Top 25 Most Viewed Twitch TV Moments 2019

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Today we look at the MOST viewed Twich TV Moments of 2019!!
Welcome back to Twitch Fails, today we're going to review the Top 10 most viewed moments that happened on Twitch TV!
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Dec 27, 2019




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Comments 100
I would have thrown my damn sandwich at her too, she didn’t ask to be broadcast to the internet. Fuck that streamer, so blatant about it too
Rita Kamingoak
Rita Kamingoak 11 days ago
"Turbo donated $3!" *"OMG ITS TYLER1"*
Shaila Lunaa
Shaila Lunaa 17 days ago
10:00 sna oll
Karen Urias
Karen Urias 16 days ago
I yea
Blaire XD
Blaire XD 24 days ago
Post malone turned into Maximilian Dood
IG Sky.Dweller
IG Sky.Dweller Month ago
Commentator: what will you do now that your the fortnite champs The champ #1: We don’t even like this game and epic keep f’ing it up Commentator: oooooooooo not what I wanna hear let’s ask your partner The champ #2: yeah we’re just gonna play any other game or do any other thing... maybe crochet Commentator: ........well here are the prizes The champs: *opens eBay listing for fortnite rings* Hahahahahahahahaha
Im old greg
Im old greg Month ago
The post Malone I'm dead😂
Miss Floof
Miss Floof Month ago
TF you mean??? You record me without my permission ima throw hands rather than throw my food. Don't want to waste good food.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 12 days ago
@Kevin Speeyou can refuse all you want it doesn’t matter. In public you have no right to privacy.
Kevin Spee
Kevin Spee 12 days ago
@Ben Brown straight up BS. You have the right to refuse to be recorded anywhere
Kevin Spee
Kevin Spee 12 days ago
That woman was a bitch for putting you on the spot without your permission, but you could have at least told her you didnt like being recorded first
Miss Floof
Miss Floof 28 days ago
@Ben Brown bish idgaf.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 28 days ago
Then you would get arrested moron, you have no right to privacy in a public place. Do you punch employees when you see camera’s in a grocery store?
marvin cortez
marvin cortez Month ago
Doc is live
Jonathan Carreno
Jonathan Carreno 12 days ago
F0reverCha0s Month ago
The mom one was really really wholesome
Nicuukk 25 days ago
It was his dad
Vines Of RICK
Vines Of RICK Month ago
get oofed
get oofed Month ago
Bhai tu chutiya hai kya?
Iggly Piggly
Iggly Piggly Month ago
MOHD REZZA Kamaruddin
hiep nguyen
hiep nguyen Month ago
the one where the mom speaks into the stream thanking the chat made me feel so warm, it was so wholesome and loving
Not4You2Know Month ago
You yell at your mom like that you should be thrown out of the house pos
tango33w Month ago
Awwww I love that dad one
caspaas Month ago
sameee it was wholesome haha
CeedayTweeday 2 months ago
Where's NovaPatra
Robbe Crabbé
Robbe Crabbé 2 months ago
10:00 Twitch in a nutshell
Sai Nikhesh
Sai Nikhesh 2 months ago
Wow I just now realized I am intelligent guy😂😂😂 I directly forwarded the video last what I came to see
Sai Nikhesh
Sai Nikhesh Month ago
@tango33w you should try it again. If it works you can comment like me 😜 otherwise we won't tell anyone.
tango33w Month ago
I did this once and it worked. I thought it was a fluke so I dared not try it again.
Nickz S.L.
Nickz S.L. 2 months ago
I'm a simple man...
Failix Month ago
anarchy 1408
anarchy 1408 2 months ago
what the hell is with that hide and seek one. that guy seems like he was acting like he was playing hide and seek and was about to kidnap some one lol awkward
Cristian Pallarés
Yeah, that "with my friends" sounded rrally fake 😂
Macnezz 2 months ago
임승 2 months ago
임승 2 months ago
야ㅕ ㅅㅂ 이거 신고한다, ㅅㄱ
Gaming Shadowx
Gaming Shadowx 2 months ago
The hide and seek streamer is dumb cuz his friends can watch his stream and find him
Lexvantez 2 months ago
It wouldnt be fun if they did it, so they wouldnt
Let`s GO TAKA TAK 2 months ago
Support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me support me
Rita Kamingoak
Rita Kamingoak 11 days ago
Let`s GO TAKA TAK 2 months ago
To bhaiya ji meri kya galti hai
Profesor Gameland
Profesor Gameland 2 months ago
I have seen so many accounts in similar names for past few years
Let`s GO TAKA TAK 2 months ago
@suhana khn also
Let`s GO TAKA TAK 2 months ago
@suhana khn thnks alqo
Harsh Choubey
Harsh Choubey 2 months ago
Who came to see thumbnail 10:00
Akash Deep
Akash Deep Month ago
Ah, I see a man of culture
Aditya Kumawat
Aditya Kumawat 2 months ago
A hero indeed
Lax1e 2 months ago
A hero.
