Top 10 Funny Clip of 2018

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Here are the Top 10 Funny Clip of 2018
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Jan 27, 2018




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Comments 100
Nirajan Pradhan
Nirajan Pradhan 3 months ago
Number 9 and 6 hahahahahahaha
dev mehra
dev mehra 3 months ago
Rudy Chambers
Rudy Chambers 8 months ago
Me Too
its All In ABSAF
its All In ABSAF 9 months ago
Boooring and you didn't show all 10
cade hanson
cade hanson 9 months ago
none of those were funny
STATIIK_ BLAZE 10 months ago
Oh this was a try not to laugh challenge....... Good cause I won
FertileTV 10 months ago
girl on #10
One Fedora
One Fedora 10 months ago
Disactivate dislikes dogshit channel
Sheren Mohamed
Sheren Mohamed 11 months ago
Fuck you
Katie vlog
Katie vlog 11 months ago
Ravian Studio
Ravian Studio 11 months ago
oum islam
oum islam 11 months ago
You sok
Patrick Farrelly
This is funny as a funeral!!! Rubbish! 👎
Arnold Jabay
Arnold Jabay Year ago
قلوب هادءى
شفشله يا الله
Andleeb Shehzadi
Andleeb Shehzadi 10 months ago
sacha Novello
sacha Novello Year ago
J aime trop sopra qui aime aussi ? 👇
Yangli Tinnyan
Justin Espinosa
This was trash how tf it got over 2 mil views
Hashtagjesusfreak :-*
The background music ruins everything
Shreya music world
What's the title of song at first
dennis maina
dennis maina Year ago
Am sorry, but all of them are cowcrap
Jesus Saves Loves You
Nice video
katarzyna gardocki
Top 10 cringe
Rich nigga flex Jam jam
Omg hahahahahhahahahahhahahhaa
Nana 2828
Nana 2828 Year ago
wth is this its not funny at alll
Liszande francois
Not funny
turk mex
turk mex Year ago
Hhhhh 🤗🤗🤗
Bfhjn6 Ggivdd
Bfhjn6 Ggivdd Year ago
شي بضحك 😅😆😅😅😀😀😀
Joey Menear
Joey Menear Year ago
Plz make a funnier one.
Joey Menear
Joey Menear Year ago
Not funny at all.
Sk Singh
Sk Singh Year ago
Oh I forgot to laugh ....
RareSnow 8 months ago
That shit was so funny i forgot to laugh
الصبر مفتاح الفرج
Allaha is Great
Not funny
Jhona Tuazon
Jhona Tuazon Year ago
0:15 that girl is sexy😎😎😎😎
#JOKE TIME Year ago
Lol cant stop laughing😅😅😅
Hải Triều Official
Theo dỏi kênh hay và hấp dẩn nhất tại ruvid.net/show-UC3Dj7jshIUJzKg4VoBZbFBQ
Granny Jocy
Granny Jocy Year ago
people wants laughing always.and I enjoyed to watch this.And maybe you enjoyed to watch these also . ruvid.net/video/video-xIuXRtjPQQo.html ruvid.net/video/video-51veiafWIz4.html
jay sani dev krapa
मेरे फोटो पर क्लिक करे विडियो पसन्द आये तो लाइक ओर सब्सक्राइब करे । //रसना जादव//
ayman boussif
ayman boussif Year ago
hi bebe
lynn Taylor
lynn Taylor Year ago
not funny in the slightest
fortnite noob
fortnite noob Year ago
The first one that girl fuckin thicc
Mia Year ago
Just wasted my time. Never even smiled.
Becky Belvora
Becky Belvora Year ago
bro....none of it was funny
siaf saad
siaf saad 11 months ago
Q BECKY Galaxy BEATRIX Q ىءمعصحخصقكخممنل
siaf saad
siaf saad 11 months ago
Q BECKY Galaxy BEATRIX Q ملنمصجتربن
X_DMY-pac Year ago
فهد العرراادي 😂😂😂😂
Jethro Brittain & JR TV Studios
was not funny but 1:23 caught everyone's attention for sure
Swat Cat
Swat Cat Year ago
I didnt laugh at all😑
starman starman
stuuuuupppiiidddooo waste of time rubbish b.s
CanadaCommunity Org
Be canadacommunity.org/Thread-Families-that-rule-your-life-venus-project positive!
