Top 3 Levitation Magic Trick-Secret Reveal

Aabra Ka Dabra Magic and D.I.Y session
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This video show
World Top 3 Levitation Magic Trick with its secret.
You will amazed to see video and love to do in front of your friends.
Video shows 3 Levitation tricks
Levitation of Key, Card and Ring.
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Nov 24, 2017




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Comments 192
Shaik Saifuladyan
Nice 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
ZringIy Pickle
ZringIy Pickle 6 days ago
That looks so real
dude yoo
dude yoo 8 days ago
Youre the worst
Prachi Vyas
Prachi Vyas 9 days ago
Kulvinder Singh
Kulvinder Singh 28 days ago
Very bad
Md Arif
Md Arif Month ago
apnar hada madarecod
Jivika Medhavale
You didn't explain
Mangku Basudewa
Mangku Basudewa Month ago
Sulap menjijikkan hhhhh
garcia adrian
garcia adrian Month ago
I love to know at tricks
Summer Rides
Summer Rides Month ago
Yup it didn't work 😒😞😔😟
Jiji Sat
Jiji Sat 2 months ago
too noisy
Malik Ali
Malik Ali 2 months ago
How to buy invisible thread? 🤔
Gellert Grindelwald
Gellert Grindelwald 2 months ago
Malik Ali they are called loops
RAJI VELAYUDHAN 2 months ago
Need more perfection in the card trick.
Bubu Sarkar
Bubu Sarkar 2 months ago
3rd magic kaise kare
wolf gamer sid193
wolf gamer sid193 2 months ago
Panga kayo bo bo putangina naman
Moneyprofit M
Moneyprofit M 3 months ago
sab ko chutiya banaya kuch nahi dikhaya maderchod
Vandana Goyal
Vandana Goyal 3 months ago
Very very very bad
chandan verma
chandan verma 4 months ago
Nancy Squires
Nancy Squires 4 months ago
Me: look dad im doing it! I'm levitating objects. Family: quit showing us that crap. Me: I run quit and scream and cry loud. So after the whole sanario I come back to the livin' room and there all standing there and im standing there like here we go again. Me: freezes their faces. Me singing: What you think of me now suckers!😂
Iamblue 7
Iamblue 7 4 months ago
The fuck I really need a guide in this
Akash Kashyap
Akash Kashyap 4 months ago
Very amazing
anil rawandale
anil rawandale 4 months ago
How you have got the invisible thread
Sergey Snegirev
Sergey Snegirev 3 months ago
Just take a normal thread and make it invisible
TheGladiator 4 months ago
Those nails lol..
The Dominator
The Dominator 4 months ago
Before the video started i thought it was used with a green screen to act like the your levitating!
I Dont deserve subs
I Dont deserve subs 4 months ago
Nice Vid
Zelitt 4 months ago
Fake magic I was trying and isn’t work with a sock
A B 5 months ago
Comment expliquer le trucage ! C'est tellement bien fait !
mohammad farooque shah
Real nahi raha tho
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal 5 months ago
chabal admi
Ravi Shah
Ravi Shah 5 months ago
Sanele A Dakamela
Sanele A Dakamela 5 months ago
Your explaination Doesn't make sense...
Jackpack O1
Jackpack O1 5 months ago
This is fake
Krishna Raut
Krishna Raut 5 months ago
Very bad you say real 😛😛😁😁😛😛😱😱
Shafeer Cheppy
Shafeer Cheppy 6 months ago
You explained nothing
John Robinson
John Robinson 6 months ago
Click bate garbage,
Warda Mwamba
Warda Mwamba 6 months ago
C’est dingue
Tebogo Banele
Tebogo Banele 6 months ago
Evelyn Calesa
Evelyn Calesa 6 months ago
Wow ang galing
ScratchPRO Tenorio
ScratchPRO Tenorio 2 months ago
Diba sabi sayo ehh
nikko mallari
nikko mallari 6 months ago
Amazing magic tricks
Magic tube
Magic tube 6 months ago
Nic levitation tutorial,me apko DST bans liya,hope u bq me
harendra singh
harendra singh 6 months ago
harendra singh
harendra singh 6 months ago
Movie Mistake
Movie Mistake 7 months ago
Nonsense idea
Poonam Chauhan
Poonam Chauhan 7 months ago
Isme haran hona that kya
Mena Marim
Mena Marim 7 months ago
كيف تفعلها
farid seilan
farid seilan Month ago
بل الخيط
OriginalRice 7 months ago
Where do you attach the thread of the ring?
mathew larrigan magicians advice real talks
You explained nothing
RoastMe 25 days ago
@Trivendra shriwas wanamaya
Trivendra shriwas
Trivendra shriwas 25 days ago
@RoastMe टडCTऊटीय77YFतयि
Trivendra shriwas
Trivendra shriwas 25 days ago
trilochan singh
trilochan singh Month ago
I agree he explained not even a bit
RoastMe Month ago
@Dugie Fresg He did
CardMagic19 7 months ago
that is so cool, during the performance i was convinced that there was no strings! great job
TAHIR ALI 7 months ago
Logon ko bewaqoof bana ta hai salhe harami
You must have tied the string on some structure above the ring?
ιуαzυ яєи
ιуαzυ яєи 2 months ago
No dude it's just a trick it doesn't seem to have tied
Musa Muya
Musa Muya 8 months ago
Asalamuale coom
Lucky joker
Lucky joker 8 months ago
But how he rotate his hand around the ring while it is rotating
Hari haran
Hari haran 8 months ago
Yepadi bro seirathu etha
Ravi Salegavo
Ravi Salegavo 8 months ago
Not nice
Føxtails 8 months ago
This is all invisible thread it’s literally almost clickbait😤😤😤
Kit video T
Kit video T 8 months ago
Oh my god the is awesome
Asha Pawar
Asha Pawar 8 months ago
Rajesh Jha
Rajesh Jha 8 months ago
its real or fake
Hukheto Sema
Hukheto Sema 6 months ago
It rail or how
Felipe (Student) BERTRAND
Malkit Mohar
Malkit Mohar 8 months ago
Too much bad 😣😣😣😣
Bunny Balu
Bunny Balu 8 months ago
Dhanam Lakshmi
Dhanam Lakshmi 8 months ago
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