Top 28 CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Season 3 Easter Eggs + RIVERDALE Crossover Explained

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is stuffed with amazing easter eggs and these are the top 28 incredible details and Riverdale crossover connections you may have missed in CAOS Part 3 on Netflix.
Riverdale Sabrina Crossover Easter Eggs 9:07
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina re-imagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult and, of course, witchcraft. Part Three finds Sabrina reeling from the harrowing events of Part Two. Though she defeated her father Lucifer, the Dark Lord remains trapped within the human prison of her beloved boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch. Sabrina can't live with herself, knowing that Nick made the ultimate sacrifice and is suffering, burning in Hell under Madam Satan’s watchful eye. So with an assist from her mortal friends, “The Fright Club” (consisting of Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo), Sabrina makes it her mission to free him from eternal damnation and bring him back into her arms. However, the Dark Lord's unseating has sent shockwaves through the realms-and, with no on the throne, Sabrina must assume the title of “Queen” to defend it against a challenger, the handsome Prince of Hell Caliban. Meanwhile, in Greendale, a mysterious carnival rolls into town, bringing with it a threat to the Spellmans and the coven: A tribe of pagans looking to resurrect an ancient evil…

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Jan 27, 2020




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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City 5 months ago
There were so many easter eggs and references in CAOS S3! Did you spot any others?
Debo Meh
Debo Meh 4 months ago
Caliban is the son of Sycorax in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Sycorax being one of the witches summoned to help defend the coven.
Valerie Way
Valerie Way 5 months ago
@Jamie The angel! and Riverdale using the phrase, Murder Capital of the World is an easter egg in and of itself self because it is a reference to the cult classic film The Lost Boys.
CuntFucker Prime
CuntFucker Prime 5 months ago
@Zack Attack the lion could have been Ruth Walker
Demonic Host
Demonic Host 5 months ago
Spider Hilda and her relationship with Dr. Cee is also a reference to David Cronenberg's 80's classic film "The Fly"
Tony with a Y YNOT
Tony with a Y YNOT 5 months ago
Greendale and Riverdale are alternate dimensions. If you have noticed most scenes involving the gang and peripheral characters are foggy in the boarder of the shot suggesting a dream or alternate dimension.
Chicken Balls
Chicken Balls 3 days ago
You forgot the Salem witch trials
billy slater
billy slater 3 days ago
get netflix to renew the chilling adventures of sabrina sign the petition below www.change.org/p/the-fans-renew-chilling-adventures-of-sabrina-on-netflix
seana jones
seana jones 4 days ago
Theo is so lucky he is dating a hobgoblin
Karim Michelle Negron Santiago
You forgot the "angel" witch hunters. They are a loose reference to the Nephilim in both the bible and the Shadowhunters world created by Cassandra Clare. There is a small link there since the angel hunters were said to have been driven mad by their use of angelic magic and in Cassandra's world there are several warnings against this: first and foremost being that when mortals, and only children at that because few if any adults can handle it since the time of Jonathan Shadowhunter, the first Nephilim in her world, drinking from the mortal cup which is blessed with arc angel angelic blood and what gives the Nephilim their supernatural connections, only 20% of them survive the transition and that some of those who do are "never the same" usually taken to mean that it may drive them mad; 2nd the Nephilim use runes and rune enhanced tools to control and protect themselves from the power of the angels, however, they don't start this usage or get their first runes until the age of 10 at the earliest because it is too much power to handle by the young and if one is not strong enough the first rune may drive them insane from the pain it causes and for some all runes are so painful they cannot use them and if they force it, again, it drives them mad. The angelic witch hunter then could be unruned mad Nephilim who forced their usage of angelic magic with no protection from its more corrosive aspects
Lavinia de Mortalium
I'll be honest, I gave up on this series after season one, but I occasionally wander back in to watch video's like these. And I have to wonder... _Are the writers alright?_ Should we check on them? I'm getting worried.
