Top 25 Most Viewed Twitch TV Moments 2019

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Today we look at the MOST viewed Twich TV Moments of 2019!!
Welcome back to Stream Fails, today we're going to review the Top 10 most viewed moments that happened on Live Stream!
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Dec 27, 2019




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Comments 76
Holy fuck the post malone one was fucking crazy!! 5:01
aalkeD 2 days ago
womans are for 2 things on twitch, attention and virgins.
HOT DATA 3 days ago
Wow ! WoW ! great video follow me on ruvid.net/video/video-DiQnG2LnADE.html
XD 3LITE 4 days ago
9:59 for the bois
Staff Bull Terrier
Staff Bull Terrier 10 days ago
WoW great video follow me on twitch twitch.tv/karkangamer
Uniqx 9 days ago
Ace effect
Ace effect 14 days ago
My smile went away when she said asian man are very ugly
rsx123 4 days ago
Dont worry about it that bitch literally looks like a mummy shes not an expert on looks bruh.
Epic Marinov
Epic Marinov 15 days ago
www.twitch.tv/allies_frost for epic content
Epic Marinov
Epic Marinov 15 days ago
Drawee_ 19 days ago
HI! If you want to it would be super nice if you could go to my twitch (drawee_) and maybe sub or watch it would mean so much. have a nice day!
tami irons
tami irons 17 days ago
I'll follow you if you can go follow xkrisxkajunx
Red Mozzy
Red Mozzy 24 days ago
The one who threw the food was tame, that camera would have been over that railing if she had pointed it straight at me like that
Red Mozzy
Red Mozzy 3 days ago
Well this is escalating! Look, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek, if I was being filmed and didn't want to be, I would say so. If they carried on, I'd become less polite about it ( more so if I was stuffing my face with food at the time). Would I in all seriousness actually destroy someone's phone? No, of course not. Sponge is correct that it's not illegal in most countries to video or take photos on public places. Yes, it's a bit rude to point straight at people without their concent (and if they ask you not to, that should be respected) but again, it's not really against the law in most countries (filming in public places in some countries does actually require a permit). You can challenge me on this of you want but I do street photography as a hobby so have to know where and when I can photograph. Fun fact is some pavements in London are actually private property and security can tell you to stop photographing or filming in that location :)
Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo
@Sponge you are correct filming in public where there is no "reasonable expectation of privacy" is not illegal though at anytime if that woman asked to not be recorded and she continued it would have been. Actions have consequences and she should've took the hint that she didn't want to be recorded when she flipped her off and it was rude of her to record that woman eating without asking in the first place. I have a feeling she didnt ask cause she knew very well most people would not want to be recorded while trying to enjoy their meal which is why she didn't record her directly and did it all shady like over her shoulder. That altercation could've been avoided had she asked instead of assuming she would feel okay about it. That is to say if she even cared about how she felt while she did it. Just because you don't care if you were being recorded doesn't mean someone else won't and everyone should go into every interaction respecting the individual at least until they disrespect you. Also I never advocated breaking someone's personal property, and I'd appreciate you not putting words in my mouth. I'm only saying you can't be surprised if you disrespect someone and they come back at you with it.
Sponge 3 days ago
Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo It's not illegal to film people in public, rude sure, but I sure wouldn't give a shit if I was filmed, let alone destroy someone's personal property over it. Go ahead and try that tactic next time you see someone filming in public if you really think you'd be in the right in the eyes of the law, see what happens.
Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo
@Sponge you're wrong. It's illegal to record someone without consent for a reason. It's a rude invasion of personal space and in complete disregard of that person's privacy. That's why when people want to record or tape someone they ask if they can first. How would you feel if someone just came out the blue and flamed [roasted] you on social media, it went viral and you never consented?
Red Mozzy
Red Mozzy 9 days ago
@Sponge You're welcome to your opinion. You don't know anything about me and I'm not going to lose any sleep over what you think. Would have been happy to debate the rights and wrongs of my comment if you hadn't began with some childish insult but nevermind. Have a nice day x
good4damoney 26 days ago
Ask to people to film them, don't dare wait for them to say "please dont film me" learn respect, freedom works both ways.
Red Mozzy
Red Mozzy 17 days ago
@Adam yes it does. That camera would have taken flying lessons if she had done that to me.
