Top 10 Greatest Modern Horror Movie Endings

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These modern horror movies terrified us right to the end! The scariest horror movies chill us, thrill us, and leave us sleeping with the lights on with a brilliant finale. And that’s just what happened when we watched “Saw” (2004), “The Witch” (2015), “The Mist” (2007), “It Follows” (2015), and the other nightmare-fuel films in our list! What horror movie ending most left you afraid of the dark? Let us know in the comments!
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Special thanks to our user liam_schell for suggesting this idea!
List rank and entries:
10) “It Follows” (2015)
9) “REC” (2007)
8) “The Mist” (2007)
7) “Drag Me to Hell” (2009)
6) “The Others” (2001)
5) “The Witch” (2015)
4) “Saw” (2004)
3, 2 & 1: ?
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Apr 8, 2019




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Comments 60
April Scott
April Scott 9 days ago
Where’s A quiet place??
Vivian H
Vivian H 14 days ago
Writing this so I don’t get scared oops
Aziza Bardae
Aziza Bardae 25 days ago
Number 7 is my favorite
Alec Eisenbeis
Alec Eisenbeis 27 days ago
"Us" was a terrible movie.
Meesmoth Month ago
The Mist at #8 and Drag Me to Hell at #7? Wtf? I have been rewatching Drag Me to Hell 4 times already since only yesterday yet the ending isn't that great, compared to The Mist, it's been years since the last time I watched it, but I still remember it frame-by-frame because of how DEPRESSING it was. He also had to kill his son, his own SON! I can't even rewatch that scene to this day. While in Drag Me to Hell (rewatched it 4 times since yesterday), the ending is in fact enjoyable to watch, not depressing or that great. No offense, I really liked Alison Lohman, but I do like seeing her character Christine die at that scene over and over again. It's been 11 years, yet I still enjoy Christine's death scene lol. In my opinion, The Mist should have been at #6 or #5 while Drag Me to Hell should be at #9. Also, Cabin in the Woods as #1? You gotta be kidding me. I still hate that movie, especially the ending FYI. It's a lot worse than Drag Me to Hell. She was too selfish at the final scene that she wants the WHOLE world come to an END so she could just survive. In real life, I hate selfish people, no wonder why I hate Cabin in the Woods in my opinion. Plus they were all scripted, like a reality show, compared to Drag Me to Hell which uses mythology as the main story instead of the "ancient gods watching human rituals" story used in Cabin in the Woods. As a Filipino, and that I am familar with our own Philippine mythology, I can relate to the story of Drag Me to Hell because it's the usual "kulam" or "sumpa" story (sumpa is Tagalog for curse). I only watched Cabin in the Woods a couple times back in 2012, but I still can't relate to the story because it is so BS to me.
Zayd Bhula
Zayd Bhula 2 months ago
Logan Flaca
Logan Flaca 2 months ago
I think the invitation had a crazy ending
K W 2 months ago
Hereditary and US endings had me shook to my core.
InsertEdgyNameHere IENH
I think kids under the age of 16 are basically immune from the thing in It Follows
Crsn E
Crsn E 3 months ago
US was one of the most boring and not scary movies I’ve ever seen next to a quiet place and get out
Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig 3 months ago
Get Out and Hereditary were like the most boring and time wasting movies ever.
Kenny 3 months ago
Where is final destination 2 or the original
gamelvr1 3 months ago
Not good enough to be on the list
Gaming Oasis
Gaming Oasis 3 months ago
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz 3 months ago
Click bait
That Library Smell
That Library Smell 3 months ago
Holy shit she has a face
Sophie Girl
Sophie Girl 3 months ago
What about it? Thats my favorite horror movie (Even though iv never watched except on dead meat he.....he) 🙃
mathew ellis
mathew ellis 3 months ago
Us was shit, dude needs to stick to comedy instead of trying to push some bullshit agenda in a shitty horror movie
gamelvr1 3 months ago
Even if it were shit (your opinion and you're in the minority) that would make him 1/2. Get out was a brilliant movie
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 3 months ago
Hereditary should be nummer one. It was so creepy and confusing at the same time. And that music, Hereditary is one of the best and scariest horror movies I've ever seen.
galaxygamer1515 3 months ago
I wonder if a child gets raped in it follows , how is that child going to pass on the curse ? I mean a child can't just go and ask to have sex 😅
Snake Plissiken
Snake Plissiken 3 months ago
Why wasn't Pet Sematary on the list??? Greatest ending ever.
