Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles

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Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles
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Everyone loves a new gaming machine with exciting games and upgraded visuals and controls. However, not every console released has been an improvement for one reason or another... Join WatchMojo for a list of console fails.
Featured on this video:
#10. Magnavox Odyssey (Magnavox)
#9. Gizmondo (Tiger Telematics)
#8. LaserActive (Pioneer)
#7. Pippin (Apple/Bandai)
#6. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Panasonic)
#5. Atari Jaguar (Atari)
#4. 32X and Sega CD (Sega)
#3. ?
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Sep 21, 2013




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Comments 80
Richmountain112 4 days ago
Glad the Wii U wasn't on this list... The PS4 is the worst 8th-gen console ad deserves to be on this list, too.
Tesa Junardo
Tesa Junardo 4 days ago
If you think the first video game in history is bad, your first console must be ps3
Goodboy02 Network
How could you call the 1972(not ‘75) Magnavox Odyssey a failure? It was only the first home gaming console.
GYF 11 days ago
where is xbox ?
GYF 5 days ago
It was b8 haha
SadsAn Assen
SadsAn Assen 5 days ago
Xbox is good ps is good
Rogue 850
Rogue 850 7 days ago
Nurathirah Ruslan
Nurathirah Ruslan 11 days ago
MultiGaming G936
MultiGaming G936 11 days ago
And Thank God I Kepts My PS1 For Years Instead Of Buying These Consoles
Isaac roman
Isaac roman 12 days ago
I know some one who bought the n. Gage nokia
Ash Archer
Ash Archer 18 days ago
Maganvox shouldn’t be on here. It’s from 72, one of the first consoles, it was revolutionary and an artefact of its time only by today’s standard
Mario Alexanderski
Mario Alexanderski 19 days ago
I don't think Magnavox Odyssey should be here. I know, overlay sheets, monochrome sprites, but keep in mind that it was made in 1972, which the technology back then was more primitive than even the Atari 2600, and that it was the first ever video game console. Please show some respect to the Odyssey.
Tristan 19 days ago
0:08 is that a desk?
Arkdov 20 days ago
The Magnavox Odyssey was in 1972 NOT 1975.
Ryo Linawa
Ryo Linawa 20 days ago
Is this about a bad console or high price on a console
Walter Shawny Robey
Do you like knuckles chaotix and sonic cd
Walter Shawny Robey
As in Bandi Namico
Walter Shawny Robey
Ian Samuels
Ian Samuels 23 days ago
3DO doesn't belong on this list it was great and had some great games, admittedly it was expensive but it was the first system to work on CD before the Playstation. If you had one as a kid you were the envy of every other kid in school, your parents were also rich. I didn't have one. Philips CDi was similar, it did have good games on it but was expensive.
James Groccia
James Groccia Month ago
The Magnavox Odyssey came out in 1972 and was completely analog. There wouldn’t be videogame consoles without it. Also, there was no internet in 1991. Or if there was, I didn’t know about it.
3do? odysessy? Sega cd? Okay let me go through each one by one to say why I highly highly disagree with those 3 entries. Magnavox Odyessy: Magnavox Odysessy was the first game console ever released, and at the time it had nothing else to compare itself too. It was very impressive at the time of its release, and if it wasn't created video gaming may not be the same today. Yes by today's standards the Odyessy is outdated, but we have to keep in mind it is one of the most important pieces of gaming history. 3DO: Lots of people seem to think the 3do is a bad console, even though most of them haven't had much experience with it. Now everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I believe the 3do is quite underrated. The hardware was extremely impressive at the time, and could render graphics that were unheard on other consoles at the time. Just look at starfighter as a perfect example of it. It had full 3d enviroments with textures. Watchmojo doesn't know what they're talking about when they say that "all in game action was based on time prompts". That is false. I own a 3do, and not a single one of my game's is based off of time prompts. Not all of the 3do games were fmv, and thats one of the major misconceptions people have about it. Plus the 3do was the starting point for a lot of classic games like Gex, Return fire, Need for speed, as well as having tons of great titles like Road rash, Immercenary, Star Control 2, Star fighter, Captain Quazar. I'm not gonna say the system doesn't have problems, because it does, and there are also a lot of gimmicky fmv games, but that isn't all the system is. Sega CD: While the 32x was a failure, I don't think it is fair to group the Sega CD in with it. Just like the 3do, the Sega CD has a lot of gimmicky fmv, but that isn't all of its library. There are quite a few good games on the Sega CD like Sol feace, Sonic CD, and Snatcher. It was impressive hardware at the time, and definetly holds a place in history that we shouldn't ignore.
