Top 10 Brutally Honest Celebrity Interviews

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Top 10 Brutally Honest Celebrity Interviews // Subscribe: ruvid.net/u-MsMojo
Everyone was glued to their TV screens when the most revealing/brutally honest celebrity interviews aired. We’re looking at interviews where celebrities revealed personal information and/or showed raw emotion, even if their answers weren’t always truthful. It’s time to get personal. MsMojo ranks the most brutally honest celebrity interviews. Which celebrity interview hit you the hardest? Let us know in the comments!
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May 20, 2019




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Comments 506
"They holding hands & His head laying on Michael Jackson shoulder, that's weird enough to me...what the hell was that about?😕
jayjee135 3 days ago
Tom cruise thinks psychiatry is a pseudoscience meanwhile he shells millions of dollars over to scientology which was created by a science fiction writer to receive enlightenment on the innerworkings of the universe. Seems legit
Stephen Coleman
Stephen Coleman 3 days ago
Barbara Walters has a wonky face
Stephen Coleman
Stephen Coleman 3 days ago
Tom Cruise is a brainwashed weirdo
MrJb713 5 days ago
Apology videos were soo different back then lol
Last scene missin
Caitlyn Jenner is such a freak. I rather hv people change sex because they think its cool and that they want and not cause of a mental disorder.
Halen Sunday
Halen Sunday 5 days ago
Lady Diana..what a wonderful soul. You could see it behind her eyes and her pain too. She was an empath. I'll never forget the day she died. Fondly remembered x
Apoorva Solanki
Apoorva Solanki 6 days ago
MJ is First class in dance But now he is a trash for me
Guerda Cherestal
Guerda Cherestal 6 days ago
MJ brought me here I only care for him
nicholas cicchillitti
Michael Jackson is the biggest pedophile in history. Tired of his beards and his defenders. Even if the people who have accused him are “lying”, you’ll never convince me it’s okay that a 40 year old man can sleep in bed with strange children. END OF STORY
PjStorm27 8 days ago
Yow where's phoebe????
Alanoud Alsaleh
Alanoud Alsaleh 8 days ago
I don’t know who told Tom Cruise that he can talk about medicine... talk about MI that’s all you know about stupid... How about talk about that subject with Chester Bennington or Robin Williams! WELL YOU CANNOT BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF DEPRESSION!!!!
Stela Zouridakis
Stela Zouridakis 10 days ago
The R Kelly one just makes me so uncomfortable to watch knowing what kind of monster he is.. smh
Chris Stringer
Chris Stringer 11 days ago
How dare you use the Charlie sheen interview and not show the I’m bi-winning, I win here I win there.
BigMighty 11 days ago
R jelly: I didn’t do it 6ix9ine: yes you did stoopid
Tony Rory
Tony Rory 12 days ago
I have seen some documentaries about micro engines inserted in bikes...and I think Amstrong was also at this era hiding the fact that he was also using this mechanics to enhance his wins....just a guess....oh lucky to his investments to UBER he got refuelled again....damn
Cindy Noland
Cindy Noland 13 days ago
The interviewers are as bad as those being interviewed, in most of these.
Cindy Noland
Cindy Noland 13 days ago
Should be called 10 Totally Crazy interviews
Luis Miguel Rasmijn
"im not even interested in that" yeah Micheal did it.
Stela Zouridakis
Stela Zouridakis 10 days ago
Bricks 12 days ago
HARKIRAT SINGH 15 days ago
Seeing the comments and listening to the video...I am beginning to think mojo has also started to feel like most news channels...impartial, molding facts and favouring one over the other...u guys started good what happened...ur viewers are still the same but u folks are different...unsubsribe
Liz Judd
Liz Judd 16 days ago
Oh, HELL NAW! We're in the midst of a witch hunt on a Presidential scale. No actual provable facts, nothing solid except for the corrupt congressmen and women. Ask yourself, why aren't these crooks being prosecuted? When we're pitted against one another we're weak. When we join forces, no one can stand against us. The Tower of Babel literally means we're speaking jibberish. Perhaps we need to find more common ground.
evilcowboy 16 days ago
Good people die way before their time............Now you know why Princess Diana is gone. Greed is honestly the most destructive action a person can do and when your the only good person in a sea of greedy people then your the odd man out. She was literally too good of a person and too down to Earth to be mixed up in the political aspects of royalty.
Prince 13
Prince 13 17 days ago
Charlie Sheen is an old version of Cm Punk (besides the drugs)
Debbie Lynn
Debbie Lynn 17 days ago
Crack is wack!!! 😂
Roscoe P. Coltrane
Roscoe P. Coltrane 18 days ago
Defending Brittany's MK ultra breakdown shows you guys are part of the problem.
Gerrie herwijnen
Gerrie herwijnen 18 days ago
If Tupac ain't in this video.. slaps in the face 💩👀
J Bart
J Bart 18 days ago
Nick James
Nick James 19 days ago
There is a song featuring clips and Snippets from that interview with Charlie Sheen called by Mac Lethal called tiger blood (Charlie Sheen)
Nick James
Nick James 19 days ago
Martin Bashir is a piece of shit for how he did MJ like that
S D 19 days ago
Presley is a Scientologist, she wanted Jackson’s money.
