Top 10 Must-Know Verbs When Cooking

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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 25
Yasumi Ⓥ
Yasumi Ⓥ 7 months ago
リサ先生ありがとう~ HOMEWORK: use this vocabulary to share simple local recipes from your country :D じゃ、出身地からのレシピを教えてあげてみます。。。 ::ぶどう葉巻き!:: (アラビアの料理) 材料は: 米(2カップ) 野菜(オニオン、トマト、ピーマン、パセリ、50グラムずつ) ぶどう葉ビン(~500グラム) レモンジュースいっっっっぱい! 塩大さじ1 作り方: 1.米を洗って、1時間ぐらい水に置いて。 2.野菜を切って、米と混ぜて。 3.炊飯器に入れて、水を4カップ加えて、10分ぐらい炊いて。 4.野菜ご飯を塩とレモンジュースと味付けをして。 5.ぶどうの葉に少しずつに入れて、巻き寿司のように巻いて。 6.炊飯器のなべに油をひいて、ぶどう葉巻きをしっっっかり並べて。 7.水をぶどう葉巻きの上部に加えて、重く丸い皿を上に置いて、ふたを閉めて。 8.約1時間炊いて。 出来ました!パチパチパチ 熱いか冷たいかどちらで食べることができて美味しいですよ!
agirl 432
agirl 432 7 months ago
No one: Still no one: Me at 3 Am: Mash the rice in the plastic bag. (1:15)
No other Like my own skin
Reading 2/5 Writing 3/5 Listening 4/5 Speaking 2.5/5 Japanese language able Incorporate the Japanese version of Games like Nintendo Switch. Watching RUvid content in Japanese. Watching my favorite content but have Japanese subtitles on RUvid. Continue my Japanese book of comprehension & grammar. Started diary writing what I do in a day or and plan for activities for my life in Japanese. Feeling comfortable speaking Japanese to myself. For 2020 goals in Japanese. My personal Japanese continuation of my life since 2012.
Nick Nick
Nick Nick 7 months ago
Arigato Gozaimas
Real Fact
Real Fact 7 months ago
Risa, how can I learn kanji..?
theharper1 7 months ago
vegnewb 7 months ago
She’s a cutie.
Shikhar DeVille
Shikhar DeVille 7 months ago
She's so cute 😂😂
Frank Joseph Daniels
Hi Risa! It’s always good to see you!
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty 7 months ago
ありがと りさ
DMITRI 7 months ago
هل يمكنكم وضع مثل هذا بالعربية؟
Ray Almonte
Ray Almonte 7 months ago
How do you cook yourself? 🤔
Marco Simple1 International World
you are funny Risa
Teacher Fernando
Teacher Fernando 7 months ago
Hahaha awesome class
U Khun Mya Mg
U Khun Mya Mg 7 months ago
Thank you
Shekh Mustak
Shekh Mustak 7 months ago
i like your voice.your voice is very nice.
Jean Claude vom Deich
Risaaaaa i love youuuuu!!!!
Ina O
Ina O 7 months ago
Please don't speak slower. We need a natural pace.
Aladato 7 months ago
Great for those that watch Food Wars :D
martin kullberg
martin kullberg 7 months ago
Cute Risa😁 I noticed the infinitief verbs end in -aru,-eru, ~suru , and sometimes in -u.
Amaterasu7799勇弥 7 months ago
U right and have "DA" means to be ... Bejita asoko daaaa!😁 thanks for interested in Japan
IntotheFire 7 months ago
I would like to cook you Risa
Scott MacDonald
Scott MacDonald 7 months ago
Yukuri kudasai onegashimasu
joe prast
joe prast 7 months ago
please when speaking Japanesse be a little slower , I was always confused about🙏🙏🙏
joe prast
joe prast 7 months ago
@milk chocholate Thankyou brow
Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate 7 months ago
Also if it’s slow you’ll never understand it in real time. Try rewinding it a bunch, and copying what she says
Ina O
Ina O 7 months ago
You can slow it down yourself with RUvid,
花見ガチャ 7 months ago
Awww your so かわいい
Saifo Wahsh
Saifo Wahsh 7 months ago
IntotheFire 7 months ago
hmm.. am i the first? no views yet. と一緒いっしょに歳としをとっていきたい. 僕ぼくのために毎朝まいあさみそ汁しるをつくってくれませんか?
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