Top 15 Videos That 99% Of People Can't Watch

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Get ready for this top 15 list where we look at scary videos that 99% of people can’t watch. This is because the creepy events leading up to these recordings are too much for most people to handle. These include scary encounters with clowns in the home, forests that will make you never want to go outside again and incidents that made even the bravest urban explorers be more cautious in the future. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.
Sources: pastebin.com/9CuUnq1U
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0




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Comments 80
Top15s Month ago
*This video was narrated by Chills.* RUvid: ruvid.net/u-Chills15 Instagram: instagram.com/dylan_is_chillin_yt Twitter: twitter.com/YT_Chills
Jonathan Menbez
Jonathan Menbez 14 days ago
Bru there is eyes under the table under the in number 11
TwizTid* BiTcH-4-LIFE
@Blake Ward thank you!
TwizTid* BiTcH-4-LIFE
@Top15s In number 11, what is the little glowing, moving dots underneath the couch??
Im_Spartan Im_Spartan
See my comment!!!!! Look what o found
yes chills speak so much, to much!
Mike Bridges
Mike Bridges 4 hours ago
You want to know who dragged that Investigator?? It was his mate! He screams like that silly Danny on Exploring With Danny (actually his videos are the bomb! He is great at creating spoof ghost hunting videos)!
Mike Bridges
Mike Bridges 4 hours ago
There was a dip in that train clip and you couldn't see exactly where the tracks were in relation to the path (which looked to run parallel with the tracks) the mother and daughter were walking on. It's an optical illusion that gives us the idea that they are walking straight on, on the tracks, directly into the train.
Your mom gay lol
Your mom gay lol 10 hours ago
at 5:33 it looks like there's something like eyes under the chair
nicktodd04 Hutton
nicktodd04 Hutton 22 hours ago
10:38 there’s a guy ... car . That’s what I hear
nicktodd04 Hutton
nicktodd04 Hutton 23 hours ago
5:25 there’s a cat or something under the chair
nicktodd04 Hutton
nicktodd04 Hutton 23 hours ago
Next to the frige
PuppetGod251 Day ago
6:02 did anyone notice the light underneath the bench behind the baby stroller that kept moving??
Khrystel Johnson
Khrystel Johnson 2 days ago
I think the flash from the mansion was other explorer's with a flashlight.
tinylilmatt 2 days ago
23:56 heating chills speaking normal is the scariest thing I heard
Ghost Girl 11
Ghost Girl 11 2 days ago
Ok, I do not scare easily. And I seriously had to stop watching at a certain point (goblin shark). Can't believe you did that to me, Dylan.
Micah Duenas
Micah Duenas 2 days ago
Look under the couch in number 11
abby 2007
abby 2007 2 days ago
um so i saw lights under the couch poking out whenever the paranormal stuff happens. 5:23
PuppetGod251 Day ago
abby 2007 I did too
OsiS5 3 days ago
omg who cares
Jay_Brown 3 days ago
The real challenge.. listening to ur voice with out going crazy ... i made it 2 seconds
Anirudh Sridhar
Anirudh Sridhar 3 days ago
Video: Top 15 videos 99% of people can’t watch The remaining 1%: *laughs in bravery*
Keyosha Payne
Keyosha Payne 3 days ago
So the one with the baby stroller and the teddy bear you mentioned that but you never mentioned what was under the couch did you even notice
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 3 days ago
Chills: Imagine being alone in a forest by yourself. Me: Then you see him ... Shia LaBeouf
Arnold Sanchez
Arnold Sanchez 3 days ago
7. That's bipolar
Druaga Blackhart
Druaga Blackhart 4 days ago
5:19 What you should REALLY be asking, is what that mechanical rotating thing is under their couch (if that is what it is, can't be cat, too calm for the "panic" that's going on), and why it's moving in certain sequences during each "paranormal activity" that's happening...
Cracky Crackhead
Cracky Crackhead 4 days ago
Okay wait at around 5:00 look under the couch there are like glowing eyes the keep moving and moves back and forth when the Winnie the Poo doll moves backwards
Alex Tube
Alex Tube 5 days ago
Take a look in my chanel if u like it subscribe to see more ✔
5:32 did any one else see the terrified cat under the table XD ↓
Prince Dao-Harris
Eyes under the chair
Marz 7 days ago
I like how they tell us that the shrieks can bring misfortune and death AFTER PLAYING IT! Smfh
Kieran Van Den Kerkhoff
6:06 i got scared of the animal under the bench
Swadesh Behera
Swadesh Behera 8 days ago
In the 11th clip what r those eyes/lights under sofa to the r8t of fridge
Beth Lovesyu
Beth Lovesyu 8 days ago
At 5:40 the poor cat under the couch. He's freaking out too. Lol
Kyle Salamander
Kyle Salamander 8 days ago
In number 11 are we not gonna talk about the eyes under the couch?
SHE Kriptic
SHE Kriptic 8 days ago
Also super confused by your” fans “ comments Are they fans or just asses 🙄
SHE Kriptic
SHE Kriptic 8 days ago
My dad passed and he constantly comes to see me and make his presence known He threw an orange at my brother 😂 (Orange went flying through the air with no one touching it or being near it)
Gaming Central
Gaming Central 8 days ago
Did anyone else notice the eyes under the couch in the video of number 11
IrisPlayz 8 days ago
Am I The Only One Who Noticed glowing eyes under the couch in the teddy bear one?
