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Monster Bug Wars Top 10 is a second season compilation episode. This episode included 10 already released bug fights that have been shortened. The following battles are listed below:
10 - Slender necked mantis vs. Bronzed huntsman spider
9 - Tiger beetle vs. Raspy cricket
8 - Paper wasps vs. Green ants
7 - Freshwater crab vs. Tiger leeches
6 - Trap-jaw ant vs. Antlion
5 - Assassin bug vs. Ogre-faced spider
4 - Desert centipede vs. Desert trapdoor spider
3 - Giant rainforest mantis vs. Spiny leaf insect
2 - Green jumping spider vs. Long-jawed jumping spider
1 - Green ants vs. Tree scorpion

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Assassin bugAntlion昆虫Tiger leechesBronzed huntsman spiderwebBaguGreen jumping spiderwidowKonchūTiger beetlehugeTrap-jaw anttailJUMPING SPIDERmonsterscaryOgre-faced spiderDesert trapdoor spiderRaspy cricketDesert centipede戦争SensōattackPaper waspsバグの戦いGreen antswhiteantsfightingtatakaiクモbugnoFreshwater crabKumoSpiny leaf insectfunnelTree scorpionwatchGiant rainforest mantisspidersSlender necked mantiswarsbites




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Comments 100
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 21 hour ago
“big guns in the rear”..... paper wasps must be native to San Francisco
Bob TheTrader
But the other one has win
Bob TheTrader
Why did the mantis lose 😥😥😥
Paradox M
Paradox M Day ago
Why the fuck do bugs eating freak me out 😕
Kimkimi Lalruatkimi
-More swarmers come in to replace the dead and die -monster bug wars 2015
Kimkimi Lalruatkimi
Why the green ant eyes in the end look fake
Kimkimi Lalruatkimi
Who else expect to find a bug in their necks😂😂😂😂
Anonymous Mask
I feel itchy all of a sudden
Maulana Musa
Maulana Musa Day ago
Which one's the current meta in ranked?
User 1
User 1 Day ago
I HATE the ants 😲 FUCK you
LordAxe Day ago
I wish I could talk like that.
Wyatt Romero
Wyatt Romero Day ago
I can’t get over the guys waxing and waning Australian accent like we get it you’re a paid actor but these bugs man they have no mercy
Its Jynx
Its Jynx 2 days ago
A crab isnt a bug? But hey your only american
gourmetbanana 2 days ago
Please do Ants vs Anteater next
Christian Morisse
what a typical american dumbshit...
McKenzie Clinton
McKenzie Clinton 2 days ago
watching this makes my head itch and feel like theres bugs all over me and i hate it but i find this so fun to watch so like what do i do people...?
James MustPlay
James MustPlay 3 days ago
All they need is a slap with a slipper then boom! Fatality!
James MustPlay
James MustPlay 3 days ago
24:17 sounds like a fuckin' cat...
Mega X
Mega X 3 days ago
Dude the scorpion has no chance there is way to much ants not epic
Naida Sari
Naida Sari 3 days ago
Iklan hago bangsat, ganggu aja
Justin. I.
Justin. I. 3 days ago
Ngoc Chinh Nguyen
Make the ants with jaws but no mouth😂😂😂
timo könig
timo könig 4 days ago
The Sounds 😂😂
Luke Connors
Luke Connors 4 days ago
Bugs that can kill spiders give me nightmares
Victor Tai
Victor Tai 4 days ago
How do you call it fair when the bronze huntsman spider is so much bigger than the slender neck mantis
Ligma Virus
Ligma Virus 5 days ago
The spider always win...
Smitty Werben Jagermanjansen
Unnecessarily dramatic, this could be a 15 minutes video
Justin. I.
Justin. I. 3 days ago
Nah, it makes it great
Dragonwarlord 273
The assassin bug would prob demolish the ogre faced spider but because he got trapped he lost 😐 Also the desert centipede would have lost his life that day BUT they said it rained so TOTALLY FAIR FIGHT
Justin. I.
