-imame
abdelkarim el-imame 3 months ago
Hi luba thank you so mush for this information i m new here in your channel and i want to start learning the language programming specially java-script but i don't know where to start if you can help me thank yo again
Beemovie 3 months ago
ayy ur drinking java
Tarik Kadić
Tarik Kadić 3 months ago
Thank You !!!!! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Jonathan Steadman
Jonathan Steadman 3 months ago
Hello. I was wondering if there is a free way to learn assembly language online because I can't find anything online. Thanks.
Wiley F.
Wiley F. 3 months ago
Filming a youtube video in a cafe is the definition of confidence lol
Ege Güneş
Ege Güneş 3 months ago
senin ağzığı yerim, canım benim..
Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan 3 months ago
Thank you so much, and i lern 2 programming language's 2-Python,3-Java Script.
Subhanshu Sen
Subhanshu Sen 3 months ago
Thank you so much ma'am giving for information, I'm from India Thank God bless you
Rafael Peguero JR
Rafael Peguero JR 3 months ago
Thank you from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 3 months ago
You’re drinking starbucks coffee, it’s the worst you can drink. It’s a burnt coffee and the taste is just that. Yuk.duncan doughnuts is better, or Wawas.
WhatEver 3 months ago
i love this girl
ninuxy 3 months ago
The craziness is strong with this one.
john smith
john smith 3 months ago
i'd like to know where do you work, as you never mentioned it. thanks
1DR31N 3 months ago
A very enjoyable video. Pithon and Javascript are in my list.
Markus Burrer
Markus Burrer 4 months ago
Missing Rust in this list. Rust should be the system language of the future
zissler 4 months ago
To name some companies: "Facebook, Google, Dell..." So every evil entity uses go?
Abdulla Alyaqoob
Abdulla Alyaqoob 4 months ago
assolutions 4 months ago
Still love php. 😊
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 4 months ago
learn dart! for cross platform development with flutter
dawrun 4 months ago
Hangi sığır çevirdi bu video yu Türkçe ye ilk 3 cümle var gerisi yok.Hayır ihtiyacım olduğundan değil de ne oldu acil işin mi çıktı.
igahsoh 4 months ago
Good job!!
Mathias Martinez
Mathias Martinez 4 months ago
I do not know if it is true, because I have many friends and family members in states who work with programming languages and the most they used is Java and C#. Also a friend who studies university all the career he studied Java. And I really support the idea the Java is still the number one, at least in my country the demand of Java is very but very high, also PHP and C#, and of course Javascript with frameworks.
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas 4 months ago
Con los subtítulos en ingles aunque solo se algo de inglés técnico, entendí casi todo lo que dijo. Wtf primera ves que me pasa.
Isaiah Deck
Isaiah Deck 4 months ago
I hate JavaScript
gedeo 4 months ago
best *FIRST* programming languages to learn??
Suharjin A.
Suharjin A. 4 months ago
Muamml 4 months ago
Python is one number 😑
Valeria Barra
Valeria Barra 4 months ago
No entiendo si el video es en ingles el titulo es en español
Thomas Justice
Thomas Justice 4 months ago
Ok.... so I had decided on learning python but with all of the applications and web development uses I have now changed my mind to Java Script So TYSVM for this video!!
Scott Lydon
Scott Lydon 4 months ago
You were pretty accurate codeburst.io/10-top-programming-languages-in-2019-for-developers-a2921798d652
Tavuk Kanat
Tavuk Kanat 4 months ago
Thanks for Turkish subtitle
alex ney
alex ney 4 months ago
Liked Guido van Rossum who became Judo van Rossum. Next step: Karate van Rossum.
Gonzalo 4 months ago
No se ingles nooo maldiciooonnn!!! ☢️☢️
Keani Salinas
Keani Salinas 4 months ago
bad luck bro
but primarly I am thinking to have to learn C . ıs it right ? what do you think?
hi I am following from Turkeyi and I will keep following because I love your consist . thank you for this video also programming languages what I want to learn are Java and JS.
Andres Suarez
Andres Suarez 4 months ago
Go was created by engineers for engeneers... Interesting. I thought all languajes were created by engineers for engineers. Hm. Okay.
