Top 10 Greatest Modern Horror Movie Endings

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These modern horror movies terrified us right to the end! The scariest horror movies chill us, thrill us, and leave us sleeping with the lights on with a brilliant finale. And that’s just what happened when we watched “Saw” (2004), “The Witch” (2015), “The Mist” (2007), “It Follows” (2015), and the other nightmare-fuel films in our list! What horror movie ending most left you afraid of the dark? Let us know in the comments!
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Special thanks to our user liam_schell for suggesting this idea!
List rank and entries:
10) “It Follows” (2015)
9) “REC” (2007)
8) “The Mist” (2007)
7) “Drag Me to Hell” (2009)
6) “The Others” (2001)
5) “The Witch” (2015)
4) “Saw” (2004)
3, 2 & 1: ?
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Apr 8, 2019




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Comments 1 054
Grant Florentino
Grant Florentino 51 minute ago
martyrs ending is a mystery
All For One
All For One 17 hours ago
The mist should have been top 3
Jinhunter Slay
Not that I hate the movie, but the twist of Us is pretty predictable...
Maurice Kendrick
Maurice Kendrick 2 days ago
Where’s Sixth Sense and Sinister?
contagonist 2 days ago
I felt US was Well made, however not very scary and with an over explained and predictable endning.
MegaJdizzle27 3 days ago
After Drag me to Hell, the boyfriend was probably in church the next day. He probably like praise jesus and shit.
MegaJdizzle27 3 days ago
That Mist ending is just too much. Like why though?
Ashley Jackson
Ashley Jackson 5 days ago
I love your voice! So so much!
Oh! It’s Wyn
Oh! It’s Wyn 10 days ago
Get Out, Us & Hereditary are my favourite movies!!! It (2017) is decent too. Anyone got some recommendations for some good psychological horrors?
Alexandra Kimbink
Alexandra Kimbink 12 days ago
Where is Midsommar? It should at least have been an honorable mention
matthew brown
matthew brown 14 days ago
I don’t understand why mojo gives it follows so much clout. That movie was shit, not scary at the least and just stupid
Malachi Plowman
Malachi Plowman 15 days ago
how is get out higher than hereditary?? did you guys even watch the movies??
Sativa Chiquita
Sativa Chiquita 21 day ago
Hereditary was hands down one of the scariest movies I have ever seen, it’s fucking creepy!!
Ryan O
Ryan O 21 day ago
Can definitely agree with Cabin in the Woods being #1. Pretty interesting ending. Hereditary was completely disturbing. Saw really fucked with my head. Loved Get Out. I think Us and Midsommar should've made the list as well, or at least be honourable mentions.
The Heckler
The Heckler 24 days ago
Us is too overhyped tbh😂
SnoopyHoopyPoopy 27 days ago
The fucking ending to the mist made me so fucking annoyed
James Smillie
James Smillie 27 days ago
It was paimons spirit that goes into Peter not charlies
James Smillie
James Smillie 23 days ago
JoRo yea I guess it’s all just up for interpretation. Which is very good I think
JoRo 23 days ago
James Smillie i think it was charlie’s spirit who, all her life, had paimon as part of her spirit. it’s pretty confusing though and i don’t think anything has been confirmed
Matt Trujillo
Matt Trujillo 28 days ago
Creep, Bloody Reunion, Infection, Reincarnation, Grave Encounters
Jason Qualls
Jason Qualls Month ago
I have zero interest in watching Jordan Peeles movies. Guys like him make racism much worse in America
JoRo 22 days ago
Jason Qualls i haven’t. what’s it called and i’ll get back to you
Jason Qualls
Jason Qualls 22 days ago
U must not have listened to peeles interview during the production...
JoRo 23 days ago
Jason Qualls really? how?? Us has nothing to do with race. how would you know it makes racism worse if you haven’t even seen the movies? im usually open to people’s opinions but c’mon dude
TheDoctorwho747 Month ago
Get Out was a great movie with as m awesome ending, and while I liked US as a home invasion horror film I'm glad the ending isnt officially on this list cuz it was kind of ridiculous. Spoiler warning So copies of all these people escape from idk someplace to kill the other versions if themselves all leading to the master plan of... standing in a line holding hands. Like wtf? If someone figured out something I missed please tell me.
JoRo 23 days ago
TheDoctorwho747 Red (the real Adelaide) was really young when she switched places with the real Red. The beginning scene of the movie shows that the last thing she saw before they switched was the “Hands across America” commercial. Since it’s about unity, she thought it would bring all the tethered together as “Americans”
Robert Davila
Robert Davila Month ago
Um.. Insidious?
Krazy_kennyfan Month ago
Get Out had an Alternative Ending
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson Month ago
It was better when I didnt see the faces behind the camera.
L Month ago
“It follows” was terrible what
Cassandra Spoelhof
Make a part 2 and include “A Quiet Place”. I know you’ve talked about that movie several times on this channel, but that’s just because it’s such an astounding movie. You should also include “Before I Wake” which is Netflix original movie and it’s also really amazing. I highly recommend it.