Sleepy Talk
Sleepy Talk 2 months ago
Antunes Simão
Antunes Simão 2 months ago
PASSEM NO MEU CANAL - ruvid.net/video/video-cDfMGdwmD64.html
SpokaARMY 3 months ago
3:30 I’m not crying you are
Nicuukk 25 days ago
That was his dad btw not his mom
Slayga 2 months ago
im just sweating from the eyes
Celestyne 14
Celestyne 14 3 months ago
Cory chase is that you
Evan Phelps
Evan Phelps 2 months ago
omg it looks exactly like her too
Wulf S.
Wulf S. 3 months ago
1:14 isn't this harassment tho?
Evan Phelps
Evan Phelps 2 months ago
asain man i mean it’s really useful in certain situations. karens are allowed to whip out their phones and record and also other people have the right to. the freedom is overall better
asain man
asain man 2 months ago
@Evan Phelps yeah but its a douchebag thing to do
Evan Phelps
Evan Phelps 2 months ago
nope you’re allowed to record anyone in public areas
Okāsan JP -Mãe no Japão
Kutter Goodspeed
Kutter Goodspeed 3 months ago
I’m hitting up Asian women from now on
Maldebug Gaming
Maldebug Gaming 3 months ago
SS Creation
SS Creation 3 months ago
Plz view my videos
Rita Kamingoak
Rita Kamingoak 11 days ago
Yummer 2 months ago
Droma Davis
Droma Davis 3 months ago
Fredrik Bråthen Pettersen
Meekwhistle2.0 Yah, ye
itsyoboi jesus
itsyoboi jesus 2 months ago
@Fredrik Bråthen Pettersen so its scary
Fredrik Bråthen Pettersen
Some weird link leading to a weird antivirus and even more hell.
itsyoboi jesus
itsyoboi jesus 2 months ago
What was in it
Phanxkm Ye
Phanxkm Ye 3 months ago
WON DER 3 months ago
LOl I am a hispanic man and I think Asians are one of the most handsome man on earth
Frank Eliott
Frank Eliott 2 months ago
@Bosonian he must be
WON DER 2 months ago
They're just cute
WON DER 2 months ago
I'm not
Loser Memes
Loser Memes 3 months ago
I never knew Asian girls were so BUSTY
andrew H
andrew H 3 months ago
Rachel Ryan
Rachel Ryan 3 months ago
Is twitch just the american tick tok or likee
XxStampDogxX 3 months ago
U dum asfuck
Rachel Ryan
Rachel Ryan 3 months ago
@Andres oh okay i see thanks
Andres 3 months ago
Rachel Ryan twitch is a live streaming app. Anything you want to watch it’s in there.
Zaiql 3 months ago
U stupid af
CrispyCreamyRL 3 months ago
Asma Iqbal
Asma Iqbal 3 months ago
2:54 thing you were looking for Siek I knew it lmao
Fredrik Bråthen Pettersen
Asma Iqbal, I didn’t click it. I have already watched it. I think you are sad. I’ve heard you can get a life on eBay.
Tubbo Time
Tubbo Time 3 months ago
The first 1 is correct though i feel the same way about asain men lmao
Tubbo Time
Tubbo Time 3 months ago
arrush mahesh
arrush mahesh 3 months ago
Branden Maffei
Branden Maffei 3 months ago
I bet people came here because of the thumb nail
JJMcRaiN 3 months ago
Weather-san 3 months ago
Gaming With_Jeremy
Gaming With_Jeremy 3 months ago
Gaurav Saxena
Gaurav Saxena 2 months ago
Kayla Plasch
Kayla Plasch 3 months ago
To that last one. Same girl. Same.
Simant sharma
Simant sharma 3 months ago
Hi kayla, do you agree with the contents?
Harkun 3 months ago
That Post Malone impression was so spot on.
