Top 10 One-Handed Catches of All Time | NFL

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Check out the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring one-handed catches of all-time in the NFL. Find out who comes in after Odell Beckham's catch against the Dallas Cowboys.
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Comments 80
Duane Kuhlow
Duane Kuhlow 17 days ago
Dear NFL, have you forgotten John Jefferson? I can think of at least 3 catches that should have made this list.
Irene Eide
Irene Eide 18 days ago
What about Doug Baldwin’s one handed snag against the Vikings?!
nesseiht gnay
nesseiht gnay Month ago
bullshit! disrespect to the GOD of one hand catches, randy moss
GyariSan1 Month ago
What about Michael Jordan?
Majid Harps
Majid Harps 2 months ago
This list is horrible
MM God
MM God 3 months ago
vCxmmpp 3 months ago
no randy on revis?
Its B0CK
Its B0CK 4 months ago
Doug Baldwin
GCV HAPPY 4 months ago
I don’t use gloves
MARTPERE 4 months ago
Wow no randy moss on derrel Revis
Super gamer Boy
Super gamer Boy 4 months ago
If they made a new one Keelan coles one handed catch would easily be one here
Ron McCown
Ron McCown 5 months ago
Number 6 was number 1
larry smith
larry smith 5 months ago
That booker catch was insane but where's gronks
truth Peace
truth Peace 5 months ago
Really,this list is BS,no John Jefferson, what about Sterling Sharpe, Stanley Morgan, really
Joe Wingfield
Joe Wingfield 7 months ago
In basketball terms, Odell made a half court and 1 with one hand
Daniel Olsen
Daniel Olsen 9 months ago
425 people are Randy Moss Fans. WHY WASNT HE IN HERE
Reek 11 months ago
No. 9 doesnt count,
Sky Blylevin
Sky Blylevin Year ago
Feel compelled to check for metal and magnets
Oskar GM
Oskar GM Year ago
Y'all forgot Doug Baldwin's catch.
I think the ones that are above the head are most impressive because they don't have the forearm to help them bring it in. When it's above the head, you can only use your hand.
Sterling Berling
Who is Odell he is good
Akash Patel
Akash Patel Year ago
DeAndre Hopkins is the new #1
Dallas Nelson
Dallas Nelson Year ago
What’s about randy moss ?
kay9ine Year ago
randy moss is not on here but danny amendola's catch that isn't even one handed is on here? wtf
See Thao Official
Odell did a 3 finger one handed catch that's the best
Aden McArdle
Aden McArdle Year ago
I knew he was playing against my Dallas cowboys
Tanner Nightingale
Fake Pats fans be like: Amendola was a Ram?!?!
kazimir aazov
kazimir aazov Year ago
1:51 dat synchonise concentration PogChamp
Heath Frimel
Heath Frimel Year ago
Look up Pierre Garcon catch
Daniel Brancheau
How about Marvin Harrison against the Titans. About the Mid 2000's
Debra Timms
Debra Timms Year ago
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Lit Family
Lit Family Year ago
Odell generation
Natalia Brown
Natalia Brown Year ago
Wow no grok
Sikmk 11
Sikmk 11 Year ago
Hey come look in my channel for some more highlights
LuigiLuger Year ago
What about Cole Beasley’s one handed catch behind him
Keith Clark
Keith Clark Year ago
Troy Polumalu's 2 one handed catches...2008 vs Chargers and 2009 season opener vs Titans
Keith Clark
Keith Clark Year ago
No John Jefferson who did it WITHOUT Sticky palm gloves ?
Jarvis Begay
Jarvis Begay Year ago
Where's Larry Fitz!!??
Kai 2k
Kai 2k Year ago
1:28 is an odell catch
Kai 2k
Kai 2k Year ago
My list top 3 OBJ 3:39 Jarvis Landry 1:28 Brandon Gibson 2:37
Kai 2k
Kai 2k Year ago
But odell did it with 3 fingers so he still king 3:39
Kai 2k
Kai 2k Year ago
And 2:37
Ricky Rodriguez
Hopkins had the obj catch before obj......no credit?
