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1- ruvid.net/video/video-8FUc4hCSoSI.html
2- ruvid.net/video/video-VUcaf6Av7nc.html
3- ruvid.net/video/video-0PCfMNHcDwg.html
4- ruvid.net/video/video-DVqmm_do5Jk.html
5- ruvid.net/video/video-zte16makR5w.html
6- ruvid.net/video/video-F184fiOqAF8.html
7- ruvid.net/video/video-8tI45HJ-Mkk.html
8- ruvid.net/video/video-tWfJ7M1S6Js.html
9- ruvid.net/video/video-IW8o787qjH8.html
10- ruvid.net/video/video-3iyRYQK6dcE.html
11- ruvid.net/video/video-lQAR47RhZ38.html
12- ruvid.net/video/video-RVDt5TMtTtM.html
13- ruvid.net/video/video-1WYju3D4Z-4.html
14- ruvid.net/video/video-MrzZ322-A40.html
15- ruvid.net/video/video-LFDAQ1d5M8w.html
16- ruvid.net/video/video-DUkc6fi3wow.html
17- ruvid.net/video/video-Dhl06vS2t44.html
19- ruvid.net/video/video-n6LpXAXZ0zE.html
20- ruvid.net/video/video-xGOh2IHaap8.html
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Aug 12, 2018




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Comments 997
Степан Степаненко
А какой живот у беременных скелетов? Типа где лежит зародыш санс же как то родился?
Carolina Valenzuela
No entender very mucho
starter animation
starter animation 19 hours ago
Dahlia Ferguson
Dahlia Ferguson 21 hour ago
franciele teixeira
why? ????
KawaiiKalli Plays
Ashrafnabil yunos
This is so cute and funny I love it
Frans Dremurre
At 2:25 WHAT AU R U FROM?!?!?
mar gamboa
mar gamboa 2 days ago
fell sans
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem 2 days ago
Oh...my...god...so many memes
Pink cherry
Pink cherry 2 days ago
3:23 Кросс топ фейс
Pettawads 369
Pettawads 369 2 days ago
I dropped my phone It Didn't Crack
Tosia Gaming
Tosia Gaming 3 days ago
kto z polski😋
Annah McLaughlin
Annah McLaughlin 3 days ago
153hipeople 3 days ago
g u e s s i ‘ l l d i e t h e n
153hipeople 3 days ago
also its 11pm and i just wheezed very loudly while i’m supposed to be asleep at the fríškïñg copycat one like holy fríšk
Natalie Vu
Natalie Vu 3 days ago
I was searching for the Coca Cola song by INNA and I accidentally clicked on a T Series. Edit: I hate myself for that.
cross chara
cross chara 3 days ago
Isso ficou muito bom kkkkkk
Oly4 G4rm
Oly4 G4rm 4 days ago
Мои слова: I like Sans, but i love Papyrus. :V
Jennifer Sanchez
Jennifer Sanchez 5 days ago
Hola éste me puedes decir cuál es la cuál es el nombre de la 15 del video por favor me gustó mucho el video y este quiero quiero ver cómo
kaylee bug
kaylee bug 6 days ago
Dammmmm the france thibg is reallll DaM
Blackdemon2009 6 days ago
1:52 what song is that
Quynh Nguyen Ngoc
Like san ssss😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Hunter Mary
Hunter Mary 6 days ago
For t hose who don't know Japanese Baku means idiot
XxLilGamingMoonCatxX :3
2:07 Omg This is so cool in flipaclip!
Artsandcrafter Gacha
Makes “SANS STRONGER” is what I hear lok
belengamer 731
belengamer 731 7 days ago
The Gamer Girl Of Gryffindor
I liek underfell paps i think we would be friends, you too underfell sans
Daku Mata
Daku Mata 8 days ago
I now al te song and i lik it
Игры с нуля
1:58 WTF
Wendy Co
Wendy Co 8 days ago
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Wendy Co
Wendy Co 8 days ago
💘💖💔👃🚻🚾🚾🏳🚸🏧🔕🎵🔕📣🍱🍔🍕🍜🍢. 6:01. 😖😭 😈
Wendy Co
Wendy Co 8 days ago
No💔 5:09
Wendy Co
Wendy Co 8 days ago
Wendy Co
Wendy Co 8 days ago
Дарья Ивлева
2:26 как песня называется?
Grace Claveria
Grace Claveria 8 days ago
Is all sans are gay?
