Top 10 SNL Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person

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It's always awkward/hilarious when "SNL" impressions are done in front of the actual person. Our countdown includes Cheri Oteri as Judge Judy, Jim Breuer as Joe Pesci, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, and more! Which "SNL" impression is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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May 9, 2021




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WatchMojo.com Month ago
Which "SNL" impression is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments! For more Saturday Night Live videos check out our SNL Playlist! ruvid.net/video/video-NclyAZJ0dNg.html
Alex Shelton
Alex Shelton Day ago
Stop talking so much in all your videos!
Rusty Stork
Rusty Stork 5 days ago
Too little segment. This is all commentary that no one cares about.
flyingcursor 17 days ago
I cant tell. Too much inane yapping by the narrator.
Stone Monkey
Stone Monkey 17 days ago
Scrap this channel n give my music a listen be nice to get a little feedback on what Iv made 😊🤘
Almahdi Alsharef
Almahdi Alsharef 17 days ago
Shutup and let us enjoy it
Eugene Krabbs
Eugene Krabbs 18 minutes ago
Jimmy Fallon as Mick Jagger
Kenneth Wood
Kenneth Wood 4 hours ago
Dana Carvy did impersonations of Bush a lot. I actually got to meet him when he was in office. It's a rare opportunity to meet the president.
Jim Burns
Jim Burns 6 hours ago
Close my eyes and listen? Hard to do, the narration doesn't shut up long enough!
Adolfito 6 hours ago
23 million subscribers? When u narrate the whole thing instead of shutup? Sure u won't stop talkin in ur other videos either. We know who Adam Sandler is
Plopster 8 hours ago
RIP Trebek, you absolute legend.
Sean White
Sean White 9 hours ago
Is there any way that you cannot talk woman shut up I think we are intelligent enough to see what's going on .. GOOD DAY
L T 15 hours ago
I wish there was less voiceovers and more of the actual scenes
James S
James S 15 hours ago
OMFG! What impressions? Pathetic narration from a narcissist narrator.
Ronnie Isaacs
Ronnie Isaacs 21 hour ago
I kept waiting on the impersonations to begin. All I heard was a commentator impersonating a commentator!
John Ingle
John Ingle 21 hour ago
zorua O.
zorua O. Day ago
idk who half these people are .-.
marcus sabra
marcus sabra Day ago
you forgot Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton and Phil Hartman as just about anybody.
Rainbow Writer
I will take a pig to the butcher when I want to eat bologna
Jesse Pentecost
Is this the "how its made" lady?
Alex Shelton
Alex Shelton Day ago
I hate mojo.. Let's us watch the clips and shut up! Now I gotta go look up every clip individually
Tarquinius Superbus
Hillary Clinton always appears so evil I would certainly think twice about making jokes about her in her presence.
Emma Day ago
Christopher Walken's impression of Christopher Walken was the best.
Sobrid Music
Sobrid Music Day ago
I know y'all just hating, but Jimmy Fallon as Trump talking to actual Trump was hilarious.
Wiki Woof
Wiki Woof Day ago
This video is a major disappointment. It would be nice to see the skits. There’s is no substance to be found.
Beth Walters
Beth Walters Day ago
The narrator needs to shut her mouth so we can hear the actors...it's all about SNL, not some obscure journalist.
Janice Kendricks
What about Eddy Murphy and Stevie Wonder. They should have made the list don't cha think?
mudgiesmom 2 days ago
This vid would have been waaaayyy better with a lot less voiceover. I feel we missed a lot of the “funny“ from the comedians and actors.
David Nappy Hoose
That was great but it would have been a lot better with a lot less narration. I would have much rather heard more of the impressions than the voice-over describing what I was watching.
sackingsjw55 2 days ago
This could be hilarious, if the narrator would stop doing a voice over instead of just letting us enjoy
Shannon Esherwood
The commentator just ruined this for me
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 2 days ago
Less talking more impressions please.
