Top 10 Strongest Mythical Pokemon

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Mythical Pokemon, Pokemon that can't be obtained over regular gameplay. You had to go events for these or in more modern times, you can get them off Mystery Gift. We all know how powerful some of these Pokemon be though so join me and Auraguardian for our opinions on the top 10 strongest Mythical Pokemon!
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Comments 80
Spartan Legends Destroyer
Where is unbound hoopa?
Spartan Legends Destroyer
Iknow what is the most strongest mythical pokemon is loginhdi's weedle mr weedle!!! :)))
Futbol Club Concord
Hoopa was probably like am i a joke to you...
simiabraz Frensh infernape
Sinnoh mythicals 💓💓
Jj Bennett
Jj Bennett 12 days ago
Deoxys over mew mew can become deoxys any form this is the reason of transform
RED DEATH 17 days ago
No hoopa unbound
Lil Lucas
Lil Lucas 28 days ago
Yay mew is there but mew two is not mew wins
Yeetyboi9000 29 days ago
Mystic: *Puts mew in thumbnail* Also Mystic: I fOrGoT aBOuT mEw
Suradej Laotharanarit
I think arceus is weak
Suradej Laotharanarit
I think you should add Celebi I think it’s pretty strong
Spooky 352
Spooky 352 Month ago
New and umbreon are the best Pokémon Idc what anyone says
ALPO WWS Month ago
Where is Celebi
rabbits2345 Month ago
I'm just gonna say it. Fuck jirachi
Malikye Sutton
Malikye Sutton Month ago
I have them all Lol
Veera Chintha
Veera Chintha Month ago
Hoopa bro
Rexyjp123 Month ago
Bidoof is god
Karrie D
Karrie D Month ago
It’s not available Pokémon I’m gonna make a movie come on girl she will be the go to Pokémon
The gaming Cat
The gaming Cat Month ago
I’m an attack battle, a damn duck beats it (sirfeched)
Darkrai Month ago
7th position is still a position. Dang you creators for nerfing me.
LeFatalpotato 2 months ago
I was expecting marshadow to be #1. What an annoyance that little bugger is. Shreds almost all attackers in ubers with a life orb, outspeeds es arceus, and is the main reason es arceus sets started running chople berry lol
Jonah Wert
Jonah Wert 2 months ago
havoren 2 months ago
I LOVE Jirachi! I’m so glad I got two of them in my Y and Omega Ruby games. Same for Shaymin, it’s Fly Forme is just bae!
Jaylord The great
Jaylord The great 2 months ago
Ummm.... The views is at 666k
Sweet Avocado
Sweet Avocado 2 months ago
I have mew, victini, jarichi, and darkrai.... (I did not spell that right
Gengar Hunter
Gengar Hunter 2 months ago
If mew is the ancestor of all pokemon then isn't mew god instead of arceus?
G G 3 months ago
I have arceus with flame thrower ice beam shadow ball and earthquake and most of the time I can wipe atleast 2 Pokémon with him in online battles
kablabrules 3 months ago
i always though darkrai was the best, puts you to sleep first (dark void can also put both your opponents pokemon in a double battle to sleep at once) + nightmare + special ability + dreameater
Krautkopf 2
Krautkopf 2 3 months ago
You guys definitely need a songlist for this video.
Jirachi star
Jirachi star 3 months ago
Genesect Mystic: what's there not to love. Misty: it's a bug 🐛
Srijayasankar Krishnamoorthy
Aura,please make more Pokémon versus.Plaese!
Kristen Kiernan
Kristen Kiernan 3 months ago
Mew is the second greatest Pokémon Mewtwo is the first greatest Pokémon
Gregory Saba
Gregory Saba 3 months ago
Victini×(vcreate+bolt strike)+choice band= the ultimate NUKE
Gregory Gallegos
Gregory Gallegos 3 months ago
Mewtwo doesn’t count?!!
Joseph Marsh
Joseph Marsh 3 months ago
I would say shawmen was a bi***h to Ash Ketchum in the movie before the end. But in the end it got friendly to Ash
Aida Molina-Polle
Aida Molina-Polle 4 months ago
RedPixelWizard 4 months ago
Where Zeroara
Wahshiiiツ 4 months ago
What about hoopa
Raphael Mouradian
Raphael Mouradian 4 months ago
Swords dance espeed judgement pfft Arceus with chople berry max investment in hp and atk and adamant nature so it can easily tank a fighting move and setup sd and easily tank basically any move atleast once, swords dance and espeed as genuine sweep material then earthquake and shadow claw as coverage
Jaiden2 Vlogs
Jaiden2 Vlogs 4 months ago
The strongest mythical is ultra necrozma
Jaiden2 Vlogs
Jaiden2 Vlogs 4 months ago
Miko Miko
Miko Miko 4 months ago
Soooo.. Mew would be able to learn V-Create? Techno Blast? *J u d g e m e n t ?*
Leto85 4 months ago
Putting Darkrai next to a mon with Gravity, then after setting up switching that mon in for Victini would pretty much bring Dark Void back to its former glory.
Homie Penguin
Homie Penguin 4 months ago
Bruh what if diancie wasn’t mythical and if a carbink was female it evolved into that :0
Nearly Broke
Nearly Broke 5 months ago
Mew created arceus so arceus(mew) was beable to clone it self
Zubair Sadiq
Zubair Sadiq 5 months ago
Your list really sucks....u just rank all pokemon on basis of your favourites....everybody knows diancie is stronger than darkrai n victini n still u put darkrai n victini above her....
