Top 10 Best Video Games of 2019

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I think it’s safe to say; 2019 had no shortage of amazing games. What a way to close off the decade. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Video Games of 2019. For this list, we’re naming off our favorite games that consider to be the best of the best of 2019. Normally for our best of the year, we exclude any late ports, remasters or expansions of any kind. However, in the case of Resident Evil 2, we ruled that since it’s gameplay doesn’t resemble the original in any way; It will appear on this list.
Written by Ty Richardson
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 100
Anel Jez
Anel Jez 14 hours ago
Wheres Mortal kombat 11
Rojus Dirmantas
Rojus Dirmantas 6 days ago
WTF is fallen order no. 8
SMG POLARIS 11 days ago
No one liked it and its on honourable mention. Really mojo
GreyGuno Gnarly
GreyGuno Gnarly 14 days ago
My Friend Pedro isn't in the Honorable's List.Such Shame!!
AkSe6ast1an 16 days ago
Zanoni Tapia
Zanoni Tapia 29 days ago
U guys don’t like death stranding but a lot of people love the game
Rhaegos the Lightning
I didn't get far on Sekiro.
IUS Movies and Shorts
Where is MINECRAFT!!!
Irving Pineda
Irving Pineda Month ago
A Plague Tale Innocence its my 2019's GOTY.
Avik Barua
Avik Barua Month ago
Where is fortnite?
Avik Barua
Avik Barua Month ago
Where is roblox and minecraft😠😠😠😝😝😝😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😳
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Month ago
Why am I not here you’re going to Dragonsreach prison
Sairam LP
Sairam LP Month ago
Video games have changed since 2014 😱
NewXton Month ago
Wheres death stranding
Phillip Morgan
Phillip Morgan Month ago
Luigi’s mansion 3
Phillip Morgan
Phillip Morgan Month ago
Untitled goose game rules
Thomas GLover
Thomas GLover Month ago
Dave is awesome
ShakaKG Month ago
This video together with that of ING made me buy Sekiro in December 2019, the game is indeed incredible
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey Month ago
Landon Bangerter
How it should have been 10) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 9) Outer Wilds 8) Death Stranding 7) The Outer Worlds 6) Luigi’s Mansion 3 5) Untitled Goose Game 4) Fire Emblem: Three Houses 3) Resident Evil 2 2) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Honorable Mentions - Apex Legends - Baba is You - Devil May Cry V - Slay the Spire - Super Mario Maker 2 1) Control
Ethan Arnold
Ethan Arnold Month ago
Doom Eternal should've gotten at least an honorable mention.
Sayori protection squad 108
I would have put outer world's higher up on the list
Topster Month ago
Awesome List!. I also have some tops on my channel. Please check it out and tell me your opinion!!
Cameron Muise
Cameron Muise 2 months ago
Days gone shouldve been in this list
TylerAdams 2 months ago
My top 5 5: Far Cry: New Dawn 4: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:Borderlands 3 2: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 1: Resident Evil 2 Remake
Nazmul Fahad
Nazmul Fahad 2 months ago
Not even an honorable mention for Farcry New Dawn but the goose and other unknown sh*ts gets a mention fvckin ridiculous
tomas gonzalez
tomas gonzalez 2 months ago
3:00 Oh i got a lot of good star wars games dear: Star Wars: The Forces Unleashed 1 and 2 Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 1 and 2 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from 2005 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from 2017 Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Complete Saga Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes ;)
emre erol
emre erol 2 months ago
SurAj SApkota
SurAj SApkota 2 months ago
No 1 is Fortnite
BokeTa 2 months ago
WTF? no Death Stranding
TheOnlyHumanBeing 2 months ago
Walking simulator
hi 5
hi 5 2 months ago
I wonder why assassin creed is in this that was an awesome game🕵️‍♀️🔫🏹💿
Aaron Cowell
Aaron Cowell 3 months ago
The way this guy says “No one in the office liked it” couldn’t be any more pretentious fair play
Kevin Ranglall
Kevin Ranglall 3 months ago
It seems like all the same shit they’ve had and been trying to make me buy since I was 14. GTFOH
Billy Boleson
Billy Boleson Month ago
Lol stop playing shooters
Shane Cahill
Shane Cahill 3 months ago
Where Mordern Warfare 2019?
