Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

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Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies
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This list countdowns the best movies by legendary Japanese animation creators, Studio Ghibli. With Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in it's stable of directors, Ghibli has left an indelible mark on the world of Anime and animated films as a whole, even garnering the praise Pixar CCO John Lasseter and Walt Disney Pictures.
Each Ghibli film is a gem in it's own right. But, with Ghibli's 31'st anniversary now in the books, what better time to reflect on the beautiful, haunting stories told to us by Miyazaki and his team?
These are the Studio Ghibli masterpieces that touched us the most.
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Comments 100
kurai sakamaki
kurai sakamaki 2 hours ago
why isnt when marnie was there on the list ? its amazing movie. it deserved to be on the list yet its not there. how?
AyBegii 20 hours ago
Grave of the fireflies is the most saddest movie in the world. I like but other Hayao movies better.
Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald
I'm sure these magical masterpieces are the reason why many of us became Japan-fans
Shrutika Raut
Just hearing "Grave of the Fireflies" makes me cry.
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry Day ago
They are all heart warming movies I like to see some of these movies🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊😊😊💞💞💞💞💞.
nano pie
nano pie Day ago
But my fave is Totoro.
Itz Kaitlyn
Itz Kaitlyn Day ago
Castle in the sky was everything to me when I was younger, and it still is my favorite movie. Even before I had discovered and fallen in love with the anime genre, i always loved it. Studio Ghibli is amazing, and I’ve watched so many of their movies as a child, only to appreciate them so much more now.
sayeed sanjida
You should keep arriety in your top list not in the mention Its such a great movie. I cried so hard♥♥
Tilman Ritchie-tuisue
I love spirited away. Everything’s just so good. It just brings a mix of love, sadness, happiness and makes the storyline into something amazing
Chinmay Pacharne
Grave of the fireflies will always be the best for me .
MACX 2 days ago
Pls Ghilbi make an animation like those old anime's idk why but old animations are better than 3d for me😕
Scott Steven Erickson
I’m so disappointed that Pom Poko didn’t even get an honorable mention.
Mario Biscotti
Mario Biscotti 2 days ago
Sorry to be that guy, but being raised with the Japanese versions since I'm half Japanese, the English dubs don't always do a great job translating the feelings behind the Japanese words... though to be fair, Japanese and English is hard to compare, but the fact that My neighbour Totoro isn't higher up.
Nicolas Naoli
Nicolas Naoli 3 days ago
Ocean Waves is nostalgic..
_.Panda ._
_.Panda ._ 3 days ago
Fuck, if you didn’t cry to there fucking sad ending musics you have no heart.
Aeon 3 days ago
Grave of the fireflies is one of the saddest movie ive ever seen, period. And for some reason every time I watch it, there is a ninja cutting onions.
Mad Psycopath
Mad Psycopath 3 days ago
I love how every studio ghibli movies are related
Aaron Xiong
Aaron Xiong 4 days ago
Man.. wish Hayao Miyazaki still makes movies.. Also wish him to make Spirit Away 2..
The Tall Titan
The Tall Titan 4 days ago
My list: 1. Spirited Away (my favorite animated film of all time) 2. Princess Mononoke 3. Castle in the Sky 4. Howl's Moving Castle 5. My Neighbor Totoro 6. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 7. Ponyo 8. Porco Rosso 9. Grave of the FIreflies (the only one I'll obviously never rewatch) 10. When Marnie Was There (criminally underrated if you ask me) Honorable Mentions: (Most to least honorable going down) - Kiki's Delivery Service - Whisper of the Heart - From Up on Poppy Hill - The Wind Rises - Only Yesterday - Pom Poko (A very strange but endearing film nonetheless) - The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (sorry, but the ending and bloated runtime make it less good for me) - The Secret World of Arreitty (Along with GotF, this is the only other SG film I don't think needs a continued story arc) Okay films: - The Cat Returns (The three main characters are wildly fun, and the clever albeit weird plot is engaging at times, otherwise, it's forgettable for me) - Ocean Waves (I like more adventure in animated films) Dishonorable Mentions: - Tales of Earthsea (Wasted potential) - My Neighbors the Yamadas (No real plot or character development, and I just can't follow along with it; worst SG film)
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 5 days ago
best romance ghibli will be from up on poppy hill ocean waves
diomyx 7 days ago
Believe me, all these ghibli films still gets far more greater in their original janpanese dub
Abigal Smith
Abigal Smith 7 days ago
personally I LOVE Howl's Moving Castle
Diana Magallanes
Diana Magallanes 7 days ago
Ponyo for me. I love all these movies but that movie is so deeply touching its amazing. To watch it on acid I truly consider a great pleasure . My bf and I watched it on acid and it was something that could not be explained. The feeling it emits,the visuals,the tone,the music ,the actual story is beyond beautiful. It made me appreciate things more. Art in particular and the way it touches people like this film bringing people together. 💖💖💖💖thanks studio ghibli so so much
RayanGaming 8 days ago
How is my neighbour totoro only 6th??