Zubair Sadiq
Zubair Sadiq 5 months ago
Why diancie is so low....she is the best n her mega makes her the steongest ..
Zubair Sadiq
Zubair Sadiq 5 months ago
I think diancie,volcanion, n that metallic robot fairy/steel type n marshadow are really strong....i forgot about victini... Edit: arceus is the strongest....
Specimen 9
Specimen 9 5 months ago
YAYYYY DEOXYS, MY FAVORITE POKEMON pls don't judge me for my fave pokemon being a mythical :
Alexia Anderson
Alexia Anderson 5 months ago
were's Gyarados ? :(
Gaurang Karande
Gaurang Karande 6 months ago
9:28 Expect in Pokemon Go they made it shit so hard ;___;
Sonya Westfall
Sonya Westfall 6 months ago
I took out a darkrai
O dear o dear
O dear o dear 6 months ago
What about marshadow
Kuba King
Kuba King 7 months ago
What about mewtwo
PlushMaker400 7 months ago
Why do I find Diancie beautiful?
MisterCheeseMister 6 months ago
PlushMaker400 but like being attracted to Pokemon is creepy af
PlushMaker400 6 months ago
Mister CheeseMister Ok. That was unnecessary.
MisterCheeseMister 6 months ago
PlushMaker400 you creep
FBIsatoshi 21
FBIsatoshi 21 7 months ago
Metapod is the best pokemon
Alma Rosa
Alma Rosa 8 months ago
All you need is a mega diancie to use magic bounce to reflect dark void
Uki Nuki
Uki Nuki 8 months ago
why are creators of lands and seas are not included
Alex Lif Koistila
Alex Lif Koistila 8 months ago
Uki Nuki because groudon and kyogre are legendaries not mythicals
Ziming Wang
Ziming Wang 8 months ago
So a Legendary Pokémon = Only one of them A mythical Pokémon = More than one of them or possibly more than one Am I right??????
Gacha Gang
Gacha Gang 8 months ago
The diffrence between legendary and mythical pokemon is in how you get them
Gacha Gang
Gacha Gang 8 months ago
No all legendary and mythical pokemon have more than one exept the sinnoh trio and arceus
Josh Lol
Josh Lol 8 months ago
U did no.2 twice
I like nougat
I like nougat 8 months ago
Imagine a Triple battle of Victini, and a Kyurem to use a 1-shot move!
I like nougat
I like nougat 8 months ago
My list of top 10 sttongest Mythical Pokèmon: 10. Keldeo 9. Manaphie 8. Mew 7. Meloetta 6. Jirachi 5. Victini 4. Shaymin 3. Darkrai 2. Zeraora 1. Diancie
Snxggy Uchiha
Snxggy Uchiha 8 months ago
Arceus died or sum shit?
Ivano _
Ivano _ 8 months ago
I got a shiny victini in a wondertrade but it doesent had v create
Cake Isalie
Cake Isalie 8 months ago
When your boy Jirachi is in this list
Dank Dazzlers
Dank Dazzlers 8 months ago
Pokemon gottttta catch some of em coz no national dex
Elizabeth Santamaria
Victini is my favorite pokemon
i love you
i love you 9 months ago
Wha.. Pokemon fix yourself magikarp should be Mythical magikarp is the strongest
TheDevilsBear 9 months ago
Where is mewtwo!!!!!!!!!
oof124 7 months ago
He is legendary, not mythical
izzy1794 9 months ago
0/10 you accidentally put Arceus in, everyone knows Meloetta goes at the top
Rachel Toler
Rachel Toler 9 months ago
Mew had to share a slot. Outrageous!
Kashino Magar
Kashino Magar 9 months ago
Didn't you forget rayquaza,kyogre&groudon?
Kashino Magar
Kashino Magar 9 months ago
Thanks mate✌
Day Moody
Day Moody 9 months ago
Kashino Magar I got u
Kashino Magar
Kashino Magar 9 months ago
Whoops, I messed up😅🤣
Day Moody
Day Moody 9 months ago
Kashino Magar Legendary not Mythical bro
lσиєlуυѕєя 2
Diancie is a LEGANDARY!!!!!!!
Coco Yeh
Coco Yeh 9 months ago
Hey! Mew is good too!
Comrade Doggo
Comrade Doggo 9 months ago
Birb 9 months ago
One time in OR/AS I got shiny Xerneas via mystery gift
Raj Mishra
Raj Mishra 9 months ago
No celebi, thanks for ruining my life
Raphael Mouradian
Raphael Mouradian 4 months ago
Yh swords dance celebi which zoroark is disguised as is quite gimmicky ans very powerful if you know how to use it properly
Matthew Shaurtz
Matthew Shaurtz 9 months ago
Yeah running choice scarf for a tail glow manaphy is a great idea . Also spectral thief doesn't affect a swords dance areceus since they're always normal . CYA
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 9 months ago
7:43 ceods
Filthy acts at a reasonable price
I like to shiny hunt, on global trade station. I always shiny hunt there where I look for shiny Pokémon of a certain kind and trade for that with all the legendaries I have.
Doggy Animations
Doggy Animations 9 months ago
diancie mega evolved is carbink on sterioids Same goes with mew and mewtwo
Hamza Slimani
Hamza Slimani 9 months ago
May favorit pokemon is the 1st at this list
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