Top 10 Game of Thrones MOST SATISFYING DEATH SCENES 2018

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Game of Thrones Top 10 Most Satisfying scenes from Season 1 to Season 7.
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. These Images and video clips belong to HBO.
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Jun 9, 2018




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Comments 5 167
Josephine Boccard
It’s the most satisfying video in the whole human race
Ultimate Book Maniacs
Also, I post polls to get an idea of what the fans like more before posting my Top 10 videos now. So make sure to check my Community tab from time to time to vote for your favourites.
Ultimate Book Maniacs
@Daniel Whittaker I was waiting for the series too end first. I'll post the new top 10 videos soon as soon as I've posted all my GOT prequel and The Witcher videos. BTW it's a she not a he.. 😜😂
TH3 RAV3N 21 day ago
Daniel Whittaker
Daniel Whittaker 22 days ago
Shame he didnt do it this year, the mountain's death takes the cake for me and the execution was incredible.
Saurabh Shukla
Saurabh Shukla Month ago
Ha ha ha right...
LAB OF MAGIC FILMS 50 minutes ago
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TG R. 4 hours ago
arya is a mass murderer! HELP THE POOR BOY! HELP YOUR KING! IDIOTS HELP YOUR KING! Very naughty Olenna Tyrell!!
TG R. 4 hours ago
arya is a mass murderer!
Ciorchinele Suprem
Ciorchinele Suprem 12 hours ago
that fuckhead Viserys was like the Jackie Aprile of Game of Thrones
celess21 Day ago
I just watched el Camino...as a Breaking Bad fan....Can you GoT fans stop whinning about season 8 ...? From what we see, crazy runs in the family, it was quite clear with her brother, so Dae going insane is not that surprising. Ok, got a deal for you, let's pretend both never happened. I require a Mandella effect here....please...??!
Samwisegamgee The Brave
Game of thrones is weirdo nonsense.
T Harmon
T Harmon 2 days ago
That Arya Stark is one BADASS BITCH!!
David Linihan
David Linihan 2 days ago
THAT was badass! Ayria got em!
Booker pryor
Booker pryor 3 days ago
When Sansa sat back in that chair...best nonverbal line in the entire series! She did that!
Maximus 3 days ago
Excuses me pls for a minute, I am going to make “my own list”......
jesse ferret
jesse ferret 3 days ago
As someone who hasnt watched game of thrones im going to have nightmares for weeks
Juu Jika
Juu Jika 4 days ago
You should rename this as "Arya’s top 10 most satisfying killings"
Lemmor Amor
Lemmor Amor 4 days ago
Ramsay boltons death d most satisfying of all👏👏👏👏
Fizz Hobbes
Fizz Hobbes 4 days ago
22:49 that blinking thing he does, great acting
Sally Johnson
Sally Johnson 4 days ago
Good dogs..good boys
Paul Visage
Paul Visage 5 days ago
Arya appears the most here good i liked her character
imadsq zddsqd
imadsq zddsqd 5 days ago
i disagree on tywin and roose bolton the show died when they died also how the fk is ramzy bolton not n1 ?? dont care about others ..
Jinkun Lin
Jinkun Lin 5 days ago
I like watching House Frey were killed best👀
Aghmaz Hassan
Aghmaz Hassan 5 days ago
Where's the Red Wedding.??? It's also the satisfying one....Don't you see?
Багульник Гука
ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО. ЗРИТЕЛЬ ПОЛУЧАЕТ УДОВЛЕТВОРЕНИЕ от смертей этих людей, так сказать сатисфакцию.
LordTeGeTeGe 5 days ago
The sept of baelor explosion should be at lest at 4th place
GregJoshuaW 5 days ago
15:00 wasn't satisfying at all because Arya can't MAGICALLY change her voice to sound like an old man with a Scottish accent tricking his own family. Sorry, just ridiculous compared to her other far better kills.
GregJoshuaW 5 days ago
@Ultimate Book Maniacs Well, if the books explain it away as magic, then so be it. That wasn't really made clear in the show.
Ultimate Book Maniacs
That's what many people don't get. If the faces were ONLY a mask, the faceless men won't be able to change their height and weight either. These faces are way more than that. They are magic. There is a reason the Faceless Men are the best assassins in the world. In the books, the Faceless Men are also taught different languages and accents, so that they could easily impersonate anyone to carry out their task.
Stanley Shady
Stanley Shady 6 days ago
Last 2 seasons where complete SHIT.. went from the best tv show to literally the worst.. which isn't easy, but they did it
Stanley Shady
Stanley Shady 6 days ago
1:40 === That look you make when you know... YA JUST FUCKED UP..
Fetus Deletus
Fetus Deletus 6 days ago
I’m definitely gonna n some watch list now
Ashish Dwivedi
Ashish Dwivedi 6 days ago
I would do anything for 1 nude scene of Sansa... She's gorgeous...
Itz hae
Itz hae 6 days ago
7:21 He joined godzilla 2
blekfut 6 days ago
9, 5, 4, 3, 1 and some of the "honorable mentions" are a Benioff's and Weiss's nonsense bullshit.
