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Oct 8, 2017

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Comments 1 287
Eko Prayitno
Eko Prayitno 22 seconds ago
Wayne Harriman
Too many stupid Ford adds. They've completely fucked RUvid. Greedy asswipes.
fernando jonson
fernando jonson 2 hours ago
Lembrando q uma vez foi ao contrário, Ivey tinha 88 e fulo. Antônius tinha AT, só trinco. Agora o tiver ajudou, senão tinha perdido quase da mesma forma
niki Yubari
niki Yubari 14 hours ago
Tom is so fucking hot
Michael Ross
Michael Ross Day ago
The best till last! The whole video was some unbelievable cards. The only card to win and he hit it. There's no way She knew.
Aleksei Derbenev
На флопе туз буби,на экране черви
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Day ago
Folding KK pre flop, lol!
Hoang Minh Nguyen
In the thumbnail, I thought it was The Z U C C !!!
Snookville 2 days ago
The first hand showed an Ace of hearts in the graphic but an Ace of diamonds on the board. Makes it seem like there is a flush draw. Shitty effort by the original broadcast.
PartyLikeMe Family
10 fucking ads in a 40m video?!?
Drinkwater 7
Drinkwater 7 2 days ago
Worse rip off video I've ever not seen all of. Copy stuff off Tele and cram it with ads, 90% of this is ads and players waiting. Dont waste your time
Chad Cripe
Chad Cripe 3 days ago
For what it's worth, I watched this with no ads. Though I disagree that these are the 10 most amazing hands ever. Some great hands, for sure, though. Thanks for posting.
SWAZ 3 days ago
An ad after every hand? Bye
A2 Oneblood !
A2 Oneblood ! 3 days ago
I remember watching that Farha hand years ago
mike K
mike K 4 days ago
Zeidman with the slow roll. He should be punched for that.
Vincenzo Fugazi
Vincenzo Fugazi 5 days ago
Why did Feldman have 0% at the turn? The King of hearts would have made a flush to the King which beat Dwan's straight.
adamin faisal
adamin faisal 4 days ago
Computer show its heart. But no thats a diamond..look back
Prahlad Saldanha
Prahlad Saldanha 4 days ago
Yes, that's what I was wondering!
Yosandy santos
Yosandy santos 5 days ago
Cory McCracken
Cory McCracken 5 days ago
The asian guy could not have played worse in that 1st hand. He calls after the flop, allowing any player with a draw a chance to see the turn. Then he keeps pouring chips into the pot & even calling a check raise on the river after the flush draw lands. Just awful from beginning to end
chadherrella 6 days ago
something came off the turn....deez nuts haha got eem
Gecko 6 days ago
Oh My. I'm lucky because I didn't know how to play that card game.
A2 Oneblood !
A2 Oneblood ! 3 days ago
It's not exactly rocket science
Nitika Salute
Nitika Salute 6 days ago
If i have money i dont play on those tables.. dont trust this game !
Kelevra 6 days ago
Unlike the mythological Achilles, Achilleas isn’t made nigh invincible by the river; the river is his Achilles heel!
Will 6 days ago
3:32 That's so unfortunate. Had he not folded he would have won with the river card giving him a flush.
Kelevra 6 days ago
Will it was a graphical error, the ace was diamonds not hearts. He missed the flush
Sanjorii 7 days ago
Хахахахахахахаха китаец обосрался, фиш ебаный.
shawn burnham
shawn burnham 7 days ago
Jose Arceo
Jose Arceo 7 days ago
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Jared Johnston
Jared Johnston 8 days ago
You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information. You cant be all loosey goosey being on your phone eating a sandwich ooh baby I love it!
ytmh 9 days ago
need to squeeze more adds in
Joss Cues
Joss Cues 9 days ago
+1 for adblock plus
Ahmed Gennariello
Ahmed Gennariello 10 days ago
In the first hand there is an error: on the flop there is the ACE OF DIAMONDS AND NOT OF HEARTS!!!!!!!!! Min 5:06
Xino 10 days ago
i think theres a video somewhere in this ad..
37:15 stupid to say if she have ace king. then she know that already would fuck him.
bcnstrpsbcnstrps 11 days ago
needs more ad$
danteMdie 11 days ago
Last one is epic. Great stuff
Ovy Licker
Ovy Licker 12 days ago
how the fuck is the 1st vid is Feldman drawing dead, he can get a flush
kashakesh 12 days ago
I've been a long fan of "Sweets for my sweet and sugar for the Daddy."
Jeremy Barger
Jeremy Barger 12 days ago
I seem to be missing something, because for the life of me, I can't see how a straight is the nuts when there are three hearts on the table.
Josef Malár
Josef Malár 12 days ago
This too risky for me, financial markets are much safer to my eyes. using of moneymanagement is stopping lot of nigtmares.
Cami Perez english
Cami Perez english 12 days ago
La primera mano el As de diamante, no de roji
Pedro Strom
Pedro Strom 13 days ago
that matusow reaction is amazing ! :D
Gary Murphy
Gary Murphy 13 days ago
Nothing more annoying than a guy who can not stop playing with his chips. does this look cool?
Cozmin Torja
Cozmin Torja 13 days ago
Christopher Benton
Christopher Benton 13 days ago
What is the statistical likelihood that those blokes would all have pairs @17:12? If this isn't rigged, life is a strange series of coincidences...
Kris Hawes
Kris Hawes 13 days ago
That graphic being wrong completely changes the dynamic of the hand
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
The only way you could watch this today is to insist you see the cards shuffled and dealt without ever going off-screen. You'll never get that any more. Online roulette the same so is online bingo and slots, manipulated like crazy.
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
lmao 1:05 pkt 88s v 9x10 suited v 9 jack off had to hit trips, but look at the hand in the BB LOLOL and look at the 910 suited LOL
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
Well it would have lost if the flush draw didn't fold, LMFAO THIS GAME HAS BEEN Completely Destroyed,
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
hahaha made the str..so obvious,, but that will lose!
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
People are so unaware today and can't see what's going on, we see these pros playing apparently ''big money'' cash games.. All rubbish and all only for the TV. Nothing to do with poker today. Just watch it carefully, you'll start to see it easily soon, you just got to have someone tell you, to make you look for it. Stands out like an enormous big fat thumb walloped with a hammer.
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
Don't think so? Test it yourself, Get a deck of cards and copy the game with amount of hands dealt, then look at cards, you'll find each player still in for the flop, will catch something online, while your own card at home will be as they should be, and you'll keep missing and hitting nothing more often than not. ... It's now so bad it's standout obvious.
Christopher Benton
Christopher Benton 13 days ago
So don't play online.
Putin Did It
Putin Did It 13 days ago
The game is no longer random people, these are set decks to deal action hands! The same as online Poker, where yo've got massive odds stacked against you, a 2/.1 shot becomes a 40/1 shot. And when you know it, you'll find you can predict the tum and river so often you know you're right.
UmbrellaCorps 14 days ago
16:51 wtf XDDD
Christopher Benton
Christopher Benton 13 days ago
Somebody has had plenty of grass today...
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