TOP 100 Songs of 2019 (Best Hit Music Playlist) on Spotify

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TOP 100 Songs of 2019 (Best Hit Music Playlist) on Spotify
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Comments 80
Shu Liu
Shu Liu 15 hours ago
Is my life a lie?
Karin Deer
Karin Deer Day ago
This is perfect for working from home.
fejzi xhelili
Ed sheeran + adams levrin it's thd best voice
Ryan Hester
Ryan Hester Day ago
bc i'm rlly good at music i'm a pro
Ryan Hester
Ryan Hester Day ago
did u actually make dis or copy it xd
M Okuma
M Okuma 3 days ago
I love it
Rabby Rhoman
Rabby Rhoman 4 days ago
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The Jump Navigator
omg .. only lovesongs heartbreak and so.. where is the flow? really good music with melody? only voices!!!
daenerys 4 days ago
great list. but mostly covers..
Anders Almgren
Anders Almgren 4 days ago
Anders Almgren
Anders Almgren 4 days ago
Bruh Momentos
Bruh Momentos 5 days ago
KrysllerGaming 5 days ago
1:16 :36 All Of You
juan Rivera
juan Rivera 5 days ago
codman 5 days ago
this is the best music every you are the best
Catherine Cadman
Catherine Cadman 6 days ago
wow nice how do u sing like that
Lou Will
Lou Will 6 days ago
I hate your videos git and you can’t get me because I have a gun
Ári Jacobsen
Ári Jacobsen 6 days ago
Listen to Howling by Lupuc Nocte
Malwina Rogalska
Malwina Rogalska 7 days ago
did you know in the middle of you are the reason there is the song dancing on my own
🔥 Is this listentnig in 2020 This performance is Wonderful 1:52 💘💕💗 👇 👇 👇 👇💓
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march 2020 This performance is Wonderful 1:22 💚💛💛 👇 👇 👇💜
Huda Alshams
Huda Alshams 8 days ago
Kyna Ang
Kyna Ang 9 days ago
great soundtrack it has got to be one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard
Heaven on earth
Heaven on earth 10 days ago
Heaven on earth
Heaven on earth 10 days ago
Hi all, I'm recommending this singer. She's really good. Her voice is so relaxing. Xxx
AirsickCashew 10 days ago
Is this all covers from a homosexual?
Gran Duque Xellos
Gran Duque Xellos 12 days ago
This is like an Ed Sheeran list XD
Maya Povey
Maya Povey 12 days ago
I get bullied at school and when I was five in kindergarten I found out that music 🎵 helps me get through it a lot because I started getting bullied at kindergarten I know it sounds weird these are the ones that helps me the most
Caitlyn Maybush
Caitlyn Maybush 18 hours ago
Music is therapy in many ways all throughout life. Stay strong and life will get easier and people will learn to appreciate everything you have to offer!
Rittyporn Itipiso
I agree with you
MOHAB ALY 12 days ago
Okidoki Oyunaaa
Okidoki Oyunaaa 12 days ago
I like your songs
Jaden Fok
Jaden Fok 12 days ago
Your music is good
Matthew Belock
Matthew Belock 12 days ago
3:27 dats me lol
Girly Bubbles
Girly Bubbles 2 days ago
Angel sari 2020yay
Angel sari 2020yay 13 days ago
D Monsta
D Monsta 13 days ago
Yen Zong 87
Yen Zong 87 14 days ago
Narutosasuke Smiles
No rap songs?
chunhua lee
chunhua lee 14 days ago
lannder rana
lannder rana 14 days ago
With twist bass
Trung Luu
Trung Luu 14 days ago
hay quá
Thor 15 days ago
Seriously singer 😄
jim carroll
jim carroll 15 days ago
There's a lot of want a bee's here. There are also some very good singers, just some. During my life I realized one thing that the whole music industry is nothing more than luck. There are thousands out there who have excellent bands , songs and singers and are extremely very good at what they do but were never given the opportunity and also many times its a who you know industry. There is so much bad music out there today with horrible singers but they get albums made somehow. You realize they are the who you know crowd. The 60's, 70's and 80's were where you will find the best bands. Nothing phony until the eighties where some of the best music I heard before came from and some of the worst music I ever heard came from. It was a 50/50 decade. After that till today there's not much worth listening to , but giving credit there are some good bands that come out every year or two. Just some.
