Top 10 Fighters in Game of Thrones (Season 6)

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Before you comment READ THE DESCRIPTION and please remember that everyone has their own opinions, please respect that.
Honourable mentions: Brienne of Tarth, Karl Tanner, Jorah Mormont, Styr, Tormund, Jon Snow, Grey Worm, Ramsay Bolton.
This list is based on the show up to season 6 so NO ARYA
Yes Brienne beat the Hound in single combat but keep in mind: the Hound had been travelling for days, was starving and was also suffering from a nasty infection. He still put up a good fight.
Jaime is considered when he had both hands, and Selmy is at 9 because he is old. In his prime he would be at number 2. Brienne beat Jaime and the Hound but Jaime was malnourished and handcuffed. The Hound had a nasty infection and had been exhausted from traveling for days.
This list is based soley on the TV show. Books are not considered.
Yes, Jon Snow has the most on screen kills but that doesn't prove anything, he is a main character who fights, of course it will be high. Jon Snow was beaten by Karl Tanner, Jon is a good fighter but he is not prodigy level. All the fighters on this list will have a very high chance of beating Jon.
This list is not 100% set in stone except maybe Arthur Dayne, the rest can probably be shifted around a bit. There are so many fighters in Game of Thrones it's really hard to make a list putting them in exact order because we do not have absolute information from the show on what the order really is. Everybody has a different opinion about what the list should be, this is one attempt at ordering them. Also, don't think that the characters at the bottom of the list are weak because they definitely are not! They are in the top 10 strongest fighters in the entire Game of Thrones list, there are probably over a hundred characters that I could've chosen from. So please do not dislike the video if you see a character that is not in the exact position you want them to be, or because your favourite character is toward the bottom of the list. Thanks for watching everyone! Much appreciated :)
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May 11, 2016

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Comments 4 211
tommy vercety
tommy vercety 4 hours ago
La 4ta fue la más cobarde pelea
Erik Lewis
Erik Lewis 20 hours ago
A man was not mentioned
aguilar Day ago
Grey worm?
Gabriel Dutilleux
How in hell are Brienne and Arya Stark not on this list?
خالد - Khalid
Ser Barristan No.9 ? I do not think so
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Pizza 2 days ago
Howland Reed deserved to be in the final season, the most loyal of Northmen.
vSnity 3 days ago
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee brienne of tarhz??
Milán Rácz
Milán Rácz 3 days ago
Where is jon?
What about Samwell Tarly? He killed a White Walker and a Thenn!
mahmoud al quran
mahmoud al quran 4 days ago
Why isn’t snow there da fuq
At top there must be D&D. Second DARRIO THIRD JOHN SNOW
aguilar Day ago
How if darrio admitted grey worm was better
Soni Kumari
Soni Kumari 5 days ago
Khal drago ,i love your acting soooooooooo much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘,u r such a great actor also I love your personality😘😘😘😘😘😘 , love from india
Halidrox Ahamed
Halidrox Ahamed 6 days ago
Every one is here was greatest fighters before But at present story jon snow is the better fighter Because other are already proved And jon is proving because he is young And if robb stark is alive then he is the best
Ali Eo
Ali Eo 6 days ago
Snow is best
Tim M.
Tim M. 7 days ago
Brienne almost killed the hound (ranked 8th, even if he beated his brother ranked 6th twice during the show) and Jon Snow survived many of the biggest battles during the show. I love the character Bronn and yeah he is strong for sure but I would see Brienne and Jon Snow stronger.
Anaklusmos 2 days ago
Tim M. we all have our point of views
Tim M.
Tim M. 2 days ago
I see your point but even so I see Brienne in this List. She can compete with Jaime Lannister in his prime. She beated the Hound (the circumstances doesnt really matter, he is a beast anyway). I am not an idiotic feminist or something but considering her victories and battles its just objective calling her one of the ten strongest fighters in GoT.
Anaklusmos 3 days ago
Hound was on the run for weeks with shit conditions, was sick from the bite je received and was taking a shit right before the fight... Brienne was freshed out of the city decked out with new armour and sword and only barely managed to win the fight with a rock
William F
William F 7 days ago
Khal Drogo, FATALITY!
