Top 10 Grunge Bands

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Top 10 Best Grunge Bands of All Time
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These bands exemplified the Seattle Sound. In this www.WatchMojo.com video, we count down our picks for the top 10 most influential grunge bands in history.
List Entries and Rank:
#10. L7
#9. Melvins
#8. Sonic Youth
#7. Pixies
#6. Mudhoney
#5. Stone Temple Pilots
#4. Alice in Chains
#3. ??


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Jun 11, 2012




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Comments 4 552
the503CreepOut 8 hours ago
i agree that all these bands deserve mention, but it's a real shame that Dino Jr doesn't make an appearance on this list.
Salvador Cortez
Salvador Cortez 23 hours ago
Pearl jam & AIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥
when alice in chains has been voted and proved to have the best grunge album (dirt).but they are also very different with each album
Mikołaj Weigt
No screaming trees or pumpkins? Next time do your research
Gabe Anzek
Gabe Anzek 2 days ago
no smashing pumpkins :(
Jorstreet 2 days ago
where is Silverchair
Indy Mae
Indy Mae 2 days ago
anyone else like pearl jam? i only know probably their ten most popular songs. need some good underrated songs for them pls :)
danilo modiE
danilo modiE 3 days ago
It make sense. Nevermind is one of the most important album in history
Rene Hansen
Rene Hansen 3 days ago
Where have all the times gone
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 4 days ago
All aside, Alice in Chains was the best grunge band hands down. There is a level of intellectualism in their music that only Soundgarden could have pretended to, nonetheless, AIC did it best. Nirvana be damned.
Jonathan Gilbert
Jonathan Gilbert 5 days ago
Smashing Pumpkins???
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks 6 days ago
Alice In Chains has to be #1 sorry
street figher
street figher 7 days ago
nirvana, alice in chains, pearl jam and *silverchair* the bessst
Jeremy Hamrick
Jeremy Hamrick 7 days ago
Anyone who says that any of these bands is “underrated” obviously wasn’t around in the mid 90s. Alice In Chains is my favorite of the bunch.
Χρήστος Πλαστήρας
Kurt Cobain = John Lennon of 90's
tnicol 8 days ago
No TAD? They toured Europe twice with Nirvana and were the best, in my opinion.
Sirius Breeze
Sirius Breeze 8 days ago
Silverchair is so underrated
Sirius Breeze
Sirius Breeze 8 days ago
My top 5 5.STP 4.AiC 3. Pearl Jam 2.Nirvana 1. SILVER FUCKING CHAIR
Crimey M
Crimey M 9 days ago
Congrats, Mojo. You are the first I've heard to consider The Pixies as "Grunge".... No. Nope. And no. Especially having Nirvana number 1 when Kurt frequently confessed to "trying to write songs like the Pixies did", lol
Ave True To Caesar
You always know what the top 4 are gonna be. I’m glad Mudhoney was in here. This is a pretty accurate list
William Isner
William Isner 9 days ago
R.i.p Layne Stanley, Kurt D. cobain, Chris Cornell,
suki milla
suki milla 10 days ago
Where are Screaming trees?
gamewittz 1234
gamewittz 1234 10 days ago
Pearl jam is more influential then Nirvana. Eddie vedder's voice is imitated by many bands today. Also other modern day bands would copy Eddie's flannel stain. But who sounds like Kurt Cobain. Honestly nobody does. bush lead vocalist, Gavin Rossdale, attempted to impersonate Nirvana's sound, but ended up sounding like an average grunge singer from Nirvana's age. Eddie took the sound from metal and rock and changed it into something new, which changed the sound of rock and roll forever. Kurt cobains style isn't mimicked like Eddie's there for making them just alittle less influential, in my opinion.
Realm23 X7
Realm23 X7 10 days ago
Scott Wieland sold out his '93 stoner look here, 3:42 for the G.Q look here 3:58 in '2000