Hdawrnu Pteqasrfsxe
Why didn’t Sabrina take up Caliban’s marriage proposal? I get that she didn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with him but it could have been political. If she agreed, she would be able to live life on Earth while Caliban does most the hell ‘day to day’ stuff. It would also still allow her to partake in all the major decisions because Caliban would have to run all of them by her before acting on them. Someone please explain to me why she didn’t agree
Vennisa Month ago
I just came here for Calibrina
Nasrallah BDAA
Nasrallah BDAA Month ago
Riverdale is the same universe as the chilling adventure of sibrina
Teresa Villar de Souza
I don't see Riverdale, but I see his spin of Katy Keene, and as we know Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is part of the same universe as Riverdale ... I'm the only one who noticed that the actor who plays Lucifer, also plays Guy Lamontagne in Katy Keene?
notsniw135 Month ago
Please crossover with Riverdale.
Know its make sense
Krcmarevic Ognjen
the name wicca is witch craft
M Gomez
M Gomez Month ago
Everything looks so stupid....
Ez Vlogs
Ez Vlogs Month ago
Vietri nabre holfe vietri nabre holfe vietri nabre holfe vietri nabre holfe
Alanna Oconnor
Alanna Oconnor Month ago
the thing mountains of madness, is the last episode of season 4 which is coming out soon.
Greg Putnam
Greg Putnam Month ago
No, the Puck/ Robin Goodfellow connection is just speculation. The production team have worked with that actor before so they probably wanted him back for this show
Kyla Castrodes
Kyla Castrodes 2 months ago
ew i hope they dont crossover riverdale.. riverdale is messed uppp
fucken killer jason
fucken killer jason 2 months ago
packertai1 2 months ago
Wow, thanks for the Easter Eggs! I caught some of them but, thanks for explaining the rest!
Chris Tapanes713
Chris Tapanes713 2 months ago
This show is so unoriginal always copying other peoples ideas. I wonder if they are getting anymore lawsuits.
RedPaperOwl 2 months ago
I've never watched Riverdale. My first thought on "murder capital of the world" was 'is this a Lost Boys reference?'
Selen Y.
Selen Y. 2 months ago
my fav season is definetly the 2nd season
Ruby Black
Ruby Black 2 months ago
When you said that I assume Hispanic guys name I thought you were casting a fucking spell or something lmfao
Cornelia Vestin
Cornelia Vestin 2 months ago
I'm dying a bit inside every time she's trying to say midsommar.
Lm fao
Lm fao 3 months ago
CAOS is one of the underrated shows
Random Name
Random Name 3 months ago
Why does no one care about Sabrina just abandoning her original timeline?
juto 3 months ago
The midsummer crown (flower crown) is a hair ornament worn by many swedes while celebrating midsummer. It's a symbol in the celebration of summer and fertility. It migth sound weird but it's usually worn when we dance around the may pole. So I guess all of us are in a cult by default. Bewere the Swedes!
syd Shull
syd Shull 3 months ago
I quite enjoyed the season the only part I didn’t find enjoyable was in the cheer scene where they had a musical number, it was just quite cringey.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 3 months ago
Lucifer eyes can turns red which could represent how evil he is. Sabrina eyes turn white whick could represent how good she is but Harvey says when he saw Sabrina like that he said it was like all her light was gone but I think he was wrong because there was still like in her eyes.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 3 months ago
It seems like Sabrina always had evil in her waiting to take over and the good can't fight more. It seems like both Sabrina's are evil. We saw what Sabrina is without her mortal side. Also all her friends and family been keeping her from going to the dark side. So with her not dating anyone and with all her mortal friends being busy with their own life and her family being busy as well it seems like Sabrina on earth is going to become evil as well of not that a bit darker at least.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 3 months ago
I think we are going to heaven in part 4 it makes a lot of sense because Sabrina is half immortal which means half of her is good so it would make sense for her to work with heaven.
Well I'm so BORED
Well I'm so BORED 3 months ago
Sabrina and caliban are just amazing.
John Vaughan
John Vaughan 3 months ago
Just funny because in few life pagan witches are looked at as less evil compared to satanic ones so they really flipped roles
Me: * laughs in pagan *
XenaFan 1999
XenaFan 1999 3 months ago
I hope It doesn’t get too much mix up with HP lovecrafts story’s. 😑
Aishwariya Raikar
Aishwariya Raikar 3 months ago
Let's be honest the research done on the script and writing is just commendable!
Aishwariya Raikar
Aishwariya Raikar 3 months ago
The research done on the script and writing is just commendable!
unknown account
unknown account 3 months ago
Who thinks the Sabrina show is going to collab with RiverDale and bring them into the show I mean that would be amazing but it would mess up both the shows and confuse everyone because both the shows are completely different
Cherry loves Lemon
Cherry loves Lemon 3 months ago
That time loop and paradox really confused me.
