Top 10 Domesticated Cat Breeds

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If you're having trouble deciding what kind of feline friend to have in your home, we've got you covered. Join www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Domesticated Cat Breeds. For this list, we ranked cats based on their behavior, body type, responsibility levels, how good they are around people other than their owners, and their popularity among the people adopting them. Now grab some catnip, and let's meet some kitties! Click here to subscribe: ruvid.net/u-watchmojo or visit our channel page here: www.youtube.com/watchmojo Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :)
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Nov 10, 2015




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Comments 80
the meme
the meme 12 hours ago
The burman is a big furball😂😂
Elion Hereni
Elion Hereni 23 hours ago
how on earth the egyptian or silver mau arent included
Anonymous 2 days ago
Guys could you help me decide on a cat it's my first cat and I'm not sure what breed to get could you guys leave some suggestions
Ishtar Is Not Home!
Ragdolls are the best! They are wonderfully affectionate, laid back, healthy, and low maintenance. Being a larger cat, they are more horizontal than vertical preferring to sit on your lap or a fluffy pillow rather than climb your curtains and jump off bookshelves. Of course there are always those who differ from the norm. I've had several and think they can't be beat! Good luck to you! Do your research and make sure you find a reputable breeder. Your cat will be you best buddy for years to come!
Cats N Stuff
Cats N Stuff 3 days ago
Well now i want a new cat and to watch austin powers
Sri Sri
Sri Sri 4 days ago
I will take American short hair!!
Mania28 5 days ago
British Shorthair not even on the list.
Aj B
Aj B 7 days ago
Siamese 😍😍😍
PhOeNiX BL4ZE 9 days ago
*Ill take all of it,Take my money!*
BEELZEBUB 9 days ago
No British Shorthair? They’re the best cats in the world!
ItzWrxpz 11 days ago
My favorite is the Russian blue there very nice and playful also very cuddly
super cop
super cop 12 days ago
You know I used to hate Cats but know I touched my neighbors cat and it felt so nice and I changed my mind about cats know I want one
Mutt Killa Loc
Mutt Killa Loc 12 days ago
I hate dogs
Grecia Barraza
Grecia Barraza 12 days ago
i'm watching this video with my mixed adopted cat. He is looking at it like "bitch, you better not be thinking of getting another one"
Helal Almazrouei
Helal Almazrouei 14 days ago
Savannah cats are the best period
Kyriin.T 14 days ago
I hate cat
Mutt Killa Loc
Mutt Killa Loc 12 days ago
Eat shit ugly bitch
ofelia tagupa
ofelia tagupa 14 days ago
TB Playz- Roblox
TB Playz- Roblox 16 days ago
The cat I want is a fluffy and playful and sleepy Can somebody help me diecide
Gerda Landry
Gerda Landry 5 days ago
British Shorthair Blue. If you want sweet, loyal, gorgeous, sleeps a lot, but playful, non shedding, fairly quiet, good eater, loves company, all around fabulously amazing cat, then this breeds for you! 😽
Olivia Cooper
Olivia Cooper 16 days ago
I recommend a Himalayan. Idk if it is just mine or all but, she is so sweet, crazy, playful, and cute! She literally gives kisses and is very good around children! Mine loves water.. weird right?! And like to play ball. I definitely recommend a Himalayan if you are looking for a playful yet cuddly cat! (DISCLAIMER!!) they shed a HECK load just fyi! ;)
Nope 16 days ago
My main coin is soo big she curls up and snuggles next to me whenever I sit or lay down!! However I wouldn’t say that they’re easy or don’t need much grooming
Nourhan Cute
Nourhan Cute 17 days ago
Dude, I'm sooo shocked that you didn't put british shorthair they are purrfect 🤔❤️
Newell 17 days ago
6:24 "can you- can you stop please"
TEN TOP 20 days ago
Very good
Slytherin Elphaba Supporter
Ok I want a ragdoll.
Terry Zúñiga
Terry Zúñiga 20 days ago
Sphynxes are for creeps Change my mind:
Rw Dad
Rw Dad 23 days ago
Miranda Goldstine
Miranda Goldstine 24 days ago
Ragdolls are among the sweetest. They remind me of bullmastiffs with their sweetness.
Sarah Watkins
Sarah Watkins 24 days ago
I can't choose just one breed. I love cats full stop. Been a kitty person since I was a little girl ❤❤
yamuna kuruppu
yamuna kuruppu 27 days ago
in sri lanka ?
RagingAsianGuy 27 days ago
I just want all of them Y_Y
מאמין 28 days ago
my favorite is abyssinian without any doubt
TicktockSommelier 29 days ago
I don't know about Maine Coons. I've still loved them though, but I find they don't play so well with others and they seem more prone to aggressive spurts. Seems better if it is the only pet you will have. I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions though, but I've had many, many cats throughout my life.