Ronald Galeas
Ronald Galeas 4 months ago
si pone el titulo en español al menos ponga subtitulos en ese idioma
reina garay
reina garay 4 months ago
no le entiendo un sorongo
m. a
m. a 4 months ago
Which programming language can i learn fastly??
Parama Shiva
Parama Shiva 4 months ago
"Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In ..." type of videos getting millions of views. Clearly, people are beating around the bush!
ShowTime 4 months ago
C/c++ ,HTML and JavaScript,...
el mustapha ben bihi
Timeline of the most popular And Widely Used programming languages since 1965 to 2020. ruvid.net/video/video-YqxeLodyyqA.html
Gökhan Yıldırım
Gökhan Yıldırım 4 months ago
Forforik JS
MD LEGEND 4 months ago
The only thing i noticed is she is beautiful
Jhim Gabel Kin
Jhim Gabel Kin 4 months ago
Iván Ayala
Iván Ayala 4 months ago
C++ it's so underrated, even with the new features of C++/14/17/20 isn't anyone's list :(
Cédric Des
Cédric Des 4 months ago
For the curious :) Top 10 Programming Languages (1970-2019) ruvid.net/video/video-8R49dYV9iH4.html
ahmed sersawy
ahmed sersawy 4 months ago
I learn both of python and JavaScript is this true or false ?
Philip Yau
Philip Yau 4 months ago
Hi. Any recommendation on resources to learn these languages? Such as book or website? Thanks.
Vendicar Kahn
Vendicar Kahn 4 months ago
A shallow topic for shallow people chosen by a shallow woman.
Laura Cuevas
Laura Cuevas 4 months ago
ThrasherTheKid 2 months ago
@anibal mancilla el titulo esta en ingles
Alberto Yepez Catana
@Conrado Carrizo no
Conrado Carrizo
Conrado Carrizo 4 months ago
ahora iutub te traduce los titulos de los videos :V
anibal mancilla
anibal mancilla 4 months ago
Tmr título en español :v, y la chica habla en inglés :c
Rodrigo Henrique
Rodrigo Henrique 4 months ago
I'm a html programmer
JEAN R SANTOS 4 months ago
C++/ C and Java --- In a few years time several languages ​​will come up again, which will be at the top, but Java C ++ and C will always be among the best.
Gerard Gauthier
Gerard Gauthier 4 months ago
So the top languages are: Java -> A language which is slowly dragging itself, kicking and screaming, into the new millennium. Go -> Is a language which grabbed the best of the 70's and grafted it into a small, inconsistent language. Python -> Is a decent language. JavaScript -> Is a decent language if you can squint and pretend it's object system isn't weird.
Mark S
Mark S 4 months ago
JavaScript and Go are dubious. She admits JS has issues; and Go would only be useful if you move to the Bay Area. And good luck getting hired by one of the big Tech companies unless you have tons of experience. I’d nominated one that some don’t consider a pure programming language - SQL (and MySQL since it’s the #1 open source). There are databases behind most apps/websites - being able to do both the front end and backend will separate you from many others competing for jobs v
Nomads Seven
Nomads Seven 4 months ago
My personal favorite: java(android dev), swift(ios dev), javascript(node.js/ts) and python (mostly ML/constraints solver algorithms).
I Like.... 😁😁😁😁😁Thank's
PipeTran 4 months ago
C++ Visual Lisp Typescript
David Gaidano
David Gaidano 4 months ago
How about C#, ASP.NET ... sure, that’s not for someone sitting in front of a MacBook
Luis Fernando Castro
What program do you recommend me (right now I'm sitting in front of a mac) to learn from zero?
Enrike Mariscal
Enrike Mariscal 4 months ago
hello!!! How or where do you recommend to learn these program?
Theofficial Dumps
Theofficial Dumps 4 months ago
Can you learn on a phone aswell?
Neird 4 months ago
I interested in kotlin esplecially kotlin jenner
Marcius Aleska
Marcius Aleska 4 months ago
20 years ago in 1991...? In what year is she living
Mattdamon 4 months ago
She meant 1999, or maybe she was in 2011
Tishko Nawzad
Tishko Nawzad 4 months ago
Hello, Every one look at the following nice RUvid subscribe me
MrDoboz 4 months ago
this was 100% an airbnb ad jk
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