TOP 10 Homemade ENGINES

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10. Smallest Handmade Engine
9. 8 Cylinder Engine
8. Victory 44
7. W-32
6. V12 Solenoid Motor
5. 7 Cylinder Radial Engine
4. Straight Eight
3. V10 Model
2. Flying Millyard
1. Sutton's Radial

"Escape From Area 51"
By K1Woods
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Oct 5, 2017




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Comments 379
Joost 1998
Joost 1998 7 days ago
Dont talk, present the specs on the screen.
Todd F Wright
Todd F Wright 9 days ago
Your information is incorrect.
scarlettsgarage1 10 days ago
I'm attempting to build a 300cc v12 from 12x honda gx25 ! : ruvid.net/video/video-FK7FLd02e94.html
kevin austin
kevin austin 12 days ago
Too bad the presenter fails at pronouncing simple English words: "Inset" instead of insert, "Victoria" instead of victory. Also, the 7-cylinder engine did not have aero cylinder heads... they were cut-down VW cylinder heads.
od york
od york 9 days ago
Pickey Pickey.
lee111000 14 days ago
talks at a million miles and hour
andrew cole
andrew cole 14 days ago
22 donk 44 cubic centimeter not inches
Adam Churvis
Adam Churvis 21 day ago
Clickbaiting POS!
Warryck Scown
Warryck Scown 23 days ago
if it doesn't run it doesn't count..
Rich Hard Choppers
Rich Hard Choppers 23 days ago
Mark Walker from Australia homebuild a few engine/bike there. Go check his web. Www.markwalkermotorcycles.com
Edward Hayes
Edward Hayes 29 days ago
Ferrari (miniature) 312PB Homemade working V-12. 100cc Flat 12 ruvid.net/video/video-QDZICiGmDxs.html
BRYTE Kru Month ago
Lol over 2500 hours to be exact......that's not exactly and exact answer smh.
Harley Me
Harley Me Month ago
wait what.. that huge 9 cylinder radial only puts out 300 horse? thats fuckin pathetic considering my 350 chevy puts out 400 horse and its smaller.
Dylan Lockler
Dylan Lockler Month ago
I would say a pretty good video, especially since there is no clickbate.
S.E. Sander
S.E. Sander Month ago
They need to build full size truck scale W32's. What an ingenious idea. 😲
chaotic twig
chaotic twig Month ago
You forgot the 2 stroke V8
Ronald Daub
Ronald Daub Month ago
I've started on a 2-stroke engine but I've installed a 4-stroke head and I'm working on the valve train
I'm attempting to make a v12 300cc from 12x chainsaw engines : ruvid.net/video/video-FK7FLd02e94.html
Fred Rogers
Fred Rogers 2 months ago
The Granatale wooshmobile was pretty cool outlawed by Nascar and I believe it could do 300 miles ph
Mark Adolphus
Mark Adolphus 2 months ago
So the small engine is.... for.... wanking off a fly?🤔
Ghina Hanifah
Ghina Hanifah 2 months ago
i love flying millyard... amazing engine...
Ronald Daub
Ronald Daub Month ago
I wonder what the power output on that flying millyard it is that is cool
Jakub Prokopec
Jakub Prokopec 2 months ago
0:15 EU car engines in a nutshell
Jakub Prokopec
Jakub Prokopec 2 months ago
0:15 will this fit in my honda ?
Richard Nygaard
Richard Nygaard 2 months ago
Totally off the cuff here but that Victory 44, there is no way thats 44 cubic inches unless that hand is from a GIANT. 44 cu is over 700cc's and there is no way that engine is that bad. That engine looks more like 44cc's Blame USA for not switching to metric back when it wouldn't be so expensive.... too late now.
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller 2 months ago
Dude you didn't showcase my v100
Grace Mirchandani
Grace Mirchandani 2 months ago
Victoria 44 cubic centimeters not In.
HatedHero 3 months ago
You could more easily put a V8 in a Honda than that straight 8 so I'm sure you know nothing about cars. Fail.
jim blair
jim blair 3 months ago
John Britten built this engine from scratch and beat the factory Duccati. ruvid.net/video/video-FVdA7EL195Y.html
Kandela Brown
Kandela Brown 3 months ago
Guy sounds like he enjoys pink feather boas.
Bill Jarvis
Bill Jarvis 3 months ago
its 44 cubic inches!! I don't thinks so...that would be relatively large.just over 760cc... It's 44cc much smaller at just over 2.5 cubic inches
Ronald Daub
Ronald Daub Month ago
61,9 cubic inches equals 1 litre
Richard Nygaard
Richard Nygaard 2 months ago
Exactly.. .looks like I wasted time writing a response you took care of already Mr. Jarvis.
Growth Curve Marketing
44 ccs is 2.68 cu. in.
Aveoxus 3 months ago
This is a good idea for your future engine videos. Instead of having the engine on mute as you're talking about it, make the volume about 30-50%. After each description turn the volume up to near 100%. Kind of let the engine speak for itself
orangestoneface 3 months ago
