Top 10 Dramatic Final Laps in F1

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There have been plenty of dramatic final laps in F1, but none more so than these...
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Jan 17, 2018




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Ciso 21 hour ago
Oh my Gosh! What about Brazil 1991, when Senna leaded from start to finish and made the 1st position, drivining the last seven laps with just the 6th gear and under rain? Later, at the higher place in the podium, the guy was so exhausted could barely raise the trophy How could you guys let that one out of this list? That episode sould have been placed at the top here....
Tarso Ribeiro
3:32 From happiness to heartbreak
Tuthmose III
Tuthmose III 3 days ago
Alonso little man big lucky....
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts 5 days ago
I like the 1997 cars
Thomas Bangalter
Thomas Bangalter 5 days ago
*_The last one is sad as fuck_*
ゆう 6 days ago
Tens of seconds of champion Massa and new champion Hamilton at Brazil on 2008😭😌
João Antonio Miranda Cardoso
0:31 última vitória de Piquet na fórmula 1
Frederic Nasuti
Frederic Nasuti 11 days ago
Those old engines noises 😍 new engines are rubbish
doid3r4s 11 days ago
Glock is going to be in this video
Igors Ivars
Igors Ivars 12 days ago
Ghostly Snipers
Ghostly Snipers 14 days ago
Safety Car deployed a record 5 times. Hmm... German GP has joined the chat
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 17 days ago
Another classic example of how pathetic present day racing is with the first example (max) ,tv ratings must not get priority if f1 is to get its pride back
Aayush MK
Aayush MK 20 days ago
I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEE#10 Max clearly went off the track
KAZIM MIL GRAU 21 day ago
3:45 😧😮😮😭😭😭
Karbony 22 days ago
Use the fucking metric system Imperal is yankee insanity
mctwistx12 27 days ago
the background song is awesome
BMB BOSSS 28 days ago
Than brazil 2019 happened
Eric Jiang
Eric Jiang 23 days ago
Ayrtonsyah Junor ok boomer
Ayrtonsyah Junor
Ayrtonsyah Junor 24 days ago
Onur Güzel
Onur Güzel Month ago
2005 Kimi was awesome.
Elias Ojeda
Elias Ojeda Month ago
Timo Glock dejo pasar a Hamilton 👎
あもる Month ago
New No.1 2019 Brazil🇧🇷
KAZIM MIL GRAU 21 day ago
Best Of Instagram
Formula 1 is dead this is no racing no sound no risk no crazy fans(1999)
Fastfoward prospects
Finns are having bad luck
A S Month ago
Hmmm... what about Brazil 1991?
Where is that final lap when Ferrari told Rubens to let schumacher pass a few meters from the finish line?
Lucas Guerra
Lucas Guerra Month ago
É uma pena o Felipe Massa não ter sido campeão em 2008
Youtube Google
Youtube Google Month ago
Monetização 0
Monetização 0 Month ago
-_- shit
Marcelo biggusio
Most undeserved win at 1 with Hamilton, absolutely want Mercedes to fall apart next year
Tofuboi 86
Tofuboi 86 Month ago
OmG FeRRaRi LoST ThaT’S IlleGAl!
thesmokecat Month ago
Because of you I lost my bet Vettel and since then my luck:(
Ultegra10SPD Month ago
What the???? Spa 2008. HELLO!!! -U10
Sven Month ago
2008 was the mother of the World Championships
The Non Smoker
The Non Smoker Month ago
1:30 anybody else noticed, what he did to that old man ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish Month ago
Imagine Glock went to pass Hamilton on the straight
Dragos Iulian Dublea
does anyone know the song on the background ?
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson Month ago
Some say Rosberg still hasn't turned right....
ForceMaximus84 Month ago
You’ll need to update for Vettel and Leclerc’s bump this year. Lol
ChrJahnsen Month ago
Mansell - as always - was all drama queen, primadonna and bullshit. He stalled the car at the hairpin because he was busy waving at the crowd before he had even won the race. As Frank Williams said himself, they took the car back to the pits and it started up in perfect working order. Another race squandered by Mansell, a driver who was fast but very very poor at bringing the car home.
The Lost
The Lost Month ago
Kimi crashes: Bwoah Kimi wins: Bwoah
Boris Brontsema
Boris Brontsema Month ago
is that glock
Sven Nossa
Sven Nossa Month ago
First one was bullshit max should have gotten p3
Rodrigo de Albuquerque
Felipe Massa campeão por 15 segundos. Deu pena ver a família dele parar a comemoração...
Michael Knight
Michael Knight Month ago
Cry Massa. Cry!
do you are have stupid
The last one should have been titled is that glock
Dr. Emmett Brown
I dont understand, at 2:25 Hamilton leaves the track and is still eligible for a win but at 0:14 Verstappen barely leaves the track with all 4 wheels and is disqualified from 1st place?
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
Suzuka 2005 - one of the best dry weather performances in F1 history by Kimi and a cracking race in general.
Just show the Videos, don't talk to much.
Sơn Nguyễn Tấn Hoàng
Who knows the background music?
Ville Honkanen
Ville Honkanen Month ago
Onko tällä videolla suomalaisia katselijoita, koska tässä on Mika Häkkinen ja Kimi Räikkönen?
João Vítor
João Vítor Month ago
Spain 1986?
Josue Trejo
Josue Trejo 2 months ago
Brazil 2019, Gasly vs Hamilton 👌
Captain Rahul77
Captain Rahul77 2 months ago
Video came in my recommendation after torro rosso came p2 and mclaren p3 in sao paolo 2019 lmao
Geoff Ramsey
Geoff Ramsey 2 months ago
I’d rather watch paint dry.
Noah :P/\RL/\DÉ
Noah :P/\RL/\DÉ 2 months ago
We need Gasly vs Hamilton in Brazil here
Ibra 2К20
Ibra 2К20 2 months ago
Kvyat win the Germany: YEEEEES!!! Gasly: WOOOOOUUUUH
Dukeman 46
Dukeman 46 2 months ago
If a driver hitched a lift nowdays the fia constabulary would eat them alive
Oliver Schellenberg
Oliver Schellenberg 2 months ago
Lando Norris @ Spa 2019 needs to be added
welshdragon2008 2 months ago
Was that Senna giving Mansel a lift?
Alex Gabriel
Alex Gabriel 2 months ago
Pouco me importa se sou do Brasil, jamais torci pra Massa. Lewis🏆
creator Space
creator Space 2 months ago
That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
Laura Penman
Laura Penman 2 months ago
DENIN 2 months ago
These is not dramatic?
Hugh Barned
Hugh Barned 2 months ago
There are many more times that Verstappen have overtaken drivers off the track, but somehow have not recieved penalties or forced to give back position
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