Majed Salem
Majed Salem 19 days ago
wwwhhooooaaaa that Whitney H. one is brazzzyyy
Matthew Sunderland
Matthew Sunderland 20 days ago
"I'm not even interested in that" as if that's a remotely convincing argument lol
nell866 22 days ago
You click baited us dude
mario carpentieri
mario carpentieri 24 days ago
Nobody: RKelly: Y’all killing me with this sh^^
Jason Bembry
Jason Bembry 25 days ago
Y'all did put R. Kelly at one for legal issues don't wanna get law suit
Clark Reyes
Clark Reyes 28 days ago
I see the thumbnail. I click
Morteza Hesam Zadeh
I just got that Diane Sawyer is the best interviewer from this.
RealIceCream Month ago
Idk what you mean by "intern who almost brought down a presidency." She didn't bring down the presidency. Bill Clinton did, don't go blaming her when he was the one in the wrong.
Place Holder
Place Holder Month ago
Lol. They should show Kelly cryin like a bitch to the inmate population where he will be incarcerated.
Place Holder
Place Holder Month ago
That bitch Robin Givins. No sympathy for Monica. She knew exactly what she was doing.
NakedCheetoes Month ago
Oprah is a joke
Nigisa Preston
Nigisa Preston Month ago
Him: Am a older men that like all woman Me: OMG😅😂😂
ALLY S Month ago
R kelly wasn’t even honest. He was just screaming like a child cuz Gail could see right through him. He scares me, he is WAY beyond help
Elizabeth Fritch
R Kelly’s interview with Gail DOES NOT BELONG ON HERE
GohModley Month ago
Oh Charlie why did you have to go and poke Corey's butthole. We looked up to u man
•Wendsi 2 months ago
Azelia banks interview where she talked about racism should be in this..
Amanda Nantucket
Amanda Nantucket 2 months ago
Frost/Nixon was a wonderful movie about the interview with former President Nixon. They show how no one really believed in David Frost, or thought he could ask the tough questions, and that’s also why Nixon’s team chose him, they thought he’d be too afraid to ask those types of questions. Great movie about an important interview in history.
Kiko Bang
Kiko Bang 2 months ago
Diane sawyer, HOEprah & Martin baSHIT are all trash.
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal 2 months ago
How can u be part of church of Scientology and say that psychology as pseudoscience. Then what the hell ur church even stand for. Like if its pseudoscience then and not real then they r just devil's spawns.
TASconfidential 2 months ago
Sidebar: Why didn’t Lance Armstrong go to prison for doping? Didn’t Marion Jones get thrown in the slammer?
Noel Nolan
Noel Nolan 2 months ago
R kelly is a filthy animal should be hung by his bolloxs
becca♡boo 2 months ago
Poor diana I feel for her still to this day.
Rashad Sims
Rashad Sims 2 months ago
Tom cruise always came across as a asshole
nemoran 2 months ago
MJ agreed to do the Bashir interview because Bashir promised him the profit will be given to charity and he will help him establish a world children day. Instead bashir wanted to boost his own sorry career by dragging MJ down. When you watch the outtakes, which were shown in the courtroom. you can see what a two faced scumbag Bashir was. And MJ was dumb enough to trust him just because Lady Diana gave him an interview. If that doesn't convince you how ridiculously naive Jackson was nothing will.
Guerda Cherestal
Guerda Cherestal 6 days ago
Assassin 956 shut up you don't know what you're talking about facts don't lie people do
Bricks 12 days ago
ASSASSINN 956 nope
ASSASSINN 956 14 days ago
Mj slept with kids so 🤷🏽‍♂️
Raynee Dollface
Raynee Dollface 2 months ago
I don't believe Michael ever harmed a child.
Raynee Dollface
Raynee Dollface Month ago
@Natalie Kelemen he had money. Enough said. He didn't have a childhood. His father/manger beat him into show business. My moms step mom beat her badly and it was only than, did my mom try to spoil us and somewhat relive her childhood did she appear "weird", when she became successful and had money to spoil us and also relive the childhood that was violently stolen from her. Granted she's not a millionaire or accused of lewd acts, but I see alot in her and Michael and know there was no foul play.
Natalie Kelemen
Natalie Kelemen 2 months ago
Me neither!
Makaokao Nthane
Makaokao Nthane 2 months ago
Michael was an alien
Natalie Kelemen
Natalie Kelemen 2 months ago
He was certainly something larger than life, that's for sure. 💛
nemoran 2 months ago
Makaokao Nthane he sure did not belong in this rotten world. Look what humans did to him and still doing to him. Out of jealousy and greed. The fucking media still treats him like he is a threat. Ridiculous
Blood Eagle223
Blood Eagle223 2 months ago
r Kelly lied through his teeth in that interview but not gonna lie, trapped in the closet was fire!!
unknown 3 months ago
Crack is whack should've been in top 10
Noosheen 3 months ago
That interview cost Princess Diana her life💔
BRAVO 808 MoN 3 months ago
Man why R Kelly 😧😢 That closet song Caught up to you
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