Top 10 Small Details You Missed in Aladdin (2019)

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Top 10 Small Details You Missed in Aladdin (2019) // Subscribe: ruvid.net/u-MsMojo
These little touches will make you see the film in a whole new world ... oops, we mean a whole new light. Despite its high quality, great detail, and all the Disney magic that makes this movie an instant classic, there are always Easter Eggs that even the biggest Disney fans can miss. For this list, we’re taking a look at Easter Eggs and small tidbits that might’ve eluded you in the live-action remake of “Aladdin.” Join MsMojo as we walk you through the Easter Eggs You Missed in Aladdin 2019.
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Sep 6, 2019




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Comments 80
Ravi Agravāl
Ravi Agravāl 3 days ago
Please add subtitles. Auto generated captions are not very accurate.
NAOMY FRATES 3 days ago
Jasmine Johnston
Jasmine Johnston 8 days ago
You noticed the Cinderella’s Castle in this movie the first time you saw it? I saw Baymax from Big Hero 6 in snow sculpture form in Frozen 2 the first time I saw it!
Gab R
Gab R 9 days ago
the female disguise of will smith while singing "prince ali" a reference to his female dancer disguise at the film "wild wild west". as i see it, at least.
mroldnewbie 9 days ago
Weird how the princesses live in completely different time periods, but apparently also at the same time.
David Messer
David Messer 9 days ago
Some of these aren't really Easter eggs. They are just part of the movie. Like Cinderella's castle or the Disneyland map. You expect these things in a Disney movie after all. I didn't think to look for hidden Mickeys but I bet there are quite a few.
Danielek k
Danielek k 15 days ago
Hold up, if you pause the video on exactly 4:42 , either i'm crazy or does it look a lot like the lamp?
Patrick Hurley
Patrick Hurley 17 days ago
I really enjoyed this movie! The cartoon is by far one of my favorites, unfortunately it dated. I have to explain to my kids every 5 minutes who the Genie is impersonating. Rodney Dangerfield, Joan River and Jack Nicholson are not known by kids nor relevant. Also both Jasmine and the Sultan are real characters. Jasmine was better than most cartoon princesses but she is still a damsel in distress or a distressing damsel, either way.
Clare Coles
Clare Coles 20 days ago
Love that movie
Navy Hole Snipe
Navy Hole Snipe 28 days ago
Get your facts right! The "Prince" that he made was the Prince (Eddie Murphy) from "Coming to America"
H0rcrux Month ago
He wasn't just doing "Rambo," he also mimics "Rocky" when he says Jassssmiiine!
De’Shawn Wells
Nope yago was a joke and jafar was a joke those are Iconic moments in the Disney story Jafar needed to be ugly not handsome and atleast changed into the snake!!!! I forgot yago was even in the damn movie honestly Gilfer voice and role like Robins is sooo iconic you don’t just change that because you don’t want to deal with him that’s like James earl jones it was pretty lazy and made to look like a musical I was disappointed
Teresa Bentivegna
why is this video nessacery
Mystical Being
Mystical Being Month ago
Does anyone realize that Jamal's staff is the staff from Ninjago?
EdVibes TV
EdVibes TV Month ago
I think the Cave of Wonders is Scar from the Lion King.
Infinity Pirates
in all honesty, I noticed all of this on my first viewing no less, I realized after hearing the Cave of Wonders voice that this movie had Homages built right in shortly after I saw a Mickey in the Marketplace and knew that I had to pay attention... Glad I did too, Also you missed the fact that Will Smith made a few subtle comments that reflect Robin Williams
AandL Scalise
AandL Scalise Month ago
6:50 at least he did! He could not explain like most genies.
Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown Month ago
Can we talk about how cute the monkey is tho
md meera
md meera Month ago
Nice Jin acting
Wak Doj
Wak Doj Month ago
The sky lanterns should never be associated with Aladdin nor Tangled. The arabs and germans never knew sky lanterns. Only the chinese have them.
Addi Girl
Addi Girl Month ago
Um in the video did u say that the lion king tree was in the movie while jasmine and Aladdin were on the magic carpet because I watched the movie last night with my family and my mom saw the tree from the lion king.