Lexvantez 2 months ago
The tyler1 impression was good too lol
- Carbonized -
- Carbonized - 3 months ago
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Gaurav Saxena
Gaurav Saxena 2 months ago
k5su 3 months ago
Donavon Browning
Donavon Browning 4 months ago
I dont like fortnite but I'm from georgia and so were the champs so that's cool
k5su 3 months ago
No ur not
ieanenized salt
ieanenized salt 4 months ago
Is that ron weasleys father?
VengfulDeathCow 4 months ago
You probably didn't need to explain every clip lmao they're pretty self explanatory
justdamian 23
justdamian 23 4 months ago
Don't film people you don't know and don't film those who don't want to be on camera.
DeadWunderland 4 months ago
I almost spit my water when crusader3455 screamed didn't expect that.
TheKlauspc 4 months ago
was that Rai Blue?
MaKo 4 months ago
Howaboutthat 2013
Howaboutthat 2013 4 months ago
10:00, the second shirt didn’t help much
Level15Brook 4 months ago
What’s happens at 10:00 bruh
Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham
After watching that crusader guy's video, i'm 100% positive that westeners are psychopaths
mcpartridgeboy 4 months ago
Im sensative about food and i dont want to be filmed eating i dont even like being in public eating if i can avoid it i do, for me its a bit like going to the toilet i public, if someone started filming me eating id be super pissed off too, poor woman, your lucky she didnt do worse.
Hasy Je
Hasy Je 4 months ago
10:00 mm sexy
nylaaN 4 months ago
ryan RODRIGUEZ 4 months ago
Classic crab Hbox
Tony McCarthy72
Tony McCarthy72 4 months ago
10:00 your welcome
D H 4 months ago
Welcome to Today's episode of *The Quarantine led me here* !
tron CAT
tron CAT 4 months ago
That shy bf is probably really shy fr. Cuz I'm a shy mf and I wouldve done the same shit he did on stream. We are more comfortable behing closed doors 🤷‍♂️❤
Bruhaps Ur Mom Gay
Bruhaps Ur Mom Gay 4 months ago
That Dad who said “hope you have your pants on” is a hilarious dude and deserves dad of the year
DaZDanker 4 months ago
4 months ago
8:48 dumb kids...... rude
4 months ago
hungrybox woulda FUCKED someone up lol
Woosh If You Are Retarded
orin oorn prono prno porn funaklkly finally i spelt i t correcly
Casey Saibo
Casey Saibo 4 months ago
All this time I thought twitch was meant to only broadcast gaming videos lol
Akash Deep
Akash Deep Month ago
Mee too
Caleb Disney
Caleb Disney 2 months ago
Dumb ass
greece cheng
greece cheng 4 months ago
Bored Cabin DIY and Crafts
Omg hahahaha ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ham 4 months ago
that "Asian men are just ugry" should invest in a mirror!
Jeremi Lamberson
Jeremi Lamberson 5 months ago
"Asian men are just ugry". Hilarious
MaNYaK Show
MaNYaK Show 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-WaL9E1ddtVg.html Just watch ok
Sceptor 5 months ago
7:34 he sound like a bitch
Cashi 4 months ago
Sceptor he’s deadass bleeping his curse words out
MyFaith 5 months ago
Thumbnails are always at the last
Saqib Javaid
Saqib Javaid 5 months ago
Junction news
Junction news 5 months ago
*Follow and watch funny* api.puri.sharetrend.net/_puri/share/v1/index/3f133ce4f0c24543b211d2531cbd026a/4/IN/en/20200414
Romie B Brown jr.
Romie B Brown jr. 5 months ago
Follow me .. ninja is viewing www.twitch.tv/romieb32
Jony Hridoy JH
Jony Hridoy JH 5 months ago
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Trucil 4 months ago
Ethan Brook LMAO i just clicked it and wtf did i just watch
Ethan Brook
Ethan Brook 4 months ago
i choose the 10$, i wont be subscribing.
Trucil 5 months ago
song world 😐
WorthlessDeadEnd 5 months ago
0:47 - Dayum!
CHAYAN PAL 5 months ago
Gotcha buddy😏
Tony Harrington
Tony Harrington 5 months ago
I guess twitch isn't for me... ALL STUPID
Humstuck 5 months ago
Hey, Im not asian, I feel good. First time someone told me I looked ok. (I know Im stretching, I take what I can get. Kappa LUL)
NomaD CS:GO 5 months ago
10:05 what you came for
Pradeep R
Pradeep R 4 months ago
Thank you 👍😄
Felix2417425 4 months ago
what a beautiful girl!