chace guillory
chace guillory 11 days ago
I just 🌟 listening to rock but wat genre is Korn
Brad Bennett
Brad Bennett 11 days ago
How did Screaming Trees not get a shout out?? They had bigger hits than The Melvins and Mudhoney.
Widhi Satrio
Widhi Satrio 12 days ago
L7 - pretend we're dead Stone Temple Pilots - plush. GTA SA RADIO x
Realm23 X7
Realm23 X7 8 days ago
José Agüero
José Agüero 8 days ago
That game introduced me to this beautiful genre
Sopheap Meas
Sopheap Meas 12 days ago
Sonic Youth formed in the late 70s/early 80s. They are both pre and post-grunge, but I wouldn't classify them as a grunge band. Same with The Pixies and The Melvins. These bands certainly influenced grunge acts, but they shouldn't be classified as grunge when there are many other bands with a more pure grunge approach.
Juan Brício
Juan Brício 13 days ago
I came here already knowing who was the top 1
Adam Cheek
Adam Cheek 13 days ago
Pearl Jam and Soundgarden > Nirvana
Bram Hoeflaak
Bram Hoeflaak 13 days ago
My top 5: 1 Alice in Chains 2 Pear Jam 3 Nirvana 4 Stone temple pilots 5 Temple of the dog Soundgarden just doesn’t work for ms yet.
Dave Mustaine is a god
1. Nirvana 2. Smashing pumpkins 3. Alice in chains
Miss Panda
Miss Panda 13 days ago
Pearl Jam will always be number one for me
Highliter Juice
Highliter Juice 13 days ago
1. AiC 2. Soundgarden 3. STP 4. Pearl Jam 5. Smashing Pumpkins 6. Mudhoney 7. Nirvana 8. Temple of the Dog 9. Screaming Trees 10. Mad Season
Bryan Mocha
Bryan Mocha 14 days ago
Man pixies must be on second place
AviLOrkQ 16 days ago
Element God 1
Element God 1 16 days ago
My top 5 is 1: Alice In Chains 2: Nirvana 3: Soundgarden 4: Stone Temple Pilots 5: Pearl Jam
Ace Maddox
Ace Maddox 17 days ago
Pearl Jam Alice In Chains Nirvana In that order. Nirvana was good but y’all love hopping on the bandwagon.
Mouse Macleod
Mouse Macleod 17 days ago
I don't see what is so great about Nirvana
Александр Жиганов
до Pearl Jam были Mother Love Bone, а до них были Green River. Mudhoney к ним никакого отношения не имеет.
Mess Hun
Mess Hun 21 day ago
I love all of them but.......Pixies best ever.
Serious Bismuth
Serious Bismuth 23 days ago
Ummmm Melvins at 9? Wtf is wrong with you guys?? They were practically the Godfathers of Grunge.
BIGMETFAN17 23 days ago
Chris Cornell is the greatest rock singer ever!
thereal Bubba
thereal Bubba 23 days ago
Imagine thinking that Nirvana is overrated
Michael Szczekot
Michael Szczekot 24 days ago
Nothing against the other bands but I feel like Alice In Chains should sit atop this list
Nico 1887
Nico 1887 24 days ago
Alice in Chains >>> Nirvana
unchboy 27 days ago
In Utero, not Nevermind.
Ted K
Ted K 29 days ago
None of these bands are grunge but ok...
DANKIUS 27 days ago
Soundgarden is quintessential grunge. Please learn what grunge is
ellielovesbands Month ago
Pearl Jam 🥰
Daniel Eduardo Sánchez García
Nirvana, STP and Pearl Jam are The best. Chance My mind
Justin Lennert
Justin Lennert Month ago
Candlebox should be on here
Martin van Rijn
Martin van Rijn Month ago
Best music ever! Check out our new Dutch Nirvana tribute band! ruvid.net/video/video-1kNB8B-R7sE.html
Elly Nabbefeld
Elly Nabbefeld Month ago
Controversial opinion, i dont really like pearl jam that much.
Swammy Month ago
Where the fuck is smashing pumpkins
Ciao Carlo
Ciao Carlo Month ago
The top three are obvious... good job 👏🏻
What? Nirvana's #1? What about Miley Cyrus?
jose bautista
jose bautista Month ago
My top 10 ... 1._ Soundgarden 2._ Alice in Chains 3._ Pearl Jam 4._ Nirvana 5._ Mother Love Bone 6._ Stone Temple Pilots 7._ Sonic Youth 8._ Skin Yard 9._ Blind Melón 10._ Hole
alma brin
alma brin Month ago
All the people in the comments listing their top 5 cos they don’t know any other grunge bands.
1 pearl jam
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