Top 10 Worst Movie Villains of the Last Decade

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These movie villains of the 2010s left a LOT to be desired. For this list, we're looking at we’ll be looking at villains who appeared in films released between 2010 and 2019. Our countdown includes Parallax from "Green Lantern," Steppenwolf from "Justice League," Dr. Doom from "Fantastic Four," and more! Which do you think was the WORST movie villain of the last decade? Let us know in the comments below!
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Comments 80
WatchMojo.com Month ago
Which movie villain of the last decade did you think was a complete disappointment? For more Villains lists, check out our playlist!: ruvid.net/video/video-C08MYvWnlWI.html
denaxion jaxton
denaxion jaxton Month ago
@Mark Oehler yeah duh why do you think I said that twist can still save it?!
Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor Month ago
Except for Heath Ledger and Phoenix's portrayals of the Joker all the others have been crap. The reason that they were good was because as well as being talented actors the movies had a great script. Its such a shame to see other talented actors phoning in performances all for the easy money by this I mean not bothering to act at all. We the viewer deserve a lot more than the constant junk that is coming out.
Mark Oehler
Mark Oehler Month ago
Jessie Eisenburg's performance would have fit much better If he had been playing the Riddler.
denaxion jaxton
denaxion jaxton Month ago
and Eisenber's portrayal of Lex Luthor can still be saved if Hollywood decides to twist away that he is actually Edward Nygma in disguise as Lex Luthor. The only problem there is figuring out why.
denaxion jaxton
denaxion jaxton Month ago
Look I know I shouldn't be complaining since he only landed on the honerable mentions but Rhino doesn't count because he wasn't the big bad of his perspective movie nor was he marketed to be.
Nate Rothman
Nate Rothman 10 days ago
Barkawi from London Has Vallen or The Volturi also could have made this list.
John Constantine
John Constantine 16 days ago
Bane from the Nolan films. A short, skinny dude, with a non scary voice was bad.
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 7 days ago
house sanchez
house sanchez 17 days ago
iron man 3 the mandarin should be on here
Tomi Ocampo
Tomi Ocampo 21 day ago
I thought Jesse did a decent job.
john hoskins
john hoskins 22 days ago
Love how 90% of this is capeshit and no MCU villains 🙄
KaosFan11 23 days ago
Bane from The Dark Knight Rises? Riot from Venom? The Megalodon from The Meg? How did they not end up on this list?
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 7 days ago
Shubh Siddhartha
Shubh Siddhartha 26 days ago
My biggest disappointment was snoke being ruined thx to Rian Johnson directing ep8
Ryan Paye
Ryan Paye 12 days ago
Except Snoke wasn’t ruined in ep8, nor was it “thx to Rian Johnson.” Snoke was always gonna die in Episode 8.
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya 26 days ago
13:46 "He's more like Mark Zuckerberg if he tried to take over the world a different way"
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya 26 days ago
So much of the dceu on this list 🤣
Humberto Manlio
Humberto Manlio Month ago
Snoke deserves the worst Villian ever
Gregsanti53 Month ago
Kevin spacey in my opinion was the best for lex luthor
BuBBleGlove Month ago
Um sorry WHAT!?!? You have Joker on this list but not Ego, Hela, or Malekith from the MCU? Those villains from film making stand point are much worse.
KaosFan11 23 days ago
Ego and Hela? They're arguably some of the better villains to come out of the MCU. How do they deserve to be here?
Roman Torteli
Roman Torteli Month ago
The Joker from suicide Squad was way worse than BVS' Lex Luthor. I was somewhat tolerant of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. What can I say? I like Jesse Eisenberg I like Batman vs Superman And I like Lex Luthor.
Roman Torteli
Roman Torteli Month ago
Never include an MCU villain as a dishonourable mention on a Worst Villain List!
unknown player
unknown player Month ago
The avatar movie was an insult to the tv show
awesomenolan234 Month ago
I D argue that it should be enchantress or whatever that CGI partner she had was since Joker wasn’t even the main villain in suicide squad but that movie was shit in all regards anyhow
Dolphignition Month ago
#1 definitely spot-on!
