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Top 10 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) & Aladdin (1992)

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Top 10 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) & Aladdin (1992) // Subscribe: ruvid.net/u-MsMojo
There are some HUGE differences between the original Aladdin and the live-action remake! The 2019 live-action version of Aladdin may be a remake, but it definitely make some changes from the original animated 1992 Aladdin. This new version of the classic Disney movie, starring Will Smith as the Genie, took a few liberties with its source material. We're here to break down the Top 10 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) and Aladdin (1992)!
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May 22, 2019

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Comments 1 914
Rebecca - WatchMojo
Hey everyone! I had the honor of seeing Aladdin last week, and honestly I was super nervous, but it really is a BLAST! The trailers don't do it justice: the leads are SO charming, Will Smith is a great Genie, the music is KILLER and it's just a great update all in all. Just so you know, there are spoilers in this video, so know that going in - Enjoy :)
Flying Solo
Flying Solo 5 days ago
lol the honor of seeing a hollywood movie, what an idiot
Lupus Warrior
Lupus Warrior 5 days ago
Jungle book was better
Alina Magda
Alina Magda 5 days ago
Alina Magda
Alina Magda 5 days ago
@Stranger Danger don't you have anything better to do than to tease people? Who do you think you are to judge me like that without even knowing me? You seriously think you're that mature? Then start acting like it and LEAVE ME ALONE! And STOP WRITING ME NOVELS, because I don't read them!
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 6 days ago
I thought it was a good remake (the live-action Beauty and the Beast, minus some charming exceptions, was just bad). Will Smith made Genie his own...all the actors did. And it did some very good updates of other characters. And it made Jafar just....bad. I mean...he's just a perfect flip-of-the-coin to Aladdin...he's a perfect shadow. He's darkly ambitious, true Lawful Evil, whereas Aladdin is truly Chaotic Good (willing to bend the law, but also usually for what he considers the right reasons).
Ioana Zarova
Ioana Zarova 6 hours ago
I'm kinda disappointed that at the end of Speechless Jasmine didn't sit on the throne. It would be epic. I still love the movie tho...
Amina Fakee
Amina Fakee 22 hours ago
Sorry mean you sound beautiful ❤❤❤
Amina Fakee
Amina Fakee 22 hours ago
Isn't there a different voice because yours is a little...
Can I just say Will had the perfect face and pose at 1:06. “Who’s the girl?” Also 1:33
Gregory House
Jafar genie is not red.
Asma Alhammi
Asma Alhammi Day ago
I have seen this story. And I noticed aladdin made 4 requests and not 3. First, to get out of the cave. Second, make him a prince. Three, the gennie use one of his wishes to rescue him from underwater. And fouth. Aladdin set the gennie free.
sakura hanuro
I wish this little thing happened in the movie. Remember when Aladdin/Prince Ali was walking through the streets, mumble-complaining about his fight with Genie? He passed by two beggars without acknowledging them. I thought the third beggars he'd come across would be the same children he shared his food with earlier. Once Aladdin sees them, he would have a moment of silent reflection and realized he was being a jerk. And THEN he would look for the lamp in his pocket, wanting to call Genie and apologize, but he realizes that it was stolen by Jafar. I think this would've been a good moment to prove he's "the diamond in the rough".
김백호 Day ago
live action jasmine is ugly british girl!
Abdul Kadir
Abdul Kadir 2 days ago
stop spoiling la la la don't want to hear
Alana Wood
Alana Wood 2 days ago
Is the 2019 Jasmine 15 too?
Gigi Shields
Gigi Shields 2 days ago
guys I saw this movie 4 hours ago. its the heckin best
Lazy Academic
Lazy Academic 2 days ago
Arabian Nights was sang by a storyteller in 1992 but was sang by the genie in 2019?
Lazy Academic
Lazy Academic 2 days ago
Aww I wish Robin Williams was still around to see this
Izzy.517 2 days ago
#1 Iago was a just a parrot
Katie Does Random
I LOVEE the 2019 version!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Georg Platzer
Georg Platzer 3 days ago
I think another BIG difference is that in the RL Movie Aladdin got greedy of power and wealth, thats why he did not want to set Genie free. In the OG he said he could not keep up the lies and can not do it without Genie because he thinks he can not do it without Genie.!!!