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 3 months ago
wow i actuaclly knew the sleeping beauty one, the nod to queen elizabeth , and the riverdale and sabrina being the same universe from the first episode because the mentioning of green dale thanks if you read it im kinda proud of my self :))))
Gabi Lingard
Gabi Lingard 3 months ago
Loved this season just not how it slowly turned into a musical...
Allison Nguyen
Allison Nguyen 3 months ago
season wasn’t as scary as 1 and 2. The monsters were kinda funny looking.
Ryan Beier
Ryan Beier 3 months ago
The flower is also shown in jumangi. It shoots a dart that puts judy into an eternal slumber. And it looked just like that flower.
GerardWayxo 133
GerardWayxo 133 3 months ago
The Weird Sisters are a trio of Witches in the Shakespeare play Macbeth. The spell Sabrina uses to summon them is taken directly from actual lines spoken by the witches in Macbeth (Act 1, scene 3). Over 150 paintings were contributed by Clive Barker (mastermind behind Hellraiser and Candyman) to use for the show. Aunt Zelda appears to be fluent in at least a dozen languages, including French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and German, as shown by the newspaper she is reading at the kitchen table on each episode. Stolas, Wardwell's familiar, is neither a crow nor a raven but a hybrid of two birds, combining the size and proportions of a raven, yet retaining the beak shape of a crow. The visual effects crew refers to Stolas as being a "craven". This show takes place in the same universe as the CW series "Riverdale," which is based on the Archie comics and featured Sabrina as a character, who later received her own dark comic series. The names "Hawthorne" and "Putnam" are taken from Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" which takes place during the witch trials in Salem. Like Riverdale, the year in which the show takes place is intentionally never mentioned, so that the show can be simultaneously modern and retro. This is why elements of the town, schools, and much of the clothing in Greendale, is more reminiscent of the 1960s, when the source material is set, but there are also modern references, as well as cellphones and computers. Dr. Sapperstein, who Mrs. Wardwell mentions in the car in episode 1, is the name of the Satanic doctor in Rosemary's Baby (1968). The opening scene at the Paramount Theatre was filmed at the same Paramount Theatre in Stephen Kings 1990s TV mini series IT. The character of Father Faustus Blackwood - the right hand man of the Dark Lord (Devil) - is named from the German folklore character, Faust, who sold his soul to the Devil for infinite knowledge. The historical Dr. Faust that the tales are based on lived in the region known as Schwarzwald, which literally translates into Black Forest, or... Blackwood. After it had originally been set to air on The CW, Netflix acquired the rights to produce the series in December 2017. In this series, Salem doesn't talk or get as much screen time as he did in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996). One of the reasons behind this, besides the show pursuing a much darker tone, is that Kiernan Shipka is actually allergic to cats. At some point, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa even considered turning Salem into a dog. Kiernan Shipka had long brown hair when she did her first screen test for Sabrina. She was asked to come back and do another screen test with short blonde hair. After she changed her hair, she was offered the part. Ross Lynch was asked to dye his hair brown, since the producers felt that he looked too similar to Kiernan Shipka with blonde hair. Kiernan Shipka was in her teens when the series premiered on Netflix, making her the first real-teen to play the teenage Sabrina Spellman in live-action TV series but the second overall. Melissa Joan Hart was entirely in her twenties when she starred on Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) show, but was still only 19 when the non-canonical Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) aired earlier in the year. Gives homage to both Suspiria and A Nightmare on Elm Street. The living room has the same color glass ceiling seen in Suspiria (which is also about a coven of witches) and the scene with Harvey (Ross Lynch) falling asleep with headphones on and a crop top is homage to Johnny Depp's character in Elm Street. None of the witches have cell phones. Takes place in the same universe as "Riverdale" which airs on the CW. "Supernatural" also airs on the CW and clearly shared actors with "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" if you look closely you can even spot the iconic 1967 Chevy Impala in the background of some shots. The store and owner Cerberus on the show is a reference to the three headed dog from hell. Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina) and Miranda Otto (Aunt Zelda) co-star together in The Silence (2019). When Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) is reading her father's diary, you can read the name "Valac the Defiler, the Profane, the Marquis of Snakes," which is the main character of the movie The Conjuring 2. In episode 9 when Roz is asking Sabrina if Tommy has come back alive, she mentions that "Mr. Baterman was delivering a UPS package...". This could be a reference to Timmy Baterman from Pet Sematary, who was also killed and resurrected. Pays homage to John Carpenter's The Fog. Each opens with the narrator telling us there is time enough for one more story before midnight. The Witches are shrouded in fog as they attack the town. The 13 Witches were betrayed, with betrayal leading to their deaths, as were the Lepers at Spivey Point in The Fog. In both, there are characters with ancestral ties to those who were betrayed. In both, the antagonists seek revenge against the town that betrayed them. The Doc Phibes mentioned after Tommy's resurrection is probably paying homage to the Vincent Price character played in "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" and "Dr. Phibes Rises Again." Constance Blackwood shares a name with a young woman accused of poisoning her entire family in the novel "We Have Always Lived in the Castle," written by Shirley Jackson. Jackson is notoriously known for her horror novels, one of the most famous being The Haunting of Hill House. Also, Shirley Jackson is a character on the show, which later in Part 2 forces Constance Blackwood's character to haunt Zelda Spellman. Kiernan Shipka starred in "Flowers in The Attic" where her character was referred to as the "devil's spawn", in this show she is literally the Devil's Spawn
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho 3 months ago
When i saw Sabrina with the flower crown i was like: Midsommar reference!
dulce bautista
dulce bautista 3 months ago
So are we going to ignore that there was a remake of the wicker man in th early 2000s? With nicholas cage?
Anna Dziekonska
Anna Dziekonska 3 months ago
wait those "flower zombies" were a nod to the "midsommer" movie? i thought it was a tiny easter egg to the video game "the last of us" and how they behaved very similar to the "zombies" they have aka clickers. welp i was very far off then lol
serenityq26 3 months ago
as someone who doesnt watch horror: all these things are from comics for me. flower eyes? the parliament of flowers. virgin sacrifice? every magical ritual ever. flower wreaf crowns? so many goddesses have them. heck, aero just had one in x-men #9 from two weeks ago lol
Rola 2507
Rola 2507 3 months ago
Damn that’s deep
Gucci Hamster
Gucci Hamster 4 months ago
Midsommar = Midsummer
m 4 months ago
they used elements of greek mythology too in this season, like pan, cerce or that snake lady (i don't remember the name but it refers to medusa haha)
Henry Harbison
Henry Harbison 4 months ago
dosent wizard of oz also have a sleeping flower just before the city
Debo Meh
Debo Meh 4 months ago
Caliban is the son of Sycorax in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Sycorax being one of the witches summoned to help defend the coven.
moa myllis
moa myllis 4 months ago
“JJ was here”
Nestharon Blackfeather
Bioshock reference at 2.30 also for me the best scene was the one when Blackwood summoned the Deep One...
August Drengberg
August Drengberg 4 months ago
The singing was terrible.
Aisha L
Aisha L 4 months ago
I feel like they should have made Sabrina and Caliban a thing...
Headbangerr 1983
Headbangerr 1983 4 months ago
Prudence looks like Ciri in episode 7. I think, it's just coincidence, but damn - silver hair, outfit and sword on the back.
MJT chitchat talk n reviews
Also.. you know how sabrina has to put Rosalyn together after she shatters into pieces ? Well the 90s Sabrina had to put Libby back together after she turned into a puzzle. Does anybody remember that??
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 4 months ago
And yes the pan there’s a flute that laws Agatha in like Peter Pan original when he youeses it to kidnap kids and bring them to never land
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 4 months ago
Wait part 4 what no one told me about season flip in 4 OMG ARrrr YAY
Iñigo Arce
Iñigo Arce 4 months ago
"But how can the same actor play 2 different characters in 2 shows that are supposedly connected", well Ryan Murphy has done something of the sort for every season of AHS and it worked out (note that the show already made a possible nod to Madison Montgomery when Hilda said they had a famous actor cousin with the last name "Montgomery"). If pulled off right, I think people would like to see familiar/same actors playing different characters. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters give so much life to each character they played, that you really see the characters, not just the actor styled differently. That's just my opinion, tho. I don't know if the actors of CAoS have enough range to do the same. PS, Madeline Petsch looks like she'd make a great witch.
