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Here is a list of the Top 10 UGLIEST Fortnite Skins EVERYBODY HATES!, for more new fortnite season 8 secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.

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Comments 100
Top5Gaming Month ago
*Thanks for helping us with this list! FOLLOW US @Top5Gamingx on Twitter to help us make videos (and possibly a shoutout 😉)*
Hybrid the dragon the ninja
You know Just pumpkin having a boring life
Hybrid the dragon the ninja
Am happy Jack gorden is not a boring skin
Maiq The Liar
Maiq The Liar 25 days ago
Zodi_ Mclean
Zodi_ Mclean 26 days ago
OG_FALX3N • no point of asking he won’t do it
SNW Strolt
SNW Strolt 27 days ago
#1 should be Nitehare
Caleb Rojas
Caleb Rojas Day ago
At 5:36 he says the unicorn is a llama🤔
Ani b
Ani b Day ago
only thing i have to disagree with it dynamo. i think she looks good. also i agree ablut the bright skins, i feel so exposed but the colors are so nice tho.. dang it
Jose Arreola
Jose Arreola Day ago
You look like Kanye West
Crayfishianking The great
The mothmando skin is my favourite skin I have
Jryce -YT OG
Jryce -YT OG 2 days ago
Baby: number two is this T5G: why you be telling me dis
Jryce -YT OG
Jryce -YT OG 2 days ago
Also the battle pass is not FREE T5G: why you be telling me this
Carson Wolfe
Carson Wolfe 3 days ago
Number two is this
KryptoniteKitty 4 days ago
Mothmando isn't that bad compared to these skins, imo
Silvia Gonzalez
Silvia Gonzalez 4 days ago
The chicken skin is the best
Brad Stevenson
Brad Stevenson 4 days ago
Grimbles and brainiac arnt that bad
ALEXToons 3 days ago
Gabzoola 4 days ago
So if you say that its just your opinion, why does the title say "EVERYONE HATES". You can't do that
DOGE. 4 days ago
tender defender shall be legendary
Faze_ Wolf
Faze_ Wolf 5 days ago
Dynamo is best skin
LazarBeam Lannan
LazarBeam Lannan 5 days ago
intra link
intra link 5 days ago
I hate you I own the moisty merman 😡
Ryan Campey
Ryan Campey 6 days ago
I like the wrestling skins
Bork Bork
Bork Bork 6 days ago
Your Wrong, you said EVERYONE HATES when I don't hate any of them 😑
Maddie Italiano
Maddie Italiano 6 days ago
I like Dynamo more then the male counterpart
DARK SOUL 14325 6 days ago
Who say everybody hates that
klgonz 6 days ago
I have the top 2 skins of the top 10 worst skins. So technically I’m winning.
Joshua Morrison
Joshua Morrison 6 days ago
Dynamo is so sweaty so it’s good
Roxanne Balay Holbrook
dynamo is sweaty not ugly
Sulfur X
Sulfur X 7 days ago
The best skin is Lil Whip!
Frosted Flakes Eater
Imagine liking the Sun Strider 🤣🤣🤣
Joelreact Flores
Joelreact Flores 8 days ago
I like grimbles. I have him amd hes a rare skin
Antique Angel
Antique Angel 9 days ago
I hate the huntress she’s ugly :P
Antique Angel
Antique Angel 3 days ago
ALEXToons oof :> I still don’t like her it’s meh least fav battle pass skin
ALEXToons 3 days ago
Antique Angel >:0 I LOVED HUNTRESS.
Jacob L
Jacob L 9 days ago
I❤️the hazard skins
Kuba Ambroziak
Kuba Ambroziak 9 days ago
Im one of those who preferes Crackabella more. The male one looks like a psycho😣 yikes
Who's the Kid Playz
i like puppys
Greninja The Ninja
Greninja The Ninja 11 days ago
Į hate you for hating dynamo
elijah glum
elijah glum 12 days ago
Bilal A
Bilal A 13 days ago
what about the trog skin?
Bilal A
Bilal A 3 days ago
ALEXToons yeah but it is ugly 😂
ALEXToons 3 days ago
Bilal A *hes moto moto. He’s amazing.*
handy mars
handy mars 13 days ago
The tender defender I clam the tender defender case I'm a CHICKIN!!!!!
Conquer_ SlickYT
Conquer_ SlickYT 15 days ago
Excuse me Dynamo is good like the Best
Formerly Masked Jojoke
Honestly, Dynamo isn't one of my favorite skins, but honestly, I like it, I think it's probably because it's in the shop too often but idk, Dynamo herself is a good skin
Ezy 16 days ago
GG Grant Gamez
GG Grant Gamez 16 days ago
You don't put fly trap on but you put sub commander and brainiac on the list when they are actually decent
- NEONCAP - 16 days ago
The 8 year old who dragged tender defender is better than me at drawing :( Yes my drawing at age of 8 or 9 was seriously full of cringe. I don't wanna remember it. Edit: Where's DJ Yonder? It is really ugly for me in my opinion.
Kraken Puppet 2.0
Kraken Puppet 2.0 16 days ago
How dare you hate the chicken, moth, and nutcracker wife, toxic Boi, and the gnome
Random Stuff with Guru
I agree
RTK Pzhr
RTK Pzhr 16 days ago
M8 dynamos thicc. I like it 😜
maximillus 17 days ago
Wher is flytarp is THE ugliest of Them all
3 Musketiers DMS
3 Musketiers DMS 17 days ago
Banana man isnt ugly
ALEXToons 3 days ago
3 Musketiers DMS *its basically a comparison >~<*
OreoKing9 Plays
OreoKing9 Plays 17 days ago
What country is the the soccer skin?