Hana Foudah
Hana Foudah 3 days ago
That "yo, ya'll seen my palace" killed me
bleh 3 days ago
bleh 3 days ago
"I just wanna go home man" Was cracking uo at the theatre
bleh 3 days ago
same xD
Kaitlyn Mclane
Kaitlyn Mclane 3 days ago
I liked the new aladdin better
Tanuprava Khan
Tanuprava Khan 3 days ago
I love the new Aladdin
spacealien 26
spacealien 26 3 days ago
How and why tf do you pronounce "ahmed" as "akmed" ffs
feny dyah ayu
feny dyah ayu 3 days ago
Plus. Sultan is taller, skinnier and more serious than in 1992 version. I miss chubby, humorous sultan btw haha
warren byrne
warren byrne 3 days ago
2:08 Awh,. The widdle pupper Pprincess on the left.
1dupdates_demi 4 days ago
The song speechless had me in tears 😭
Sjekira Lady
Sjekira Lady 4 days ago
My brother made a joke saing "When Jasmine sings it's like Thano's snap. Almost everyone evaporate."
bleh 3 days ago
I thought that lol
Felicity Fox
Felicity Fox 4 days ago
No one remembers Achmed
Myla Manriza
Myla Manriza 4 days ago
Im gonna be honest On the first time I was going to watch Aladdin I was only looking forward to *A whole New world* but on the second time Ive watched it I was also looking foward to *Speechless*
Salalaumanu Laulu
who else started fucking dying when she said " and a lot of awkward flirting
FATAL ABRAHAM 5 days ago
Is no one gonna point out how she pronounced the word “crevasse” 🤦🏻‍♀️
Zara Bahar
Zara Bahar 5 days ago
10:07 "appropriate ethnicity" lmao, yet Jasmine still wasn't Arab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hey c lisa
hey c lisa 5 days ago
Most of the actors were half caucasian... that's sad too
Broken Mugs
Broken Mugs 5 days ago
Want to hear about more differences in Aladdin? Check out the latest podcast episode of The Broken Mug found on your favorite podcast app.
Jae B
Jae B 5 days ago
Where the heck is the SNAKE?
Juan Rios, Jr
Juan Rios, Jr 5 days ago
1.Whole New World The 1992.
salim D
salim D 5 days ago
I can not see Naomi Scott as Jasmine she does not look anything like Jasmine and does not have Jasmine's voice, and she does not have any Middle Eastern features ...she is British Indian, not Middle Eastern.
Aset Dedieva
Aset Dedieva 6 days ago
Im , AS i was expecting , really disappointed at the alladin. I could Not Imagine myself who could Play him,. But i dont See this Guy AS alladdin.
oriontoshiba 6 days ago
No. 1 diffrence jasmin is a femenist. No.2 alladin is beta male trying so hard to be cartonish.
bleh 22 hours ago
@oriontoshiba Tf are you yalking about? I only sent that comment to explain why I edited the other one -,-
oriontoshiba Day ago
@bleh oh shut up I didnt want you too delete your comment. Were just talking here.
bleh Day ago
@oriontoshiba And you don't give me that "beta male" bullshit (edit: i overreacted so i deleted the original reply)
oriontoshiba 3 days ago
Dont give me that crap that "anyone who talk like that" bullshit
bleh 3 days ago
@oriontoshiba Yeah?
Nigel Fletcher
Nigel Fletcher 6 days ago
Jafar : Snoop Dog
yay 6 days ago
how is it the same without lea salonga and brad kane's voice on a whole new world
Imelda Yulivia
Imelda Yulivia 6 days ago
Now that you said it... disney princesses really have no mom, what a coincident haha
Nadine Ip
Nadine Ip 6 days ago
am i the only one who found that jasmine's new song left much to be desired? but i loved the movie overall
anisa bashar
anisa bashar 6 days ago
What ever you say aladdin of 1992 is the greatest.
bleh 3 days ago
Eh, not for me. I don't have a nostalgic connection
rajasekhar kuppa
rajasekhar kuppa 6 days ago
Not twenty nineteen. It's two thousand nineteen
bleh 3 days ago
Just how it's said in english
Raniel Pangilinan
Before it's Princess Jasmine, but now its Osama Bin Laden who is a crony CIA agent.
DEVON BLAKE 6 days ago
You don’t think that Caucasians visited the Middle East back then?
