Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

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Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies
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This list countdowns the best movies by legendary Japanese animation creators, Studio Ghibli. With Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in it's stable of directors, Ghibli has left an indelible mark on the world of Anime and animated films as a whole, even garnering the praise Pixar CCO John Lasseter and Walt Disney Pictures.
Each Ghibli film is a gem in it's own right. But, with Ghibli's 31'st anniversary now in the books, what better time to reflect on the beautiful, haunting stories told to us by Miyazaki and his team?
These are the Studio Ghibli masterpieces that touched us the most.
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Sep 1, 2016

Top 10listviraltop 5factsStudio GhibliHayao MiyazakiMiyazakiIsao TakahataAnimeMangaJapanJapanese AnimationAnimationWhisper of the HeartThe Tale of the Princess KaguyaLaputa: Castle in the SkyGrave of the FirefliesMy Neighbor TotoroNausicaä of the Valley of the WindKiki's Delivery ServiceHowl's Moving CastlePrincess MononokeOnly YesterdayThe Cat ReturnsPonyoThe Wind RisesThe Secret World of ArriettyPorco RossoSpirited Away




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Comments 6 240
DepressoExpresso 4 hours ago
The reason I know about studio Ghibli in the first place is because my uncle gave me DVDs of spirited away and ponyo and my neighbor Totoro. Thank you Uncle Eric for showing these to me
Pavement Pounder
Pavement Pounder 14 hours ago
Surprised Ponyo didn't even make the top 10.
zofia 17 hours ago
HOW is the cat returns not in the top 10... the most romantic and pure love story, talking cats and mootah!! what more could you want honestly
Goruto Sixpath
Ah childhood castle in the sky is so good Me still watching it
Headtrix 1652
Headtrix 1652 2 days ago
Grave of the fireflies made me hate the USA damn that wrecked my heart 😔
Jerry Liao
Jerry Liao 3 days ago
When marnie was there is my favorite
Fabrice 3 days ago
graves of the firefly - Le tombeaux des lucioles. #1 but i can't watch it a 2nd time, too sad
Christopher Mekala
Bruhh where’s When Marnie Was There 😭😭 that was such a good movie
Nunui K.Ning2
Nunui K.Ning2 5 days ago
1.Howl's Moving Castle( howl and Sophie,they're too cute💖💖💖) 2.Only Yesterday(The ending song👌😘) 3.My Neighbour Totoro
俺花 5 days ago
Moret Kim
Moret Kim 6 days ago
This is my childhood
I want to be a water bottle when I grow up
Arrietty was one of my favorite movies growing up.
Jade Andrews
Jade Andrews 5 days ago
Me too .😍😍i hope there is a part 2
swigitty swooty I'm coming for the booty
Howls moving castle is number one in my book
chahra med
chahra med 7 days ago
دوما روعه
ysa 4246
ysa 4246 7 days ago
Everything about this is my childhood
riri 8 days ago
I remember the first studio ghibli movie i watched was spirited away when i was a child and also howl's moving castle. it's just feel nostalgic for me now and i always feel a little bit emotional back when i was a kid with no life problems now look what i am now, a whole MESS.everytime i'm feeling down i always listen to the spirited away song (i forgot) it's just so calming but also making me cry more
Shiz 8 days ago
3:18 I’m Japanese and I wanna know how American ppl feel about Grave of the Fireflies. Just curious...
RNGesus May
RNGesus May 8 days ago
When marnie wasn't there why why why..
Avocado Animations
G. Rohith
G. Rohith 9 days ago
Where can i download all these movies in English dubbed say me the site if you know .
Rachel DeMattia
Rachel DeMattia 3 days ago
I don't know how to download the films on this website that I use to watch full anime films but feel free to check it out if you want! It's called 9anime.to just search any anime film and you'll be able to watch it.
Mikey Marsh
Mikey Marsh 9 days ago
I really don’t get why people talk about Disney in these comments. Disney films are amazing in my opinion, but hey, you think ghibli makes more better films then it’s you man. I love watching these films when I was younger. I don’t know what I’ll be if I didn’t like animation, especially anime.
Asraf Hussain. AR
Asraf Hussain. AR 13 days ago
Grave of the fireflies is the saddest movie ever made. Man I cant watch it a second time...☹
Hazim Aqmar
Hazim Aqmar 13 days ago
spirited away and how's moving castle is my fav
Pelden Thinley
Pelden Thinley 13 days ago
Princess Manonoke 😭😭😭😭😭🎈💓💓💓
The Lucky Ducky
The Lucky Ducky 13 days ago
My favs are ponyo and Totoro cuz they’re the only ones I saw
ItsKimch 14 days ago
My childhood lol especially spirited away
VoZe B
VoZe B 14 days ago
Grave of the firefly is the most saddest movie of all time
Michael Arroyo
Michael Arroyo 14 days ago
It’s almost as if they went out of their way not to mention Tales From Earthsea
Ashley Banegas
Ashley Banegas 14 days ago
I was about to comment that I feel like everyone forgets about tales from Earthsea😭🥺
Rita Arora
Rita Arora 14 days ago
I love Howl's moving castle 💗💗💗
MOHD FAROOQ 14 days ago
Grave of the fire flies this movie is so painful man I cry whenever i remember little girl eating mud due hunger
Twixter Girl
Twixter Girl 15 days ago
Nausicaä has always had a big place in my heart. i’ve watched ever since i could remember
Betty Noire
Betty Noire 15 days ago
My favorite: Spirited away ( I can’t with this movie I love it so much) My neighbor Totoro Ponyo Kiki’s delivery service These are my favorites and all the movies I’ve ever watched for studio ghibl
annejajaja 16 days ago
whisper of the heart is my favorite❤
Frozen Ass
Frozen Ass 16 days ago
Grave of the fireflies was the best admit it.
Dian Novita
Dian Novita 16 days ago
Totoro and kaonashi (>^ω^
Kimberly L
Kimberly L 16 days ago
*They set the standard for animation*
Tobias Flynn
Tobias Flynn 16 days ago
The original My Neighbor Totoro that was released as a collaborative between fox animation studios and studio ghibli will always be my childhood. No offense to the fanning siblings... but the voice casting and emotion absolutely was lackluster and made me cringe like I had heard nails on a chalkboard.
Benjamin Tambiga
Benjamin Tambiga 16 days ago
When Marnie was There Marnie was supposed to be here!
Jons Dogg
Jons Dogg 17 days ago
3:52. You can actually hear a momentary leak of emotion from the narrator.
InPRINTED 17 days ago
My favourite: 1. Porto Rosso 2. Laputa 3. Spirited away
ZwMfUcq akmal
ZwMfUcq akmal 17 days ago
11:38 what the song?
ポー 17 days ago
日本人いるかー? 1 もののけ姫 2 ハウルの動く城 3 ラピュタ やっぱもののけ姫よ、日本人だからか引き込まれる
Deku Bakugo
Deku Bakugo 18 days ago
The grave of the fireflies is to good to its time
Rampaging Rhino gaming
All of them
Nancy F
Nancy F 18 days ago
Need an updated video. I would add Mary and the Witch’s Flower
thisisfel 2106
thisisfel 2106 19 days ago
Why is there no mention of the original Japanese dub?
さくら 19 days ago
abby 19 days ago
Best movies ever
Gastón Venegas Rodríguez
The Island of the Whore if You translate literally from spanish language!!! I think My Neighbor Totoro must to be number One!!!
jomyirbagra 20 days ago
Grave of the fireflies was my first anime experience and that's when I fall in love with jap anime 🙂
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