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Oct 8, 2017




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Comments 1 469
Ex Hound
Ex Hound 2 days ago
He is listening to them through the earbuds
a Loboda
a Loboda 4 days ago
3:04 am I missing something? How does Feldman have 0% chance to win? If a heart comes out he will have a flush
Big Uzi Vert
Big Uzi Vert 4 days ago
Oh it’s because it’s supposed to be ace of diamonds not heart
Big Uzi Vert
Big Uzi Vert 4 days ago
yeah wtf
Re su
Re su 7 days ago
not even close
Max Montoya
Max Montoya 7 days ago
Can someone explain how the first play was won? Was it a straight? I'm trying to learn poker and I don't understand that part
Jacqui Penar
Jacqui Penar 5 days ago
yup, he had a straight. but don't you ever use this type of play unless you're big stack. this play is very very risky
Linus 8 days ago
I guess I'm glad I already had a adblocker installed :D
Adam Grizzly
Adam Grizzly 9 days ago
It's amazing how Tom Dwan can make such a terrible call on a preflop raise with 3,5 offsuit and people give him praise for being a great player. This was a donkey ass call and a terrible play all around. He deserves 0 credit for this bullshit ass hand. 9 times out of 10 he's flopping nothing and drawing dead. Terrible play. Especially for that amount of money. It would be hard for me to not whoop his ass after losing to that shitty ass hand with all that money at stake. Fuck Tom Dwan.
RK Park
RK Park 13 days ago
this is too much..
billy brien
billy brien 16 days ago
You have to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.
robert mcghie
robert mcghie 18 days ago
folded pocket kings preflop WTF,,5 yes 5 pocket pairs preflop,gawd dang man, u should add a few more adds brother, coin it in, sell ur soul xxx
Cart00nz 71
Cart00nz 71 20 days ago
10% poker 90% ads
Brad Swarm
Brad Swarm 20 days ago
I’m so confused.. why would Feldman have no chance or be at 0% when he had a flush draw?
Nick Chuey
Nick Chuey 17 days ago
if you look at it again, the visual display was incorrect. The "Ace" on the flop was actually a diamond not a heart. I was stumped too at first lol
BigHoss81 18 days ago
Same... and he hit the flush at the end
Kyle Is Dead
Kyle Is Dead 27 days ago
That call with the flush was the dumbest shit i ever seen.
ilhan D
ilhan D 29 days ago
37:33 fuckkkkk
Manoj Madhukar
Manoj Madhukar Month ago
Why wasn't Tom dwan worried about a possible flush???
AudioAndroid Month ago
At 4:28 the raise was the best play with the trips
Himekiy Month ago
did anyone else notice in the very first hand shown the pot/card display on the right bottom corner shows 4 clubs/8 hearts/ Ace hearts, but the Ace is a diamond on the actual table. watch from 2:00 - 2:15. thought it was funny; kinda through me off for a sec.
Simple Figure
Simple Figure Month ago
retards complaining about ads even thou theyre aware of youtube premium and the fact all channels have been fucked over by constant adpocolypses
Titus Maddern
Titus Maddern Month ago
Everyone complaining about ads... imagine having RUvid Premium? 🙃
George Chou
George Chou Month ago
QuantumApex Month ago
When everyone complains about ads but you have RUvid Red
Aegon Conqueror
Aegon Conqueror Month ago
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temzei K
temzei K Month ago
15:00 is it some Hollywood scence AA,KK,QQ,77 pair
Mike Bastoni
Mike Bastoni Month ago
I never fold king's at least want to see flop
Noth Ing
Noth Ing Month ago
Top 10 most annoying ads in a RUvid video
Tuxedo Freedom
Tuxedo Freedom Month ago
Duwwan = chicharito
Arjun Vachhani
Arjun Vachhani Month ago
Just buy RUvid premium guys and stop complaining about it.
Arjun Vachhani
Arjun Vachhani Month ago
@SleepingLion29 i came to comment section to read good comments but this is what i found.
SleepingLion29 Month ago
People can complain about whatever they want. Know your place
Daemond Rogan
Daemond Rogan Month ago
I smell stacked deck dealt at 15:00. Pocket Aces, pocket Kings, pocket Queens, pocket 7's AND pocket 5's in the deal?? C'mon now.
baseballsux2 Month ago
What's so amazing about these hands? Seriously? Certainly doesn't warrant sitting through all the adverts. I'm out (made it to 15:02)
Rikki Panero
Rikki Panero Month ago
Liam3838 Month ago
Can someone tell me how the guy won the first hand? He didn’t have a straight or any better hand
Liam3838 Month ago
​@Saveth Yonn thanks for the reply, im talking about the hand with Tom Dwan and Masa Kagawa, i figured it out though, i didnt know Ace's could count as a 1 for Dwan's strait
Saveth Yonn
Saveth Yonn Month ago
Liam3838 he won because Phil didn’t call him when he push all in.