AC Riddick
AC Riddick Month ago
Watch mojo shows their racism, Gods Of Egypt is NORTH AFRICAN, Mediterranean. Guess what they aren’t black. It’s why when black people claim they are from queens and kings, they are lying. North Africa is Arabic, Mediterranean, and Persian. Look them up. Pretty damn white. Watch Mojo is racist.
Ghost5379 Month ago
put some respect on jesse as luther
Omega Styles
Omega Styles Month ago
Yovovich isn't an actress
Bryan Rojas
Bryan Rojas Month ago
I think Sentinel Prime should be replaced with the Fallen. Guy only had 5 minutes of screen time.
Kimani Kinyanjui
Suicide Squad's Enchantress was another horrible portrayal, Cara Delevingne should go to acting school
JS Toms
JS Toms Month ago
I do not think that Jessie Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor was bad.
Schwatvogel Month ago
Actually, Sentinel Prime was probably the best thing about "Dark of the Moon", in no small part thanks to Leonard Nimoy.
Adrian Vlad Mladin
Is it a win if I watched zero movies from this list?
Jon Lorg
Jon Lorg Month ago
I thought snoke was good!
Alexis Month ago
The Last Airbender was an amazing TV show. The movie was absolute fucking trash.
Prettyboyred Month ago
Birds of prey, Black mask Is my number 1 pick.
Deus Costa
Deus Costa Month ago
ozai is the big bad of the avatar series??? bruh... did u even watch avatar? its obviously azula. like... so fucking obviously azula.
Bart Rottiers
Bart Rottiers Month ago
No Jafar? He was Mega lame in the live action Aladdin.
Anna Droste
Anna Droste Month ago
I love the Avengers' Infinity Saga so much, I just think that Thor 2 should've given Malekith had a legit reason for his actions the movie would have been so much better. ...But why the hell would you think Loki's helmet is terrible? As, you can tell, I adore it
Mikz Marquez
Mikz Marquez Month ago
I liked Gods of Egypt. :(
Jaqueline Janosi
You are being unfair to Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending. He is the best thing in that mess of amovie. His performance is really campy and out there, but so is Ian McDiarmid´s Palpatine in the Star Wars prequels. At least he makes the movie watchable :) Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor on the other hand was just totally unnecessary in Batman vs Superman, he is not portraying Lex, maybe some kind of Joker/Riddler/Zuckerberg hybrid, secondly you could just take his character out of the movie and the result would be a better storyline.
nel-sun studio
nel-sun studio Month ago
WHOA WHOA go easy on jesse eisenberg as lex lurther he was directed ACT LIKE the joker.... plus atleast he was LIKE lex lurther in justice leugue end credits
Isaac Yeboah
Isaac Yeboah Month ago
i think i love this Rebecca from watch-mojo narrating the video. she's really good at it and her voice oh really distinguished
Queen Chaerin
Queen Chaerin Month ago
Even if Lex Luthor wasn't that good, he had some really good sentences in this movie, like this really relatable one about god in the end. I don't believe in god but this was pretty cool
bendy plushie studios
Me: if you're the worst villain of the decade to me clap your hands 2019 joker: 👏 Me: if your a good villain to me clap your hands Jared Leto joker: 👏
cafesmitty Month ago
Yeah... I agree with your picks... especially number one. Pretty bad movie but to be the worst character of a extraordinarily bad movie is an amazing achievement in itself.
