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Watch the Top 10 finishes in the history of NASCAR on FOX.
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May 5, 2013




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Comments 80
Vicius 5 days ago
I expected McQueen's tounge finish here, disappointed
Ariella deSouza
Ariella deSouza 18 days ago
My kind of driving and speed... forget a pace car SO CUTE lol
Marsupio Wallace
Tailgating mfs
d c
d c Month ago
as someone who never watched NASCAR but has seen Cars, this is exactly like cars
BlueMana Month ago
#4 where did gordon get loose cuz i didnt see it
Alexander Repollo
I’ve never seen such a close finish 😱
pepe torres
pepe torres Month ago
real racing 3 muitas corridas
Great video
Дмитрий Матушкин
11:29 Can anybody explain me, why is number 20 printed upside down? It seems quite ironic to me xD
_Derwix Month ago
Zygzak Mcqueen
Michael Rodriguez
That’s the major flaw with NASCAR. You take your opponent out, and you get rewarded with going up to his position. You see this time and time again.
Packle- Kacklebutonpc
it makes it a demolition derby sometimes and its actually good for nascar
America Month ago
imagine how upset those SR/JR crybaby fans wouldve been if gordon won that lol.
G and J Productions
That 2004 rockingham finish was exactly like the 2001 rockingham finish with Steve park and Bobby labonte
Kermit the Hermit
BRaD keSLoWskI wOn ThIs RaCE Me: NAhhhhhhhhh
Brendan Kelby
Brendan Kelby Month ago
Poor Number 07😭😭
Jay Gibbs
Jay Gibbs 2 months ago
yooo nascar is kinda lit
Fettah Eker
Fettah Eker 2 months ago
Nowadays it's like formula one 200 meters each for finishing the race every week
Jude Leyden
Jude Leyden 2 months ago
What about Cruz Ramirez barrel rolling over Jackson Storm?
Phantom NASCAR 24
Phantom NASCAR 24 2 months ago
Listen to 3:11 at 0.25 lmfao
Matt 2 months ago
6:30 what a coward.
Ryan Sorrow
Ryan Sorrow 2 months ago
I’ll never understand and always be hurt by Carl leaving. I was just getting into racing and liked Jimmie some going into that 2005 Atlanta race, I left that race a lifelong Carl Edwards fan. NASCAR isn’t the same without him
Nicholas Lynch
Nicholas Lynch 2 months ago
I think the Final Best Finish was a tie
himynameisangel1 2 months ago
Darrel waltrip is the worst
Football Villan56
Football Villan56 2 months ago
Anyone else believe at #2 where Johnson that Edwards could have won if the flag was a little farther away him and biffle were flying
Tammie A
Tammie A 2 months ago
#4 should be #1. And why NASCAR changed Atlanta to look like every other track is beyond me. Atlanta was the ONLY true oval.
Sinanjux 2 months ago
Mike A
Mike A 2 months ago
I'm a Mark Martin fan, but I'll never understand the people who think that the '07 Daytona 500 should have ended under yellow 200 yards before the finish line. Why in the world would NASCAR not let that go to the line? And thank dog that they did!
Ohio Against The World
holy balls, that announcer actually made a Ricky Bobby reference at 7:10
Axalta Cup Series
Axalta Cup Series 3 months ago
6:09 Pause the vid. Edward's came down on Keslowski and Keslowski had nowhere to go. If he went below the line he would be penilized and wouldnt win. Nothing Brad could have done there.
KakashiXIV 3 months ago
The 2003 Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 will forever be the greatest race in Nascar. For anyone who wants to know why, look up S1apsh0es video on it.
Don't Listen to This Podcast
Is this the Dragonball Z narrator?
Jake Toth
Jake Toth 3 months ago
I loved that tandem racing. The racing doesn't compare today to the racing just 10 years ago.
Jake Toth
Jake Toth 3 months ago
I remember that 2009 talledega race like it was yesterday. Also probably my earliest Nascar memory and sports memory. I watched that right here in the room I'm sitting in now.
CDark_Rose 3 months ago
Gives me nostalgia
Aveves Silva
Aveves Silva 3 months ago
Nascar is dead.
Your Name
Your Name 3 months ago
● *20* ●
Adam A
Adam A 3 months ago
2007 daytona was heart breaking as a Mark Martin fan...so close
Randy McMakin
Randy McMakin 3 months ago
Dodge wins 1 and 2 on the 50th anniversary of the Daytona 500!!! Woo hoo!!!