Hanna vela
Hanna vela 6 days ago
I love this mvi I sall it in the thearters
LH 317
LH 317 6 days ago
I didn't enjoy the remake. I knew that nothing could top the 1992 version, but I was hoping it'd be decent, which it wasn't.
bleh 3 days ago
Maybe just not your cup of tea. I personally don't like the original
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper 6 days ago
You are so boring
Mitra Shokrollahi
A significant number of middle eastern people are blond/white and middle east people are a sub-group of Caucasian.
Presley Rice
Presley Rice 7 days ago
I’m so glad Jasmine became sultan!!! Also I love how the casting directors kept true to ethnicities.
Presley Rice
Presley Rice 5 days ago
hey c lisa mena massoud is Egyptian, Naomi Scott is part Ugandan, Navid Negahban is Iranian, and Marwan Kenzari is Tunisian. I say they did pretty damn well. Imagine if Aladdin was a tanned white man. Exactly. Can’t please everybody 🤷🏼‍♀️
hey c lisa
hey c lisa 5 days ago
Every actor is half caucasian... they did not respect the ethnicities... (they are really great actors but they don't fit sorry...)
SugarSweetSofia 7 days ago
*We won’t spoil too much* Me: *watches movie* *The Genie has 2 children* Me: Wow
Rachel Pamorada
Rachel Pamorada 7 days ago
Just one thing that disappoints me is that Jafar is not that evil.
johnson6099 7 days ago
Jasmine was already a free spirit that knew what she wanted and was not a prize to be won and knew her value.
johnson6099 7 days ago
The sultan was supposed to be enjoying the music, but here he has no humor to add.
Justin webb
Justin webb 7 days ago
“Casting a Caucasian actor in a story about the Middle East was met with controversy”.........wtf? People from the Middle East are Caucasian dummies.....
Fluffaloo the dragon
One reason this movie isn’t perfect... Where is To be free?? Otherwise I loved it
Hermione L. Scamander
I like the personality of Will's Genie better. I mean, don't get me wrong, Robbin Williams did a fantastic job, but non the less, I thought the Will Genie really had Aladdins best interesst at heart, the animated Genie just served him, as long as he had to. For example, when Jafar took over the lamp, animated Genie was like "Sorry kiddo, I don't work for you anymore" whilest the real life genie (spoiler) Sent Alddin the carpet to the end of the world, to rescue him and looked seemingly upset, when he had to make Jafars whishes come true... And I think this is soly based on the writing of both characters, not on the performance of the actors...
trini 7 days ago
I don't care what they did to tweak it. Will Smith will never be THAT genie. He could try being a genie in another story.
Brianna Ellison
Brianna Ellison 7 days ago
Jafar is also way more physco in the 2019 version I think
bleh 3 days ago
@Admiral Producer IKR
bleh 3 days ago
Yeah totally
Admiral Producer
Admiral Producer 6 days ago
Brianna Ellison Yeah, much better, definitely.
Moza 7 days ago
Jasmine cannot become a Sultan.. she can become a Sultana though.. mistakes mistakes!
Info Chan
Info Chan 8 days ago
Dalia is so unnecessary to me. There is nothing she does to give jasmine more...character. To me she is just comedy
Cynthia Stein
Cynthia Stein 8 days ago
another comedic actor playing the Genie lol Will smith and robin Williams both comedy and serious
George Rady
George Rady 8 days ago
Aladdin can’t act and Will Smith can’t sing and Jasmine wants to be Sultan... could care less about “true love” Ya know, the Soviets went thru this when they made sure all the “arts” delivered a POSITIVE MESSAGE for the People - they called it “Social Realism” - but we can just callnit what it was... propaganda... and this was corporate propaganda done BAAAAD!
LULWA IBRAHIM 8 days ago
I had a bad feeling that the movie will be a total disaster.. But it was good not perfect but good.. hit for Will Smith and Mena massoud and the new song “speechless” Is it better than 1992 Aladdin ??? Absolutely not!!
Justitia Ferry
Justitia Ferry 8 days ago
Hot jafar rlly xD my cousin's friend also thinks the New jafar is more handsome 😅
Ellie 8 days ago
Sorry, but nr 7 is total bull. A giant COBRA vs a big parrot.