Spider Web
Spider Web Month ago
10. The Charcther should scarier makeup 9. An Egyptian Actor should have play the role. 8. Cast Jet Li or Donnie Yen or Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (The Real Mandarin in the upcoming Marvel Movie, Shang-Chi) or Jiang Wen or Ken Watanabe or Cary Hiroyuki Tagwa as The Fire Lord. 7. Milla Jovawhich need to not play the villian in Hellboy. 6. Sinestro should have been the main villian not Parallax. 5. Eddie Redmayne should have never cast in the first place. 4. Lex Luthor should have been the man villian along with Deathstorke to avoid being too simaliar to the Avengers. Stephenwolf have been in the sequels. 3. Dr. Doom should have seperate origins. 2. Joaquin Phoenix should have play Joker. 1. Jessie Eisenberg should have play the Riddler in the DCEU. Bryan Cranston should have play Luthor. Honourable Mention - Malakeith should have look from the comics. - Sentinel Prime should been the hero and ally to Optimus Prime. - Hugh Jackman get out from Pan. And go back to play Wolverine again (Before Logan). - The Rhino should never appear in TASM 2. The Rhino armor should have never been a Hulkbuster. Paul Giamatti shouldnt be cast as the Rhino he should play Doctor Octopus. - Snoke should never been killed off. Villian that Should been on the List - Enchantress (Sucide Sqaud) - Yellowjacket (Ant-Man) - Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
heather kingston
Why is it that if rubbish disney screenwriters cant make a villain intimidating they make them either deep voiced or deep voiced and british it's quite Instulting
Dan Hathaway
Dan Hathaway Month ago
I thought Eisenberg was an effective villain but that villain just wasn't Lex Luthor. Why they repeatedly refuse to give us the comics version is beyond me. Leto's Joker was worse, that didn't work on any level.
Michael OMalley
Michael OMalley Month ago
Jesse Eisenberg AND that dude who played the flash (Ezra something whatever) are the absolute worst casting decisions that have ever been made in Hollywood.
Gary Frazier
Gary Frazier Month ago
Jesse Eisenberg is no Gene Hackman, that's for sure.
Fran Gorno
Fran Gorno Month ago
Haha... imagine actually thinking Jesse's Luthor is bad... can't relate. Bunch of casuals... go watch that pedophile Spacey on that bore of a Returns movie.
TexasTom Boe
TexasTom Boe Month ago
no2... joker is nice char, and all around, but that movie was butthurt... im a marvel fan, and DC is doing so bad, unreal... (i have mnarvel vs dc comics here.. dc lost all in movies)
Konstantinos Petalas
Snoke wasnt bad
Flowcast Month ago
Aaron Cowell
Aaron Cowell Month ago
alright leave snoke tf alone
manjimaruFIN Month ago
The only entry that I disagree with is Ahmanet... because she is the best part of mummy (terrible movie) and because its sofia boutella. I wouldn't have watched the movie in the first place if it hadn't been for her. Replace Ahmanet with Barakapool from Wolvie origins... after all, he is technically a villain in that movie. And Parallax shouldve been number 1 really..
Saavik256 Month ago
Considering you listed only SHITTY movies, this list is hardly a surprise. What, were you all hungover ?
Lord of Murder
Lord of Murder Month ago
How the actual fuck did Sentinel Prime wind up on this lists dishonorable mentions? He was a great villain. Well I guess the only reason WatchMojo put him there is because they hate the Transformers movies so damn much...
ShockCo Truth
ShockCo Truth Month ago
How about captain marvel villain? Lol most dont even remember who the villain was haha
Ryan Paye
Ryan Paye 12 days ago
Except they most certainly do
Olle Selin
Olle Selin Month ago
#1 should be Shredder and Kraang
eating sugar no papa
Ahmanet? Really? She was a pretty good villain
John Borg
John Borg Month ago
Thanos. The Disney Wars Trilogy. Furious 6+.
Dokimon Month ago
Not a Bayformers fan, However Sentinel Prime doesn't belong here.