Adam 23 days ago
kaio shin That’s not how portrait rights work.
kaio shin
kaio shin 24 days ago
@Adam That idiot streamer was lucky it was food being thrown at her and not a lawsuit. Filming scenery is allowed but focusing on individuals is a violation of their portrait rights.
good4damoney 24 days ago
@Adam its the equivalent. Do the right thing first. Go by example
Adam 24 days ago
Lmao that doesn’t justify throwing food at someone.
ipkiss 420
ipkiss 420 Month ago
www.twitch.tv/genosidalghost follow me anyone and I'm down to play if u want as well
David playz games
Fuck u to
Jyles the Butler
absolutely amazing tyler1 impression
Kwogs Month ago
why the fuck are you spoiling everything before showing the clip like the fuck?
Matej Zemlicka
Matej Zemlicka Month ago
So you tell us everything that you gonna show us 3 sec later and that's how you make money.. wow
Instrumedley Month ago
Furiously Pete @ 7:28 LOL
FoxyRaven-TV Month ago
7:35 just kick that drugged up kid out of the house.
Ari Chin
Ari Chin Month ago
The girl that try to did Post Malone she looks like Mr. beast
Kazzing Month ago
Wer kommt auch von Rewi 😁😂?
night Month ago
TheBlackCrow Month ago
D. Pedersen
D. Pedersen Month ago
You forgot the best one where female twitch streamer Blondiewondie is doing a IRL live stream and locks herself out of her yellow turbo Porsche at the parking lot.
chivo810 Month ago
Check me out please chivo810@youtube.com
Urouge Month ago
The last one sums up the bad reputation of twitch nowadays. well done.
marked150 Month ago
whats the name of the outro song ?
Arief Eka Prawida
Joakim Karud - Dizzy
JVindas Vindas
JVindas Vindas Month ago
Insane 1440s
Insane 1440s Month ago
10:07 you can thank me later
904 DuvalCounty
904 DuvalCounty 8 days ago
MOMahran 11 days ago
Shiraz Mazhar
Shiraz Mazhar 24 days ago
what song at end?
Matt bloodyevolution
Jesus, nice tits at the end 👌
emmanuel reyes
emmanuel reyes Month ago
Cuando invadimos plataformas angloparlantes y no por buenas razones (bueno en realidad si por unas muy buenas bien surtidas razones) jajaja
chaver28 Month ago
cutting out all the bad words just so you can make money off others content is so annoying n is while your views have gone down
JB Beasts
JB Beasts 28 days ago
@Yann cedric Totsingan that is irrelavent. Uploading a video without getting paid is a waiste of time
Yann cedric Totsingan
ɴɢ NobleMineman So basically an example of your logic is that if a school shooter takes time to get their guns and ammo ready,the murder is justified and no justice is needed.
JB Beasts
JB Beasts Month ago
What do you mean? it takes time to gather the clips, and if he wasn't getting paid, or if anyone doing youtube wasn't getting paid to make the content, then noone would make videos. The whole point of making youtube videos is to get paid and make money.
chaver28 Month ago
@Lime glad you know me lol :D i love you
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Month ago
ben31uk Month ago
Lame year for streamers
der Pinguin
der Pinguin Month ago
Most of this is fake and gay
Wolfgang Month ago
1:20 well deserved, It's not illegal or anything but why would u record some stranger eating, that's super rude. Sad she lost her food tho.
Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo
It is illegal
#LiveStreamFails you are my inspiration!!!!
Cassandra Saturn
I used to be close friends with Jewel before she got big. ditto.
Kinmoonify Month ago
small shirt, ok. great thumbnail you leech
Dapper Wolf
Dapper Wolf Month ago
That's how you win Esports like a boss just tell them fuck the game after you just beaten everyone
zone559 Month ago
Thumbnail 10:06
Pling Plang
Pling Plang Month ago
9:59 thumbnail
3XX0N Month ago
save you some time 10:00
The Keeper
The Keeper Month ago
Thx man or woman
Daily Clips Moments
10:00 you welcome
Gonk Droids
Gonk Droids Month ago
Just notice the blanket she got is the same as my that I have
DdominikK Month ago
*❤WHO CAME AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE FOR LIVESTREAMFAILS♥️😂?* Alsô I'm Subšcrîbíñg 2 anyone who Şubs and Łíkés tø meeeee
the doe
the doe Month ago
first again
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