Abby Bartlett
Abby Bartlett 17 days ago
Anyone else excepted fishstick to be on this list?
Sonic Speedsters
Sonic Speedsters 17 days ago
What about fish stick. Also yeh, Peely looks weird
ALEXToons 3 days ago
Sonic Speedsters >:0 FISHSTICK IS GOD.
Sonic Speedsters
Sonic Speedsters 17 days ago
Yes giddy up and yehaw suck
Sonic Speedsters
Sonic Speedsters 17 days ago
1:35 thank you! That’s what I’m saying.
Judgingtons 17 days ago
Where’s the mission specialist at
Will Merrick
Will Merrick 17 days ago
Dynamos good
Scrap Paper
Scrap Paper 18 days ago
Tender defender is the beeeesssssssttttt
Lozanoboi28 _ig
Lozanoboi28 _ig 18 days ago
Nobody: Retards:WhaT SEaSon DiD yOu sTarT
burkeyboy_12 X
burkeyboy_12 X 18 days ago
Number 2 issssssss
Anna Andreu
Anna Andreu 18 days ago
I know why the Tender defender is the worst skin because it's the shadical chicken skin
Cam Anderson
Cam Anderson 18 days ago
Dug The dog
Dug The dog 18 days ago
With the zombie one I got it for the Halloween event
Zoe Hewitt (STUDENT)
Number 10 I have that skin
Zoe Hewitt (STUDENT)
Number 10 I have the
Madiha ali
Madiha ali 19 days ago
t e n d e r d e f e n d e r i s b e a u t i f u l
Joy sargi
Joy sargi 19 days ago
Let’s be honest mothmando have a great glider tho
Chloe xx
Chloe xx 19 days ago
I think the high rise assault trooper, cos it’s just kinda basic..
The Raccoon
The Raccoon 20 days ago
Mothmando is the best skin even tho you sed don’t wyn
DEADPOOLBEAST23 Yt 20 days ago
The fuk u talking bout almost everybody loves the chicken skin
Qids2 Edits
Qids2 Edits 20 days ago
Wait, you forgot one... Soccer skins
Madiha ali
Madiha ali 19 days ago
damn savage
Ian Talavera
Ian Talavera 20 days ago
I love dynamo
TTV Xxtommyxx
TTV Xxtommyxx 20 days ago
Number 2 is thissssssssssss
Dylan Pereira 777777
Dylan Pereira 777777
Dynamo is for noobs
Antilopata69 20 days ago
Title: top 10 skins EVERYONE hates First line ke says : this is just our opinion . hmmmmmmm
Unbreakablecali 20 days ago
Good thing jack Gordon wasn't on the list
Hybrid the dragon the ninja
Jack is a pumpkin having a boring live
Top Shelf
Top Shelf 21 day ago
I like crackabella
Crytxl YT
Crytxl YT 21 day ago
Fly trap skin is ugly to
Salt & Pepper Diner
Tender Defender made me nut twice
daza josefina
daza josefina 22 days ago
Not everyone hates it
Filip Rogowski
Filip Rogowski 22 days ago
Hazard agent and moisty merman are some of my favourite skins
Alex Gacha
Alex Gacha 22 days ago
Brainiac looks like a roblox zombie
Daniel Diaz Gonzalez
Gacha life with romy
Why is Sugarplump not in this list?!
Gabry Neagu
Gabry Neagu 6 days ago
Thats a good question...
Ğåßßý 23 days ago
Can y'all stop with these " peOplE whO rEmEmBeR mOiSty MiRe cAn LiKe tHis, wHat sEaSon dId yOu sTarT pLayIng fOrtNitE LIke 1-4 RePlY 5-8" just stop its annoying...
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 23 days ago
What u mean bro tender defender sexy af
Arnaki Arnaki
Arnaki Arnaki 23 days ago
A big amount of people love dynamo but it is your opinion
Ante Benesch
Ante Benesch 12 days ago
Yeah i see them all the time
MsBishbishbish 23 days ago
I bought Dynamo and left her in my locker after using it twice.
juicy y
juicy y 23 days ago
Dynamo is not a bad skin
Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne 23 days ago
you are triping
alex bean
alex bean 23 days ago
i love mothmando
alex bean
alex bean 23 days ago
COLE KAMANN 23 days ago
Where is fishsticks
Zeyad Toukhy
Zeyad Toukhy 24 days ago
Mothmando is not the best and the worst I mean its okay u know what I mean
When you said braniac: Nani???!!!!
Margaret LaGrange
Margaret LaGrange 24 days ago
Where is zoey?
Demian Cowo
Demian Cowo 24 days ago
I disagree with 9
SickAnimeBoy San
SickAnimeBoy San 24 days ago
today were going to be going over the tope 5 unknown numbers 1)yikes 2:20
Dylan Pereira 777777
Huntress 1
Aston Bradshaw
Aston Bradshaw 24 days ago
Where is that girl exercise skin or the lethiathen
Margarita Flores
Margarita Flores 25 days ago
Naw what the fuck you falling about the yeehaw skin is my favorite skin
jayden budd colombe
I broke up with my girlfriend just for fortnite I miss her I should of spender time with her I deleted fortnite after that
gingersnap gf
gingersnap gf 25 days ago
But you are right about crackabella.
gingersnap gf
gingersnap gf 25 days ago
I said chicken but I meant skin
gingersnap gf
gingersnap gf 25 days ago
I know you said I don’t want to hear number two who is thiiiiiiiissss 😢 😡 but the tender defender is amazing and it’s my favorite chicken I bought it when it first came out.
starcage 25 days ago
I think dynamo is better than masked fury. I actually see a lot of them
Mr YouTubeWatcher
Mr YouTubeWatcher 25 days ago
Tender defender is fit
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