MRauTObt Month ago
Why the hell is Sentinel Prime on this list? He was literally the most fleshed out villain in the Transformers films. Thats not saying much, but Quintessa from the fifth film could have easly been the one to get the nomination.
dmkajnew Month ago
Lmao pretty sure he was lex luthor Jr, which he would have been more fitting to the character
Chris Klawz
Chris Klawz Month ago
Nah ...i agree whit all but the 1 one ...eisenberg has done a insane job on the lex luthor ...he did it ...in my opinion he is perfekt for the role ...he is just the oposite of this video ...he is at least a number 9 on best villans list
Andy's Entertainment Corner
you forgot to add electro from amazing spider-man 2, my god he use was such a dumpster fire of a villain and was just as bad as rhino and green goblin, they are all as bad as each other in this dumpster fire of a movie
Maxamillian Steele
Jennifer Tye
Jennifer Tye Month ago
So I’m the only one who liked Jared in Suicide Squad?
Planet Nate
Planet Nate Month ago
Justice Leagues problem was that they used the wrong villain they should have used Darkseid like they originally planned but they wanted Darkseid to be a Thanos like character looming in the background and because of this the movie wasn't as entertaining as it should have been
Brace Brooks
Brace Brooks Month ago
Jafar from the 2019 live-action Alladin movie should've been on this list too in my opinion.
Erick Elric
Erick Elric Month ago
That is my new meme now when I don't like someone. Sending people Pee-Jars.
SmwNerd Month ago
I honestly really liked Lex Luthor in bvs.
Guru Prashanth
Guru Prashanth Month ago
unpopular opinion : eisenberg may not be the lex luthor you need. but he fuckin nailed his role and it was awesome. definitely not the worst retard watchmojo.
GregOrCreg Month ago
When Batman v Superman first went into production, it was rumoured that the filmmakers wanted Lex to be 'Sir Richard Branson meets Brad Pitt'. That would have been perfect. So, what happened? As soon as I heard that Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Luthor, I was out. Others told me to wait and see, Snyder-die-hards even criticised me for being closed-minded, but it seems that all along, I was right. If only the filmmakers had listened to lowly old me. Anyway, the message of this utter failure is that in order to make a memorable villain, you need to differentiate your villain from others. Luthor should be a formidable, bullying, alpha-male type businessman (less Zuckerberg, and more Trump, albeit smarter). Not a Riddler or Joker clone, and certainly not a weedy, cackling, cry-baby Riddler or Joker clone (you're pitting a nerdy cry-baby against the most powerful hero on Earth?!?) Hopefully, future comic-book movie filmmakers will pay attention although I have my concerns (the next Wonder Woman's Cheetah gives me too many Selina Kyle in Batman Returns vibes, and I'm not yet 100% on board with the handsome and tallish Colin Farrell playing the short and homely Penguin).
Saffronia29 Month ago
Jared letos joker being on the list above the dancing enchantress is unfair. If she was the main villain then it's not letos fault that the joker was underwhelming and she had less impact than he did. Also in my unpopular opinion I loved the joker, he was one of the best parts of the film for me whenever he was on screen he just needed more screen time
SHB Month ago
Suicide Squad Enchantress Cara Delevingne.
jeuroq Month ago
I cant help but smile at seeing Snoke be on the worst villains list. Although, I'd have a joker grin if kylo ren was here too.
Νίκος Μελιδονιώτης
I think you forgot Ronan
Ajax Francis
Ajax Francis Month ago
No no no. Luthor wasn't bad. It is Leto who ruined it all.
Ajax Francis
Ajax Francis Month ago
Leto is in the list I bet.
Krabby Month ago
I think that the failure of Lex Luther was more of the writer’s fault. If the character’s pissing in jars that’s not the actors fault. But the performance was still pretty bad.
Dining Heartboy
Dining Heartboy Month ago
Chester from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was the worst one yet!
Fox Hamilton
Fox Hamilton Month ago
Did Fant4stic even have a lighting department?
Banteibok Thongney
I like The character of Lex Luther when he Put a Big Kryptonite suit
Epic Fable Reviews
Nothign wrong with evil for evils sakes. Not ever villain has to be complex
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