Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year).

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You've heard about the iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra, LG Velvet, Huawei P40 Pro, OnePlus 8 / OnePlus 8 Pro, but which 2020 smartphones are the BEST so far? Here are my Top 13 smartphones for 2020!
Few phones that I am yet to test: Redmi K30 Pro / Poco F2 / LG velvet / Motorola Edge+ / Sony Xperia 1 2.
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May 2, 2020




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Comments 80
anon amuz
anon amuz 9 hours ago
Review is messed up to many this compares to that.
Rashid Hussain
Rashid Hussain 16 hours ago
you have a lot of phone can u donate me one i am using a way cheaper phone then u think...any phone😁
Dark Lottus
Dark Lottus 17 hours ago
And here i am, while my Moto G 1st gen broke one month ago, i am trying to buy here in Argentina a Lg K40 to like 226 dollars, i wanted to try to buy something like a Xiaomi Redmi note 8 in Amazon so we could get something better at a "lower" price, but then my country put like 10 taxes, and also blocked most of the products in Amazon (: you all guys that live in countries like USA, England, etcetera, you dont know how lucky you are for living in a "first world", i wanna cry :/ and i am talking seriously
Donte Dupree
Donte Dupree 22 hours ago
Great video!!!!
Donte Dupree
Donte Dupree 23 hours ago
The iPhone SE is trash 😠. I can't believe it's on anyone's list.
Nikolas Rykov
Nikolas Rykov 23 hours ago
Delaila Ak
Delaila Ak Day ago
Your dimples are very beautiful ;)
Mr Creeper
Mr Creeper Day ago
Pick the iphone 11 becaue... *699$*
Flognop Day ago
Every time I ask why people want iphones they just say that they would get made fun of if they had an android 🤷‍♂️ sad.
Sushim Shah
Sushim Shah Day ago
Where's the Xperia 5, it's supposed to be in the compact flagship category
Mohammed Kasara
13:00 Arun :"ugly notch" Me: *cries with the thick bezels on my tab*🤣🤣
Duskrider Day ago
great content, i have to say that your couler grading was inconsistent and that really bugged me, but great video overall
naomi lowe
naomi lowe Day ago
Inder Paudyel official
I would prefer NOKIA out of all these brands. NOKIA is most trustworthy brand... I have been using for 15 months and not even a single problem with the phone... I phone is best but there are several restrictions that makes the phone not a good choice. Samsung is another which is in choice. I will never say to CHINESE phones. They all are useless..
Oussama Bouyarmane
The alpha lineup are mirrorless cameras not dslr (A small correction if u say so)
Mohan Kaphlae
Mohan Kaphlae 2 days ago
How much money does google gaveu for their useless pixel mobiles
Jonathan Hadi
Jonathan Hadi 2 days ago
Sony's alpha "DSLR" camera lmao
Travis Walker
Travis Walker 2 days ago
This was an awesome video. Flowed like water, avoided fluff and hit the "maybes/what ifs" while staying on course. Sold
jean paul
jean paul 2 days ago
P40 No google not worth anything above 200.-
Saed Mhmd
Saed Mhmd 2 days ago
Tell about Samsung or iPhone ,others are cheaper including chinese phones and not having a brand value
Ugne Jur
Ugne Jur 2 days ago
but can we talk about the battery procentage here 3:56
Mikkyjo40 2 days ago
I like these phones
abdo fawzy
abdo fawzy 2 days ago
I pressed the like by mistake ! But i'm not going to remove it 😂😂
Ashton Watson
Ashton Watson 2 days ago
My favourate smartphone company is Samsung they make the key connonents for most phones + that are just amazing
Sammy Scoots
Sammy Scoots 2 days ago
Needed to see this earlier, just bought an XR
Demir Ciftci
Demir Ciftci 3 days ago
What would you recommend for under 400 dollars but a great camera
Demir Ciftci
Demir Ciftci 3 days ago
I saw a pixel 3 for $260 So if that changes it
Vitriol 3 days ago
did anyone see the s20 on 2 percent?
Awais king Khan
Awais king Khan 3 days ago
I have a very low cost phone . Do you want to send me iPhone 11pro?
Omar Cheikh
Omar Cheikh 3 days ago
How many cost all this phones hhhhhhhhhhh
Simon Adebisi
Simon Adebisi 3 days ago
Sony > Samsung = undeniable
muhammad musa
muhammad musa 3 days ago
Shakira Shakira
Shakira Shakira 3 days ago
I absolutely adore your voice
AndrewTZ 3 days ago
What should i buy? Red magic 5G or Iphone SE
vladímir con pelo
Red magic 5G
the Patriot
the Patriot 3 days ago
what is this company oppo ? it's Chinese company ?
vladímir con pelo
Best of TikTok
Best of TikTok 4 days ago
cheeze whiz
cheeze whiz 4 days ago
So...no LG?
Raghav Mahajan
Raghav Mahajan 4 days ago
Oneplus really pays him well
Collins Kisakye
Collins Kisakye 4 days ago
Whish you offered me one of your old phones....
Jackson Post
Jackson Post 4 days ago
iPhone gang ware you at
exiled møe
exiled møe 4 days ago
his voice is soooo annoying but so soothing at same time idkkkk
Garoo Oging
Garoo Oging 4 days ago
How about RED MAGIC 5G?
deputy-mola 4 days ago
I'd rather buy a $1000 laptop than buy a $1000 phone. Such a waste of money to spend that much on such a small device with limited features.