Mr Goose
Mr Goose Month ago
Wheres the Wii U? The Original Atari? And The Wii Mini?
LumiNyte Month ago
Tiger R-Zone?
Single Pringle
Single Pringle Month ago
But the pippin, is good!
Julian Jones
Julian Jones Month ago
Sega cd was not that bad it introduced Amy and metal sonic if it did not come metal sonic one of the greatest character of it was not for that metal sonic would not exist
What about the Apple TV?
Mac Is underrated
3do: wasn’t bad and was plagued by the fact that the 3do company was lazy and had 3rd party consoles made. Did get a price cut Sega cd: wasn’t bad, it shouldn’t be on here at all Atari Jaguar: why is this here. Yeah the controller sucked and there was bad games, but there was a lot of good games
Isaac Marchant lane
PS4 should be on that list
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
I still have virtual boy in box in my basement
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Laser Active’s Genesis/Sega CD module is cool Imagine if you could buy modules of classic consoles for your desktop’s HDD bays like that.
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
I’m up late at night watching 1990’s video game videos. I’ve watched: #1. The history of 3DO #2 Why Saturn failed #3 a play through of SHINOBI X #4. A review of PS classic #5. A review of NES classic #6. A review of SNES classic #7. A review of TG16 classic #8. WHY DREAMCAST FAILED #9 CDi #10 TOP 10 WORST GAME CONSOLES
Lloyd Share
Lloyd Share Month ago
Huh?? This is nonsense
Seto Mulyadi
Seto Mulyadi Month ago
Uku Paidu
Uku Paidu Month ago
First one was just old what did you expect then year 1972 man there was no good consoles
Je Al
Je Al Month ago
In 90 s Only sega Saturn, pslaystation, and dreamcast can save the CD 90's consoles
Rekinovsky PL
Rekinovsky PL Month ago
Magnavox Odyssey shouldn't be on this list. This console was the first one in the universe,so you know it was the best.
NSPcrazY112 Month ago
1975? The Magnavox Odyssey was made in 1970 & released in 1972. You're probably thinking about the Magnavox Odyssey 100 dedicated console. And lt doesn't have Pong, lt has Table Tennis.
Dmitry Shashkov
Dmitry Shashkov Month ago
One kinda rich kid from my school class was having ngage.
Some Guy
Some Guy Month ago
Lol Magnavox Odyssey is here. What a fucking joke. It's literally the first console *it's not fair*
Águila701 2 months ago
Lol, the Magnavox odyssey might as well be a toy in a happy meal. 😂😂
ajfrules is awsome
ajfrules is awsome 2 months ago
What about the GameCube
Billy Ferrara
Billy Ferrara 2 months ago
I disagree with panasonic 3do being on here. It was just too expensive at the time. And those who owned it got to play some really good games. You wouldn't have Road Rash or Need for Speed without this console. I bought one quite recently and I very much enjoy this console.