TheDiamondOre 29 days ago
"they come in different colours and combinations" That's disgusting
TheDiamondOre 12 days ago
@Mutt Killa Loc ah yes great reply thanks for the feedback
TheDiamondOre 12 days ago
@يوميات عبدالرحمن وسيلفر good for you, although I was talking about how it's like they were advertising the cats like "they come in different colours sizes" like they are products made in a factory
Mutt Killa Loc
Mutt Killa Loc 12 days ago
You're disgusting
يوميات عبدالرحمن وسيلفر
no i think its nice i have a pershian myself i always think i have the best one but every cat is the best even though they are different they are still cats and i like it
Aja 27 days ago
TheDiamondOre 🤣🤣
Asad lion
Asad lion Month ago
Bengal cat 👍🇬🇧🙀
bts airina
bts airina Month ago
were do you buy this cats
i just want a maine coon
Prachi Wankhade
Prachi Wankhade Month ago
Norwegian forest cat??
Knox Vitela
Knox Vitela Month ago
I was so excited to watch those “ 101” episodes on animal planet
Kiran Kolachalama
I like persian cats.
Ugly Hoe
Ugly Hoe Month ago
ωнєяє ιѕ мιи уσσиgι?
Shguftah Ruby
Shguftah Ruby Month ago
I love how the fact that this video is exactly 10 mins long
LucaPino24 Month ago
Esmond Lo Yi
Esmond Lo Yi Month ago
British Shorthairs and Russian Blues are different.
Pervert King Brook
i paired my scottish fold and british shorthair / ragdoll and himalayan... they give me expensive kittens .
Kannez Fatima
Kannez Fatima Month ago
thumb up for persian
Guns with Con
Guns with Con Month ago
Maine coon #1
Pavan M S
Pavan M S Month ago
Tabby Cat
Ændr3 g0c
Ændr3 g0c Month ago
I got a Persian Its a female. She Only loves me,and to other member of the family She Attack them
Dylans Podcast
Dylans Podcast Month ago
Siamese are my favorite
Damn ! who cares
I have Khao Manee breed . And he is fucking intelligent .. So for me he is best .. Period..
Viral Animal Tales
We have created a video of Cat breeds in Alphabetical Order from A-Z, please check it out on our channel. Always welcome for your feedback & suggestions😀
cookies and milk panda
Omggg I just wanna cuddle all the cats!!!!!!!
MR BILLY Month ago
I’m high
BlueSaturnZ Month ago
i do not recommended neither maine coon nor ragdoll though unless your house is cold because their fur is so thick that it might be having heatstroke in hot places if u live in fairly hot places, i recommended any shorthair i hope this will help
Guilherme Ribeiro
I Hate people who buy cats or dogs.... HATE! They are bad persons and tells a lot about them. Go to the shelters, there are dogs and cats living a full life in captivity....
Laurelle Sheng
Laurelle Sheng Month ago
exotic shorthairs look so grumpy lmao
Ann Puron
Ann Puron Month ago
the sphinx it so cute
Ziomownik 2580 fun
*top 10 domesticated cat breeds* Me: *I will take your entire stock*
Steve Binu
Steve Binu Month ago
Maine coon 😂
Dayang Mas Tijah
Spyxn is so scary 😭
Fadil Rahman
Fadil Rahman Month ago
Cats keep away creepers
J Klein
J Klein Month ago
I'm getting too interested in animal breeding
Peselo Month ago
I’ll take your entire stuck.
sapro india
sapro india Month ago
Ceirian Madden
Ceirian Madden Month ago
I have a 7 year old rescue tabby and she is adorable.
Jon Marius Maralit
what is the breed of the cat in the thumbnail?
Reyter Month ago
There is a very good reason Tabby Cats are the most common. To not have them in the top 10 is ridiculous.
Matthew Neuman
Matthew Neuman Month ago
The Egyptian Mau
Sherron Davis
Sherron Davis Month ago
The best cat I ever had was a Tuxedo cat. It was scary how intelligent she was ..I miss her😪❤
Simone Y
Simone Y 2 months ago
lol I got 2 Bengals. They are awesome! But they require constant interaction and playing to release energy from their half wild ancestry or they will tear your house apart.
Lisa Smart
Lisa Smart 2 months ago
I’ve had a tabby and Maine coon for 20 + years as now have an American short haired black cat. All 3 were amazing. Incredibly smart and affectionate. What does that tell us? All cats are amazing.
SmokeyElCrack 7
SmokeyElCrack 7 2 months ago
Munchkin ❤️
Teodor Matu
Teodor Matu 2 months ago
I vote Main Coon as 1st on the list!
Belinda Kim Bulcraig
Cezar Muresan
Cezar Muresan 2 months ago
I love birman cats
Aaron Floyd
Aaron Floyd 2 months ago
My first cat was a calico. They've been my favorite breed ever since.
Alwivike 2 months ago
Siberian cats are the best
- ValidMarlin54 -
- ValidMarlin54 - 2 months ago
What a shame british shortair with blue eyes are sooo gorgeous
saif khan
saif khan 2 months ago
Stray cat is the cutest at all
Ember Girl
Ember Girl 2 months ago
#1: Garfield Honorable Mention: Tom Cat
ATRO THEANT 2 months ago
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