Top 100 Catches in NFL History!

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Check out the top 100 catches in NFL history!
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Comments 80
CyberAndrew Day ago
Freeman’s catch > Odell’s catch in my opinion. And get Micah Hyde’s interception against Minnesota should have been included SOMEWHERE on this list
"The catch" is so overated
Irene Eide
Irene Eide 2 days ago
92 and 91 should be higher
Timothy Kenyon
Timothy Kenyon 2 days ago
#1 should have been #10 or further back, same with the steelers catch
Barry Block
Barry Block 2 days ago
Jerry Rice could have a 100 catches countdown by himself.. 🐐
Irene Eide
Irene Eide 3 days ago
“The catch” is overrated, he just leapt up and caught an easy catch
Irene Eide
Irene Eide 2 days ago
BJ GAMING I probably could
BJ GAMING 2 days ago
U couldn't do it
David Byron
David Byron 3 days ago
This is how many times the announcer said what a catch I I I
Joseph Mackey
Joseph Mackey 3 days ago
julio is da goat
Cooper Gieseke
Cooper Gieseke 3 days ago
Minneapolis miracle
Blase 5 days ago
this video has the wrong title
Blase 5 days ago
i dont get how the catch at 2 is better that 3, 4, or 5
Brighton Morrow
Brighton Morrow 5 days ago
How is that number 2 and 1
Lil Nerf
Lil Nerf 7 days ago
Gronk needs to be top 20 at least...
Little Lane
Little Lane 8 days ago
14:59 Thats The Most Spectacular Game in Football All Super Bowls Enter The Chat: NOPE
PlayerIdentity 9 days ago
I already know "The Catch" is here
TheNext Tfue
TheNext Tfue 9 days ago
Randy moss 1st touchdown career catch?
Joseph Hebert
Joseph Hebert 11 days ago
I agree with your Top 3, but to have only one Chris Carter catch is ludicrous.
🔥🔥 *whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️* 0:31 💗🧡 👇👇💗
AV Myranix
AV Myranix 13 days ago
are you kidding me, WHY ISNT ODELLS FIRST
Hey that's Awesome
Hey that's Awesome 14 days ago
Rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee Randy Mosses "moss" catch isn't here but Dwight Clarks stupid "tHe CatH" is rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee
John Asterlow
John Asterlow 18 days ago
Theres a lot to unpack here. 1. The Giants are here in legit, every 10 2. How is Odell and Edlemen not number 1 and 2? 3. The Catch really wasnt that impressive
Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson 18 days ago
The catch by the 49ers should be number 1
Shawn Rohrer
Shawn Rohrer 18 days ago
Odel's catch against Dallas is number 1.
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson 19 days ago
0:44 So we’re going to ignore the fact that Randy Moss just snagged the ball over 3 people?
rhino spams rt
rhino spams rt 7 days ago
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson 7 days ago
rhino spams rt whatever the number it didn’t even look like has was trying he was like hold on a second imma just snag this over 2 people that is crazy
rhino spams rt
rhino spams rt 9 days ago
Chance H
Chance H 23 days ago
Odel:lets go im the king Me:nice sticky gloves
MrOuchiez 24 days ago
18:54 - Owens' play only happened because of the BOTCHED non-fumble call on Jerry Rice. Link to the BS play: ruvid.net/video/video-GRmwV9OnFbc.html
MrOuchiez 24 days ago
I'm watching and currently at #51, and if the "He Did WHAT?!?" MNF catch (Favre to Freeman) isn't in the top 5 I will be *highly* disappointed.
Super_ Guam
Super_ Guam 24 days ago
#2 lame af, just a regular catch
Shea Patel
Shea Patel 24 days ago
bruh how many times have people just jumped and caught the ball wait they were all black racists
William Tompkins
William Tompkins 24 days ago
james is also gay
Ivan Gomez
Ivan Gomez 27 days ago
Dislikes are the defenders that got mossed
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ 28 days ago
Cole Beasley?
Trevan Diven
Trevan Diven 28 days ago
The OBJ is worse than a reflection catch?!?! No this this bs
tsg bold633
tsg bold633 Month ago
15:53 my favorite packer moment as a packer fan
Gage Whitley
Gage Whitley Month ago
J.Rice is the best receiver in the NFL
Jack Campo
Jack Campo Month ago
You should’ve put the players name next to each one
Cheke Month ago
Where is the 3 fingers cath of odell huh?