Cynthia Lugo
Cynthia Lugo 2 months ago
Plz have the virtual boy on this list
Caleb Garner
Caleb Garner 2 months ago
the 3DO was not that limited. It would be better if reviews were given based on first hand experience over hearsay.. some amazing games on the 3DO and most of them were not FMV games although those still had their own charm including a great Dragon's Lair port. It beat playstation and saturn to market by almost 2 years, but yes those systems ultimately had better luck (marketing, etc) and eventually took over the market, but in and of itself it was a good system and it wasn't $700 for long. I bought mine for $500 at the time and it was still very much a viable platform. It even had an expansion slot for an M2 chip that would have helped extend it's life which was pretty forward thinking as well as headphone jack IN the controller.. which was a really great idea.
kamenriderreaper 2 months ago
Even the AVGN gave the Odyssey some slack because of its age
Max Abramson
Max Abramson 2 months ago
The SEGA 32X CD might've made it, except for the fact that the Saturn had been released in Japan the very same week, causing buyers and software developers to simply save their cash for the Saturn. When the Saturn finally did come out, it was $399 (to the PlayStation's $299) and was released early with very few games. Terrible games. SEGA's perceived indestructibility was gone, and the management team that had brought them to the top of the gaming market was soon gone.
Brian Lane
Brian Lane 2 months ago
Seriously? The Laser Active was a Sega Genesis or NEC Turbo GFX depending on your add on. No Games you say? Also if was Laser disc player and a DVD player and a CD player. For 1993 that was outstanding.
Nick C
Nick C 2 months ago
I'm surprised the Sega Saturn wasn't marked above the Sega CD and 32X on this list. I'm surprise it wasn't even on this list at all! Seriously, the disastrous North American launch of the Saturn killed Sega in the hardware market. They tried to follow up with the Dreamcast, but the loss of money and third-party support after the Saturn's surprise launch doomed the system, forcing Sega to switch strictly to making games.
koldace 2 months ago
You missed the xbone
OriginalGrasshopper 2 months ago
Absolutely horrible list! You have so many innovative systems (Magnavox Odyssey, Sega CD, 3DO, etc.) included. It seems as if whoever wrote this video only likes the latest, modern game and has no appreciation of the steps taken in the past to get to where we are today.
screamer 64
screamer 64 2 months ago
Max Payne
Max Payne 2 months ago
No Xbox? The console with piss poor games? Lol
Thatonerandomboi 69
Thatonerandomboi 69 2 months ago
Ewww watchmojo is cancer
Hellhound Mafia
Hellhound Mafia 2 months ago
Where’s PS4?
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf 2 months ago
This is an extreme insult if call these “consoles.”
Countess Marya Zaleksa Fan
black cat
black cat 2 months ago
I know its subscription service but apple arcade needs to go on the list of failed gaming monstrosities. So many companies tried to put these subscriptions out there and have just failed. (Atari, Hasbro EA...) They should just stick to making overpriced phones.
Jadden Alfayza
Jadden Alfayza 2 months ago
5:04 Is That Sonic Advance?
renato tolentino
renato tolentino 2 months ago
Is there an VHS console game?
KendoruSlink 2 months ago
Never played any of these consoles but these companies seem to have forgotten how to make a fun game, and just focused on putting out a console with no fun games just to make a quick buck and just pissing on Nintendo.
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 3 months ago
Well N-gage was awesome
Brother J. Love
Brother J. Love 3 months ago
CD-i.....WHY LORD WHY? And the virtual boy... equals virtual garbage!
Pyrixthepython Oronion
Most of the consoles failed because lack of games lacked good graphics and were popular but when came the downfall of the console itself
Daryl Mcalister
Daryl Mcalister 3 months ago
Oddysee was fkn awesome , KC munchkin kicked ass!!!
Can You Introduce Me As Joker?
THAT WAS THE ODYSSEY2, not the original Odyssey from 1972 you idiot the original ODYSSEY NEVER USED CARTRIDGES, dumbass
Limp business
Limp business 3 months ago
To be fair, the Laseractive console looked pretty cool for something that came out in 1993
Machine Gum
Machine Gum 3 months ago
I think the Gameboy color is the worst. They literally made an add-on that gasses you. No thanks.