Justin. I. 3 days ago
Ummm, I hate to break it to you but.. The spider would have wrapped the assassin bug anyways, even if the bug didn't mess with the net, it would have got caught.
Mitchel Asuzu
Mitchel Asuzu 5 days ago
Why do i watch these stuff at night
David Rojo
David Rojo 5 days ago
Its a Mexican standoff 👨🏻👨🏻 Small 🕷 jumps Ora!! Cocho!!! Sacate Mil Bergas! 🙎🏽‍♂️😡🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Melanin Baby
Melanin Baby 6 days ago
That mantis didn’t even have a chance😔
I'm A Fan
I'm A Fan 6 days ago
DAMMIT ASSASSIN Should've gone for the back 🤣
I'm A Fan
I'm A Fan 6 days ago
I still wonder how they brawl these creatures up, do they just go like "hey let's capture this tiger beetle and place it right next to a cricket and see what happens"
Zoltan Glashutter
that leech will scar me for life lol.
Felix Mata
Felix Mata 6 days ago
Why where the bugs roaring
Christoper Uno
Christoper Uno 6 days ago
Did they really just pushed the branch of ants over then called nature.smh
Hookz 6 days ago
Why do I get the feeling that the crabs always lose in every recorded fight? x)
Chris Smart
Chris Smart 6 days ago
The idea of 360 vision just baffles me
Imakepancakes 7 days ago
So much ads!?
AYO B 7 days ago
Is there anywhere, where the Mantis wins?
Noah Sikorski
Noah Sikorski 7 days ago
Hater would say its fake
JBL Boy 7 days ago
I feel bad for all the dead insects 😭 like if you too (I'm not begging I wanna know how many)
AT Cuber
AT Cuber 7 days ago
A leech vs a crab?? Are you serious??? :D
Xeno beatbox
Xeno beatbox 7 days ago
All of these I would crap my pants and burn my house down if I saw them in my house.
dajah daily
dajah daily 7 days ago
If it’s a spider then I want it to lose
Seyyah İmat
Seyyah İmat 8 days ago
I am collecting the bets!
Homo Boys
Homo Boys 8 days ago
Who else gets an uncomfortable back neck when seeing spiders
Dia Log
Dia Log 8 days ago
It's cray how bugs are not creeped out by other bugs 😨
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad 8 days ago
My childhood years of watching Pokemon has lead to this
HD5397 8 days ago
The sounds are killing me 😂
belldn3 8 days ago
Damn, number 9 was a good fight.
Damien Feliciano
Damien Feliciano 8 days ago
It says the assassin bug 🐜 predators are spiders 🕷
Scavsb Nddnfn
Scavsb Nddnfn 8 days ago
Call me a slinder necked mantis
Chuggin 8 days ago
16:38 1899 ping be like
Brandon Ziegler
Brandon Ziegler 9 days ago
7-3 was my record. How was y'alls?
regalblue41 9 days ago
Damn nature you scary !!
Jaycob MendoZa
Jaycob MendoZa 9 days ago
Bruh I was going for the mantes then I seen that big ah spider I knew it was over. Free my boi doe
SealTeam Ryx
SealTeam Ryx 9 days ago
That tiger leach was grody.. I guess all of them were lol I dont know why I watch these before bed cuz I just end up beating the hell out of myself in bed thinking stuff I'd crawling on me.... last summer, I was working and took a drink from the straw of my soda, and felt something kinda sharp n pokey feeling in my mouth I thought it was a piece of wood, it was actually a yellow jacket hornet that stung the shit of me right at the back of my throat n top of my mouth.... it was pretty horrifying lol
Kamote Gaming
Kamote Gaming 9 days ago
I suddenly jump out of my bed as my arm touches my charger. Lol! 😂
Zac Degraide
Zac Degraide 9 days ago
So fucking dramatic.
NickHou82 10 days ago
So the #1 fight was 1 lone scorpion vs an ant colony? Kinda anti climatic
badwolf1913 10 days ago
you guys should make 2 for each one. a win & a lose for each pair. so we can see the winner from both "angles" or whatever you wanna call it. lol
Chas G
Chas G 10 days ago
This isn't end game
saiyans great
saiyans great 10 days ago
That beetle murdered that cricket.