Brianna Carr
Brianna Carr Month ago
The live action used Robin Williams voice at the end of “Friend like me”
Fullmetal Month ago
I guess the reason why I didn't see any of these details was because I didn't waste the money to see it.
• •—•TheBrilliantIdea•—• •
I watched the movie like a lot of times, I'm quite sure I didn't missed a thing.
Kitty Games
Kitty Games 2 months ago
I finally found the MsMojo channel. Lets see if i can get a good start with some likes.
ArTwIThRy 2 months ago
Has any one noticed that when the genie is describing Abobwa to Aladin and has like a flyer, I think it says Onward.
Gue Gue
Gue Gue 2 months ago
I actually saw carpet buliding the castle but I didn't know it was Cinderalla's.
Brooke Wilson Clemons
......I think
Brooke Wilson Clemons
2:32 that's the jolly Roger ship from the 1953 Disney animation Peter pan
ImmortalSparrow 2 months ago
You honestly think anyone missed the obivous reference to the animated movie in Genies drawing?
Brett Nelson
Brett Nelson 2 months ago
8:18 did anyone else feel chill run down there spine?😳🥶
Marv3Lthe1 2 months ago
The Disney castle appears one more time when Jasmin was looking in the maps to find Aladin's kingdom. in that map the castle was drawn.
John Vougias
John Vougias 2 months ago
One Easter egg that is dear to my heart is the icon of Saint Theodore the Tyro that appears in the Sultan's chambers.
Mystery Duck
Mystery Duck 2 months ago
Carpet did the Charlotten from fresh prince of bel air
shadiqul islam
shadiqul islam 2 months ago
Can you give me movie link
Tristan Dubois
Tristan Dubois 2 months ago
Bro the carpet making the castle was so obvious. It was funny when he threw the dust over it
Laura AHernandez
Laura AHernandez 2 months ago
2:10 genie and merchant are the only characters who have 4 fingers
Svetlana Proskurina
Svetlana Proskurina 2 months ago
My YouTube Diaries 123
My family and I noticed the free genie with jasmine’s helper on a boat and at the end so he was telling the story Edit: I saw some other Easter eggs in other Disney films
Quentin Shock
Quentin Shock 2 months ago
I didn't notice the flying carpet building a sandcastle when I first saw the movie, of course now I'm going to see it every time that I watch it now, but I can't help but feel like I saw the Magic Kingdom Castle in one of the scenes where there was a bunch of fireworks like in the scene where he's singing "a friend like me" it might just be my imagination but I swear that I've seen the castle somewhere in the midst of a bunch of fireworks
Quentin Shock
Quentin Shock 2 months ago
One thing I noticed about when Genie made the prince appear out of nowhere is that you never see him get rid of the prince after he makes him. Does that mean there's some loan random Prince wandering the desert until he dies from dehydration?
Leandra Pollidore
Leandra Pollidore 3 months ago
Actually in Friend Like Me, were both stunt doubles and actual dancers. It wasn't Will or Mena.
just a fan
just a fan 3 months ago
I never noticed that Scooby-Doo was Abu
Big Gunna886
Big Gunna886 3 months ago
I noticed that the actress playing jasmine is very attractive
Ghoul Legend
Ghoul Legend 3 months ago
I saw the sand castle and just didn't care
WiredGazelle 279
WiredGazelle 279 3 months ago
Small detail YOU missed. You guys said EE-Yago (EE-Iago) when it is pronounced Yah-go( Iago)
Polarized Panda9
Polarized Panda9 3 months ago
If you actually look it's not Cinderella's castle it's the Disney logo at the beginning and it's proven because carpet throws sand over it like the magic dust
toniodotcom 3 months ago
Why not Jim Carrey as the Genie???
toniodotcom 17 days ago
@Patrick Hurley Well... Jim Carrey isn't relevant anymore while he's starring in the recent Sonic.