Ainsley Maldonado
Ainsley Maldonado 4 months ago
Theo’s uncle represents the scarecrow from the wizard of oz
Sebastian Chilvers
Sebastian Chilvers 4 months ago
I really don’t like the riverdale crossovers in Sabrina they take the charm away also I really hope that Sabrina doesn’t turn out bad like riverdale
Ray Rayz
Ray Rayz 4 months ago
I wonder if the music video for this season was an homage to the the Shake your WHammy Fanny- funky song.
Dauby Margaux
Dauby Margaux 4 months ago
Another reference from "Inferno" ! A moment where Zelda talks to Sabrina about her getting-her-boyfriend-back-trip to hell (I don't remember what episode it is, but that's also a excert of the trailer!): she tells her: "first Purgatory, now Hell. What's next? Heaven?" It refers to the titles of the three parts of Inferno: in the same order, Dante travels through the Purgatory, then Hell and finally Heaven! 😄
Karim Michelle Negron Santiago
Could also be a foreshadowing of Sabrina's journey. She's been to purgatory and is now in hell since it was future Sabrina who returned t Greendale, maybe her next stop is Heaven. Her white yes may also foreshadow this since some stories say angels also have eyes like that and Lucifer is an angel, a fallen evil angel, but an angel never the less so his daughter would inherit some sort of angelic nature if corrupted.
Anaïs Gilles
Anaïs Gilles 4 months ago
Aren’t Sabrina’s school named Baxter High and Jug’s books collection named Baxter brothers ?
Black Pink Luv
Black Pink Luv 4 months ago
Let’s be clear: Sabrina 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 so 👏🏼 much 👏🏼 better 👏🏼than 👏🏼 riverdale!
yuni cco
yuni cco 4 months ago
The path the show is going down doesn't seem to look good referencing from the shows the director has involved in You and RiverDale aren't good Netflix shows, so taking from that CAOS isn't destined a good route especially since the last episodes of Season 3 were a mess. As much as I adore the show, season 4 probably won't be as good as the previous seasons.
EVANMAC 4 months ago
I like how a lot of the Easter eggs were moments I picked up on and thought to myself, “ahhh look at that!”
Matthew VP
Matthew VP 4 months ago
Did anyone else feel that Hell was a bit disappointing? It felt like just another set with spooky aesthetics, rather than a terrifying alternate dimension with constant suffering
N K 4 months ago
I like the story. It has so much potential but i feel like its messy... its kinda like riverdale and im so disappointed by it 😭 i feel like this storyline produced by a show at the same caliber as say american horror story would be so much better
maddie 5 months ago
"raises the question of how the same actor can play different characters in a shared universe" you definitely have not seen ahs
Ray Rayz
Ray Rayz 4 months ago
Yeah, I think it's just like Hey you wana do this little cameo..homage to our other show not so much dimensional issues going on.
Sarah 5 months ago
The character Dorian Gray and his "Gray Room" is inspired by the book "The Picture of Dorian Gray" written by Oscar Wilde "Dorian Gray - a handsome, narcissistic young man enthralled by Lord Henry's "new" hedonism. He indulges in every pleasure and virtually every 'sin', studying its effect upon him, which eventually leads to his death."
MJT chitchat talk n reviews
Speaking of calaban, he's made of clay, similarly in the 90s show, aunt zelda n hilda create a date for sabrina using dough. A dough man. Just another thing to add to the list lol
Mari Fraga
Mari Fraga 5 months ago
I'm pagan and now I'm sad cause I didn't get mopst of these things :l
Harlequin669 5 months ago
The title of the first episode is a reference to a Novela by Clive Barker that went on to inspire the movie Hellraiser.
Helena Berthiaume
Helena Berthiaume 5 months ago
While I love the series I was a little conflicted about the 19th cen. sterotyping of witches, but this finally kinda.... took a turn? I mean I have my doubts about some sexists sects of wicca as well l, but I think its cool that they at least finally brought up some pagan gods and legends and that in the end they defeated them with the blessing of hecate. But im very curious as to where its going next since time travel seems to ruin a lot of shows/movies. 😅 Great video! Didnt even see some of these! ❤👍
Roux 5 months ago
Wow, didn't even know that Robin was Puck.
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