BrokenHome Bob
BrokenHome Bob 3 months ago
I think the ending to Life is rly good as well. I don’t want to spoil it but it’s incredibly bleak and depressing
Gunshy Dylandt
Gunshy Dylandt 3 months ago
Maybe it’s the g-virus and the t-virus
Gunshy Dylandt
Gunshy Dylandt 3 months ago
Even the year 2020
Shady Mist
Shady Mist 3 months ago
"Demonic" (2015).
Elyas Nordin
Elyas Nordin 4 months ago
this is top 10 west modern horror movie endings..
Seth Potter
Seth Potter 4 months ago
No horror films in this world can scare me. No. Not. Never.
Isabelle 4 months ago
Plot Twist:When the dad in the mist killed the his whole family, the monsters disappeared
JoAnn Kennedy
JoAnn Kennedy 4 months ago
Excellent list. I love Rebecca and her beautiful narration.
OverGlow95 4 months ago
”Quarantine” is the English remake of ”rec”.
Jai Koonmee
Jai Koonmee 4 months ago
Mark Nantes
Mark Nantes 4 months ago
The hills have eyes??
DREAM GLOW 4 months ago
I hate the cabin in the woods , it’s such a scary , bloody movie. The should have just killed themselves
Bruno Piccinin
Bruno Piccinin 4 months ago
Gosh, I'm so addicted to horror movies when I find a list of possible good horror movies to watch, I always end up finding out that I've already watched them all.
Just some random guy With internet access
The babadook was really disturbing
N Rothstein
N Rothstein 5 months ago
How is the mist not number one
Atif 5 months ago
>get out Imma head out
I'm Bready To die
I'm Bready To die 5 months ago
Us has the best trailer music
Yung Cerel
Yung Cerel 5 months ago
bro you spoiled it
Seraphina91 5 months ago
Martyrs ( the french original version) should be #1
Wonzy 5 months ago
Isn’t rec quarantine I mean it’s the same apartment and idea
gamelvr1 3 months ago
Quarantine is an inferior remake of rec
FantasyPNTM 5 months ago
The Us twist was so damn obvious
sprite 84
sprite 84 5 months ago
Scream 4 and the Triangle, most shocking endings I’ve ever seen
Δανάη Αρσενίδου
*the others ♡*
Tyrone From Wii Sports
So we’re not going to talk about the fact that Mia malkova (1:31) was in that movie?
Azure 5 months ago
When the thumbnail is a honorable mention...
John Sonia
John Sonia 5 months ago
The ending of the mist pissed me off!!! Why did he have to do that?!
Lakrisa Garrett
Lakrisa Garrett 5 months ago
Should have put sinister on here
Jake Grenard
Jake Grenard 5 months ago
Saw had a great fucking ending!
kyler_keller 6 months ago
Wtf cabin in the woods was the worst movie ending ever, it did nothing what so ever
Lukeystone04 6 months ago
Almost This whole list could be filled with the different saw endings
Rawr5649 6 months ago
Been a horror fan my whole life, loved Get Out, but US just didn't do it for me at all. I was very disappointed
Tobyy 6 months ago
Cabin in the woods made me really angry. The characters are selfish enough to end the world instead of sacrificing their self. Smh
•Uuudd •
•Uuudd • 6 months ago
I genuinely think SAW has the greatest ending of a film besides maybe Joker
Madison Bryant
Madison Bryant 6 months ago
What about tusk
gr8latino 6 months ago
Get Out was good but not scary at all.
카이리야Kayliya 6 months ago
My top 3: 1. Us 2. Get Out 3. Sinister
Eoin Whitehead
Eoin Whitehead 6 months ago
The Mist was an awful movie!!!!!!!
Minerva Salazar
Minerva Salazar 6 months ago
-dies from FEAR-
maggie sutphin
maggie sutphin 6 months ago
the others is great, 10/10
vininho GG
vininho GG 6 months ago
End Of The Line 2007
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