Flipside Jenkins
Flipside Jenkins 2 days ago
They're funny because of the similarity in voice, yet the only voice I hear is the narrator. Too bad.
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 3 days ago
This video is mistitled. It should be titled “Amazing impressions drowned out by someone who likes their own voice a little too much”. Or something like that.
Mitch 45
Mitch 45 3 days ago
Maybe if the narrator hadn’t talked over most of the highlights this would be a better clip
Swordsfor200Alex 3 days ago
Hey WatchMojo - Shut the F up so we can hear more actual clip audio instead of you talking.
Sorcha Donavan
Sorcha Donavan 3 days ago
Dana Carvey as Bush should have been on the list, and no Phil Hartman?
Cana Dude
Cana Dude 3 days ago
I would NEVER subscribe to WatchMojo for the same reason I didn't 3 years ago! The narration is 95% of the time and utterly annoying. I can't demand to get rid of narration altogether, but how about a little bit like 5% of the video?
Billy Jack
Billy Jack 3 days ago
You need to shut up so we can hear the skit.
James Lonergan
James Lonergan 3 days ago
I mean, STFU and let us hear it
Robert McArthur
Robert McArthur 3 days ago
Too much commentary! Can you just shut up and let us watch the clips?
Ron Gilbert
Ron Gilbert 4 days ago
I feel the need for more cowbell...if I could only hear it over the narration.
Bill Spaid
Bill Spaid 4 days ago
No Larry and Bernie?!?
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes 4 days ago
Like with every one else I’d like to actually hear the bloody impressions ffs
Star Wars Survival Guide
I think the best part is Christopher Walken impersonating Christopher Walken.
Cari Pier
Cari Pier 4 days ago
Got all the way to 2:39 before I just couldn't take the "announcer" for another second.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 4 days ago
The bustling pastry outstandingly record because tendency serendipitously puncture against a filthy arithmetic. odd, snotty texture
James Hicks
James Hicks 4 days ago
Hey woman narrating these MOJO clips. Can you shut the hell up?
Natty Duncan-Gilmour
im afraid the most iconic voice has to go to eather Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, or all state guy
Winthorpe III
Winthorpe III 4 days ago
Here's an idea -- stfu and let us listen to the impressions.
Jaime Munoz
Jaime Munoz 4 days ago
Eric Fair-Layman
Eric Fair-Layman 4 days ago
There's more narration than impression
William Smith
William Smith 4 days ago
Which video of me talking over these SNL impressions is YOUR favorite.🙄 SHUT UP LADY! we don’t need you to explain it. We can see it with our own eyes!!!!
Seth Higginbottom
Why don’t you just make a video of you talking? That’s apparently what you were going for here!
Sal Monella
Sal Monella 4 days ago
Funny how they didn't cover Biden falling UPstairs...🤔
Just another gamer
I wish I can enjoy the videos but this lady won't stop talking
Evil One
Evil One 4 days ago
Where's Jim Carrey??
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram 4 days ago
Just show the clips and shut your trap. No narration needed.
scienceboy20814 4 days ago
All I hear is her talking. All I care about is the impressions.
Edsmaureen 4 days ago
Why don’t you shut up so we can listen.
Emailus Genericus
Maybe stop so much so we can hear the impressions
byk_ Chainsaw
byk_ Chainsaw 4 days ago
SHOUT THE HELL UP and show the impressions
Turd Fergison
Turd Fergison 4 days ago
I’m surprised that Hilary Clinton didn’t swallow everyone’s souls on the show
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro 5 days ago
Just play the clips next time, so I can watch the full video.
Neon Buzzards
Neon Buzzards 5 days ago
1% footage of SNL, 99% annoying woman narrator blabbing on and on…
BadBoyDeGekste 5 days ago
God this commentary is annoying as fuck
Michael .Green
Michael .Green 5 days ago
The narrator needs to stop fecking talking. Its so annoying, just let the impressions be played
Inna M
Inna M 5 days ago
Can Rebecca, um, just shut up?
Rob Arsenault
Rob Arsenault 5 days ago
Barry Gibb looks a bit like Sam Kinison.