Josemaria Pena
Josemaria Pena 10 days ago
Whatever man these fights are fixed
Phish Heads
Phish Heads 10 days ago
Ant lions are so fun to play with. No lie
Phish Heads
Phish Heads 10 days ago
Damn nature! You scary! 😱
Phil Walters
Phil Walters 10 days ago
they dont want to mess with me i got a bad temper and a can of raid
And then they said
And then they said 10 days ago
"the supermodel is more than a pretty face......looks can kill". Lol
Tanya Stark
Tanya Stark 10 days ago
ants are cheers
L Sharp
L Sharp 10 days ago
This is the stuff that's so good to watch, but only at like, 3 am. Any other time and this stuff is weird as hell
SomeShit 10 days ago
Who else thought they were going to be big
Do you have the lämps Bröther
A centipede will have anything in the insect world.
Tiger Lion
Tiger Lion 11 days ago
🍜.food is all its matter here..🍞..
601 CaliSmoke
601 CaliSmoke 11 days ago
They forgot to mention how the antlion tosses it’s prey out the hole when it gets finished sucking the life out of it.Still an entertaining doc to say the least.
oh just quit it
oh just quit it 11 days ago
1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10 I got right. 3 and 4 I got wrong. After both fails I waited to see the specs then made my guesses.
Marco Zamudio
Marco Zamudio 12 days ago
Idk why but I got really mad when the green tree ants lost. Like if I was watching my favorite sports team lose or something
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg 12 days ago
Was not expecting the tiger beetle to of won
motzkeksalarm 12 days ago
Damn, I’m glad these creepy crawlies are so tiny. Imagine them being as big as dogs or horses and then crawling around in the world 😱
IAM Impressive
IAM Impressive 12 days ago
Say whatever you want.. this shit is hype af!!!
Mahdi Sakr
Mahdi Sakr 12 days ago
21:36 that music reminds me of borderlands 1
Lauren Ellen
Lauren Ellen 13 days ago
The bugs life sequel looks great
Christopher Mcintyre
I cant stand the juvenile narration
Irene Thomsen
Irene Thomsen 13 days ago
These bugs are paid actors
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 14 days ago
The big question is how they caught it in camera!
Dan -n- Duke
Dan -n- Duke 14 days ago
I wish these insects would close their eyes when they die, you never know when they're fully dead,,,I know, I know! Lol
Dan -n- Duke
Dan -n- Duke 14 days ago
Mantis was fighting way above his weight class, fight should've never been allowed!
Adequate Bros.
Adequate Bros. 14 days ago
13:33 "leech" >flashbacks to rainworld and the blue leeches >internal screaming intensifies
Kari Young
Kari Young 14 days ago
im always on centipede team
WEG Dive
WEG Dive 14 days ago
wonder if they made the growling sounds or they were added in
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Art 15 days ago
How the hell do you get these shots for this show and find the bugs fighting and how do they not see you and run away\ That mantis is so stubborn and refuses to lose that is the fighter spirit And imagine how it must feel to be these bugs and how did you get the water scene of the crab fight
Jenna Foglesong
Jenna Foglesong 15 days ago
Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww whyyyyy
Drr Dank
Drr Dank 15 days ago
Love the line at the end about size not being everything. It literally is with bugs
Drr Dank
Drr Dank 15 days ago
These are not fights. It's prey being eaten
Ranmar Bocado
Ranmar Bocado 15 days ago
Who is the fastest birds?
Jacob Seong
Jacob Seong 15 days ago
I'm so interested but also so afraid of spiders
Welcome to "Ultimate Bug Championship (UBC)"
Sam Lens
Sam Lens 16 days ago
For number one I was like that scorpion has no chance, after everything I’ve just seen it’s numbers over everything else
Franklin Ponce
Franklin Ponce 16 days ago
Bad news bears
Tedd Johns
Tedd Johns 17 days ago
One unfortunate wind storm hurled my neighbors cat across my yard and into my other neighbors yard with k9s the other day..
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