Top 10 Best Video Games of 2019

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I think it’s safe to say; 2019 had no shortage of amazing games. What a way to close off the decade. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Video Games of 2019. For this list, we’re naming off our favorite games that consider to be the best of the best of 2019. Normally for our best of the year, we exclude any late ports, remasters or expansions of any kind. However, in the case of Resident Evil 2, we ruled that since it’s gameplay doesn’t resemble the original in any way; It will appear on this list.
Written by Ty Richardson
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 3 018
Dave Thibault
Dave Thibault Month ago
Holy moley you guys, this year was incredibly tough to bring down to just 10, there were so many games I wanted to add on here but couldn't cause the list was too full; Outer Wilds, Cadence of Hyrule, Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, Anthem, Bloodstained ... Nah I'm just kidding about that 2nd last one. But still, let me know what your top 10 Games of the Year are.
Goldpluto Day ago
Is it just me that I know this is sooo fake in RUvid rewind what about minecraft and fortnite burh
Akirex 5000
Akirex 5000 21 day ago
Astral Chain
MLG GAMER 22 days ago
Also I don't understand something. Death Stranding was an honourable mention but nobody in the office liked it? So why's it a honourable mention? *scratches head* I guess to avoid bias I suppose. Also totally love the suit dude.
MLG GAMER 22 days ago
Totally understand. When you have a really good year of gaming, ranking is tough. This might have been one of the best years if even you guys had a tough time debating the list. Definitely a great way to end the year and the decade
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 24 days ago
Dave Thibault jedi fallen order
AlveTraZ 3 hours ago
Is control made by 505 games? Isnt that terraria's maker?
Erik akos Löfgren
Erik akos Löfgren 8 hours ago
5 astral chain 4 luigi's mansion 3 3 dmc 3 2 fire emblem three houses 1 star wars jfo
Andrea Jasmine
2 days ago
Caroline Aaliyah
Caroline Aaliyah 2 days ago
Nice Games
Hircine 2 days ago
My dumb brother says Forknife and League of Garbage are "best games ever" because they have the most player base by numbers OMEGALUL dumbest thing i've ever heard
Finnegan Laurin 27
Holy crap. I think I almost had a heart attack when I saw Super Mario Maker 2 in the honorable mentions.
Michael Man
Michael Man 2 days ago
They show anime hentai and indie ahahaha.....where are the masterpieces?... where is Metro Exodus.... what a joke of channel
Adalynn Faith
Adalynn Faith 3 days ago
Imaginative Games
Isla Sophie
Isla Sophie 3 days ago
Supportive Games
Creeper Craft
Creeper Craft 5 days ago
Roses are red, Dantdm is blue I like video games and you do too!
tager 520
tager 520 6 days ago
Sekiro is so hard but i have trainer 🤗
Jensboy007 7 days ago
No days gone
roblox noob
roblox noob 8 days ago
Memory AEBDC
Memory AEBDC 3 days ago
That’s not a 2019 game....
Saika Asashi
Saika Asashi 9 days ago
Okay with everything beside Gear V for being your commin AAA games franchise that became stale 3 year ago, and Sekiro for being technically faulty as hell.
Everybody Hates Kevin
a plague tale: innocence?
Maj Aquino
Maj Aquino 10 days ago
2019 was the peak of Remastered games, it was awesome
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 10 days ago
Does anybody think there should be any call of duty games
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 3 days ago
@Memory AEBDC its all right
Memory AEBDC
Memory AEBDC 3 days ago
reynaldo luna oh, okay sorry
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 3 days ago
I meant call od duty modern warefare remastered 2
Memory AEBDC
Memory AEBDC 3 days ago
This is 2019 games, not 2004-2016 games
cavalierSpace 30
cavalierSpace 30 11 days ago
Where is Astral chain? It was incredible!
Wrenchguy 11 days ago
Capcom lowkey really did have the best games last year and i feel like no one is talking about it. Well they are but it doesn't feel like it
cavalierSpace 30
cavalierSpace 30 11 days ago
Top 10 mimics in video games?
Vince Chrudimák
Vince Chrudimák 11 days ago
Metro exodus?? Anybody remembers it??
Gian Marzo
Gian Marzo 11 days ago
Cod mw 2019 😢
Lambdadelta 11 days ago
if nobody in the office liked Death's Stranding, then why is it on the Honorable Mentions list? 🤔
Clint Beasthood
Clint Beasthood 2 days ago
Because his fan base can be a bit.. rabid. I'm sure they also have to give credit to the production value of the game. It was a really big budget game, even if it was absolute monotonous garbage.
Samantha Clyde
Samantha Clyde 8 days ago
My thought exactly.... You know, Watchmojo, you can dislike a Kojima game, it is not against the law! :p
Crazy Jay
Crazy Jay 12 days ago
wth where is Call of Duty Modern Warfare????
Arzhang Game
Arzhang Game 12 days ago
Wow. Metro Exodus is not even an honorable mention. Disappointing. That game was great.
Front Row Reviews
Front Row Reviews 12 days ago
Apex Legends has the same weapons as Titanfall 2
Forgonefall4 is in the house
lol reaaaaalllly oh man that's crazy who would had known that
favourite dogegamer
I was Just comin here to check if apex was on the list cause it deserves to be
Chingun Mendbayar
Chingun Mendbayar 13 days ago
2 respawn entertainment games in one list. I salute fellas at Respawn.
