Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Players

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Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Players ft. Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!
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Jul 17, 2018




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Comments 80
André Carlos
Um top 100, sem o gol de ibra pelo Ajax, não tá completo...
can ulker
can ulker Day ago
Where is 88 Van Basten's goal?
Alessandro Nico
Alessandro Nico 5 days ago
Great video ! Brought back some old good memeries :') Del Piero
Guillermo Cervantes
25:06 awesome Hugo Sanchez !!!
Waliaveli The Don
How in the hell did you miss the back heel goal scored by Rabeh Majer in the UCL final ? And also Majid Bougerra's goal with glasco rangers
FunkyDream91 6 days ago
Legendary Rogerio Ceni ? seriously ?
Leandro Melo
Leandro Melo 9 days ago
What about Ronaodinho's goals vs Real Madrid ???
Farhan Alshamari
Farhan Alshamari 10 days ago
Great video 👏🏼 I wish to see Djalminha’s Goal against Celta Vigo in the list.
Daniel Cioranu
Daniel Cioranu 10 days ago
Thx this is amazing!!👍
Raphael Carbone
Raphael Carbone 12 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-U1DqHPTeTLE.html ruvid.net/video/video-g-9xjaJAaks.html ruvid.net/video/video-w16l2i7yojo.html ruvid.net/video/video-1sEk61PRlFs.html
Pušpo Kámen
Pušpo Kámen 13 days ago
wooow. god is an astronaut in football video..
playmore media
playmore media 15 days ago
Franzua Mascioty
Franzua Mascioty 15 days ago
tmr como extraño el futbollll!!!!!!!!! =(=(=(=((=
sami abdallah
sami abdallah 16 days ago
Ljubica Reljic
Ljubica Reljic 16 days ago
Great video you did your best, every player is there.
Hivanberg 16 days ago
no aguero? sad face
Slinky 16 days ago
No James mcfadden.goal against france? What the heck.
Giovanni Delia
Giovanni Delia 17 days ago
Mlistar Sk
Mlistar Sk 18 days ago
Kto pozerá zo 7.A daj like
BUNDA TOKO 18 days ago
Why does Hernan Crespo not exist? I miss Hernan Crespo
Andres Rap Solo
Andres Rap Solo 19 days ago
I do not see goals of Valencia CF (Villa, Silva, Mendieta, Claudio López). 2 goals are in top 50 Champions League history.
GokTurkBey 19 days ago
Where's hagi Monaco goal
yung burhunt
yung burhunt 20 days ago
This video resolution make more satisfying to watch 🔥🔥
jeff void
jeff void 20 days ago
video made by a Cristiano Ronaldo hater
Sports Every Day
Sports Every Day 20 days ago
10:32 - This is a real JUGGLER.
Rahise Ameen
Rahise Ameen 21 day ago
lazo lazkopat 61
lazo lazkopat 61 21 day ago
Wunderbares viedeo mit diesem Titel findet man richtig schwachsinnige viedeos wie nur deutsche Fußballer gezeigt werden aber dieses Video ist top gelungen super danke
KARIS 21 day ago
9:20 it was not 1996
fjcnunes 22 days ago
What about Wayne Rooney?
fjcnunes 22 days ago
What about Wayne Rooney?
Bicio Dodo
Bicio Dodo 22 days ago
manca questo ruvid.net/video/video-pJLjvS8dKfk.html
YAHYA AKBEL 22 days ago
batıstuta never plays in manu he scored goal for fiorentina 20:27
su nannan
su nannan 22 days ago
راشد افغانی
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Mullen 23 days ago
Larsson v rangers is tremendous. Inzaghi is class. So many great goals. Dicanio goal is pretty special.
ali parvizi
ali parvizi 23 days ago
Zizou but c'est tros beau dans l'quiepe de real madrid, merci beaucoup
Roberto Rizzo
Roberto Rizzo 23 days ago
You certainly know nothing about football so I won't say that you're a complete jerk to omit legendary goals scored by Juventus players like Del Piero, Trezeguet, Nedved, Camoranesi and more just because you hate the club.
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Mullen 23 days ago
Yeah and Chris Sutton v Juve
Ba nia
Ba nia 25 days ago
Felipe Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez 25 days ago
CBD Eazy
CBD Eazy 25 days ago
zidane x italy ?
Ethione ኢትዮ፩
22:44 perfection exist!!
