Top 10 Celebrity Voice Actors from Animated Family Movies

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These actors aren’t only physically talented but vocally as well! Join FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Celebrity Voice Performances in Animated Films.
10. Owen Wilson as Lightning Mcqueen From Cars 1-3
9. Johnny Depp as Rango from Rango
8. John C Rielly as Wreck-It Ralph from Wreck It Ralph
7. Steve Carell as Gru from Despicable Me
6. Chris Pratt as Emmett Brickowski from The Lego Movie
5. Jack Black as Po from Kung Fu Panda 1-3
4. Dwayne Johnson as Maui fom Moana
3. Amy Poehler as Joy from Inside Out......
2. ???
1. ???
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May 20, 2017




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FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers
Who's your favorite celebrity voice actor?
Charlie Kenna
Charlie Kenna 13 days ago
@Bishesh Chettri po
Charlie Kenna
Charlie Kenna 13 days ago
Owen Wilson
ayesha gul
ayesha gul 23 days ago
Jack black as Po
Musical Uprising
@FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers All of them, this is an almost complete summary of a portion of my childhood
Hennley Flook
Hennley Flook Month ago
Steve carell
Problox TV
Problox TV Day ago
My favourite actor is johnny depp from rango
molly Roberts /Animal, music lover
Speed I Am SpEeD ;-;
Patsy Jinson
Patsy Jinson 2 days ago
I love Owen Wilson 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
saiyad saif
saiyad saif 3 days ago
9 to 1. Misplaced.
Gretchen Andrea Rodriguez Roman
Johnny Depp, Jack Black and Ellen! 😱😱😱💜💜💜
Tut. Channel
Tut. Channel 11 days ago
Hi !!! Please Subscribe My RUvid Channel
Sin 13
Sin 13 12 days ago
My top two is Robbin Williams and Tim Curry
Kuan Benny
Kuan Benny 12 days ago
Where is Tom Hanks...
Charlie Kenna
Charlie Kenna 13 days ago
Owen Wilson because I love Lightning McQueen and also Owen Wilson played Nate Pullman in wonder
Charlie Kenna
Charlie Kenna 13 days ago
Who is your favorite actor
Brandon Tilley
Brandon Tilley 14 days ago
Johnny deep names rango
kobe symonds
kobe symonds 15 days ago
It's so hard to believe the voice of lighting McQueen
Nicario Graham
Nicario Graham 16 days ago
Tom Kenny should be here
Nicario Graham
Nicario Graham 16 days ago
I hope antonio banderas is here, mike myres and eddie murphy and seth macfarlane
Gabriel Eugênio Esparremberger
Where is Mark Hammil? He's amazing as Joker!
Think Weirdk
Think Weirdk 17 days ago
Why don't I know any of these celebrities._.Besides2
Raisha Safayet
Raisha Safayet 17 days ago
Where's Andy Samberg as Jonny in Hotel transilvania? He was so good.
Jane Cruz
Jane Cruz 18 days ago
siddharth 18 days ago
SUGIONO Legend 19 days ago
Why i don't se kevin hart in this list...he voice the SnowBall from "secret pet of life"
Christian kyle Acbang
0:15-i like how that was so perfectly fitted the way she said thankfully when it was maui's background
Zaw Min Thein
Zaw Min Thein 23 days ago
Since I was a kid I was really scared of Rango
yoongissk 23 days ago
1:53 why does he kinda look like the animated character as well
Christian Szalwinski
Three of them were from Parks and Rec!
TERLALU TAMVAN 24 days ago
I dunno ellen is voice of dorry🤣🤣🤣
Amna channel review
I like john c. Reilly
sri sumarsih
sri sumarsih 25 days ago
I dont have any choices why cause they are all my favorite artist
sky fia
sky fia 25 days ago
Nobody mention how freakin talented Nick kroll was !!
Gina Demars
Gina Demars 27 days ago
04:26 01:34 02:16
Sabrina Alves
Sabrina Alves 28 days ago
Love sing gunter
Drewb Stomprud
Drewb Stomprud Month ago
so no tom hanks for toy story
Pieter van der Sandt
Have you guys heard of a guy called Robin Williams, he did the genie in Aladdin a while back...
lsllnlqs 69
lsllnlqs 69 Month ago
Yeah vanellope's voice actor is a guy
Siregar Juan
Siregar Juan Month ago
Pantesan kalo nonton film animasi suara nya kayak ga asing gitu ooalah rupanya pantesan
Benz Joachim
Benz Joachim Month ago
You forgot Ryan Reynolds as Turbo!