Alona Boyd
Alona Boyd 8 days ago
I dont know if im sopost to know this but....what was lust sans doing with his fingers? Is it something i dont need to know or..??
Эвелина Богданова
Shyla Gill
Shyla Gill 10 days ago
0:29 9:33 12:20 There my favorite :p
Андрей Кулумбегашвили
Hallo Brüder aus Russland
Санс Гастыревич
Эээм... Кароче говоря мне надоели шиперы
Mynti Girl
Mynti Girl 10 days ago
I’m the “Baka” meme, all I could think of how sick of it all papyrus looks.
cross/chara X-tale
cross/chara X-tale 11 days ago
cupcake-cham玫瑰 11 days ago
9:00 meme??
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 13 days ago
Ok what's for the menu? Well there's... "Top 10 undertale memes" "Top 15 undertale memes" "Top 20 undertale memes" "Top 30 undertale memes" And for the final *drum roll plz* "Top 40 undertale memes"! Well can I have the "Top 40 memes"? Well sorry, we're all out!
Larissa fofa
Larissa fofa 13 days ago
👍 👏 👎🖕
Юлия Жукова
*10:02 подскажите как песня называется,прошу :(
Юлия Жукова
*10:09 Крутенькая анимация - меме
Epicpokefanof2017 15 days ago
3:24 the gold diggers at my school be like xD
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 15 days ago
3:53 ....
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 15 days ago
1:52 i party like a rock star Me:Nice! Look like a movie star Me: dam right! Play like an all star Me:Cool! F*ck like an porn star Me: HOLLY SHIT NO.
Frisk And Chara
Frisk And Chara 15 days ago
3:40 What my mom did when I said am gay/lesbian
Jaxon Herrington
Jaxon Herrington 16 days ago
Thx for the triggered ohhhhhh
Fox boy's Gachas
Fox boy's Gachas 16 days ago
An Le
An Le 16 days ago
1:58 what does THAT mean
Og loc Loc og
Og loc Loc og 16 days ago
죠니 집사
죠니 집사 16 days ago
Đark Lasagna
Đark Lasagna 16 days ago
Harder my hentai lover octodaddy~ 3:53
Error sans
Error sans 17 days ago
Кросс 3:26 😶😶😶
suelem ir
suelem ir 17 days ago
O sans é meu namorado💏💏💏💑❤❤
SunsetLovers 123
SunsetLovers 123 17 days ago
At 0:11 is when you leave a 9 year old drinking OwO
anna ferrara
anna ferrara 18 days ago
I am a girl shot fire
SeyMi 15
SeyMi 15 18 days ago
3:16...эт прям я....
Cookie_Gamer !!!
Cookie_Gamer !!! 18 days ago
Da best 3:17 (> • >)
Ibebeddy 73
Ibebeddy 73 18 days ago
3:40 when someone eats all the CHOCOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE
Ibebeddy 73
Ibebeddy 73 18 days ago
3:29 , me when that one person brought a full bar of chocolate to the party X3 (i'm kinda addicted to chocolate milk tho ... but no one gets me choco milk :'''( waaa)
Ibebeddy 73
Ibebeddy 73 18 days ago
4:03 , my friends when i hug them ... i can totally relate to this skeleton , mentally insane , lol jk
Magic animals Lopez
That is a scelaton of memes
Alexis House
Alexis House 18 days ago
Da hecK CROSS!?
regina marnelli
regina marnelli 18 days ago
questions 1. why is chara in the meme bad girls (i mean he is a boy, right?) 2. why are you awesome of drawing??? thats all for now
regina marnelli
regina marnelli 18 days ago
last question 3. how...who is that in the final????!!!!
sans undertale
sans undertale 18 days ago
Danielle Melville
Danielle Melville 19 days ago
did you say COCOA COLA cause guess what I'm a cocoaholic too \( - 3- )/
naemah abdullah
naemah abdullah 19 days ago
Allan Briones
Allan Briones 19 days ago
Omg uf sans looks so hot
Usukhbayr Hashbaatar
what the hack
Акжибек Шыныбаева
Сделаешь видео по роблоксу
Katherine Dogger
Katherine Dogger 21 day ago
Baka means F.U.C.K
Ольга Филиппова
ZarinabroCat :D
ZarinabroCat :D 22 days ago
А где КУРЛЫК Курлык меме 😮🤔🤔🧠💥👄💢
The UnderTale Family
what song it this? 9:56
Galaxy Playz
Galaxy Playz 22 days ago
blueberry never says “BAKA” and he was never japan edit:and chara scared me with her scary face
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander 22 days ago
1:52 what is that name the white sans
Nyrsic Caliasov
Nyrsic Caliasov 22 days ago
Кортои Санс сех 👍
Алена Данилина
О😊.? . 👍
Алена Данилина
Алена Данилина
Алена Данилина
Bendy ink
Bendy ink 22 days ago
А ещё мне нравится тот чёрный похожий на Bendy
Bendy ink
Bendy ink 22 days ago
Мне нравится Эрор!!