Ellie 3 days ago
@bleh you're right, I'm sorry. You're opinion is not an excuse, it just didn't make sense to me. Cause i personally think that drawn animation has more details, like colors, expressions and emotion that stands out more than CGI. And that making things realistic doesn't necessarily make them better. No hard feels against you.
bleh 3 days ago
@Ellie Woah, woah woah calm down there... Just saying the more details make it more disturbing and intimidating, hence why some people may think it has more action... And plus... you just stated YOUR opinion, how is mine "aN exCuSe"!? I think you need to chill the shiz up m8.
Ellie 3 days ago
@bleh So It's better because It's realistic? Action is way more impressive when it isn't realistic. The 1992 version was so creative with It's animation and felt more magical. Wich is what Disney does best. Also, what makes Iago's generic animation more terrifying than the animation on Jafar when he is a giant Cobra? But no matter what excuse you have, they won't change my mind. This is getting further than I wanted it to. I should stop now. I just don't like the 2019 version that much. Or any of the other remakes for that matter.
bleh 3 days ago
Actually, I feel like it LOOKS like more action because it's realistic. the huge parrot looks terrifying
barbiquearea 8 days ago
But Genie does get a love interest in the animated tv show. There was a green girl genie who had a romance with him.
Prodigy Of Rock
Prodigy Of Rock 8 days ago
Speechless was amazing
Mall Quintin
Mall Quintin 8 days ago
Jasmine sining scene was assss
Moonstar79 8 days ago
What? Nothing on the fact that I go can't talk? Or that there's no snake at the end? Or that Jafar is less hysterical? Or that there's no snake at the end? Or that someone was murdered on screen? OR THAT THERE WAS NO SNAKE AT THE END!?
Zurvan Mooney
Zurvan Mooney 8 days ago
They actually gave Genie a girlfriend in the tv show named Eden
Andrea Smeelie
Andrea Smeelie 8 days ago
I love seeing videos like this and I greatly enjoyed this video however one thing always bugged me about this video. It literally was posted up two or three days before the actual movie came out on May 24th! Can’t Msmojo just wait a bit before posting it up for the movie hasn’t come out for us yet like it may have been released in other places! I felt the same exact way when they posted up a video that had a plot twist with the movie Coco when that movie was still in theaters! What’s up with that seriously?! By the way, I saw the live action Aladdin movie today and I absolutely LOVED it! EEP! The original is always better though. Lol
Khaleesi5 8 days ago
As a woman, I HATED the I wont go silent song. It felt SO out of place in the scene. I get the whole woman empowerment movement and I'm all for jasmine having her own song but the terms unneccessary and confusing aren't strong enough. So that, on top of the fact jasmine was scared to use a pole to jump over the roof as opposed to the animated version, and that her song accomplished little to nothing except to get the guards imprisoned, really dont help her argument. And I feel that she wasnt necessary in the bread line scene and it felt like they were trying to make room for her songs later and it just didnt work to me. Aside from that I thought the movie surprisingly good. Very awkward, a little off, but good.
Ray Heaven
Ray Heaven 8 days ago
the diff: 1992 still the best singer,the voice its clear it's crystal clear. was so great!!💙💖lea salongga is from philippines!brad kane her partner so great too. 2019 is ok its just a modern still good 😄😘
bleh 3 days ago
@Ray Heaven True
Ray Heaven
Ray Heaven 3 days ago
the old movie is interesting for kids but now is more excited i think teenager and adult will like it more not for kid 'coz its more on live action thats the improvement of the new movie..
bleh 3 days ago
Hey. This comparison isn't fair, as it's really subjective... You're just complimenting the okd one because I'm assuming it gives you notalgia, or you just prefer it, but that's just your opinion. I personally think the new movie is stunning... Don't like the old one tho
Angelyn Galinggana
I'd watch the movie and it was great! Thumbs up for 2019 Aladdin!
Ann Pott
Ann Pott 9 days ago
I really hated this new film. Aladdin's character just wasn't the same, he was just really awkward and cringy. Jafar was not creepy enough and there was no bond between Jafar and the parrot.
Ashraf M.
Ashraf M. 9 days ago
Biggest difference is new Aladdin is bullshit and how they try to takeaway the fact that this is an "Islamic origin" story. Old Aladdin actually uses Arabic terms like "Salam Alaikum" and "Allah". New Aladdin wipes off everything that points this to a "Muslim" origin. Disney - you think you slick eh?