CKAMI 3 months ago
Me wondering were mk11 is
Eduard Vlach
Eduard Vlach 3 months ago
For me is Death Stranding #1 and Sekiro #2
Makaveli Cortez
Makaveli Cortez 3 months ago
CROSSFIRE one shot one aim pleaseeee❤
Creative Void
Creative Void 3 months ago
WOO! Three of my favorite games are one here! (RE 2 remake, Death Stranding, & Sekiro)
Damon Harper
Damon Harper 3 months ago
Gears of War Stinks
Blkeclipse L
Blkeclipse L 3 months ago
I am a huge fan of Reedus, Kojima and Del'toro but for me Death Stranding was the biggest disappointment in gaming 2019. There is no denying its a beautiful looking game but it also proves that no matter how great a game visually looks - game play is still of great importance.
andrew robertson
andrew robertson 3 months ago
Days gone was the best game of last year. No contest there. Also, I bought death stranding with my hard earned money. A man goes for a 40 hour walk with an impossibly large box on his back and a baby in a bottle.
Billy Boleson
Billy Boleson Month ago
Oh yeah.....days gone existed...
bra 99
bra 99 3 months ago
What about Pokemon sword and shield
G Money 196
G Money 196 3 months ago
Man, why is nobody mentioning Days Gone? That game was absolutely fantastic!
Iowa Jaguar
Iowa Jaguar 3 months ago
I hated sekrio not even because it was difficult and it felt boring
B. ONE 3 months ago
Horrible top 10
Fifth Thrower
Fifth Thrower 3 months ago
Wait were is minecraft
BABUBHAI ULTRON 3 months ago
I don't like death stranding either. that game is shit
James Scarlett
James Scarlett 3 months ago
James Scarlett
James Scarlett 3 months ago
No effence but this list sucks
PC GAMING IS DEAD 3 months ago
Nimus H
Nimus H 3 months ago
Ok so I just found out that like 90% of the world has the worst taste in games ever.
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey 4 months ago
I like the game
The Insanist
The Insanist 4 months ago
I'm sorry but you don't look like someone who I can trust with personal info on games Dave
Itz_pluto 4 months ago
I like how 2k nor madden is on here
XLUNS GAMER 4 months ago
this is top 10 worest games in 2019
Billy Boleson
Billy Boleson Month ago
Outer wilds wasn't that bad....wasn't amazing either
nogard 4 months ago
use me as "ur wrong, untitled goose game was #1 game of the year" button
Gr8Legend18 4 months ago
Still watching this in 2020 and I STILL hate this guy commentating.
Bissket Lama
Bissket Lama 4 months ago
Apex was my game of the year
Levi Alexander
Levi Alexander 4 months ago
Star Wars The Force Unleashed was the last best Star Wars game before fallen Jedi order
왕자와공주 4 months ago
wow !!
white lightning
white lightning 4 months ago
That devil may cry looks good
Suyash Sharma
Suyash Sharma 4 months ago
What's the deal with sekiro? It's same old souls like game, just a different setting, nothing major in terms of combat, same old dodge roll parry, and the hell is Luigi's mansion their in the list, bloody game is for 4yr olds, astral chain would've been better.
