Top 10 Grunge Bands

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Top 10 Best Grunge Bands of All Time
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These bands exemplified the Seattle Sound. In this www.WatchMojo.com video, we count down our picks for the top 10 most influential grunge bands in history.
List Entries and Rank:
#10. L7
#9. Melvins
#8. Sonic Youth
#7. Pixies
#6. Mudhoney
#5. Stone Temple Pilots
#4. Alice in Chains
#3. ??


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Jun 11, 2012




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Comments 4 775
El Cone
El Cone 3 days ago
Bush? Silverchair?
Mr Ogre
Mr Ogre 3 days ago
Who else has soundgarden as their own no. 1?
Cam 6 days ago
where is RHCP ???
Jeoffrey Lest
Jeoffrey Lest 8 days ago
Where si TAD???
Clint Gantt
Clint Gantt 9 days ago
AIC should be number 1 no doubt
A Weeping Empathy Music
Allen Mata
Allen Mata 14 days ago
Mi Top🤟🏻 1. Soundgarden 2. AIC 3. Pearl Jam 4. Nirvana 5. Mudhoney
Koray Topcu
Koray Topcu 14 days ago
1. Alice in Chains Easily.
Mr.J Jr
Mr.J Jr 18 days ago
Ok Alice In Chains and Nirvana are on another level of Grunge
Nathaniel Baker
Nathaniel Baker 22 days ago
the melvins are gods
John Wright
John Wright 28 days ago
1.Alice in Chains 2.Soundgarden 3.Nirvana
ignacio meteors
ignacio meteors 28 days ago
Wheres me flanels then, aye??
ignacio meteors
ignacio meteors 28 days ago
Love Melvins ,BUT how band which has influenced so much Grunge is in top ten, or is grunge more a attitude. Attitude is a impossible list.
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson Month ago
Pearl Jam is WAY overrated I think soundgarden or alice in chains should have been number 2 R.I.P Chris Cornell & Layne Stanley
Steve Lavinus
Steve Lavinus Month ago
Lol pearl jam sucks!!!
Lourdes Bóveda
Lourdes Bóveda Month ago
juan carlos mendoza
The Majesty of the Night Sky
Aic & SG #1
homesick alien
homesick alien Month ago
Pearl jam is grunge? That's new
Don Jorge
Don Jorge Month ago
Of course Pearl Jam is Grunge In 90's Actually Play Hard/Folk Rock
Germ Blagg
Germ Blagg Month ago
I knew where nirvana and pearl jam would be on the list
Mattias Sjögren
My top 10: 1. Soundgarden 2. Alice in Chains 3. Temple of The dog 4. Pearl Jam 5. Silverchair 6. Nirvana 7. Screaming Trees 8. Stone Temple Pilots 9. Mother Love Bone 10. Smashing Pumpkins
Don Jorge
Don Jorge Month ago
Smashing Pumpkins is more shougaze Than grunge And STP And Nirvana Too low I agree With You top 2
Rock On
Rock On Month ago
1-pearl jam 2-aic 3-soundgarden 4-nirvana
Lanturn Month ago
I agree with you although I am a big Soundgarden fan. But I personally think Nirvana is extremely overated when other bands deserved their credit more.
Lucas Tingley
Lucas Tingley Month ago
Rock On Pearl Jam is the best
Justin Mckay
Justin Mckay 2 months ago
Don't forget about Tad. STP is glam rock posing as grunge. I fucking hate that band.
james greear
james greear 2 months ago
It’s not grunge if it ain’t Washington state
tu mama
tu mama 2 months ago
Gta San Andreas "Radio X"
Cheeki breeki Blyat 69
Where was bush 😒
Sir Henners
Sir Henners 2 months ago
Pixies, Sonic Youth and Melvin’s should absolutely be higher cos of the influence on later bands
antfimapor 2 months ago
alice in first
st0rmyy 2 months ago
sorry , But.. Alice in Chains best Band 4ever
bring me to life
bring me to life 2 months ago
Alice in chains 4?? Wtf!!! 😂😂 Is the number 2, Bad top
Snarfsnarfff 2 months ago