Denly Modequillo
Denly Modequillo 9 days ago
Alldin before and alladin now look alike like literally
takajine kino
takajine kino 9 days ago
I guess Disney finally figured out how to make live action remakes. Such a great movie.
Elvinfdggh Herawati
Rome Miky
Rome Miky 9 days ago
#1: The Sultan isn't the funny, weird, and clueless man that we all knew and loved. :(((
bleh 3 days ago
Eh, I like this one better
Robert A. Davis
Robert A. Davis 9 days ago
I don't like the new Jafar. He plays it so understated. The original was way better.
Miguel A R Cachero
I need a Answers?🤨
Ivan Bunjamin
Ivan Bunjamin 9 days ago
1992 Princess Jasmine was hot 2019 Princess Jasmine is beautiful
Inquisitive Devil
Agraba? What it's Baghdad know your stuff but great video
y z x t
y z x t 9 days ago
OMG IF I HEAR ONE MORE THING OF JASMINES SONG IMA GO NUTS! Like god if it’s like that I need a remake where the “MAIN” character gets a new song.
y z x t
y z x t Day ago
bleh nah nigga literally all you hear on reviews is “And jasmine gets a amazing song” like dang
bleh 3 days ago
You're leaving me.... SPEECHLESS :) (I had to lmao (
bleh 3 days ago
Chill the f up mate
The Rind of Zayo Da Dong
It's not a diamond in the rough, it's a turd in a pile of turds.
KeiraTheKontortionist _
Did anyone else get shivers from literally 6 seconds of speechless? Anyone?
edagustin 3 days ago
Nah, that should’ve been a deleted scene.
YOUNG 3KG'S 3 days ago
Narjiss lamrani
Narjiss lamrani 6 days ago
what the u mean
Failingpepper 11
Failingpepper 11 9 days ago
I'm not gonna lie I like the music in the 2019 more than the 90s cause fhe music sounds more alive then quiet and It feel better and lyrics and in my theater when jasmine's song started playing some laughed as it's not really needed and cringy
Phillip May
Phillip May 9 days ago
Aladdin should’ve still become sultan.
SpaceCowboy Eddie
You forgot number 11: 1992 Jafar was cool and had a personality. 2019 Jafar is a soggy piece of cardboard that learned how to talk.
bleh 3 days ago
Nah. Old Jafar - scary...eh sometimes. mostly a cartoon villain New Jafar - closer to how a sociopath would act, actually creepy
catgoddness 9 days ago
Saw aladdin last week. Honestly I was surprised and impressed. The trailers really didn't do it justice. The leads are great and even though Robin Williams will always be genie to me. Will did an amazing job as genie, and jasmine solo is epic.
Jessica Willson
Jessica Willson 10 days ago
I dnt like the remake
bleh 3 days ago
Anyway your opinion but i personally disagree not arguing
bleh 3 days ago
Had to xD
bleh 3 days ago
Why are you playing hard to wish?
Luna Lily Liu
Luna Lily Liu 10 days ago
Tribute to “The Rock”?
Mordecai 10 days ago
So they decided to team up with the song writers of lala land the musical with the most forgettable songs in recent history and thought this was a good idea? lol ok. Also ''this movie is about Jasmine finding her voice'' what? Even original Jasmine had plenty of opinions and ''voice''. Its the primary reason she isnt married and her father keeps worrying about her.
Andrea Smeelie
Andrea Smeelie 8 days ago
Mordecai I don’t know if I would agree with the songs being forgettable but I really do agree with what you said about Jasmine there for I really don’t get that.
kitttgenita 10 days ago
I sure teared up as Jasmine was singing ‘Speechless’
YOUNG 3KG'S 3 days ago
maria mistretta
maria mistretta 10 days ago
I know the feeling. Seen the movie yesterday. I know they change a few things, It was great. You should see it. 👍 Jaffar manipulate abuser. Aladdin gentleman. Genie is funny. The tiger is not real. New songs.
bleh 3 days ago
Tiger isn't real????
nora 77
nora 77 10 days ago
Still a fun movie I enjoyed it alot.
fat matt
fat matt 10 days ago
How many times did will try to blow Aladdin?
majestic phoenix
majestic phoenix 10 days ago
Shouldn’t Jaffa turn into a snake in the film right
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