This video made me realize I don't know what kind of phone I want 🤦🏽‍♂️
Nilohith Manikanth
Watched this video after buying a One Plus 8, proud I saved 40k 🤣
EL JOHN 5 days ago
So basically the 18 best smartphones?
mcrock 5 days ago
I spend a lot of time in nature and need a great phone for navigation purposes. So, when I'm deep in the woods with my mountain bike I need a great phone. What are your recommendations?
Cristiano Marshmello
And i am just sitting watching in my jio phone
Sameer Venjara
Sameer Venjara 5 days ago
pixel 3a pretty decent screen? Can you send me yours ? Yours is probably a cherry version pick from google. I exchanged mine 5 times or more due too how poor the screen uniformity is.
Disthron 5 days ago
Ok this whole video reminds me of this. ruvid.net/video/video-cISYzA36-ZY.html
Disthron 5 days ago
*Made out of Plastic* I mean, when I was traveling a few years back it was super convenient to be able to just open up my cheep phone and swap out the battery. It was so much more convenient than carrying around a battery bank.
Bd Gamer
Bd Gamer 5 days ago
showed the worst phone in the beginning lolll
Shayan Mohammad
Shayan Mohammad 5 days ago
The best smartphone analysis video I've ever seen.
Pro Boi2
Pro Boi2 5 days ago
Honorable Mentions 1. iPhone SE 0:15 2. Google Pixel 3a 0:52 3. Google Pixel 4 1:33 4. Oppo Find X2 Pro 2:22 5. Oppo Reno 3 Pro 3:01 Best Smartphones Compact Flagships 1. Galaxy S20 5G 3:43 2. Iphone 11 Pro 4:18 3. Galaxy S10e 4:41 Gaming Phones 1. Nubia Red Magic 5G 5:09 2. Black Shark 3 Pro 5:30 Photography 1. Huawei P40 Pro 7:11 Best Battery Life 1. Iphone 11 Pro Max 7:43 2. Galaxy S20 Ultra 7:43 Best Affordable iPhone iPhone 11 9:02 Best Budget Phones 1. Realme 6 9:13 2. Poco X2 9:55 Best All-Rounder Phones 1. iPhone 11 Pro Max 2. Galaxy S20 Ultra 3. Galaxy S20+ 10:26 4. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 10:54 5. OnePlus 8 Pro 11:37 Upcoming Phones That are Worth Checking out 12:25 The Value Champion OnePlus 8 13:18
Mason Pugh
Mason Pugh 5 days ago
I think for the money the LG V60 is extremely competitive to the S20+. Great specs, awesome camera, great price, 5G. Not a lot missing at all from it! Very surprised it wasn’t on the list.
Louisville 5 days ago
Love my OnePlus 8 left Pixel 4xl for it 👍🏾👍🏾
RJ Clark
RJ Clark 6 days ago
LG V60 ThinQ laughs at this video.
Mathew Celestine
Mathew Celestine 6 days ago
Could you please send me one of those phones? 😕
Mike 57
Mike 57 6 days ago
Man you must have some big beef against lg by including the v60 at all i have seen other vids and there is no mentioning of lg as if it dosent even exist.
Gal Zohar
Gal Zohar 6 days ago
What about best google-friendly camera phone? For 130$ less, wouldn't the Oneplus 7T be better value than the 8?
Emanon 6 days ago
oneplus 7t pro best in 2020 also
Gr3y YT
Gr3y YT 6 days ago
And here I still am with the first blackshark
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 6 days ago
I just need something like my S9, expandable storage, decent battery life, solid camera, good quality, and a headphone jack. And Preferably no floating selfie camera or notch
berehost 97
berehost 97 6 days ago
The samsung m31 is a really good battery life and perfomance like the battery last one day but if you like playing it 12 hours and it's not that expensive
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 6 days ago
We are saying a big NO to chinese phones! Include a category of non chinese phones as well
kneeharr 6 days ago
Hey Arun, whats the phone with the rainbow edge at 0:06? (4th from left, first row)
Arun Chand
Arun Chand 6 days ago
About buying iphone xs in 2020???
Flavored Fruit
Flavored Fruit 6 days ago
those the one plus 8 support 4g and if i unlock would it work in cricket ?
Greg Peg
Greg Peg 6 days ago
HI which is the most powerful cell phone to power my 4 Bluetooth speakers.. m30s
Muhammad Fahrinn
Muhammad Fahrinn 7 days ago
Nice voice
Equilibrium Gatekeeper
7:40 is the moment you really understand where apple is buying hype from. These so called youtube tech influencers/know it all soy boys. Apples battery life is epically BAD!
Equilibrium Gatekeeper
No mobile phone is worth more then 500 dollars max! #FACT
Equilibrium Gatekeeper
The moment he started about the iPhone SE i was like meeeehhh another soyboy who wants us to jump on the crappy apple hype train
I'm a carrot
I'm a carrot 7 days ago
What do you like more iPhone or Android I like Android i have a s10 plus and galaxy buds and galaxy watch
Dareil Dely
Dareil Dely 7 days ago
Hi Aron . I'm a fun of your vlogz. And I subscribe to your RUvid. Can I have favor? Can you send me my 1st phone. I mean on of your phones.
mr goblin
mr goblin 7 days ago
I just buy mi9t.It feels great!
Digvijay Singh Gahlot
S20 2% battery
Qwert Sen
Qwert Sen 7 days ago
Best comparison kk
jeff damicog
jeff damicog 7 days ago
great vid. i hope you also do best rugged phone. i always disregard every feature and only focus on ruggedness when i consider a phone
Lisa Kate
Lisa Kate 7 days ago
Guy I just got my 11 pro max 256gb low price from SCOTTDELLER on telegram and I just Been delivered to me just now guy make your deal with him it dem real
Parantap Mahapatra
do a review of iqoo3
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