Hennley Flook
Hennley Flook Month ago
I like how steve carell he really gives the kind of a good atouted
The Bakei
The Bakei Month ago
Wow i did not know that ELEN was an voice actor
Robbie Hart
Robbie Hart Month ago
If we are being real most of the best voice actors aren't already celebrities. They're usually just using them for name recognition.
PriscillaGirl Month ago
Jonny depp is the best actor I’ve ever seen
hergraysky 1231
hergraysky 1231 Month ago
Jim, Owen and Johnny Depp Nailed their roles✨!! I LOVE IT
Ivyflix Voices
Ivyflix Voices Month ago
I am a voice actor and I must agree that voice-acting isn’t about how good your voice is. It’s more on how you can breathe life to characters thru your voice!
Edrei Ramadu
Edrei Ramadu Month ago
Tom Hanks?
Rango is now more special for me
Ladeishisha Kharpan
My favourite one is Ellen DeGeneres n Dwayne Johnson
Håkon Stenseth
Håkon Stenseth Month ago
FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers Have you lost your fingers and forgot to written the 2 last voice actors when 1 and 2 is marked with only by ??? behind 2 and 1? Nick Kroll is the voice of Gunter in the movie Sing and Elle DeGeneres is the Voice of Dory in the movie Finding Nemo and Finding Dory :) Excuse me you in FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers have forgotten to mention about Nick Kroll and Ellen DeGeneres in your list hehehe :D
Maya A.
Maya A. Month ago
Why is nobody talking about Nick kroll??! (5:18 btw)
Rahmat Khan
Rahmat Khan Month ago
Dwayne Johnson insane
Kevin Hart?????????bitch where he is
Happy State
Happy State Month ago
Wait, Is that Lin Miranda with Dwayne?
K. Spero
K. Spero Month ago
no john leguizamo and Sid?
abdohallah mohamed
4:33 - 4:48 Love this 😁😁 It's so fun 🙌🙌
JM Flores
JM Flores Month ago
Adam sandler as Drac in hotel transylvania?
Kaito Kid
Kaito Kid Month ago
It doesn't feel like real when johnny depp doesn't act it out 😅😅
Improve Yourself
Johnny Depp my favourite
Tommaso Giancaterino
No one talking about Ralph’s voice actor looking just like Ralph?
Safaraz Iqbal
Safaraz Iqbal 2 months ago
Dj is the best
SATE MADU 2 months ago
HAXWUW 2 months ago
Elen uses her own voice they sound the same
Raim Smith
Raim Smith 2 months ago
What!? How come Tom Hanks as Woody is not included in this list?
doobie demsss
doobie demsss 2 months ago
I Fcken love Depp 🤤😻
Orland MKJ
Orland MKJ 2 months ago
Omg chris pratt is in so many movies jurrassic world 1 and 2 gurdians od the galaxy endgame infinite war and now the lego movie jesus christ
Deny James
Deny James 2 months ago
loved it! best video ever!
Boosh. Inc
Boosh. Inc 2 months ago
Steve carrel is honestly my favourite
Just Jillian
Just Jillian 2 months ago
Jonny Depp (not sure if I spelled that right oop-) has facial hair more recognizable than hitler’s mustache
Lateef_Keith Hakeem
Lateef_Keith Hakeem 2 months ago
Tom hanks for woody should at least be there
Emmy Sabel
Emmy Sabel 2 months ago
Ian Bautista
Ian Bautista 2 months ago
where's tom holland? Haha
Sleepy Meeky
Sleepy Meeky 2 months ago
Ian Bautista I was just watching Tom Holland lol
Brian F
Brian F 2 months ago
It seems to me that maybe 3 on this list were actually voice acting. The rest were just talking normally. If you don't give the character its own identity and/or personality, isn't it just the actor reading out loud?
Apshan Limbu
Apshan Limbu 2 months ago
Most of these people look like their characters haha
Tiddy Oren
Tiddy Oren 2 months ago
Johnny Deep as Rango Me: u're joking right?
Hobberoni 2 months ago
I love Steve Carell omg
HD Clips Fr
HD Clips Fr 2 months ago
Why there is not Olaf in the list ?!
Meh. 2 months ago
imagine nt having Seth McFarlane
Mimi OOF
Mimi OOF 2 months ago
Duccio Loddo
Duccio Loddo 2 months ago
Animated Movie
Pineapple vxbes
Pineapple vxbes 2 months ago
Hang on kung fu panda name is po ping. 😂 I'm dead
GamingWithKat :D
GamingWithKat :D 2 months ago
Oh my god Ellen is Dory!?
Prism Shade
Prism Shade 2 months ago
I literally screamed when I saw that Chris Pratt plays Emmet, I’M SO STUPID HOW DID I NOT NOTICE!
YungGucci B
YungGucci B 2 months ago
Jack black🖤😎
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