Top 15 Best PS4 Games for Kids | Child-friendly

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Ranking the top-rated family-friendly games for the PlayStation 4. These are the highest rated PS4 ESRB Everyone games currently available on the Sony Store. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below:
ABZÛ goo.gl/KTP4qS
DiRT Rally goo.gl/qpFBMX
FIFA 17 goo.gl/8AgLUx
MLB The Show 16 goo.gl/AJD8Ua
NBA 2K17 goo.gl/tJp1iV
Overcooked goo.gl/3MXwgQ
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 goo.gl/XUFG5R
Shovel Knight goo.gl/MDu3HU
Sonic Mania goo.gl/PPhmjG
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Comments 80
whatoplay Year ago
Top 10 BEST PS4 Games of all time: ruvid.net/video/video-M_vHtQqEYzs.html
soumya R
soumya R 4 days ago
Abbe chutiye
Leremy Gan
Leremy Gan 7 days ago
Wow.... look at all the thumb downs.
iamankit19 7 days ago
Any kid “move” games for PS4?
Beatnik Conspiracy
Beatnik Conspiracy 12 days ago
Your lists suck. My kid doesn't play sports games.
Just Martin
Just Martin 12 days ago
New Cartoon serious. "The mouse saves the house" ruvid.net/video/video-RYqRUTwB8qo.html
Logat Jawa
Logat Jawa 12 days ago
Wrong game dude... 🙄😒 - Crash bandicoot - Lego Marvel - Ratchet and clank - CTR - Sonic Forces - Naruto ninja storm 4 And More....
tato modrekiladze
tato modrekiladze 22 days ago
why this is games i know who game for kids Grand Theft Auto V
Max Fireson
Max Fireson Month ago
where is Spyro reignited trilogy ;-(
Eric Angutiqjuaq
For the 30yr old child.
Techz Gamingz
Techz Gamingz 2 months ago
You forgot *MORTAL KOMBAT 11*💩💩😘
shaɴeʟ -gacha life
No- Nobody- Heinz (Baby eat) - Here's Jonny!
billy bean
billy bean 2 months ago
Games for kids
The Swinging Turtle
The Swinging Turtle 3 months ago
I really recommend Hello Neighbour, my son played the first 2 weeks only on his own side of the house, too scared to go to the neighbour, then he find some videos about hello neighbour on youtube and started understand how to play it, now he do all levels in a few minutes 2 months later and he is 5 years. Important thing is to talk to them and make them understand what is real and not when they play games.
HolyCross9 3 months ago
Do these guys even know that several of these games utilize microtransactions and loot boxes?
RE fan
RE fan 2 months ago
@whatoplay I'm a dad and none of that should be on kids games what the F guys? this is part of why society is dying our kids are forced to accept gambling, violence, sex and alcohole when they are still too young to even comprehend such things I've noticed the whole gay agenda is literally thrown out to kids on every form of media now.
whatoplay 3 months ago
Yes. Please supervise your kids while they play video games.