Sheldon Montgomery
Jerry rice shouldn't be on this stick em is cheating
Conor the Gamer
Conor the Gamer Month ago
2:28 that dude with the hat running away from him terrified has me dying
Hal Anderson
Hal Anderson Month ago
#85 - I WAS THERE!!
Hal Anderson
Hal Anderson Month ago
how is that #95????
Noneya Bix
Noneya Bix Month ago
megatron vs 3 cowboys for a td ?????
Cool Bros#2623
Cool Bros#2623 Month ago
16:52 when he spikes it it hit the pats player😂😂😂
Dalton Turley
Dalton Turley Month ago
who else was like "the dolphins are on this list?!" 1:21
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro Month ago
NFL Throwback Biased ass list.. always disrespect Dez.. he had a few catches better then a lot of these 🤷🏻‍♂️
Scott Maciejewski
Catch #85, WAS NOT A FU@KIN TOUCHDOWN, although was a catch, as you can obviously see in mid air catches and comes down, ONE FOOT IN, and apparently red was blind and cost us the playoffs! #curse of the purple and gold #bullshit
John Falcon
John Falcon Month ago
Great video. Should have included at least one of the Ricky Sanders TD's from Super Bowl XXII.
Cornelius Fisher
Where is Randall cob. Hail Mary catch from Rodgers and Holmes catch is wayy better than Clark catch I know it's iconic but the catch itself wasn't special
IB Egnatuk
IB Egnatuk Month ago
Do best interceptions
Ohr Shmuel
Ohr Shmuel Month ago
Where’s Brent Grimes one handed int?
Dan Koning
Dan Koning Month ago
I'm surprised that there wasn't a better selection or possibly 3-4 instead of 2 of Calvin Johnson's or *Megatron's* catches.
Chicken Cutlet
Chicken Cutlet Month ago
12:00 He was out
SquidParty Month ago
Only one bears catch on here. One. I’m not surprised at all. We don’t do spectacular catches in Chicago for some reason.
loveright6_7_19 IDK
Odell Beckham was just unbelievable... I think it should've gotten 1st tbh if not 2nd
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Tp Chris tucker
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Its my life
Its my life Month ago
Yeah it wad terible obviously
mac sown
mac sown Month ago
Lol at #11 revis was talking smack all year end up tearing his acl on this play😂😂
Marcelo 5220
Marcelo 5220 Month ago
a lucky play is number 1 smh
Airslush614 K
Airslush614 K Month ago
At 1:41 , number 89 should be wayyyyyy higher
The AViator
The AViator 2 months ago
Lol love how the opponents try to motion to the ref "not clean" when it was clearly an amazing catch XD
Xander Roberts
Xander Roberts 2 months ago
68 should be higher
HotDankbear 239
HotDankbear 239 2 months ago
Odell got robbed, I don’t even like him that much as a receiver I think he’s over rated... but I defiantly think he deserves the best catch ever. His catch was no luck just pure focus and skill.
jersey kickers
jersey kickers 2 months ago
if I want to promote my website for your next video can you do that i am selling jersey
Jeffrey Holmes
Jeffrey Holmes 2 months ago
Odell would be proud.
Jacob Fiala
Jacob Fiala 2 months ago
Dez Bryant wasn’t on he once. Bullshit.
Warrior_ Tyson
Warrior_ Tyson 2 months ago
This is fucking bullshit odells catch is number 5?????????? Whatttttttttttt theeeeeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkkkk?????
Ohr Shmuel
Ohr Shmuel 2 months ago
Dez woulda been here if it wasn’t for the trash refs
Vincent Cao
Vincent Cao 2 months ago
So we just not gonna talk about the celebration spike at 16:50
Cracka Jack
Cracka Jack 2 months ago
2:34 that guy is really inthusiastic
zanethebigpain 2 months ago
Wheres nick Foles catch
lance moore
lance moore 2 months ago
The juju smith schuster #75 is truly amazing
Nick Ep
Nick Ep 2 months ago
Me watching every single one of these clips just wow
Max Wilcox
Max Wilcox 2 months ago
Shut up you guys
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