Eden Archive
Eden Archive 5 days ago
falon isn't even remotely funny.
Timmy Collins
Timmy Collins 5 days ago
I wish we could get these videos but with more content and less talking.
Stephen Creevy
Stephen Creevy 5 days ago
I actually made it to 9 minutes in before I had to stop watching, she talks more and more and more and more as it goes on.
areki 38
areki 38 5 days ago
Guys. This vid is a fail. Don't do that. The only thing the audience wants to see/hear is the actual impressions.
Tinkle Thrizu
Tinkle Thrizu 5 days ago
The narration is revolting!!!!
Board Game Knights
Sandler family reunion, and walken family reunion definitely belonged on here but I’m surprised the Carrey family reunion didn’t make it to the list
Robert Brauer
Robert Brauer 5 days ago
You talk too much, lady...
Mike 5 days ago
Do you ever shut up so we can watch this, just gave up WTF and what's the point, just listening to her. She just loves the sound of her own voice!
DJT 5 days ago
Could've shown the impressions instead of having your constant barrage of unnecessary information OVER the video content. Horrible job.
David Lovitz
David Lovitz 5 days ago
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin was pretty darn funny
Rick Sanchez C137
Stop talking over the comedy.....
Sky Flakesq
Sky Flakesq 5 days ago
0 commentary would have made this video watchable
Pat F
Pat F 5 days ago
Toooo much of your voice!!!!
Lorna J
Lorna J 5 days ago
Holy shit. Less talking, more showing me the clips.
Linda Maria Carrillo
Not even an Honorable Mention for Dan Ackroyd's impression of Tom Snyder? Someone didn't do their homework. It was perfect and hilarious.
pimpinaintdeadho 6 days ago
@9:21 *The One We Want, The One We Need*
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee 6 days ago
Is like to see Donald Trump on SNL
Michelle Alexander
wayyyy to much talking by the narrator and not enough of the actual content. I just can't subscribe or watch more than about two of these videos. I think you should actually implement the suggestions.
Adam Campetti
Adam Campetti 6 days ago
My favorite SNL Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person - can't believe yall missed it...When the cast impersonated Welcome Back Kotter, and then John Travolta showed up.. then they took the bit even further by having Lenny and Squiggy bust through the doors with their trade mark saying, "Heeelllllooooooo!!!"
Tyler Bishoff
Tyler Bishoff 6 days ago
this video is hard to watch. they lost the plot
sammie sammie
sammie sammie 6 days ago
would prefer just watching the clips without the long commentary.
blackrussiangirl 6 days ago
Wish I could hear the Janet Reno skit!
ahtan2000 6 days ago
You wonder why you get so many dislikes? Less talking, more showing please. Dumb
Seth Sprayberry
Seth Sprayberry 6 days ago
OMG will the narrator ever shut up and just let the shit play
Tim H.
Tim H. 6 days ago
Shut up lady. Shut up shut up
Tim H.
Tim H. 6 days ago
Shut up lady commentor
J Mitchell
J Mitchell 6 days ago
SNL use to be my favorite show back in the 80's
El Millonario
El Millonario 6 days ago
These impressions are terrible. Did not laugh at all.
Jzeaser 6 days ago
watching this is like watching a tv show with commercial breaks every 5 seconds
Bill Windle
Bill Windle 7 days ago
im sorry but for every 5 secs of actual video clips, theres 45 secs of the narrator going on and on. oh i do not find jimmy fallon funny at all...i just see / hear his fake laugh over and over
Narrator, please STFU.
David Watson
David Watson 7 days ago
Chad Fristsvold
Chad Fristsvold 7 days ago
It would be nice to actually see them. This sucks.
Shiva Ji
Shiva Ji 7 days ago
the only way to watch this vid, is to mute the chick talking through out it, what a pain in the ear.
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson 7 days ago
Where’s Norm?!?!
Kareem Bibi
Kareem Bibi 7 days ago
Narrator please SHUT UP!
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