Stephen Choi
Stephen Choi Year ago
Wow this is really bad. This is the first negative comment I’ve ever left on RUvid
Jethro Brittain & JR TV Studios
i doubt that
Health&Tech 7
Health&Tech 7 Year ago
Sub me I'll Sub you back thanks
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Year ago
Superbosanska Krajina
Lok Fat tv channel !
Abdullah Akbar Mughal
I love you
Lahori Brother
Subscribe please ruvid.net/video/video-pugFvhlGgUc.html
Highlight Clips
super Video :)
LuckyFire Year ago
LuckyFire Year ago
CXX MM v Year ago
I have Something funny lol how did the chicken cross the road To jump his crush :Audience Clapps😂
Rita Thomson
Rita Thomson Year ago
No it was in a Kentucky box 😂😂😂😂😂
Bavanni Iruni
Bavanni Iruni Year ago
so lame. cringy🌚🌚🌚
Lorenzo Haynes
I want my money back.
Zaima Year ago
Lorenzo Haynes this comment made me laugh more than the actual video
Kickass Hole
Kickass Hole Year ago
Nice video #funtime
Lizzie Marianne Elecho
Song tittle plz ...... Bakulaw girl love you if you dont give the tittle
RadioactiveTaco 11 months ago
Lizzie Marianne Elecho r/youngpeopleyoutube
CrayCrayK Year ago
Anne Pieper
Anne Pieper Year ago
kallium Kim
kallium Kim Year ago
This video is dope ,I must congratulate ,it has inspired me to make my video , you can check it out,,,,,thanks a lot for your inspiration
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen Year ago
I'm sorry but none of these even made me SMILE.
Huzi Khan
Huzi Khan Year ago
You are right
Jason Zwicke
Jason Zwicke Year ago
1:27 was the only thing and it was not funny
Sero Produktion
Owwo peotefill in they love her store 😃
Just Reign
Just Reign Year ago
Name of the background song??
Rudy Chambers
Rudy Chambers 8 months ago
You wasted my time! Funny only if you ride the short Bus!
Cat's Got My Tongue
Cat's Got My Tongue 10 months ago
It's called "suck yo mama cuz the music sux too"
XtremeGamerYT 10 months ago
I need to know as well
Kryštof Jeřábek
Quik GoPro video editor? Pff
Just Dakota
Just Dakota Year ago
These videos are stupid👿👿
Paul101 Year ago
name? 00:13
Paul101 Year ago
@LazyKing YTnope
LazyKing YT
LazyKing YT Year ago
Have you found it
Mahakaal production . Carcinogens by Rajveer Singh
Khamani Brooks
These are not funny
Briana Gutierrez
Number two:no wonder it’s called a drit bike 🏍
JustPotato Year ago
This isnt funny...At all..
recklessbourbonaid and stuff
recklessbourbonaid and stuff on RUvid way funnier
Lahori Brother
Subscribe please ruvid.net/video/video-pugFvhlGgUc.html
Us Er
Us Er Year ago
*None of this are funny* _this_
Benjamin Ehrentreich
no,not funny. scheiß video
Denise Garland
FORTNITE gameplay
TAi LUNG Pubg Year ago
Michael Carnahan
Amusing but I don't know if I would say these are funny
Ashley Scholes
Over Dose
Over Dose Year ago
shomaila afzal
Estrella Morente
The butt is nice i like it
THE Motivational Minute
#1:26 you wanted to see it, Right
Didnt laugh at all. Who put this together a 5yr old?
Tofijul Sk
Tofijul Sk 8 months ago
Chill Time
Chill Time Year ago
TOP 10 TV walo bakwass vedio faradiyo pass na krwaya kroo..
Rana zuhaib Mujahid
jutt perdasi.007
Good collection
Tammie Roth
Tammie Roth Year ago
Not funny
awais mazhar
awais mazhar Year ago
This is not fun
Rupa Chetty
Rupa Chetty Year ago
CaboVerde-ish Year ago
This is click bait, nothing was funny about these videos.
All Things Paper
Didn’t laugh or smile once
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