Punky Birdster
Punky Birdster Month ago
couldnt stop laughing at the ending to the Myst. Anyone else??
Hunter McCord
Hunter McCord Month ago
Saw should be number one.
Shr1mpSush1 Month ago
Can I say something about all the people saying that they hate the ending of The Mist? The main argument is that all the dad had to do was wait a couple more minutes. But... what the fuck did you expect them to do? The movie established that it's a very fubar situation. So, the thing they'd ever expect was for the military to suddenly come out on top.
Bear Gryllst
Bear Gryllst Month ago
The ending of Us isn’t that groundbreaking. I actually saw it coming, you just have to really pay attention to details during the movie.
Jordi Bruggeman
Jordi Bruggeman Month ago
Where da f*** is Hereditary?
Hannah Zárate
Hannah Zárate Month ago
I´ve never been the same person since I watched REC
Robbie Holmes
Robbie Holmes Month ago
Aw whend they start facecam its much worse Edit: ob nvm most of it isnt
Miniboss _2
Miniboss _2 Month ago
Us was a good movie but my family hated it :(
ceegsterr9669 Month ago
So typical of this channel.... Get Out and It Follows are ALWAYS on a list 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
zofu lol
zofu lol Month ago
0:08 owch
Svenja Aunes
Svenja Aunes Month ago
why didnt you show the monstrous god hand reaching the surface of the earth as you showed cabin in the woods? its really the top pick but needed that last image
D. Anthony Franco
A "Sexually Transmitted Supernatural Force!" 🤣 Now try and say that 3 times fast!
Vanessa Shantae
Vanessa Shantae Month ago
I thought "It Follows" ended with the two of them living happily ever after agreeing to keep the std between them two of them faithfully not passing it around anymore.
Jovell Ramos
Jovell Ramos Month ago
what we hate the most is......... *UNSKIPPABLE ADS*
MichaelLeroi Month ago
Imagine not including The Borderlands
Aniyah Jackson
Aniyah Jackson Month ago
Brooo the Mist messed me up!!!🥺🥺🥺
Tanyahachi 07
Tanyahachi 07 Month ago
the mist is the most fuc** up ending ever
Matt Trujillo
Matt Trujillo 28 days ago
Tanyahachi 07 watch Eden Lake
Alexandra H
Alexandra H 2 months ago
When I first saw The Others, I was so confused. It was a great movie though.
Alexandra H
Alexandra H 2 months ago
Also Escape Room's ending
Axel Christopher Hernandez Millan
The Mist doesn't deserve to be on this list. It's a stupid ass ending...
Cherese Stephen
Cherese Stephen 2 months ago
What about evil dead
Kidfury 49
Kidfury 49 2 months ago
The two army dudes from the mist must've been like "What the hell's going on with this guy."
Zac Tarlinton
Zac Tarlinton 2 months ago
Pet cemetery has a good ending
lorris watson
lorris watson 2 months ago
Us had a way better twist ending
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 2 months ago
Why is there so much love for a stupid film like "Drag me to hell" is beyond my understanding? It eventually comes in every list.
Achu Achu
Achu Achu 18 days ago
Yeah I find the movie below mediocre
- Alzyy -
- Alzyy - 2 months ago
Use me as a "Us was garbage" button
Marques Rodriguez
Marques Rodriguez 2 months ago
At first I thought US was going to be one of them
Harrison Post
Harrison Post 2 months ago
The ending to Us was the best in my opinion
HA! Studios
HA! Studios 2 months ago
Anyone who saw the trailer for Us could see that ending from a mile away.
Tsubakiee 2 months ago
when I first watched number 8 I was shocked at the ending.. I just remember thinking WTF :( was definitely memorable.
I blame my strong sense of justice, but I really hate films where the bad guy wins. Hereditary, The Witch, Wrong Turn, Saw, Hostel, etc. I watch horror movies to see the villain get rocked in the end. The Thing is one of my favorite horror flicks. Some of the most groundbreaking special effects ever in that movie.
Matt Trujillo
Matt Trujillo 28 days ago
ClaytoniusDoesThings The Witch had a good ending
S L 2 months ago
IMO "Us" is terrible and "Get Out" is nothing special either. I mostly watch horror and "Get Out" is a lot like "The Skeleton Key" but with a different and less entertaining method. Honestly, "Us" is quite lame and shouldn't even be on a top 100.
Property Specialist of Amaia House and Lot or condo
The others is a good movie
Antonio Castro
Antonio Castro 2 months ago
Jared Myers
Jared Myers 2 months ago
Is it bad that I found the scene at 6:47 funny?
Ryon Hatcher
Ryon Hatcher 2 months ago
An even greater ending in a horror flick, would have to be brightburn. You know, evil superman.
Matt Trujillo
Matt Trujillo 28 days ago
Ryon Hatcher it was gutsy af
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