Marks Abdon
Marks Abdon 3 months ago
The list isn't accurate and bulshit
Marks Abdon
Marks Abdon 3 months ago
And nobody said that kids can play other things like crash bandicoot or sonic forces or brawlhalla or rayman legends
Marks Abdon
Marks Abdon 3 months ago
Journey looks very boring why is it 1
Gamers Unite
Gamers Unite 3 months ago
Here’s my child friendly list: 1. Among the sleep (by the way these aren’t a list from worst to best) 2. The Walking Dead Season 1-4 3. Life Is Strange 1-2 4. All of the call of duty games above 3 5. Uncharted 1-Lost Legacy 6. Kindergarten 1-2 7. Watch Dogs 1-2 8. Grand Theft Auto 3-5 (the others aren’t great :/) 9. Assassins Creed 1-idk there’s hundreds of games in it 10. Farcry 1-The most recent one 11. Red Dead Redemption 1-2 (Including Undead Nightmare) 12. The Last Of Us 1-2 (Including Left Behind) 13. Dead Light I think it’s called 14. WWE, all of em 15. Five Nights At Freddy’s 1-7 (Including Help Wanted) Again. All child friendly 😊
Gamers Unite
Gamers Unite 3 months ago
MrInzombia Haha good use of emojis 😒
MrInzombia 3 months ago
Haha funny joke. 😒
Wilhem J. Lobo Guzmán
just what I was looking for
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 4 months ago
these are for kids ? Come on don't waste our time :(
Shrek is god
Shrek is god 4 months ago
Ugh my mom is sick of me going in the club(gta)
1EccentricMoFo 5 months ago
* 4:25 * ruvid.net/video/video-G_7ExwcBNNg.html 😂😂😂😂😂😂😆
Christopher Asuncion
i like nintendo switch
Daniel Montoya
Daniel Montoya 5 months ago
Thank you for the list. I'm really trying to rid myself from extremely violent video games. And it's not only that, I'll soon be having a child, and I don't want him to grow up with the same mindset as I did.
J I 5 months ago
U forgot fortnite coz is for child and adult
Daniel Beall
Daniel Beall 6 months ago
You obviously dont have children...is this vid a joke?
Looker ML
Looker ML 6 months ago
Where is Mortal Kombat 11?
Gry Dla Dzieci
Gry Dla Dzieci 7 months ago
SalmanTheDon 7 months ago
Is this a joke?!
Marián Hyčko
Marián Hyčko 7 months ago
Next idiot video.... How you can recommend Abzu or racing games for adults to kids??? Or sound shapes???? are you forking kidding??Kids want sandbox games, no difficult nonsenses. Or sports game??? LMAO stop making videos
Jace Lambert
Jace Lambert 8 months ago
I’m 17 and still love playing kids games. Well-written fun games that I used to play as a kid and it’s always good to feel the nostalgia.
J Z 8 months ago
Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer
1. Journey 2. Flower 3. Moss 4. Abzu
Athar Amine
Athar Amine 9 months ago
Ahmed ALshimary
Ahmed ALshimary 9 months ago
whers crash bandicoot
Robert Oliver
Robert Oliver 9 months ago
This should be called the top 15 games made for kids but they won't actually play more than a few times, get bored and go back to Minecraft or a lego game
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 9 months ago
Pfff wrong title. Most of this games arent for kids. Kids dont like playing sports and racing games. Waste of time in this video.
Gauthier Barre
Gauthier Barre 10 months ago
The Witness is way too hard for kids... Some of the puzzles really need serious brainstorming .
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones 10 months ago
Entitled gamers cant even let a list of kids games go past without getting there leet stank all over it. I hope you people never have children.
Toxic Gg0.1
Toxic Gg0.1 10 months ago
Where the Lego games at?
KrazyKristal 10 months ago
i knew journey was coming
Commonsquidtail 11 months ago
so surprised minecraft isn’t on here
Brenda Ndlovu
Brenda Ndlovu 11 months ago
I'm 8 and I play rdr2
Oste Kagen
Oste Kagen 11 months ago
Do you even have kids???
Aggy Aggy
Aggy Aggy Year ago
But now there is fifa19 and 2k19
Aggy Aggy
Aggy Aggy Year ago
Bro there is such thing a fifa 18 and 2k18
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Year ago
This list sucks for kids
Error 27
Error 27 Year ago
Wait.wait.wait. Where is crash bandicoot ?
