Top 10 Game of Thrones MOST SATISFYING DEATH SCENES 2018

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Game of Thrones Top 10 Most Satisfying scenes from Season 1 to Season 7.
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Jun 9, 2018

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Comments 4 682
Marcoantonio Castro
Marcoantonio Castro
Sudip Bose
Sudip Bose 2 days ago
Ah, come on! How was Tywin's death satisfying? He was the most interesting of all the characters.
Sudip Bose
Sudip Bose 21 hour ago
@ProTheGrammer Grand old boy, Tywin. But Ramsay was the best villain in the show. One of the best I've ever seen, in fact. Every scene with that chap had a cold intensity. Scary, memorable, highly entertaining, funny, and with a terrific death scene.
ProTheGrammer 21 hour ago
It wasn’t so much Tywin dying but rather Tyrion getting his revenge for all that was done to him.
Fallen Allex
Fallen Allex 2 days ago
viserys wasnt a satisfying death .. imagine if he was in the side of daenerys until season7 or 8 a lot of things would have been different
It's most satisfying watch Arya killing bcz she small but can do big things
Rozina Nagy
Rozina Nagy 3 days ago
To me Ramsy death was way more satisfying than Jeoffry's.
Tj 4 days ago
The most satisfying death was when credits rolled at the end of S8 so no one had to experience this horse shit of S8.
Mr.BeerCan 4 days ago
I have discovered a new drug. *Human screams.*
skylar mccloud
skylar mccloud 4 days ago
3:40 should've made the top 5 at least
Bzh W
Bzh W 4 days ago
People hate political crooks which stay the same both in films and reality but the Arya is only in the films.
Bzh W
Bzh W 4 days ago
06:03 that look is the soul of GOT.
Jan Badinski
Jan Badinski 4 days ago
My favorite is Arya taking out Lord Frey. Perfection. Even better when she took out his descendants as well. Sansa finally learned what the benefit is of having a heart of stone.
C Irby
C Irby 4 days ago
I did go out and buy a crossbow and named it Tyrion.
C Irby
C Irby 5 days ago
Or Arya’s killing of the Night King?
C Irby
C Irby 5 days ago
Why was Jon’s killing of Dany Targereon not listed?
Endercool 5 days ago
Seriously 4 for walder
The Shank
The Shank 6 days ago
Arya is my spirit animal
Odyss K
Odyss K 6 days ago
Am I the only one that loved little finger? He's my favourite character.
Eclipse Uuh
Eclipse Uuh 6 days ago
Emma Maring
Emma Maring 6 days ago
I think Arya Stark is a bit psychotic.....lol
Sniffy Ultimate
Sniffy Ultimate 7 days ago
Its baisicly Arya's list.
its just my gaming chair
Num 1 should have been when they killed the series by season 8
Haider Ali
Haider Ali 7 days ago
Death Lysa Arryn should be number one
Arvind Meetei
Arvind Meetei 7 days ago
I expect Joffrey to tortured just like Theon anyway his death is not satisfying
katniss B
katniss B 8 days ago
When I first started watching game of thrones I loved stark family I thought they never die but when they did that made me thinking the good people always die because they have another war behind the death so they just quit their life to get ready.
katniss B
katniss B 8 days ago
When I first started watching game of thrones I loved stark family I thought they never die but when they did that made me thinking the good people always die because they have another war behind the death so they just quit their life to get ready.
Remember in European history where that 11 -13 year old girl killed 100’s of grown men? Nope , that’s why it’s in tv shows
mia4224 10 days ago
All the deaths up to season 7 were unpredictable and immensely satisfying to watch. Everything went downhill after season 7
Amaris Morgan
Amaris Morgan 9 days ago
Your right the death just didn't have that "flare"
Vigneswara Prabhu
Vigneswara Prabhu 10 days ago
I clicked the Like Button, Saw the No:1 Spot, Disliked. For all his Wrong Doings, A Character Like Little Finger Deserved a..... I wouldn't say 'Better' death. But More Deserving Death.
Larrick Jones
Larrick Jones 10 days ago
19:13 Olenna Tyrell being the best actor.
Robinccc300 11 days ago
Good list. But its wrong per fact when Ramsay is not the number 1 spot, sorry!
Iwam Idk
Iwam Idk 11 days ago
Most satisfaction death will be the arya stark death
Double A Food Reveiw
Iwam Idk Why
vineeth narayan
vineeth narayan 11 days ago
The death of high sparrow is hands down most satisfying for me.
Sam San
Sam San 11 days ago
House fray is the best one
Justus Jockel
Justus Jockel 12 days ago
Sick Bastards.
Ahmed Pathan
Ahmed Pathan 12 days ago
*Update* #1 Night king
Ahmed Pathan
Ahmed Pathan 12 days ago
Ned Starks death was most satisfying
Daenerys Stormborn
Daenerys Stormborn 12 days ago
aria stark is badass i like it :D
Wooden Spoon Wargaming
Great video and all the amazing deaths Please sub to help us out as a channel
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 14 days ago
The 5th one was actually sad for me
Abdulla Thani
Abdulla Thani 15 days ago
Honza Levandovský
Honza Levandovský 15 days ago
Joffery must be first
Em Elyse
Em Elyse 16 days ago
who else knew walder's sons would be cooked into a pie after bran told the story? still by far my favorite death on the show, right next to ramsay. And the fact that Arya is the one who did it makes it even better
aragosta irakena
aragosta irakena 16 days ago
I won to pet the dog that bited Ramsey face
D.H.C_TV 16 days ago
Wheres the red wedding and the viper death ???!!!
Edward Gill
Edward Gill 16 days ago
I disagree with the inclusion of Allister Thorne and the other Night's Watch traitors on this list. I don't find their deaths satisfying, just necessary. They saw Jon's allowance of the wildlings into southern lands as the grossest of betrayals. That being said I agree with the rest of the list.
It'sJustCasey 16 days ago
Tywin death was sad , not satisfying
Nox TheNerd
Nox TheNerd 17 days ago
I think Viserys deserves some sympathy. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to see if his son was still alive
Luka Kapetanović
Luka Kapetanović 17 days ago
Deaths of Ser Allister and Olly weren't satisfying at all
Cody Patton
Cody Patton 17 days ago
Number 1 i can't agree with, they just didn't know what to do regarding writing for Littlefinger so they killed him off in a way that surely he wouldve been able to easily defend himself. That entire season his character wasn't written right.
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