Gio Eeadze
Gio Eeadze 15 days ago
Gj so cool
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Kae fell
Kae fell 18 days ago
Very good I listen to this when doing h.w
saquir10 bashir10
me too
Stephanie Dominguez
Yeah. Listening to this while cleaning up the whole house and fix stuff and while bath. Even with kids to sleep.
M Okuma
M Okuma 3 days ago
Yeah just make a drawing exsampel salor moon the cat Luna
ken 164
ken 164 18 days ago
Hayden Haslip
Hayden Haslip 19 days ago
you forgot persona 5 royal music
Charli Yewchyn
Charli Yewchyn 20 days ago
Thank you for creating a "just-chillin'-here" mode playlist! More to come!
M Okuma
M Okuma 3 days ago
Yeah duud im just making a picture 😉😙
codman 5 days ago
@Ryder Lemmon yes
Ryder Lemmon
Ryder Lemmon 7 days ago
Kick the Dude
Kick the Dude 20 days ago
Is it just me or do the singers sound fake
Lyntta Tucker
Lyntta Tucker 20 days ago
I love it
Abhay Tanwar
Abhay Tanwar 21 day ago
Happy holi 2020
Kendy Original
Kendy Original 21 day ago
the spotify is crazy if they don't invite you to do advertise for them you do very good
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez 21 day ago
Daddy -niko
Genesis Soriano
Genesis Soriano 22 days ago
Fuck you all
ZEXIN LIN 23 days ago
Can I get your verson of you are the reason which mix with dancing on my own ?
Joseph Milo
Joseph Milo 23 days ago
Awesome hits
Hama Hama
Hama Hama 24 days ago
포근 24 days ago
ok구글로 유튜브 켜달라고했더니 왜 이영상이나오냐?
Johnny Guerrero
Johnny Guerrero 25 days ago
This song are lame🤢🤮
Emma Jones
Emma Jones 25 days ago
I love your lovely music the best RUvid ever
로블록스 게임세상
목소리 진짜 좋다...ㄷㄷ 굿~~un rbt!! skdlcm alxb
멍뭉이 16 days ago
Annika Freichel
Annika Freichel 26 days ago
Jeremy Eurescial
Jeremy Eurescial 26 days ago
It's so nice I love it 😍❤️❤️❤️
NSC Prod
NSC Prod 26 days ago
CHECK HERE YOU WONT REGRET ruvid.net/video/video-YqGfY9mfRl8.html
Little Stitch
Little Stitch 26 days ago
I love it!!!!!!! :p
DRAHCiR ! 27 days ago
Hellow guys please help me ineed more subcribers . Please help me.
KOBI 27 days ago
최정훈 27 days ago
Dragan B
Dragan B 28 days ago
Stream Players FR
Stream Players FR 29 days ago
listen everyday you shold to
HALLOW HALLLOW 29 days ago
Sfekke 29 days ago
This comment is for everyone who says music from the past was better.. after hearing this playlist you agree modern music is pretty cool to no? =)
yongjun liu
yongjun liu 29 days ago
this is our world,music world,so beautiful.
Vladimir Uvarov
Vladimir Uvarov 29 days ago
This songs are juju
Emma Baikie
Emma Baikie Month ago
Love the sound quality! SPOTIFY WASEN'T WORKING
Vlad Tsay
Vlad Tsay Month ago
Time code please
Zétény Éberlein
Great soundtrack thx bro
Dragon BRO
Dragon BRO Month ago
Lucas De La Fuente
open.spotify.com/user/lucas_dlfo/playlist/62kKQsrq9hqkpJIhQNqIrv?si=0wA17gFPR2yf5EinZMRcXQ Lista reggaetón
R.I.P le respect
You are the reason.
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