Darek Komar
Darek Komar 26 days ago
They used to play and today they are lumbering ...
Olivier Fichepoil
Olivier Fichepoil 26 days ago
NO Goal of Jean Pierre PAPIN ? "Ballon d'Or 1991"
Felix Guerra
Felix Guerra 27 days ago
25:06 🇲🇽 25:31 🇲🇽
anton rooney91
anton rooney91 28 days ago
22:43 4:46 Are the best goal ever in this video Thx me letter 😎
Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon 28 days ago
Great goal footage. Loved it.
Phill Smith
Phill Smith Month ago
I think your missing some Gazza, most notably his goal against Scotland in Euro 96, also John Barnes, probably his solo goal for England against Brazil in the Maracanã '84.
zwouip Month ago
I expected to see Van Persie's header against Spain here.. Still a good video
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Month ago
No me gustó el video. Es un "Top", pero los goles no están enumerados ni organizados desde lo sencillo a lo imponente. Indiscutiblemente en cualquier "top" de goles, debería estar al final como el numero 1 el "gol del siglo", de Diego Armando Maradona
Vinicius Eduardo
What the goal of Makelele Vs Tottenham?
Pablo Orsini
Pablo Orsini Month ago
9:37 How can you put this fucking goal into the 100 best goals of the history... It was a fucking disgrace!!!!
EL Kepučo
EL Kepučo Month ago
Nordic God
Nordic God Month ago
first goal is by forlan.. apparently he is legendary...!???
Pie Month ago
15 minuts until first argentinian? Really?
Super_Buick Month ago
23:25 chupa Corinthians hahahaha
Долго ждал Кумана, думал забыли. Но забыли Биланова на ЧМ МЕХИКО 1986. Забыли Литовченко.
Muhamad cool
Muhamad cool Month ago
Omg rooney
Muhamad cool
Muhamad cool Month ago
What suker
KS Performance
KS Performance Month ago
Some crazy goals!
ninja demon
ninja demon Month ago
15:28 there is no better solo goal than this
ninja demon
ninja demon Month ago
BRO how u find that old clips like puskas one its scored in 1953 and u still find it. Incredible
ninja demon
ninja demon Month ago
i can bet in million dollars that if George Best was alive he would be Man U coach
ninja demon
ninja demon Month ago
I can bet in a million dollars that if George Best is alive
nccamsc Month ago
Berbatov’s second against Liverpool the day he had a hat trick should be included
Olinna 4
Olinna 4 Month ago
Olinna 4
Olinna 4 Month ago
Olinna 4
Olinna 4 Month ago
Olinna 4
Olinna 4 Month ago
Olinna 4
Olinna 4 Month ago
Vatsal Vora
Vatsal Vora Month ago
Hi @Notelicioux You missed Cristiano Ronaldo vs Porto Messi vs Bayern Munich - Chipped over Neuer Zinedine Zidane vs Bayer Laverkusen James Rodriguez vs Uruguay - World Cup 2014 and many more... please add those too...
Marcos Altamirano
F B Month ago
im italian but berckamp was magic
Mary Obiol
Mary Obiol Month ago
En mi opinión... Me faltan muchos, pero sobretodo el de gaizka mendieta al barsa en el camp nou, saque de esquina a la media luna y sin q cayese el balón la metió por toda la escuadra. Sergi q en aquel momento estaba bajo palos a día de hoy la esta buscando. Golazo para recordar toda la vida.
Lasse Bendixen
Lasse Bendixen Month ago
That/those 1/2 seasons Torres had in Liverpool...he was so good I cry a little bit inside everytime I think about it
TndX Month ago
That was just "Top goals from long distance"
Nice guy Eddie
Nice guy Eddie Month ago
Video is really hot, but special thanks for putting owen goal against argentina
Grzegorz Kieliszczyk
Garrincha 1996? Really?
Movie Trailer Center
where do you get the video from to create videos on your channel do you have any source of links
Eduars Carre
Eduars Carre Month ago
soffap Month ago
Where's John Barnes? Some players featured more than once
el obo el yeyo
el obo el yeyo Month ago
mino conti
mino conti Month ago
I gol al volo di Totti alla Samp sul cross di Cassetti e quello nel derby alla Lazio del 5 a 1
Wang Pan
Wang Pan Month ago
that bergkamp goal is my top 10, so elegant
the oddfather
the oddfather Month ago
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