Top 10 Mythical Weapons and Items

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These objects are the stuff of legend. For this list, we’re looking at legendary weapons, amulets, and relics from various mythologies. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mythical Items.
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10. Ruyi Jingu Bang
9. Argo
8. Aladdin’s Lamp
7. Mjölnir
6. Apollo’s Bow
5. Golden Fleece
4. Armor of Achilles
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Comments 80
Extraterrestrial Horse
Mjolnir should have been #2. Shit list. Dislike.
iron Flower revolution
I think they should put covenant of ark should number 1
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 2 months ago
...the holy grail isnt a cup.
Da-Dragon Plays
Da-Dragon Plays 4 months ago
The spear that can pierce anything vs Aegis, the shield which cannot be pierced, nor damaged Who would win? (I believe the shield, for the spear is never stated to never tire, nor is it stated to be unable to break, so the spear shall break before the shield is pierced, and thus the shield wins)
Robert Mendez
Robert Mendez 5 months ago
If i had Rick's portal gun i could have all these items plus all seven dragon balls. 😃
edmond santos
edmond santos 6 months ago
Basically # 2 is rick harrison
Carson S
Carson S 6 months ago
Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom.
de dominator5503
de dominator5503 6 months ago
Here's one the seven league boots
Jacob Carr
Jacob Carr 6 months ago
Ah shit, here we go again... EXCALIBUR IS NOT THE SWORD IN THE STONE, THAT WAS A DIFFERENT SWORD CALLED CALIBURN AND THATS HOW ARTHUR BECAME KING, the lady of the lake LATER gave Arthur Excalibur when he was already king. Both swords are separate and Disney once again is the culprit of bastardization.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 6 months ago
Where Stormbreaker?
Brandon Prater
Brandon Prater 6 months ago
FUN FACT: In Arthurian lore, after the nameless "sword in the stone" breaks in battle, Merlin is tasked by Arthur to find an "unbreakable" sword. Merlin returns from the Lady of the Lake (gateway to Avalon) with a blade forged by magic (but not magical itself). Described to "Shine as bright as 30 torches" & (I hope I'm quoting this right...) "With enough might, all things before Excalibur become 2". And with Excalibur always being depicted as the sword in the stone, no one knows what it actually looks like... all things considered, I think Excalibur is made of diamond! 💎👈😎👍
Vinícius Gemellaro
Vinícius Gemellaro 6 months ago
The philosopher stone should be on the list
Last Wizard of the Century
Da Fabulous Lya200
Da Fabulous Lya200 6 months ago
I actually have a battle-ready replica of Excalibur from Darksword Armory, and it is my most prized possession XD I feel so awesome whenever I am wielding it.
Kevin Lane
Kevin Lane 6 months ago
You left out the Spear of Longinus, which would probably be as powerful as the Holy Grail. Also, I would prefer the Holy Grail, or any other items that can restore youth, cure diseases and heal injuries.
Thomas Alexanian
Thomas Alexanian 6 months ago
Mjolnir is awesome
Reptile 25991
Reptile 25991 6 months ago
Damn I honestly don’t know what object I’d go on a quest for
Ayush Khandelwal
Ayush Khandelwal 6 months ago
You people missed out a ton of mythical weapons and relics from Hindu mythology.
gaming doctor
gaming doctor 6 months ago
it'll be interesting how some of the weapons in the list fair against sudarshana chakra and brahmanastra.
Zombie Sheep
Zombie Sheep 6 months ago
Are they really a myth?! Or just hidden somewhere forgotten OoO
ImOnlyJustSaying 6 months ago
Number 10, Goku's weapon in Dragon Ball
dimitris ratza
dimitris ratza 6 months ago
Poseidon's trident ?!?
JesseMB27 6 months ago
Well of course such a weapon should be #1, thus here is a song to fit the occasion: "Excalibur!... Excalibur!... From the United Kingdom, I'm looking for him, I'm going to Californiaaa~"
MarvelGeekify 6 months ago
Kind of disappointed that the Soul Eater version of Excalibur wasn't shown :(
Tim Casey
Tim Casey 6 months ago
No mention of the Spear of Destiny?
LazyTV 6 months ago
I kind of wish they made this into 2 separate lists....Top 10 Mythical Weapons and the other would be Top 10 Mythical Items (That are not primarily used as weapons)...but hey...c'est la vie...
emrah şimşek
emrah şimşek 6 months ago
still my favourite is the genie magic lamp of all the mythical weapons and items.
Simon Vikhammer
Simon Vikhammer 6 months ago
Mjolnir on 7th, but a sword that shines likes a few torches on 1st?? Wielding a force of nature vs a flashlight. Ok..
UCHIHA ML 6 months ago
Well you better also include indian gods mythic weapons... Greek weapon are nothing ;)...
newageBoundhippie 6 months ago
the Master Sword? the Triforce? the Dragon Balls?