Ricky Rodriguez
No Deandre hopkins????????
Nikolas Robbins
We're was cole beaslys one handed catch behind his back
Keith Lynch
Keith Lynch 2 years ago
Randy Moss catch????
Akil Ellis
Akil Ellis 2 years ago
Where’s Odell
NihilTimendumEst 2 years ago
No Gronkowski one handed catch against the Broncos?!
Gavin Rockz -
Gavin Rockz - 2 years ago
Pff... I can do that with 2 hands...
Samchampion765 2 years ago
Antonio Cromartie pick where is it
Kashlyn R
Kashlyn R 2 years ago
Where ab at
Mr. Bluesman
Mr. Bluesman 2 years ago
Stop da 30 second ads!
Aylin Gocen
Aylin Gocen 2 years ago
3:26 Lets go giants!
Sé Bastien
Sé Bastien 2 years ago
Odell and Jarvis come from an other planet 👽 LSU fans were really lucky.
M A G A 2 years ago
10 and 2 should be higher
game freak show 35 greene
I'm glad that Odell was 1
Kunal Chawla
Kunal Chawla 2 years ago
Coming into this, we all knew what number 1 was.
Zack 2 years ago
*Loyd catch remains the greatest one ever*
met0929 2 years ago
0:23 like like
hilo 2 years ago
9s the best
Red Raptors
Red Raptors 2 years ago
of course that crybaby odell who got lucky and caught that football is in number.1. I did not see carson wentz balling his eyes out after he tore his acl too
David Martínez
David Martínez 2 years ago
Which is the background song? pls
مدونة المبتدئ للربح من الانترنيت مدونة المبتدئ
Woow woow it's the best Match today Liverpool 2-2 ottenham Watch all goals velocicosm.com/Hpda
stripper 2 years ago
Where's David tyree
Nick Philipp
Nick Philipp 2 years ago
Where is Doug Balwind? The Catch of the year...
Colton Dunn
Colton Dunn 2 years ago
Where’s Randy Moss?!?!? 🖕🏻
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez 2 years ago
odell's catch is the most overrated play in nfl history just like Odell is the most overrated player in the nfl because of that catch
Raymond Byron
Raymond Byron 2 years ago
No Randy Moss? ???
cherry ice cream
cherry ice cream 2 years ago
#10 shouldn't be on this list...... are you kidding me?
Evan Darrow
Evan Darrow 2 years ago
Is everybody forgetting Odell caught that with three fingers?
Gabe Salinas
Gabe Salinas 2 years ago
Ronald Curry's touchdown catch in the snow vs the Broncos should've been on here
Jorey Slucjwix
Jorey Slucjwix 2 years ago
Where is Paul Richardson vs lions one handed catch it was like #2
cool cool
cool cool 2 years ago
What about the catch by Doug Baldwin
Aguertin4672 2 years ago
Deandre Hopkins ?!?
SeamusTheFamous Claude
In my opinion Jarvis Landry had a way better one- handed snag than obj
Falfieri 2 years ago
I am somewhere at the top left of the thumbnail
James DDonohoe
James DDonohoe 2 years ago
I think the Danny amendola one was the best
Tobias Kristiansen
Tobias Kristiansen 2 years ago
Where is doug Baldwin
Chase Olen
Chase Olen 2 years ago
Am I the only one who didn't know Danny amendola was on the rams?
Ness 2 years ago
No randy or deandre one handers? C'mon
Glenn Close
Glenn Close 2 years ago
Troy Polamalu one handed interception against SD didn’t make this list at all??
fattestruss 2 years ago
How is Marvin Harrison not on this list? ruvid.net/video/video-usKkYLRsIHs.html
Ariel Haas
Ariel Haas 2 years ago
Is Beckham in this?
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