Top 10 Dramatic Final Laps In F1 - Part 1

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There have been plenty of dramatic final laps in F1, but few more so than these... Check out Part 2: ruvid.net/video/video-IfzA8Kxc9CY.html
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Jan 17, 2018




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Comments 60
misterG2006 Hour ago
You need to re-edit this video now ;o) ;o)
RYG 3 hours ago
144 p really?
Jacob Coates
Jacob Coates 5 hours ago
Silverstone 2020: "I'm about to ruin this video's entire career."
Pablo Canteros
Pablo Canteros 6 hours ago
Pobres brasucas
Scott Hodge
Scott Hodge 9 hours ago
2020 British Grand Prix was the first time I’ve watched F1... I’m hooked. Is it always like that 😂
Apesway 11 hours ago
Who is here from part two?
Adam Modan
Adam Modan 12 hours ago
Took along time for part 2 JK I know they edited the title 10 mins ago cause they made another vid cause, well we know
MrStonecold69 13 hours ago
0.20 The best bit is missing Vettel had an "Altercation" with Hamilton Vettel was furious
Manbubies Nightcore
Manbubies Nightcore 18 hours ago
Felipe Massa is the real World Champion in 2008
Michał Smarzewski
White lives matters.
guilhermegr Day ago
i miss the old McLaren a lot!! It was the true McLaren, not this actual catuchup-like american new times team that won't go anywhere unless F1 turns definitely into a circus...
Felipe Divensi
2008 was a crazy ending, but even as a Massa fan, that was one hell of a first (of god knows how many) championship for Hamilton. And I will never be mad about Timo Clock, I will only be mad a the absurd amount of strategy fuck-ups Ferrari did that year (and crash gate, but that is whole other subject).
Gadzi Day ago
Need an update to this after Silverstone 2020 👀
RYG 2 hours ago
kudos to the new F1
JJ4824 Day ago
Who's here after 2020 Britain?
Luciano Bartolotta
they copied the suspensions to Citroen
Sahad Valiani
Who’s here because of lewis Hamilton in British Grand Prix
Wayne andrews
Wayne andrews 11 hours ago
looks like no one so be quiet , fck scamilton ...
_LoxFox_ Day ago
new one is coming i think 👀
D - L - P Dell Laptop Player
Who's here after the 2020 British GP dramatic last lap?
_LoxFox_ Day ago
hans wurst
hans wurst Day ago
what about Schumacher winning in the pit lane
Who is here after Hamilton’s tire puncture
Kriz Yamz
Kriz Yamz 9 hours ago
Zlpokane2006zl delamination
Rohan Rajesh
Rohan Rajesh 2 days ago
Yesterday's final lap is perhaps most dramatic
L 8 hours ago
Rohan Rajesh nah
PolishDriver73 12 hours ago
Laughs in Brazil 2008
Ian Hormel
Ian Hormel 2 days ago
who else here after hamilton got lucky at silverstone
ArcticCorvus 2 days ago
Hey F1, I think you might need to redo this video
There’s a new one to add now!
Derik Correia
Derik Correia 2 days ago
2020 G Britain GP, welcome to the hall
Christian Andriolo
Who's here after british gp 2020?
FRFM00 2 days ago
LH44 delivers another one today. Another forever memory, like the million others.
Kas van Zelst
Kas van Zelst 2 days ago
Why did this got recommended just before the race to me....
JustRocket 2 days ago
Like Lewis Hamilton at The 2020 British Grand Prix
JuhisRacing 2 days ago
Why is RUvid recommending this after Silverstone 2020...
Formula 1st
Formula 1st 53 minutes ago
Because they posted pt2 after Silverstone
Bartooc Day ago
Why do you think?
Matias M
Matias M Day ago
juhisracing myös täällä
Kamaal Morrison
Kamaal Morrison 2 days ago
time to update this video, British GP 2020...
Matias Nicolich
Matias Nicolich 2 days ago
Silverstone 2020
Armchair Racer
Armchair Racer 2 days ago
Time to remake this video
Joep Hoffman
Joep Hoffman 2 days ago
A new one is coming I think
Schizo Inc.
Schizo Inc. 11 hours ago
Uploaded just an hour ago 😂
_LoxFox_ Day ago
yep 🤣
Zarif Tazwar Tulika Academy
last lap triple puncture
Zarif Tazwar Tulika Academy
I saw that tomorrow
Owen Bromage
Owen Bromage 2 days ago
2020 British grand Prix : hamliton wins with a puncture
Danilo de Sena
Danilo de Sena 4 days ago
a o glock
MrElcoolo 4 days ago
Felipe Massa ist wie Schalke 04
Main 6 days ago
1:25 Miles per hour???????????? Excuse me, but is F1 an european sport or an American sport? Miles per hours is for men driving in circles, get your shit right FORMULA 1
Caspar L
Caspar L 7 days ago
Such a shame Massa never won a World Championship
Rafael Dias da Silva
Lewis is such a dick.
Kavin Arivan
Kavin Arivan 7 days ago
This video: *exists* *Landobot has joined the server*
Mujahid Syed
Mujahid Syed 8 days ago
Europe 2005: "Kimi crashes out" Japan 2005: "The legend returns"
Rumyan 8 days ago
0:25 Kimi face be like "You are in big problems now"
DKsays_ 9 days ago
So Lewis can ditch his own teammate! Not surprising at all!
Mishael Trivennios
Hamboring time. Zzzzzzzz
salman 11 days ago
2:22 i think rosberg just wanted to kick hamilton away
TuberOnTheLoose 11 days ago
There have been a few more dramatic final laps in F1 than any of these.
David Prince
David Prince 11 days ago
Ah Hamilton, what can you say. Top driver & political heavyweight too.
RevZman 11 days ago
2:55 they just casually stood on the race track in those days?
TheCippiribau 11 days ago
3:20 Vettel sbinnala
Nafiz Imtiaz
Nafiz Imtiaz 11 days ago
Lando Norris Austrian Grand Prix 2020 need to be added here.
Adam GamesHD
Adam GamesHD 13 days ago
Zero to Hero to Zero
victoria suryabanshi
Miśko YT
Miśko YT 13 days ago
O was wining in F1 2018, and ran out of fuel like 200 meters before finish (at turn 14 China) And Hamilton passed me :(
Ice Angel
Ice Angel 13 days ago
Αfter sooooo many years everytime i see last pass of kimi in japan 05 i have goosebumbs ,chills......
Denis Godin
Denis Godin 14 days ago
Liiz Pem
Liiz Pem 14 days ago
Kimi with his troll face on verstappen
Eliem 14 days ago
Where's the Rosberg and Ben (Tiametmarduk) Collide At Monza? Where is it?
Devenopement 15 days ago
FORMULA Hamilton
Vem 16 days ago
2:22 lmao that’s F1 drama alright
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