Kelly Huffaker
Number 1: resident evil 7. Kids will love it
Clyde Skywalker
if this is the best ps4 kids game then i feel bad for kids nowadays, developer is busy making adult game they completly forgot about kids ..., i still have fun memory playing classic nintendo game, i doubth kids that born 2010s will feel the same way ....
khxxxa.k alm
khxxxa.k alm Year ago
Where is little big planet? Minecraft? Hello neighbor? TF
khxxxa.k alm
khxxxa.k alm Year ago
Rajan Year ago
I'll tell the games 1. Gtav 2 rdr2 3. FIFA 19 4. Watch dogs 1or2 5 Spiderman game ps4 6 road rash redemption 7. Out last 2 8.battle field 9.csgo 10. Justice league ps4
Dreadicitus 5 months ago
Ayo Aimee
Ayo Aimee 7 months ago
It’s a kids game list, gta V isn’t here for a reason.
Rajan Year ago
And many more games in 2019
gei boi 32
gei boi 32 Year ago
Where is big chungus
ferdy 07 PRO GAMER
Overcooked is for Ps4?
Leos FunHouse
Leos FunHouse Year ago
This is brilliant! Hahaha!
ozz10 Year ago
Does moss need a vr headset
Daptosto Pryce
Daptosto Pryce 10 months ago
Magnus Sampson
Amazing that there are virtually no video games for kids anymore. I have a 4 year old and the only thing I’ve found for him is Paw Patrol On A Roll
J Z 8 months ago
For a 4yr old? Get a Wii and a pile of games for pennies. Great catalogue of child-appropriate games and the tiny ones love it. Something like a PS4 (or equivalent) is wasted on children as young as 4 and the child suitable catalogue is far more limited than the good old Wii.
whatoplay Year ago
Hey Magnus, yeah *hardcore* games are more common especially on consoles these days. Anyway, here's our complete and updated list of the best family friendly games on the PS4. Hope you can find a game suitable for your kiddo here: whatoplay.com/ps4/best/family-friendly/
Chen Mau Lee
Chen Mau Lee Year ago
Elsa Samuel
Elsa Samuel Year ago
Wtf want to play sound shape?
Gh Sh
Gh Sh Year ago
i hate ps4 kids game there boring
Axcel RaVe
Axcel RaVe Year ago
..whatta list roflmao
Pewd Year ago
Minecraft ?
Pewd Year ago
Where is fortnite
Kiona Hood
Kiona Hood Year ago
Where in the hell is plants vs zombies
the derp sandwich
Minecraft is the second most selling game in the world sooo ya
Tom Allen
Tom Allen Year ago
what a joke this bloke is, so you telling us crash bandicoot is not in the top 15 kids games, you melt.
Final Boss
Final Boss Year ago
shit list man
Cherie Sullivan
Where is Paw Patrol? Many people are looking for games for their 5 - 9 yr olds! Not teens!! These are not kid friendly! I think many of you who make these lists forget what kid means when parents are looking for little kid games!!
Stubborn Taurus
The witness .....really broseph You dont have kids do you
Totalzee Year ago
Alysa Fajard
Alysa Fajard Year ago
no sims?
نوبيز 8 months ago
Alysa fajard, your face says it all..
gei boi 32
gei boi 32 Year ago
dad, what are my sims doing in the bush
Tompom321 Year ago
No joke fez was created by my teachers friend
tecee junderlock
Thank God for the comment section
Gunter Rungun
Gunter Rungun Year ago
This list is garbage.
Fireplant Year ago
I thought you meant kids games, not games that kids play.
TurtlSticks Year ago
Where is: Unravel LEGO incredibles LEGO marvel super hero’s LEGO marvel super hero’s 2 LEGO Star Wars the force awakens Little big planet 3 Lego jarrasic park Minecraft Minecraft story mode And you missed many, many more
Just Martin
Just Martin 12 days ago
New Cartoon serious. "The mouse saves the house" ruvid.net/video/video-RYqRUTwB8qo.html
Harry The king of YouTube 2
But they missed crash bandicoot
Harry The king of YouTube 2
motorsport enthusiast they put lbp3 in comment
Harry The king of YouTube 2
DrBiscuit 3 months ago
Terraria kinda
Next videos