Marko Ingram
Marko Ingram 3 months ago
#2 is #1.
meme lord
meme lord 3 months ago
13:05 car 24 just needed to stick his tongue out to win
Fettah Eker
Fettah Eker 2 months ago
Lightning mqueen
ProRacerT45 Gaming
ProRacerT45 Gaming 3 months ago
I aggressively with your number one pick
Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh 3 months ago
Kevin Harvicks win in the 29 was the win that NASCAR needed along with Dale Jr. Winning Daytona a few weeks later to
Julner the Living Death
i wanna be a nascar driver. any tips on how?
nxlxn 3 months ago
I will never not get teary eyed seeing Harvick win 3 weeks after Dale died.
Micah Callahan
Micah Callahan 3 months ago
I remember most of these. Especial #1 what they didn't tell you is that it was pontiac last race and cravens first win...I remember going to school the next day and telling everyone I knew...the whole race was awesome but man that finish
Flat Earther
Flat Earther 3 months ago
BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu
BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu 4 months ago
I miss the old nascar.
Extraordinary 4 months ago
And to think this was supposed to be a talladega race.
Diecastbuffet 6 months ago
God I love Nascar on FOX.
Veronica Jackson
Veronica Jackson 6 months ago
That is the mls on fsn theme
FPVREVIEWS 7 months ago
"the cars are drivin' terrible". "Not they're drivin good"!! It's all in the perspective..
Matt Simon
Matt Simon 9 months ago
I'm really happy I dont have listen to waltrip anymore...i respect him and everything hes done for the sport but I will not miss his voice at all.
Genuine Gameplays
Genuine Gameplays 9 months ago
Nascar is a dying sport... Rally is where it's at. ruvid.net/video/video-0uJF-hz0PV0.html
Rashin Salter
Rashin Salter 9 months ago
Number 3 best finish I've ever seen
Superbird43 9 months ago
B R A D K E S E L O W S K I H A S W O N T H I S R A C E!
Willie Ward
Willie Ward 10 months ago
I was just watching CARS and decided to see what racing was actually like🤷🏾‍♂️
Hawk Lord
Hawk Lord 10 months ago
Do you like NASCAR, right? Try with this: Argentinian TC (with 6 cylinders!) ruvid.net/video/video-96WBTOVXESI.html
[ Insert Name Here ]
[ Insert Name Here ] 10 months ago
"Have you ever?" "No I've never"
not another underfag
Insert reply here
Player 1
Player 1 10 months ago
And why is it that I've never watched a Nascar race fully....yet I know so many of these Drivers names
Max Wilds
Max Wilds 11 months ago
rich little kid
Echo 11 months ago
"Kenseth edges Kahne" uhh... Sounds interesting for kasey.
Mr. Charizard
Mr. Charizard 11 months ago
Fun fact: that talladega finish was keslowski’s first win
John Smith
John Smith 6 months ago
He was racing on a part time schedule.
Kyle General Carpenter
I miss bump drafting
jordy b
jordy b 11 months ago
9:14 the definition of doing it for dale
MGonline1209 11 months ago
I never watched NASCAR on tv but i played nascar 2005 chase for the cup so much as an 8 year old that it feels like I never missed anything 😂😭 its the only reason i still remember most of their names and the cars they drove. It felt really nostalgic watching this, especially the ones from around 2005 because it reminded me of the awesome car models from that time, the familiar names, and all the laps i had driven (theoretically) myself 😂 I even have a small collection of 1/64th scales from that time too... NASCAR seemed to be pretty big back then, I wonder how its doing now. Either way, I am glad I had some NASCAR in my childhood 🏆 I gotta try out another game sometime 🏁
Nolan Stanton
Nolan Stanton 11 months ago
3:10 autism
Kimberliy Rubino
Kimberliy Rubino 11 months ago
Lgono wins the RACE
Kanaltauchreiniger44 11 months ago
The situation on 6:10 is like Chick hicks vs King
Yusuf Çiftci
Yusuf Çiftci Month ago
I was looking for this comment :DD
jason dirt
jason dirt 11 months ago
Jeff Gordon lifted and let Harvick win
Oozywolf 11 months ago
6:20 is a thing of beauty. What a win lol.
I miss the old enjoyable commentary and how fun the races were to watch. Haven't watched a race since 2012. It just doesn't have that fun vibe anymore, but I'll still be a fan of the sport.
Henry Coldrain
Tan Tan
Tan Tan Year ago
Brits and French killed real Motorsports in Europe thats what is left for real fans Great Show
Brooke Hollister
i just watched this and my neck got redder
Meggan Logan
Meggan Logan Year ago
I think the number 1 finish was the wrong call
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