Rodney Prill
Rodney Prill 6 months ago
The KDX 6 months ago
No Bhramastr? Shiva's Trident or Indra Vajr
Alex Dolce
Alex Dolce 6 months ago
The dragon Balls
Outside _85
Outside _85 6 months ago
4... eh, why? Achilles best known quality was that he was invulnerable to harm after his mother dipped him in the Styx while he was an infant, the heel was the only place that wasn't submerged because thats where she was holding him. So what does he need armor for? I'd go for Mjolnir if I was to go for any of these, it's just cooler to be able to summon storms than rule Britan. :)
john carter
john carter 6 months ago
I think I would rather have the power of Thor rather than ruleing over Great Britain with Excalibur.
Gameplay Walkthrough by IIINewestIII
bro who is better thor or captain marvel? i think this video would help u decide ruvid.net/video/video-Ywxcd-qs-BA.html
Fail Rider
Fail Rider 6 months ago
The Source
The Source 6 months ago
Infinity gauntlet #1
slojoe58 6 months ago
Akhil Nair
Akhil Nair 6 months ago
Was really hoping Zeus's bolt to be there .
Mark Pogi Peterson
Mark Pogi Peterson 6 months ago
7 dragon balls.
Ruth Gill
Ruth Gill 6 months ago
For Excalibur you could have shown some scenes from The Librarians.
David Anaya
David Anaya 6 months ago
Philosophers/sorcerers stone!?????
jacob drolet
jacob drolet 6 months ago
Pedro Llauró
Pedro Llauró 6 months ago
The Sword in the stone and Excalibur are not the same weapon you uncultured swine.
TobiDyLetsPlay100 6 months ago
We will never find the Grail or Excalibur because we don't know where Avalon lies
RC BG 6 months ago
Caliburn is the sword in the Stone
kartikey gupta
kartikey gupta 6 months ago
Many things are left.....
Vinay Tanwar
Vinay Tanwar 6 months ago
Ever heard of Ramayana or Mahabharata !!!
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano 6 months ago
Who doesn’t love magic?
Some Guy
Some Guy 6 months ago
MMGaming10 6 months ago
Not one dragon ball, or millennium item
syra danielle
syra danielle 6 months ago
I would just try to get the lamp and then wish for everything else on the list😂
dakkuri1 6 months ago
there was two swords in the legend of excaliber. the one he pulled from the stone to prove his worth as king. the other sword was given to him by the lady of the lake
dakkuri1 6 months ago
it good you got pandora box right. it was a jar, not a box
《GUY》 overizen
《GUY》 overizen 6 months ago
0:46 my face when i just know assesment is tommorow but didn"t study
Nicholas Ustianowski
What about Zeus's lighting bolt
Master Daniel M. GODLIKE
N word pass is above god tier level don't try it will destroy the multiverse
Sankalp Kalangutkar
Sankalp Kalangutkar 6 months ago
Where is that ark from raiders of the lost ark
Sir WafflesXX
Sir WafflesXX 6 months ago
Lightsabers? Anyone?
jeevanandam padamanaban
Remember #10 item comes in naruto as staff of Hirusan Sarutobi
Sharil Shahed
Sharil Shahed 6 months ago
Rather than that, it's more commonly remembered as inspiration for Goku's power pole.
Erring Degree789
Erring Degree789 6 months ago
Happy friday 13th
Xue Lee
Xue Lee 6 months ago
Is this a crossover?
senko ukura
senko ukura 6 months ago
Aladdin's lamp duh. Step 1) wish for these plus all other magic items, the dragon balls, Millennium items ect. Step 2) new world order Step 3) profit.
Manju Pant
Manju Pant 6 months ago
Manda...needs 100 sacrifices
KGODGAMING_44 6 months ago
Danny Joestar
Danny Joestar 6 months ago
7:23 didn't see that one coming.
Tomatosauce with noodles
Horn of Plenty! HA! got u again! ^^
The Unclave
The Unclave 6 months ago
#1 toothpaste that 10/10 dentists would recommend
Tyranitar Series
Tyranitar Series 6 months ago
Where is the Saint Corpse?
DV CA 6 months ago
annnnnd you totally missed the legend of the missing socks after doing laundry. most of you guys can find your socks under your bed tho
Tyranitar Series
Tyranitar Series 6 months ago
You talk about a Greek bow but you're showing scenes of Naruto
joe junior
joe junior 6 months ago
Shit I just got chills hearing Excalibur
Average Youtuber
Average Youtuber 6 months ago
No. 1- The Szechuan sauce It's so powerful, it was actually true! And only the few know the taste of it.
terrorcop101 6 months ago
I'd have put the Holy Grail in Spot 1 because it's the artifact most famously sought after in real life.
Al M
Al M 6 months ago
They clearly wanted Thor 3 to be goofy. Why not adapt the myth that would have called for a cross dressing Chris Hemsworth?
Bryan Schaefer
Bryan Schaefer 6 months ago
I'm disappointed that they didn't use scenes from Soul Eater for Excalibur.
Juan T
Juan T 6 months ago
The 10mm socket should be number 1.
Juan T
Juan T 6 months ago
"It's the Lady of the Lake! She screams and then she kills!" +2 points to whoever remembers this.
anime pagalpanti
anime pagalpanti 6 months ago
Where are dragon balls 😑
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