want to see an engine that turns itself in the engine bay of a car , rotates itself so you can see the whole engine spinning in a circle around itselfs middle, , not so hard to do . nobody done it , but could it also power the wheels or mabye a hidden small engine for that. . l mean the whle engine the outside of the engine roatating , simplest would be a plastic replica of a engine on an axie. but better a running engine that turns itself ..just a normal car engine like inline four with oil pan but that wouild need some modification to keep oil from pistons l guess, and small fuel tank maybe or turnable hose fitting. hm would need to be inside the axis or .never seen that done w a car engine in bay would be cool to see. and a first.
orangestoneface 3 months ago
@AtariFTW ok l thought rotary did not roatate cylinders just crank and pistons but yea it did. l mean the whle engine the outside of the engine roatating , simplest would be a plastic replica of a engine on an axie. but better a running engine that turns itself .just a normal car engine like inline four with oil sump but that wouild need some modification.never seen that done w a car engine in bay would be cool to see. and a first.
AtariFTW 3 months ago
No need for a flywheel either
AtariFTW 3 months ago
Yes it has been done in the early 1900s in aircraft and even some cars. It was called a rotary engine ( not the wankel engine)
Ashton Sejd
Ashton Sejd 4 months ago
Why dislike?
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 4 months ago
That patello engine is badass
Steve Spence
Steve Spence 4 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-vQWKgJso8PY.html green steam engine
Poop 4 months ago
fuck your video. You can't even read your own subtitles, and we didn't get to hear enough of the engine sounds.
Ralph J Huntington
Ralph J Huntington 4 months ago
Would really have liked to see the 18-cyl one that missed the cut near the end. Much more interesting than the 9-cyl.
James Ellett
James Ellett Month ago
Have personally seen and heard Russels 9 cylinder radial running. That man is a genius. Would love to see the bigger one.
ZeroBoostBuick 4 months ago
WTF ??? Victory 44 is not 44 cubic inches. That would be infuckinsane. It's 44 cc (cubic centimeters).
gundorethemighty 4 months ago
Best home made engine is the Conley Stinger 609 Engine . can run you upwards to about $10,000 or more
Koko Peter
Koko Peter 4 months ago
Your narration is excruciating, please stop.
M0rph ology
M0rph ology 4 months ago
You sound a little like Kermi.....
Andy Burns
Andy Burns 5 months ago
Top 10 most annoying voice-over.. Ok.... You win !!!!!
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy 4 months ago
Top1 most annoying comment you win dickhead.
Murat 5 months ago
I am sorry for your wife you are talking much 😑
Greg Plaka
Greg Plaka 10 days ago
no he is not,
William Volkmann
William Volkmann 5 months ago
why wouldnt the sterling 8 be a flat radial
WildPhotoShooter 5 months ago
More of the engines running would be nice , after all that is the whole point isn't it ?
mustangbob51 5 months ago
you talk to much. let the engines speak for themselves!
A.B. Gentry
A.B. Gentry 5 months ago
Kermit weeks
Rob Smith
Rob Smith 6 months ago
You can call a mule a horse doesn't make it a horse just like a electric motor isn't a engine
Un mec random
Un mec random 6 months ago
5:08 How to turn a turbo charger into a engine.
Harley Me
Harley Me 6 months ago
wow 9 cyl at only 300 horse.. thats pretty bad compared to a singe stage wasp 7 cyl radial at 1000 horse .. whats wrong with it?
Steve W
Steve W 6 months ago
Mart Dee
Mart Dee 6 months ago
I wanna punch your mouth.. could you shut up and let us hear the engines.
Rashid Minhas
Rashid Minhas 7 months ago
Beautiful video and work
troyano 45
troyano 45 7 months ago
Bla bla bla bla crees que somos estúpidos assold!!??
troyano 45
troyano 45 7 months ago
El vídeo excelente tu voz apesta
Curtis Barker
Curtis Barker 7 months ago
Don't forget garage54’s straight 16 Consisting of Four Lada engines crudely welded together Like a centipede. I am thinking you didn't like the chaotic design of the dopplestern engine
Harley Me
Harley Me Month ago
he copyed a Pratt & Whitney R-4360-35 Wasp Major, 4-Row, Radial 28 cylinder. nothing spectacular about something thats already been done..
MsJinkerson 7 months ago
what are they going to uses these for
David Cantwell
David Cantwell 5 months ago
Nothing... They're just Curiosities. I would think they built them just to show that they could.
Si Deering
Si Deering 7 months ago
You said the 44 engine had 44 cubic inches. It is in fact 44 cubic centimetres
Wolfie Blackheart
Wolfie Blackheart 5 months ago
Got to love people who fail at metric measurements
Master of Butter
Master of Butter 8 months ago
The guy that made the smaller radial, didn’t use AirPlane parts, he salvaged the headers off old air cooled VWs
Tony Colwell
Tony Colwell 8 months ago
Anybody think the voice over is a bit robotic?
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