Webzter 5 months ago
I honestly thought CallMeCarson crying would make its way there.
Andrejs Matjola
Andrejs Matjola 5 months ago
0:37 wait does that include Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee etc?
Jay 88
Jay 88 5 months ago
I watched the first one live, lol
Basam El-halabi
Basam El-halabi 5 months ago
nice video
Isheian 5 months ago
She flipped you off. Your kinda a dick to keep filming her...
Isheian 5 months ago
mosquitosauce Didn’t say it’s not allowed. I’m well aware of that. And I didn’t excuse either persons behavior, both were being jackasses. I just pointed out that it’s very clear that person didn’t want to be recorded and continuing to do so is a dick move. Personally I don’t understand the appeal of recording yourself like that or being that pissy that you’d throw food at a person for pointing their phone at you.
mosquitosauce 5 months ago
@Isheian sorry to burst ur bubble but recording in public is permitted aslong as the people who own the establishment are okay with people filming. when u enter some one's property, u basically have to follow their rules!! but yeah, personally i wouldnt of filmed a stranger anyways, but she was still an asshole instead of just asking to not be filmed
NoNameJustWords 5 months ago
It was the streamer who filmed her, the person who made the top 25 vids of 2019 had nothing to do with the WOMAN who continued to film the woman that flipped her off, try to slow your white knighting and the truth might reveal itself.
Erik Weeks
Erik Weeks 5 months ago
Honestly, you should not have to ask to not be on camera.
Humstuck 5 months ago
yeah, don't film other people without consent.
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 5 months ago
Rich Technology Group
Grown adults playing hide-n-seek in public and nobody thinks this is strange? 😳
Eagles 2018
Eagles 2018 3 months ago
gundamzerostrike Me & my buddy’s still play it . It’s kinda fun , I can’t lie . Have some fun in life .
Kreip Flagra
Kreip Flagra 5 months ago
Don't be so afraid of what others think, live your life and have fun
HaiLDodger 5 months ago
...I mean you're here, watching this. "pathetically terrible use of time and energy...." Hello Pot, It's Kettle, you're black. At least they were earning a living doing it. =/
Nini Red
Nini Red 5 months ago
Rich Technology Group man, just because you wanna be a ‘mature’ adult doesn’t mean other people can’t have fun. Loosen up. You be taking life too serious. Jesh
Rich Technology Group
twentytwenty one As someone who has been self employed since 19 years old I'm not even going to sit here and explain to you the 101 reasons why "young adults playing hide & seek in public" is a pathetically terrible use of their time and energy.... 😐
asmr tiktok Massage Queen
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 5 months ago
Rick roll
Corruptd 5 months ago
Josh Davis
Josh Davis 5 months ago
Twitch is literally soft core porn for dickless virgins.
Silvanteliotropio 4 months ago
lol then instagram is like pornhub for babies
JetJaguar 5 months ago
They're getting rich off incels. "Here's $100 m'lady"
dood! 5 months ago
this is the point of twitch, not watching some screaming cringe face playing a computer game for 6 hours
DoTheMario 5 months ago
9:39 nardwuar
Sm ASH 5 months ago
Some random pish
Riley 5 months ago
The post malone one I thought it was actually post malone watching
Madari Ageng
Madari Ageng 5 months ago
can someone tell me what happen in 05:37 ?
Madari Ageng
Madari Ageng 5 months ago
@jeremy lord aaa i see thanks 🥳
jeremy lord
jeremy lord 5 months ago
Mang0 vs Hbox in grand finals of a tournament for super smash bros melee. Mang0 is the crowd favorite. Most people were upset that mang0 lost and in retaliation, someone threw a real life crab at hbox.
Trash Daddy
Trash Daddy 5 months ago
Ok the girl through the sandwich, dick move, but why did the ugly lady go out of her way to record that poor lady
James Watson
James Watson 5 months ago
Trash Daddy because social media had caused idiots to get a rise out of people for attention and to play the victim role
S. Kumar
S. Kumar 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-x6FNlNlx9vg.html must watch this video, I am sure you like it
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas 5 months ago
she blames her mom for her own stupid shit
daphix 5 months ago
9:41 bro sounds like nardwuar
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