#1 Nirvana #2 Soundgarden #3 Alice in chains #4 Stone Temple Pilots #5 Pixies I cant think of anymore I like so I'll stop here. PJ sucks
Ztack 2 months ago
its a sin that silverchair isnt on here
This one has wares
This one has wares 2 months ago
The pixies aren’t grunge
Andi Säge
Andi Säge 2 months ago
Grunge what?
Lillie Barrett
Lillie Barrett 2 months ago
ok but how tf is pearl jam above soundgarden and aic, this channel obviously just searched “top grunge bands” and just wrote it down and said the singer was cool or something
Lauren 2 months ago
Alice in Chains > everyone else on this list
Jorge Sequera
Jorge Sequera 2 months ago
Soundgarden much Better in riffs And solos Than AIC
Nika Alb
Nika Alb 2 months ago
I wouldve been disappointed if #1 wasn‘t nirvana
MegaPerson012345 2 months ago
Aic should be 2.
Grunge 2 months ago
Wheres Splendora they had the hit Standing on my neck for Daria how can you not put them on the list
Wan Ea
Wan Ea 2 months ago
Ugly kid Joe?
truthlovebliss 2 months ago
Thank you for not including The Lemonheads and Candlebox. However, it's just that 7 Year Bitch was a powerfully better grunge band than Stone Temple Pilots. Also, honorable mentions???
i cospiratori
i cospiratori 2 months ago
Sonic youth grunge? They are great but i wouldn't call their music grunge
D.P. Ryan
D.P. Ryan 2 months ago
Screaming Trees and Hole were awesome too!
Jorge Sequera
Jorge Sequera 13 days ago
Hole was terrible I agree WitH Screaming
Derek Hawkins
Derek Hawkins 2 months ago
I love nirvana but Alice in chains is no. 1 and also pearljam is almost right there no. 2
Trisha Voskoboynikov
Nirvana may be the most influential, but they got nothing on Alice in Chains and Soundgarden
Jeson Balleza
Jeson Balleza 2 months ago
No silverchair :(
Dudu Campos
Dudu Campos 2 months ago
Nirvana is the most iconic but that doesn't mean the best. 1.AIC 2.Soundgarden 3.Pearl Jam 4.Nirvana 5.Stone Temple Pilots
mallard king
mallard king 2 months ago
Where tf is soundgarden?
mark and his stuff
mark and his stuff 2 months ago
Soundgarden and Alice in Chains are worse than Pearl Jam? No way.
crossbarhockey 2 months ago
I would flip sound garden and Alice in chains
Vibes Asmr
Vibes Asmr 2 months ago
Where’s Citizen Dick? They have Matt Dillon on vocals and Eddie Vedder on drums
Mike L
Mike L 2 months ago
AIC Soundgarden Melvins Pearl Jam STP All better than Nirvana. Cobain copied the Melvins. Nirvana is NOT #1
Leam D
Leam D 2 months ago
My top 5 would be Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins and Sound Garden
Ivan Sabolek
Ivan Sabolek 2 months ago
Saher Talat
Saher Talat 3 months ago
Why is the title; "Top 10 Grunge bands"? I mean what's your criteria? Why don't they state the same in the title, as they state at the beginning of the video? Because if it's top10 by influence, i can agree. But if it's top10 by talent, I'm not really sure should Nirvana be even in the top4! By musical talent of the BAND: 1. AIC 2. Sound Garden 3. Pearl Jam 4. STP 5. Nirvana
Lasse Jellesen Reimer 9C
were the fuck is the smashing pumpkins!
dLimboStick 3 months ago
No Smashing Pumpkins?
Liable Wheel
Liable Wheel 3 months ago
Where’s Bush?
Finnegan 3 months ago
More grunge related stuff please 🤘🏼
Wall to Cousins
Wall to Cousins 3 months ago
Plastic man, paper face, candy heart, what a waste. Gotta change, set a date. Eat my cake, lick my plate. Thanks for the list, but Alice in Chains is #1. I don't care how you rank the rest.
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