4everHalo 8 days ago
Briann of Tarth should’ve been in there
Mental Tanker
Mental Tanker 8 days ago
Whoever you are knows one who has less armor always wins.
vicky singh
vicky singh 9 days ago
What the fuck...where is john snow ..the best fighter..where is the brienne of tarth who defeated the hound.
Mother of cats
Mother of cats 9 days ago
What about Jon snow, and Ned?
Adam Bartošík
Adam Bartošík 9 days ago
i agree with first two maybe three but barristan selmy should be at least fourth.
marios p
marios p 8 days ago
kam Keifer
kam Keifer 10 days ago
No Aria or Bryn not the real list
ChelseaFC !!!
ChelseaFC !!! 10 days ago
Come on Bronn shouldn't have been there! Plus Ser Barristan Selmy would have been top 3 in his prime.
Biswajit Kar
Biswajit Kar 10 days ago
Where is ser Brianne of tarth?????
Mohamed Saghair
Mohamed Saghair 11 days ago
Oberyn martell and the faceless Jacqin Hgar are the best fighters in GOT if Arya stark developed such skills then how is her teacher Jacqin can be ?
viraj patil
viraj patil 11 days ago
King Felipe
King Felipe 12 days ago
Greyworm? Should’ve been top 3
alii jeee
alii jeee 12 days ago
Where is Jon snow
Alex FC123
Alex FC123 12 days ago
Top 10: 1) Arthur Dayne 2) Oberyn 3) Jaime Lannister 4) Khal Drogo 5) Brienne 6) Sandor Clegane 7) Gregor Clegane 8) Bronn 9) Robb (better than jon so...) 10) Jon Snow
ASIF KHAN 12 days ago
Jacken hu
Kobi Barkan
Kobi Barkan 14 days ago
Well, though the series don't showcase it very well, Robert should be up there. He was quiet unstopable back at the day. Also, both Drogo and Oberyn are too high on the list in my personal taste.
Whatelzzz Bln
Whatelzzz Bln 15 days ago
Brienne is stroger tham a haund
Danilego 19 days ago
15:24 Can we just all pretend that scene ended right here?
Onurhan Ekici
Onurhan Ekici 20 days ago
Where is Ned Stark
Onurhan Ekici
Onurhan Ekici 20 days ago
Khal Drogo must be the first
Onurhan Ekici
Onurhan Ekici 20 days ago
Where is Jon Snow
Al banie
Al banie 21 day ago
Where is Lord Tyrion
Emre Demir
Emre Demir 21 day ago
Bronn the fucker should no:1
sora roxas
sora roxas 22 days ago
How can u put jamie at 5? When he only had 1 fight. And it was an even fight against ned. He has zero deats
Sean Coles
Sean Coles 22 days ago
That’s unfair to use Karl tanner as an example that he’s not a good fighter, he wasn’t as experienced then he literally after went on to kill the magnar of the thenns spitting in the face of him like Karl did
Baccara Louis
Baccara Louis 22 days ago
How about Jorah Mormont? Tormund? Jon Snow? Grey worm? Arya Stark? Brienne? This list is shit
Stefan Westraad
Stefan Westraad 23 days ago
Jaime should be 2
CayzFN 23 days ago
Ramananda Roy
Ramananda Roy 23 days ago
What? Selmi at 9 and Hound at 8?.. in book and show also, hound is regarded as most deadliest person in westores
Hassaan Lightstone
Hassaan Lightstone 23 days ago
No Arya, No Jon, No like!
MetalHeadZ 24 days ago
Bronn and The Prince were 1 and 2. Bullshit Bronn on number 10. Wrongggg!! He wuda killed anyone on that list!!
Omar El-Rasheedy
Omar El-Rasheedy 24 days ago
how is jamie #5? he's terrible. even with his right hand bron, the hound, the mountain, and daario would cut him down.
Leon S.kennedy
Leon S.kennedy 24 days ago
where is aria? /:
mr. agentos
mr. agentos 24 days ago
Where is jon snow and biran from thart and nigh king and arya ??? Wtf
New Era
New Era 24 days ago
This is not fair Where is king joffrey
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