Vance McCarthy
Vance McCarthy 8 days ago
Of all time, this Ghibli list is in the top 100.
Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog Girl 1993
Howls moving castle should b #1!
Plus P
Plus P 8 days ago
Castle in the sky ooooooooh how beautiful is this 💜💜💜💜💜..
plz robux
plz robux 8 days ago
Who else whatched all this in their childhood
RUFi5ve 9 days ago
Of course the first one is spirited away.I mean,it's popular 10 years ago
JackHammer87 10 days ago
2:15 2:23 Well of course it didn't win because we all know how biased the oscars are towards animation most of the time (although personally, I think Dragon 2 should have won that year)
Sid the Strange Kid
Pom Poko is pretty good
Ed 11 days ago
My Neighbour Totoro (is there anything more innocent?) Nausicaa (never get why this isn't higher? the perfect high fantasy epic romp) Spirited Away (in many ways the best, certainly the level of polish in all departments is the most consistent, I just favour the higher highs in the above two) Grave Of Fireflies (do yourself a favour never watch this if you already know horror, I've put this forth but truly it deserves its own category) Porco Rosso (animation is bad in places but the heart is strong, this is underrated in my opinion, clearly a subject of much love) Howl's Moving Castle (not much to say from this to Castle in the Sky, high fantasy romps, high quality stuff, not quite as good as above) Princess Mononoke Castle in the Sky Ponyo (slightly different, more of a music video or to put it better more of an experience, the story is weaker, but the sheer joy is strong) When Marnie Was There (very different to all the above, less of a fantasy romp more of a small scale story and very bitter sweet, perhaps closer to Tototo in scope)
Wardel Cadiz
Wardel Cadiz 11 days ago
everyone that watched grave of the fireflies have tears while watching it😥likd if agree
Jaden Chen
Jaden Chen 11 days ago
My neighbor the Yamadas has been disrespected
Sofie 11 days ago
I'm happy Howl's moving castle made it to the top 3
The Targets
The Targets 12 days ago
I love Studio Ghibi films. But Howl's Moving Castle will be the closest to my heart forever😍
Xero Delacroix
Xero Delacroix 13 days ago
When Marnie Was There should be on the list and Grave of the Fireflies should be number one.
Illusive[Brick] 13 days ago
wolf children is one of my favorite and i highly recommend it but there is an anime that i hold dearly that isn't a gibli and thats a silent voice, its great and the animation is so detailed.
Ava Lopez
Ava Lopez 13 days ago
Illusive[Brick] i just bought a silent voice this weekend. I had never seen it before. It was a beautiful movie! I loved it very much
Anders L.
Anders L. 14 days ago
People: wich is your favorite studio ghibli movie? me: yes
Aliekyanis 14 days ago
Howl's Moving Castle is a masterpiece
Henrik Gullikstad
Henrik Gullikstad 15 days ago
La puta 😂
Anime -
Anime - 15 days ago
I just found my childhood
•E s d e v a l è•
What exactly is ghibli?
Doyoumushroom 17 days ago
What about Pom poko??!!
photo sphere
photo sphere 17 days ago
Only yesterday is legitimate garbage
Gopal Dey
Gopal Dey 17 days ago
Your Name is best
Flo 17 days ago
you've forget the wolf children
Eevee Girl Lindsay
Eevee Girl Lindsay 18 days ago
Howl's Moving Castle is the Studio Ghibli movie that will forever be in my heart no matter what because it was the first one I remember watching
LukeTINdragon 18 days ago
Castle in the Sky and My Neighbor Totoro are my favorite... wait, I’ve only seen those two lol
Kaltenstein Müller
did you know that some strange guydecided to make a live action adaption of kikis delivery sercive? dont know whta to think about it?
Sarah Osborne
Sarah Osborne 19 days ago
Totoro should be rated higher. It’s the best
Tae's that thing
Tae's that thing 19 days ago
Whisper of the heart can't be on 10 sorry
Amv Girl
Amv Girl 19 days ago
1. Spirit Away 2. My Neighbor Totoro 3. Howls moving castle those are my favorite tbh.
renukah subramaniam
Animation the imagination ..... luv it all :)
Lalyn From YT
Lalyn From YT 21 day ago
Cno pinoy d2
Lalyn From YT
Lalyn From YT 21 day ago
Spirited away my favorate movie
BlitzrF 21 day ago
Ponyo should be number one
TheFloodDude 22 days ago
Spirited away is my all time fav childhood movie hands down
Lakitu Gaming
Lakitu Gaming 22 days ago
Am I the only one that doesnt think mononoke is the best? Porco Rosso is more interesting than mononoke.
GoukenslayWAO 22 days ago
grave of the fireflies hit home so hard as i watched the movie at around 9 and my new lil sis at 2 and i cherished her at that age.
Kiti Tijim
Kiti Tijim 23 days ago
my first girl nick name is ponyo..😂
Arrexu 11
Arrexu 11 23 days ago
That princess Kaguya movie though... Inspiration for Naruto?
