Top 10 Famous Urban Legends That Came To Life

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Top 10 Famous Urban Legends That Came To Life
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These famous urban legends inspired real life events. It's kinda scary that people in the real world we're inspired by these urban legends enough to make them come to life. This is the Top 10 Famous Urban Legends That Came To Life.
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Comments 80
Kim Hoy
Kim Hoy 4 hours ago
I will have a nightmare tonight
Landon Shupp
Landon Shupp 6 hours ago
6:27 they are intact they only been take it out
James Warnock
James Warnock 11 hours ago
Eddie & Fun
Eddie & Fun Day ago
Cole Rodgers
Cole Rodgers Day ago
I like this host
My friend told me a story about the black eyed kids and here I am a few months later and im scared now
little Scorpio
Same thing happened to me but it was a house on a dirt road and no one elts was home and when I had to go to the bus stop so I could go to school a couple times I herd my name being called but there was no one around. I said who's there but there was never an answer.
Angela Guerrero
I knew about the lawyer one because I saw in a thousand ways to die
Leon Kuwata
Leon Kuwata 2 days ago
Regarding the alice killings, you forgot to reference the vocaloid song "Alice of human sacrifice" based off the killings.
Emily Girgas
Emily Girgas 2 days ago
The strange thing that happened to me was my brother and I came home from school and at night my dad,brother and me were in the living room and one of my dads bird houses fell down and the scary thing is the room wasn’t shaking at all and I heard whispering in the kitchen after a few days also I heard running foot steps coming toward me a 2:00 am
SL G 2 days ago
Vocaloid Be like (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
vux vux fan vux vux the best
The bunny man lures kids and kills them also to teenagers and all to kill with a item he has to protect his identity
vux vux fan vux vux the best
I know about the bunny man Bridge
vux vux fan vux vux the best
I seed you guys in 2015-2020
Eva Kuananack
Eva Kuananack 2 days ago
I always want to be one of your comment shoutout but anyway I wish I had the slender mans suit like that’s so cool have you ever watch slender man because I have
Harley Swift
Harley Swift 3 days ago
I see black eyed children Me- nope and speeds up
Candy Senpie
Candy Senpie 3 days ago
Slenderman Every creepypasta fan ever :- slenderp
Mylo Fryett
Mylo Fryett 3 days ago
Black eyed children Me: Bastille come here
Mylo Fryett
Mylo Fryett 3 days ago
In the uk the bogey man is literally the bogey man
Mylo Fryett
Mylo Fryett 3 days ago
Bunny man Me: old McDonald’s adverts
Mylo Fryett
Mylo Fryett 3 days ago
Why are some many of them are in 2013
Niron Ottley
Niron Ottley 3 days ago
i love your show
Alonna Ramirez
Alonna Ramirez 3 days ago
Peoples' kidney's getting stolen huh sounds EJ to me and he might be real or is real we may never know
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 3 days ago
I love the candyman movie 🎥 and i also used to live in Virginia... Slendyman! I love Creepypastas!
sans the comic
sans the comic 3 days ago
When you said mohomid i thought:MOHOMIDAL LEE?!?!?!?!?
Imjusthereforfun Period
This is why im not scared of the boogeyman i used to think its a man made out of boogers (to this day i still think that smh)
Steven H
Steven H 3 days ago
I love ❤️ you
Nic Jewell
Nic Jewell 4 days ago
What link is the black eyed children
Delonn Simpson
Delonn Simpson 4 days ago
My favorite host of MA.
Aaron Rhodes
Aaron Rhodes 4 days ago
The real bunny man also escaped from a mental hospital
annabella rosas
annabella rosas 5 days ago
the booge man huh i was 5 and my mom said hey go to sleep or the booge man will get you or more kill
Mario's World
Mario's World 2 days ago
When I was 6 I thought the Boogeyman would steal your boogers at night
Faded Eclipse
Faded Eclipse 5 days ago
People's kidneys were taken. Did anyone else think of Eyeless Jack?
Candy Senpie
Candy Senpie 3 days ago
Wait up-
Michael dave Servano
DaniRoseheart 620
4:18 GET THE HOLY HAND GRENADE OF ANTIOCH (Had to make a Monty Python and The Holy Grail reference lol)
King Nyz
King Nyz 6 days ago
Can you do a video on creepy Pennsylvania uber legends or just anything creepy in Pennsylvania 🥺🙏🏽
Elizabeth Foster
Elizabeth Foster 7 days ago
I stay in new york as a kid
EpicGamingWolf 7 days ago
I belive that all Urban Legends are real, it's just they get more false as time goes on.. You know gets more scarier and more fake as time passes on..
Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya 7 days ago
the human organ thing is true kidnappers in our country takes children and take their organs for them to sell
Sh Star Hunter
Sh Star Hunter 7 days ago
Anyone got the link to the guy running form the black eyed girl?
zarcora X death
zarcora X death 7 days ago
I hope i can find lizard people or a tribe of bigfoot one day and befreind them
ITz GACHA Wolfie:3
Im not alone >:3 god is with me >:3 and my family XD
The Tattooed Vlogger
Hey, hi, hello what's going on! Love that introduction.
A Cat
A Cat 8 days ago
Zheka Ghost
Zheka Ghost 8 days ago
The music is weird.
Makayla Ward
Makayla Ward 8 days ago
the one about the man falling out of his office i heard about dat he was telling ppl how his window was durable and didnt break and when a man and his wife came over to talk to hin bout stuff he would tell the persons wife how strong his window was to impress them...it was on a thousand was to die
Makayla Ward
Makayla Ward 8 days ago
@LaBelleDame DuManor same because i seen videos of ppl jumping out of the window when the buildings where on fire
LaBelleDame DuManor
When I 1st heard that tale I assumed it took place during the 9/11 incident, until I heard it through.
Caleb Lane
Caleb Lane 8 days ago
#5 is why I dont like the Easter bunny
evil septicplier
evil septicplier 8 days ago
There is a wwe wrestler called the bogeyman and he eats worms and smaches alarm clocks on his head
Ellie Hales
Ellie Hales 8 days ago
Mabey the Bunny man is the evil twin of the Easter Bunny
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 8 days ago
If you watch the first season of 1000 ways to die you will see the lawyer leaping from the window story
Nickolas Velasquez
More like Kermit in the woods am I right
Kiefer Bihag
Kiefer Bihag 10 days ago
I hope all the urban legends are dead
Minty demicraft
Minty demicraft 16 days ago
Slenderman might come for me, I live in Wisconsin
Katherine Petersorf
Why would you run at a window full speed? Even if it didn’t break it’d still freaking hurt? Come on dude.
Chan's Toast
Chan's Toast 18 days ago
6:22 so Eyeless Jack?
LaBelleDame DuManor
Noah Pfeiffelman
Noah Pfeiffelman 19 days ago
if anyone finds the link to the black eyed children-motorcyclist video, could you please tell me what it is?
Gregory Davila
Gregory Davila 22 days ago
That is scary
Patrick Teggart
Patrick Teggart 22 days ago
Wait wait... I live in Staten Island😭
Zaven S
Zaven S 22 days ago
thx for adding slendy in this list
SKULL BOI09 23 days ago
One of my eyes are black
the bacon gamer
the bacon gamer 23 days ago
One time my family was having a good time watching TV and I was too tired so I went to bed when I was on indeed banging noises UNDER my bed I looked under and nothing was there Then I runned down and was really scared then I only got to bed when my family did I was soooooo scared
Abbas Panda
Abbas Panda 24 days ago
Goliath 25 days ago
I’ll be honest, there was one Easter Day about 6 years ago, I was out looking for eggs and stuff in the woods that were hidden (woods were in the backyard not deep at all) but I and my brother and cousin were hunting and I seen a huge human like bunny dude, and I tried following it but it was super fast and I couldn’t catch it
Allen Foraker
Allen Foraker 25 days ago
I'm not going to sleep tonight
_EMILY_ DROWNED_ 27 days ago
I heard kidneys are good ..... they're ( they) help w/ your eye sight....
iLLiCiT SmokeZ M
iLLiCiT SmokeZ M 28 days ago
The bunny man was from West Virginia not Virginia
21 Sbx
21 Sbx 28 days ago
Were the link at ???
Anja T
Anja T 29 days ago
Hi lovers
Your Computer At Home
2:22 (Curb Your Enthusiasm theme starts)
Tobyguy 986
Tobyguy 986 Month ago
Dose this include siren head
Gendunla Lhundup
West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country road
Eagle Gammer TV
Eagle Gammer TV Month ago
Eagle Gammer TV
Eagle Gammer TV Month ago
Slenderman does kill kids he helps them..
So the blacked eyed kids started in Abilene Texas...........I live there...........help me
Lilia Diaz
Lilia Diaz Month ago
#8 was on 1000 ways to die. I really enjoyed that show.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Month ago
She lied she said there would be a link to the video of the motorcycle running into a black eyed kid
Jane Stormwater
Jane Stormwater Month ago
The kidney Steeler I might be wrong but I actually know somebody who likes kidney which is Eyeless Jack
Nicolaus Rago
Nicolaus Rago Month ago
*works in an office building high up* Man -Yo watch how strong this glass is *jumps THROUGH glass*
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson Month ago
Omg she's sooooo boring
Alex Brooks
Alex Brooks Month ago
The boogeyman boogie boogie boogie 🤣
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