Sean McDermott
Sean McDermott 3 months ago
What a shitload of fuck
DrummerBoyJustin 3 months ago
I like the 32x/sega cd more then the pimpin, lazer active, and most of the consoles apparently better than it.
raszop 3 months ago
Funny how back then ads were unacceptable, and today they're defended lol
Sean 3 months ago
Bandai is pronounced “Bun Die”
Sean 2 days ago
@Can You Introduce Me As Joker? I would have thought that too, but unfortunately that logic doesn't hold true in this case. BONDAI would be written as ぼんだい whereas BANDAI would be written as ばんだい. The IPA of ば is "Ba" however there is a "retracted" diacritic over the "a" vowel which means the tongue is pulled back into the pharynx, which may be causing you a bit of confusion.
Can You Introduce Me As Joker?
@Sean I think someone who actually was born in Japan like myself would know over some white retard
Sean 3 days ago
@Can You Introduce Me As Joker? Wrong
Can You Introduce Me As Joker?
Actually it's pronounced BON Die I'm Japanese American, I should know
Nicolas Dumon
Nicolas Dumon 3 months ago
Amiga CD 32 ??
Filip ;;
Filip ;; 3 months ago
Thank the good lord we have reviews now days.
Justin Nardine
Justin Nardine 3 months ago
Turbo graffix 16
Joseph Walden
Joseph Walden 3 months ago
Actually I've collected and have working units of almost all the SEGA consoles.
M TK 3 months ago
Welp, I bought (#4) the Sega genesis system with the 32x add on, the CDrom add on, and the upgraded (paddles) package, all so I could play the best version of 1 game, DOOM! and dammit it was worth the $500 in 1990's dollars. DOOM was at the time, da shizznit,
Westchester Technologies
Magnavox Odyssey came out in 1972 and was the 1st home video game. It sold 350,000 units during its 3 years. Hardly a failure.
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune 3 months ago
"Philip's CDi. It was quickly outdone by existing consoles" as he shows a Sega CD game that was on this very list. And the name Philips had nothing to do with Phil Hartman. It wasn't something to get. Philips was the name of the company who made the CDi you dolt. This list makes me angry. No consistency. Distorted facts and outright lies.
Peter Lundholm
Peter Lundholm 3 months ago
Also CD-i came just before DVD, it played video CD which was cool, had a lot of potential - but DVD just took over :) They would never market a DVD as a gaming console, that was the other error Philips did. It was difficult to program. But it was a cool time!
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune 3 months ago
The Dreamcast failed because of the 32x and Sega CD? So basically you are trying to convince the world that the Saturn had nothing to do with it? Really? Sega releasing the Saturn with no notice what so ever is what caused the downward spiral for Sega. Not the add ons that came out for the Genesis 7 years prior
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune 3 months ago
Seriously? Magnavox Odyssey was state of the art when it was released in 1972. I stopped watching at this console being on the list. Why? Because it is obvious you watched an Angry Video Game Nerd episode and took it as serious. In 2020 ... the Odyssey is terrible. In 1972 it was magical. And Atari 2600 didn't just walk in and take the market away from Magnavox because the Atari 2600 wasn't released until 5 years later. And the truth is. The Atari didn't peak until 1981. The fact is. The Odyssey was the first home console. The first Pong machine. And most Pong consoles that mimicked the Odyssey didn't keep score. So that was a standard in the 70s until the 2600 came out. Do some research before making lists. Thanks.
For me the Atari Jaguar was Absolutely Horrible the Worst Console ever.
Emmett Boyd
Emmett Boyd 3 months ago
Mine doesn’t even work lol
Mackenzie Peters
Mackenzie Peters 3 months ago
The Sega 32X and Sega CD are not consoles. They are console add ons.
Super Mario Jesus
Super Mario Jesus 3 months ago
In my opinion The virtual boy isn’t the worst game console ever To me that honor goes to the R-Zone In my opinion the R-Zone is a shittyier version of the virtual boy Yea as if the virtual boy wasn’t bad enough
Admiral Man
Admiral Man 3 months ago
I bought all of these and still play all ten.
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