Tati Fox
Tati Fox 22 days ago
mr. sans
mr. sans 22 days ago
quienes son los del segundo 0:32 ?
человечек 23 days ago
2:29 - в моей голове : (юлик ) НА БУТЫЛОЧ--- я : *пишу об этом
Jojo Lecroy
Jojo Lecroy 23 days ago
Number 1: I Am The Man Unable to find on Apple Music (the app that I have) but you can find it on RUvid. Number 2: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger You can find an assortment of songs with this title and a couple are very similar. Best place to listen is RUvid because I can’t find it on Apple Music. Number 3: Baka Can’t find on Apple Music. Find on RUvid. Number 4: Barbie Girl This one is...different. It’s like a metal version of the original. Don’t know where to find but RUvid. Number 5: Go Girl by Pitbull I found it on RUvid. You CAN find it on Apple Music. Number 6: Solo Feat Demi Lovato You can find this on Apple Music or RUvid. Number 7: Cola Song Can find different variations on Apple Music but I believe the one posted here is easier to find on RUvid. Number 8: Shut Up and Sleep With Me by Sin With Sebastian Can find on Apple Music or RUvid. Number 9: Bang Bang by K’Naan Can find on Apple Music or RUvid Number 10: Honey Lavender by leuan Can find on Apple Music or RUvid. Number 11: We Don’t Talk Anymore Feat Selena Gomez This song is a remix though so it’s best if you look for it on RUvid. Edit: yeah I just looked all over Apple Music. It’s not there. Number 12: Stressed Out This one also seems to be a remix. Best of luck looking on RUvid but if you are feeling brave, you have the freedom to look on whatever music app you have. Edit: cannot find on Ape Music and nobody is giving me a straight answer as to what remix it is. Number 13: Copycat Find on Apple Music or RUvid Number 14: Ticking I found it on RUvid. You may or may not be able to find on Apple Music or whatever music app you have. Feel free to look for yourself. Number 15: Forget by Pogo Can find on Apple Music or RUvid. Number 16: Change the Formality Found on RUvid. Again, feel free to look on your own personal music app. Number 17: Chainsaw Tedashi. Can find on Apple Music or RUvid Number 18: Bad Girls Need Love Too Found on RUvid but may or may not be found on Apple Music. Feel free to check on your own. Number 19: Squid Melody (blue version) by The Living Tombstone Found on RUvid but may be found on Apple Music. Number 20: La La Song Found on RUvid. Please appreciate this! It took me quite some time. Also, terribly sorry if it seems like I gave up towards the end. It became increasingly difficult and stressful (for some odd reason) to flip back and forth between apps looking for all the different songs. I will edit when I look harder.
Данила Данила
Shan Mohan :D
Shan Mohan :D 23 days ago
Wolf Dog
Wolf Dog 23 days ago
How love meme and what meme do you like
Krystle Kiriakou
Krystle Kiriakou 24 days ago
1:04 Is he eating pocky or smoking? I honestly can't tell. I think it's pocky...... I hope it's pocky too.
Toś Kwiecień
Toś Kwiecień 24 days ago
Toś Kwiecień
Toś Kwiecień 24 days ago
Bo ja tak
CosplayMemories14 24 days ago
What AU was that Sans and Papyrus from at 00:50?
Shan Mohan :D
Shan Mohan :D 23 days ago
Shan Mohan :D
Shan Mohan :D 23 days ago
Shan Mohan :D
Shan Mohan :D 23 days ago
Uhh... I think that was death sans from reaper tale and after sans from after tale. :D
ircraft crac
ircraft crac 24 days ago
Hola me encantó el vídeo estaba sexi!
sally the demon cat and Lilith Sally's partner
*Dont scream at first one lilith* *screams*
Alejandra Frias
Alejandra Frias 25 days ago
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