Jinxy cat
Jinxy cat Month ago
In the first hand the Ace that was showing in the graphic on the right bottom of the screen was a heart. The Ace on the board though was a diamond. I was confused as to how the guy with 10-9 of hearts was 0% on the flop until I realized he didn't actually have a flush draw.
dale parker
dale parker Month ago
www.boomplayer.com/31634124_E8B30B3E1A When Pokerstars rigs rake and have personal bots play to win to increase their profit.
dale parker
dale parker Month ago
Same tournament, and i get back to a decent stack and then this somehow happens www.boomplayer.com/31634273_582D0CC2B4
CIIZAR Month ago
anyone realized, that the depiction of the board was mistaken, because it made the ace of diamonds to a ace of hearts? That explains why after the flop feldman had only 7 % equity with a flushdraw, which was shown in the graphic, while in reality the equity was correctly, because he didn't have one.
Harekal Month ago
What is the casino game name?
GusS RP Month ago
33:45 Best fold!!!! In history poker profesional !!!
Lance H
Lance H Month ago
Can Kallakis hollywood any harder with his aces? He's making every face imaginable to look like he's torn, then casually shoves and immediately becomes the life of the table, smiling at everyone.
It would take everything in me to not ask Dwan wtf he is looking at. Lmao
Aidan Wraithe
Aidan Wraithe Month ago
am i dumb? I don't understand the masa Kagawa play, how did tom dwan win?
Wacky Ninja
Wacky Ninja Month ago
im wondering the same thing, masa had three of a kind and dwan barley had a straight??? Even then, Masa still had high card too
Gut Eater
Gut Eater Month ago
The first one . Theres also a flush . Shame he fold it .aaaaatrrrrrgh
Gut Eater
Gut Eater Month ago
@Campbell Galon yeah I just realize it . Damn that error, the commentator doesnt say anything about it
Campbell Galon
Campbell Galon Month ago
It was a graphics mistake. Actually the board had Ad not Ah
________ Month ago
KK 😂😂😂😂
Stef Kreppal
Stef Kreppal Month ago
how can u prove this betting method to work every time ?
Lex Coupe
Lex Coupe 2 months ago
I was subbed but after all these ads I think I'm gone.
Marty MacFly
Marty MacFly 2 months ago
Just watched only the first hand. What kind of adrenaline rush do you get if you win the amount of money to buy a house immediately?
Ministry of Margin Trading
Khan G
Khan G 2 months ago
I'm the Biggest Fan of Tom Dawn
luke mcmillan
luke mcmillan 2 months ago
that board has more scars than rambo
PAPA TIMA 2 months ago
2:38 why flush is 0%? It meens that straight is better? Wtf???
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Matt 2 months ago
First hand it said 0% but he woulda hit flush WTF
Kurowata89 2 months ago
that is a mistake. there is no ace heart, it is a ace of diamonds... you can see it on the flop (when the camera shows it)
Ja Kite
Ja Kite 2 months ago
"I had a straight." Sick.
tibbe 2 months ago
Hmm every comment here is about the ads but I don't get any and don't have adblockers
tibbe 2 months ago
And I'm here like "damn €3 for a beer😢"
Rosemary 2 months ago
All I need is more cowbell and Ads
opusdei1977100 2 months ago
5:06 On table you can see A cube, on screen you will see A heart. Am I only one who see this shit? xD
Lux's Magic
Lux's Magic 2 months ago
opusdei1977100 ahahah yes i saw that , i don’t know why the guy with 10-9 did the raise id he doesn’t have anything
A. Sid
A. Sid 2 months ago
im new to poker in fact im a noob, so can some one explain to me the first hand with tom dwan please, thank you.
A. Sid
A. Sid 2 months ago
@Pierre Desurosne yo bro thx alot, i'm learning poker cuz im playing RDR2 :P
Pierre Desurosne
Pierre Desurosne 2 months ago
A. Sid for sure, Masa has 8 8, so with a third 8 in the flop he has a three of a kind -> 8 8 8. Tom has 3 5. With 1 2 4 in the flop he has a straight -> 1 2 3 4 5. Straight beats three of a kind, so Tom wins. Ask your questions if you have more, I’m not english native but I’ll try to help you
Ahil Shaer
Ahil Shaer 2 months ago
9 and 10 of harts and two harts on the table is potentional flush it is not 0%
Clay Morris
Clay Morris 2 months ago
Why the hell are they playing with straits that wraparound
처음 동양인 일본인인가?? 아주 영혼까지 털리네 ㅎㅎ 트리플로 무슨 ㅎㅎ
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