Haydn Lang
Haydn Lang 9 days ago
my dad use to drive a kuga
Abdulazziz AlTuwaijri
Toy breaks chils be like 99 people can’t imagine horor
Zuko Stryder
Zuko Stryder 9 days ago
Awwwwwwwwe I love sharks so much and tbh it’s soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee
v1 Spawn
v1 Spawn 9 days ago
Guys number 7 is real. I have been in that area 16 times over 9 years, and had this event happen 4 times. Never found where the sound was coming from tho, but every time it happened I and my family always end up waking up way too late (Missing a day) and unlucky things happen to us, like my mums wedding ring just disappearing before the morning.
Creamy Joy
Creamy Joy 10 days ago
#7- i made that sound when i was crying when i was like 5 xd
Andreus Ayala
Andreus Ayala 10 days ago
number 11 there is something under the couch
Fred Reaves
Fred Reaves 10 days ago
At number 11 look under the crib
Jose Chimborazo
Jose Chimborazo 11 days ago
Sooooooooooooooooooo booooooooooring
roxy castillo
roxy castillo 11 days ago
6:07 check under the couch. There are some glowing eyes
Carol Grier
Carol Grier 11 days ago
Cougar screaming Vancouver island on RUvid. Check it out 😏
Puppy dog adventures
Who else has the #12 on tiktok
Geovanni Gil
Geovanni Gil 11 days ago
dude number 11 wtf is under the chair
Forevadiamond 12 days ago
for number 11 , look under the little couch behind the man and you’ll see a light .. as the two chairs move the light moves away quickly . someone explain pls .😭😧
Holly & Whit
Holly & Whit 12 days ago
#1. Lev - I (eye) - a (uh) - than
Holly & Whit
Holly & Whit 12 days ago
#5. That is not a cougar maiting call AT ALL!! Go to Cougar Calls on RUvid and you can hear for yourself.
Blake Young
Blake Young 12 days ago
At 5:25 look under the couch closest to the man... and watch under the couch from there you will see eyes moving... Are people just gonna ignore that?
Montana Kline
Montana Kline 13 days ago
If u look under the couch on #11 u can c eyeballs
Miguel Contreras
Miguel Contreras 14 days ago
Madden 1
Madden 1 14 days ago
You need some protection here 🗡️🎳
Madden 1
Madden 1 14 days ago
Sorry get rid of the bowling pins
Abigail Holt
Abigail Holt 15 days ago
what was under the chouch in betterthenbedder it was glowing top 15
Noire 15 days ago
5:30 no one’s gonna address the pair of eyes under the chair???
Itz Jeral
Itz Jeral 15 days ago
6:02 what is that little orb under the sofa?
Princess Reesey
Princess Reesey 15 days ago
Chills:lets us hear the womans cries Chills after he said that:you might wanna turn down your volume to be on the safe side
Morgan Parratt
Morgan Parratt 16 days ago
Number 3 ive heard that cry from another top 15
Obunga Care
Obunga Care 16 days ago
On #11 are we not gonna talk about the thing under their couch?
eli-killer -killer333
Rip #12 his dad left again
eightmmfreak 16 days ago
its not the sharks fault that it looks this way poor thing
eightmmfreak 16 days ago
wow this video was awsame
Helen Atkinson
Helen Atkinson 17 days ago
Bro 3 isn't a witch real witches are normal people but know a lot of witchcraft and do rituals my sister's one I would know😒
Helen Atkinson
Helen Atkinson 17 days ago
On 11 it's eyes under the bed😯
TOXIC LOSER 17 days ago
Can you ask chills at the end of a video if he can say Nani for me
SubparClock 18 days ago
There where glowing eyes underneath the couch in number 11
Rainny Smith
Rainny Smith 18 days ago
MR. Meh
MR. Meh 18 days ago
Well it looks like I’m aaaliiiivve
Christian Jellerson
also 905 who else wants to slap chills just me ok
We breeds Kuyang here in Indonesia lol.
Aiden Phillips
Aiden Phillips 18 days ago
1# No Unless I Had The United States Police Force With Me
Doyen 18 days ago
Why does the head of this thing from number 13 look like Social Repose's new get up?
Connor McGinley
Connor McGinley 19 days ago
It's a cougar you can tell at the end very easily and during the middle of the mating call
The Real Sorokie
The Real Sorokie 19 days ago
Number 11! Even the cat under the couch is scared!! Look close!!!
Thomasine Grant
Thomasine Grant 19 days ago
There's a clown in the second story that's never mentioned. When something grabs guy and drags him back. Top right hand part of the screen.
Deadlypizzaman 19 days ago
11 under that chair or couch theirs eyes
Blossom Within
Blossom Within 19 days ago
The family home when guy goes to fridge and toys moves. there is (I think) a toy car with lights under sofa 🛋🤔
Derick Wiggins
Derick Wiggins 20 days ago
13 really come on
Julie Mace
Julie Mace 20 days ago
Julie Mace
Julie Mace 20 days ago
Ali Desch
Ali Desch 21 day ago
Damn... Jigsaw is narrating nature videos now. “Would you like to see a goblin shark?”
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