FriendsAreAss 23 days ago
Ponyo was my childhood
Mar_Phillips 24 days ago
Mix Maker
Mix Maker 24 days ago
My top 5- 1.Castle in the sky 2.Naussica 3.Howls moving castle 4.Princess mononoke 5.Spirited away
Mix Maker
Mix Maker 24 days ago
Personally I like castle in the sky and nausicaa better than spirited away
sonysfan19992 24 days ago
1 Princess Mononoke 2 Spirited Away 3 Howl's moving castle 4 Kiki's delivery service 5 My neighbor Totoro 6 Grave of the fireflies 7 Nausicaa from the valley of the wind 8 Castle in the sky 9 Porco Rosso 10 The Wind Rises honorable mentions: Whispers of the heart, Princess Kaguya, Arrietty, Ponyo, The cat returns, When Marnie was there
Hajar Amak
Hajar Amak 24 days ago
. Howl's Moving Castle was Ghibli's first animated film I've ever seen and always the best for me .
Ruffa Mae de Mesa
Ruffa Mae de Mesa 25 days ago
Xyrex Tan
Xyrex Tan 26 days ago
Howl's moving castle is my faveee 💖
Just a normal Weeb
Just a normal Weeb 26 days ago
There are some bad ones like pineapple The movie
REZA7XZ 26 days ago
I prefer it to Disney and Pixar
Isaac Washington
Isaac Washington 27 days ago
All Ghibli movies are queens
Luna Pop
Luna Pop 27 days ago
I don't really use the term fan girl but I have to use it now... I AM A FAN GIRL OF EVERY MOVIE IN THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Silvestre
John Silvestre 28 days ago
Studio Ghibli is an artistic and fantastical blessing of a generation. I'm glad I was able to live in it.
japanese woman
japanese woman 28 days ago
thank you for japanese subtitle
Bjørg Brynhildardóttir
Yea i think the list was pretty good, but I think that Totoro should be nr 2,3 or 4... but that’s maybe because I have a childhood connection to the film😂❤️❤️
Piper Rox
Piper Rox 28 days ago
Cat Bus!!!!!!
Kysah Baharudin
Kysah Baharudin 29 days ago
Did you here that breaking voice 3:52, ohhh you made me wanna cry.
NATHANIEL HANG 29 days ago
I think the best is pony from studio Ghibli
Billy Hemingway
Billy Hemingway 29 days ago
From up on poppy hill, whisper of the heart, and grave of fireflies are my go to movies i love them
The Spelling Police
8:59 Jesus is that you?!
Asmaa Marashdeh
Asmaa Marashdeh 29 days ago
1Spirited away 2Grave of the fireflies 3Only yesterday
Soufou Boultif
Soufou Boultif 29 days ago
For me N 1 is princesse mononoke then spirited away also the whispers of the heart and up on poppy hill
Bruno Martins
Bruno Martins 29 days ago
This world is a dream, right?
Pawan Rai
Pawan Rai 29 days ago
Spirited away is still my childhood love.
Al Nillas
Al Nillas Month ago
HotaruTheMuffin Month ago
Me as a 2-5 year old kid at the dinner table (I watched Kiki’s delivery service every week) pArdON ME MiSs SNOOTY cAt! NO! I wanna tell the story! In Kiki’s Delivery Service- Hahah the black cat is funny 💎💎💎 And then, Kiki flew on her brooM!
Asiacheetah Month ago
Wait there's a Studio Ghibli film based around cats? How did I not know about this. I thought I've seen a lot of Ghibli films, but there are quite a few I've never seen. Still love Spirited Away.
Artytaehyung Month ago
Whisper of the heart makes me single and i love it.
Karen Espindola
Karen Espindola Month ago
from up on poppy hill will always have a special place in my heart
merrcy 1d
merrcy 1d Month ago
This is My nostalgia💕💕
LoveYourselfBTS Answer In ROBLOX
I had a feeling Arrietty will make on this list
Itz_Raindrop :D
Itz_Raindrop :D Month ago
I just wish Hayao Miyazaki kept on making these beautiful movies that EVERYONE loves :(
Blackpink Trash
Blackpink Trash Month ago
Castle in the sky was my shit 😭😭
Finntastic Month ago
The tale of princess kaguya needs more recognition. Not many people have seen that movie and it really upsets me. It is the antidote to Disney princess. It shows the opposite to a “happy thing”. It shows that wealth is not what matters. And putting on a performance 24/7 is not what people want to do with their life. The animation and the beautiful scenes are what makes this movie one of Studio Ghibli’s best.
RYAN Month ago
My fav are spirited away and the secret world of arrittey because these are the only one i watch so far from this studio
Neil Katherine
Neil Katherine Month ago
this is a great lost but...studio GEEBLEE??
uf0 uf0
uf0 uf0 Month ago
ponyo has to be 1st
Conti cc
Conti cc Month ago
8:17 😓❤
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