João Carvalho
João Carvalho 13 days ago
"About Death Stranding... no one liked it". Whelp, disliked! The game is a masterpiece.
9Ice By Miro
9Ice By Miro 13 days ago
If these are really top 10 games very disappointed
Aran Erem
Aran Erem 14 days ago
Resident evil 2 remake was the best
Jackaboyy 14 days ago
1. Baba is You
MH 15 days ago
trash LULW
perindukalbu -
perindukalbu - 15 days ago
Dante is so cool & badass , I like every cutscene from DMC ..
Blitzkrieg1605 15 days ago
Veteran of Dark Souls 1-3 and all their DLC. Sekiro is a big steaming pile of shit. I am not some pansy ass afraid to say it. Just one way to play it with no character customization, reliance on parry (you don't parry you fail), requires insane twitchy reflexes from a 12 year old on monster energy, recycled mini bosses with meaningless rewards, utterly BROKEN stealth (I simply can't take it seriously as a stealth game. I had so many laugh out loud moments because of the stupidity of the AI during stealth), they decided to use the Souls camera style in a game where you fight multiple enemies instead of the DMC style camera thus making you constantly die from enemies off screen. And the worst part. Every failure/ success feels like luck. I never feel like I'm improving after getting smacked by a boss 50 times or by a random group of mobs. It always feels like RNG. Did the boss take a break after that attack? Did he do that strong difficult to avoid attack multiple times or just once? Did I miss that parry by 5 milliseconds? Do I have only one or three off camera enemies? I swear, 90% of the people who praise Sekiro like this haven't beaten it even once.
Alexander Ström
Alexander Ström 16 days ago
A plague tale innocence was fire as well
Garrett P
Garrett P 17 days ago
Very shocked KH3. Why would you put Death Stranding on the list if none of you liked it?
visioncom15 17 days ago
no modern warfare.........ok
Amanda Medina
Amanda Medina 17 days ago
Wow......the fact that no one like Death Stranding in the Mojo office is just.......pitiful. Sure the game isn't for everyone but it is none than less a masterpiece. Sorry but apparently they can only handle the NONE COMPLEX games.
Amanda Medina
Amanda Medina 15 days ago
@Jeremy Allen I loved the game the instant I popped that disc into my PS4. I'm not being bias because I'm a Kojima fan girl, I loved the game for it's narrative and uniqueness. This game is just like "Journey" from the PS3. The only difference is that Death Stranding has more concept and it's story driven. Journey was more simplistic but yet it was praised by critics and players being called a "Masterpiece". Death Stranding is just like Journey only 20 times bigger. 🤷🏼‍♂️ This is what I mean by Bias critics.
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen 15 days ago
I agree. Once I started playing Death Stranding I had to finish it before touching any other game, just couldn't tear myself away from it. I played offline, so I had to build and repair everything myself. Felt more rewarding that way. That last delivery was rough.
solid 17 days ago
LOL Fallen order is on the list!?!? Its buggy, unpolished and the combat and exploration feels like its just stolen from games like uncharted and god of war. Not even to mention that you only get like 10 minutes of story inbetween 4 hours of gameplay every time and with boring characters
Zeemanhuismerk 18 days ago
Control is much better then people make it out to be
pizza punk
pizza punk 18 days ago
Bryan Turnbow
Bryan Turnbow 19 days ago
I was outraged that Breath of the Wild wasn’t featured... I realized my mistake...
waypointavenger 19 days ago
Even though I found World War Z to be a really fun and challenging game of 2019, I was surprised to see it didn't make it onto this list.
mysteryman1085 19 days ago
You have to want to play Death Stranding to enjoy it
Desmond Kelly
Desmond Kelly 19 days ago
Gears 5 would be in my top ten, also Void Bastards
Jay scorpion gaming Anderson
where the hell is fortnite
Memory AEBDC
Memory AEBDC 3 days ago
It’s not a 2019 game
Audsmemer 67
Audsmemer 67 18 days ago
it's cancer
George Stan
George Stan 19 days ago
damn you are a genuine geek , youre pics are shityy
Michiel Debrabandere
Days gone???
Dinyo Ivanov
Dinyo Ivanov 20 days ago
do you know what is hospital?
SUVOJIT MAITY 21 day ago
cartoon games, haha
Chipster321 21 day ago
“For these reasons Resident Evil 2 will be eligible for this list.” Me: So in short, it’s on the list and don’t question it. Got it.
Saad Faisal
Saad Faisal 21 day ago
Is no one going to talk about how terrible their apex legends gameplay was
Shay Kitoffe
Shay Kitoffe 21 day ago
2:55 "its been a long time since we've had a good Star Wars game. When was the last Star Wars game??" -BattleFront II on the PS2. -Knights Of The Old Republic on regular Xbox and PC. I guess I know what you mean.... That was a long time ago....
Jordan Notgivingmyname
Lego Starwars: The Complete Saga was the last incredible SW game imo.
Tom Hydra-XavieR
Tom Hydra-XavieR 19 days ago
exactly what I was about to comment
Akirex 5000
Akirex 5000 21 day ago
Astral Chain should at least have been an honorable mention
Lizzy Chien-Hua
Lizzy Chien-Hua 21 day ago
Goodbye 2019 am going miss you so much🤧🥺
Minecraft IsFun
Minecraft IsFun 22 days ago
Where is minecraft it inspired a lot of gamers like pewdiepie and jacksepticeye this video is not fully correct
InZane 22 days ago
Congratulations on making RUvid rewind this year!
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