Patrick Hurley
Patrick Hurley 17 days ago
Jim Carrey is not relevant anymore and he is not for his singing
Terrance McGaster
Terrance McGaster 3 months ago
Y’all forgot to mention the Carpet doing the Carlton before A friend like me starts playing
Eggie_ Dog
Eggie_ Dog 3 months ago
I saw the carpet make the causal, and you didn't see that he through the sand over it like how they do it at the beginning of most Disney movies
justintryba 3 months ago
They need to stop remaking these movies this remake sucked
Katerina Adriana Anastasia Aiglentina Hila-os
As a child, I kinda instinctually knew the merchant and genie were the same person
Adrien Agreste
Adrien Agreste 3 months ago
I didn't miss any of those
Kresnata Adi Waskito
Mrs Mojo are your husband from Powerpuff girl?
C & A
C & A 4 months ago
I noticed carpet building a castle
Queen Barb
Queen Barb 4 months ago
When I saw Iago as a massive bird in Aladdin 2019 I legitimately first thought of Rodan
Sanitized Octoling
Sanitized Octoling 4 months ago
I saw the carpet making the castle
My Life Chronicles
My Life Chronicles 4 months ago
Something you may have missed: Towards the end of "Friend Like Me", when Genie and Aladdin jump-split down the stairs, that is a homage to the Nicholas Brothers.
Tahimi XD
Tahimi XD 4 months ago
My husband and I totally saw the sand castle, also that scene where genie seems to imitates Rambo, he could also be imitating Rocky saying "Adrian"
CharlotteWallace01 4 months ago
actually the castle that carpet made was the disney castle because he trows sand over it like at the beginning of every disney film
Sorina Smadu
Sorina Smadu 4 months ago
It's stupid
William Mason
William Mason 4 months ago
In a dance screen genie and Aladdin jump down in to splits about 3 time theres a old black and white movie called stormy weather it’s stars a lot of dancers and jazz singers there’s also 2 brothers called the Nicholas brothers who do the exact dance move please RUvid it is very close
Chandini Ramnarine
Chandini Ramnarine 4 months ago
Actually, at 9:26 genie was imitating the Hindu God Lord Ram
Danyell Scott
Danyell Scott 4 months ago
Iago's color changes from mostly red to black with red tips when he becomes a large bird. Which are Jafar's main colors.
Dark Quaesar
Dark Quaesar 4 months ago
i noticed will smith carried the whole movie
lisandra74 4 months ago
Castle pops up on the map when he’s looking for Agraba too
Mo Hickman
Mo Hickman 4 months ago
In the animated, Jafar says "You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife." referring to Jasmine... In the new, she now sings "Speechless" about how she won't be speechless. A nice ironic touch
Alexandra Ayala
Alexandra Ayala 4 months ago
Also at the end you can see the magic carpet doing the Carlton 🤣
TeaFarts 4 months ago
Frank Walker sounds like Megatron still
the angry enderman
the angry enderman 4 months ago
I thought the castle was the castle from the first disney intro to there movies
Angela Pullen
Angela Pullen 4 months ago
The new schweinstein castle , aka, cinderella's castle, in Bavaria was built by King Ludwig III. You can tour the castle and see 19 rooms. If you don't want to take the 10 mile hike up the hill to the castle, you can pay for a horse and buggy ride.
Historymaker2001 4 months ago
They didn't just do Cinderella's castle. Carpet used sand to recreate the "fairy arc" over the top of the castle, too - 7:14 . So that's a complete logo insert, right into the movie.
Lina Zalez
Lina Zalez 4 months ago
There is also a connection between Tangled and Moana. The magic flower appears in the Moana animated film.
Christina Arzola
Christina Arzola 4 months ago
Uh....is it me, or is that Epstein temple in the back ground in the last kissing scene at the end of the movie? The 🤔😳
Maya Chavda
Maya Chavda 4 months ago
The Carlton dance is in the coreo for a split second in friend like me, just before after the splits moment :) x
MrAutobot390 4 months ago
Wait, Abu, Rajah, and the Cave of Wonders is voiced by the same guy who voices Scooby-Doo, Fred Jones, and Megatron? Huh.... learn something new every day
MrAutobot390 4 months ago
1:42 I mean if you've seen Aladdin and the King of Thieves (The second direct to video sequel) this was already proven
marco and Madison forever
Mena massoud is cute and dreamy
Eliana Goelzer
Eliana Goelzer 5 months ago
So many Disney movies have the floating lights
Madison Richard
Madison Richard 5 months ago
Do they have one of the animated movie of Aladdin
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