Billy Boleson
Billy Boleson Month ago
Instead of dodge roll r1 it's.....parry r1....yeah that's it
kahlilh1 4 months ago
Days Gone not being mentioned on this list is a joke
VEGA ْ 4 months ago
Every year worse than before I just wanna sell my 1500$ pc
Ainsley the meat rubber
Surprised Outer Wilds wasn't on the list, that game was a masterpiece and original
LegndRisk 4 months ago
why is no one talkin about Satisfactory. In my Opinion it should be at least in the honorable mentions
Clint Vennari
Clint Vennari 4 months ago
:D i use to always play a game like this when i was 3 i still play it :3. bad ice cream 3 is best goldy games on hudgames
mister metaphor
mister metaphor 4 months ago
Borderlands 3 is the best for me
Hassaan Qureshi
Hassaan Qureshi 4 months ago
1. Outer World 2. Metro Exodus 3. borderlands 3 etc
Hassaan Qureshi
Hassaan Qureshi 4 months ago
lol these internet critics are idiots how could not they mention Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus
Crazy Binger
Crazy Binger 4 months ago
I totally knew Spider-Man came out in 2018
Crazy Binger
Crazy Binger 4 months ago
Just kidding
Crazy Binger
Crazy Binger 4 months ago
What about Spider-Man?
Dcoolboy10 4 months ago
Where’s Fortnite
Halo is da best
Halo is da best 4 months ago
How did halo wars 2 not make it
Brovilius 4 months ago
i'm pretty sure this was his first video on youtube XD... dressed in a suit and cringy XDD only 50% of the games in your top deserve to be there 3:01 2017 dude, 2017, star wars battlefront 2 , well, it was a bit trasy then but now is good, is a ''good star wars game''.... how ca you make a top best video games and don't know this ? and fallen order is not one of the best, full of bugs and the combat system dose't feel like star wars, feels more like an random rpg, light sabers don't hurt people they cut people, something that you never see in this game
Thyr og Coda
Thyr og Coda 4 months ago
?Call og duty Morden warfare?
GreedGaming 03
GreedGaming 03 4 months ago
Got this square telling me the best games lol
elza naveriani
elza naveriani 4 months ago
it is worst games not best
Will Dailey
Will Dailey 4 months ago
Sleman Gerdy
Sleman Gerdy 4 months ago
I prefer 2018
cold outlook
cold outlook 4 months ago
2019 was terrible for games
Adnan Ashtar
Adnan Ashtar 4 months ago
I thought RE2, Sekiro, and SW Fallen order were really good, but other than that, pretty weak year.
G-Max 4 months ago
What about concrete genie? It’s the best game of 2019
Overpowered Gameplayzzz
FIFA 20 Is The Best
لوكا العاب
لوكا العاب 4 months ago
Can help me
iWonder 4 months ago
Fire Emblem in the top 5 and Death Stranding not making the list? Watch Mojo, for once you have my respect
Fatian Berisha
Fatian Berisha 4 months ago
Where's Modern Warfare??????????????????????
DanielTheJediYT 4 months ago
Apex is overrated. It only got big because of the millions EA used on advertising
Zaid Siddiqi
Zaid Siddiqi 4 months ago
Where is DAYS GONE😠😠😠
Prachi Tiwari
Prachi Tiwari 4 months ago
Days Gone stood for top 5
ToeKnee 5 months ago
Links awakening?
Jenny Aguilar
Jenny Aguilar 5 months ago
I Love Turtles
I Love Turtles 5 months ago
Marvels spider man wasn’t even on here😂 Corny ass list just for that reason
OxxyLix 5 months ago
It came out in 2018
Andrew Crossman
Andrew Crossman 5 months ago
Here's an honorable mention that we all hated... but Untitled Goose Game beat out BL3 and Metro: Exodus. Suck it forever, Mojo. Your opinions are henceforth worthless.
Dual_Pop 5 months ago
This list is so shit!! Where is Cod or Csgo Or Fortnite or even Tomb raider!!?
Jhon Cena
Jhon Cena 5 months ago
How can Outer worlds be on the list when it isn't even out yet?
Leon Scott Kennedy
Leon Scott Kennedy 5 months ago
Reid Tims
Reid Tims 5 months ago
Damn not even a mention for Mortal Kombat 11
Front Row Reviews
Front Row Reviews 5 months ago
I spent hours playing Fallen Order and Death glared my brother when he asked if he could go on.
Mike Toyo
Mike Toyo 5 months ago
Where is MK?! Disliked.
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