Rich Kosik
Rich Kosik 7 days ago
WINTER is Coming to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave........The sooner the better!
DAT NIGGA A.D 8 days ago
I dont know who Arya stark is but i hate here, attitude is trash.
john sanders
john sanders 8 days ago
More female feminist death hunger/torture world .. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 people will say it’s just a tv show ... yeah and you enjoy watching it ... just my own opinion... feel free to insult I want be replying 🤣🤣
Mr Tupac
Mr Tupac 8 days ago
I would have wanted to see more fights between Khal Drogo and other great fighters so badly..
Adam Dempsey
Adam Dempsey 8 days ago
the only arya kills that should've been on here were the freys, the rest were not satisfying to watch at all I hardly cared when they died.
Adam Dempsey
Adam Dempsey 8 days ago
roose bolton and janos slynt should've been on the actual list
plamen ivanov
plamen ivanov 8 days ago
Ramsey "Thank you father it means a great deal to me" and Littlefucker`s confecion to Sansa I think they where both sincere
Jordan Ray Quinco
Arya Stark is bad ass!
Matthew Hanneken
Matthew Hanneken 9 days ago
Walder Fray should be 1#
CrappyScrap 9 days ago
You should do a remake that includes Daenerys.
Ultimate Book Maniacs
Thank you. I will make a remake of it soon. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who didn't find Dany's death satisfying. But that's why I usually make a poll to see what the fans think before ranking them in my videos.
Adam Schenfeld
Adam Schenfeld 9 days ago
Arya's throat slashing practice sure paid off, she got reasl good at it.
Mitali Valecha
Mitali Valecha 10 days ago
Shae wasn't a bad person before, circumstances made her bad, her death was not satisfying to watch
Sla Kas
Sla Kas 10 days ago
How come we enjoy watching psychopaths killing psychopaths?
Jonathan Martin-Löf
Am i the only one that thinks ser Alliser last speech was kinda strong?
PWALPOCO 10 days ago
Most of these are right, but Shae wasnt satisfying, it was tragic.
Brandon Stark
Brandon Stark 10 days ago
I totally agree, littlefinger's death is the most satisfying death in GoT history😌
Stephanie Graf
Stephanie Graf 10 days ago
Arya literally feeding him his children then murdering him and then wearing his face
Timed Revolver
Timed Revolver 8 days ago
And murdering his entire house wearing his face so the last thing they see is what they believe to be the man they trusted betraying them.
Justin Gary
Justin Gary 11 days ago
The only time Ramsay ever showed fear was when he knew he was going to die💯💯💯💯💯👋 👋👋 👋😂🤣 😂😂 😂. Imagine if Theon was there and said to him " If you think this has a happy ending you haven't been paying attention"
Christopher Bennett
The Death of Peter Bailish is arguably one of the best scenes in GOT, possibly television history.
Lord Joshua
Lord Joshua 11 days ago
How the hell is joffrey #2. You have got to be kidding me. House Frey, Ramsey or Joffrey deserve to be #1 not Littlefinger. For me #1 House Frey #2 Joffrey #3 Ramsey #4 Littlefinger #5Meryn Trant
100,000 subscribers without any videos challange
My mum never allowed me to watch got well guess what mum I'm dead inside and that didn't scare me....did I mention I'm 12
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 3 days ago
You're too young to be online
Lord Joshua
Lord Joshua 11 days ago
How in the seven hells is arya killing house Frey not #1
Christian White
Christian White 11 days ago
garbage show
CitizenPerkins 11 days ago
Haha, I had forgotten how much of a badass Arya turned out to be. Might as well call this the Arya Stark Highlights. 👍🤣 And I was hoping to see at least one *Dracarys!*
Jonathan Manson
Jonathan Manson 11 days ago
I necer found Shaes death satisfactory i will always cry when i watch that
Michael Randold
Michael Randold 11 days ago
What a bunch of Alliance wannabes. I play Horde. I think this video is all backwards.
Gerhard Parke
Gerhard Parke 12 days ago
Sansa should have castrated Ramsey Bolton before the dogs killed him.
Mike Ford
Mike Ford 12 days ago
Now..that's a comfy fire!!
undefined Loujine
undefined Loujine 12 days ago
Executing olly was wrong
theiran 12 days ago
I would have made Ramsay a Eunich, then leave him starving for a few days, and then fed his dick and balls to him in a meat pie. Then lower him slowly into a pit with the dogs, so they could eat him bit by bit.
Yong Lu
Yong Lu 12 days ago
4 out of 10 were done by Arya Stark alone, impressive. I would give the killing of Night King the 1st place, if that counts, then Arya did 5, greatest assassin of seven kingdoms.
rob coffman
rob coffman 12 days ago
Arya: (kills Walder then everyone in House of Frey) Gimli and Legolas appear and in unison as everyone in House of Frey dies: That still only counts as ONE!
Ultimate Book Maniacs
😂😂 I'd love to see them meet Arya.
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