Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

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Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies
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This list countdowns the best movies by legendary Japanese animation creators, Studio Ghibli. With Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in it's stable of directors, Ghibli has left an indelible mark on the world of Anime and animated films as a whole, even garnering the praise Pixar CCO John Lasseter and Walt Disney Pictures.
Each Ghibli film is a gem in it's own right. But, with Ghibli's 31'st anniversary now in the books, what better time to reflect on the beautiful, haunting stories told to us by Miyazaki and his team?
These are the Studio Ghibli masterpieces that touched us the most.
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Sep 1, 2016




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Comments 80
well done
well done 10 hours ago
TaetimeTV 2
TaetimeTV 2 11 hours ago
Spirited away and Howl's moving castle has to be my favorite!
Amina Khatun
Amina Khatun 16 hours ago
Siblings love was really commendable. Love all the movies here.
Alexina Ye
Alexina Ye 19 hours ago
Top 10 mentioned: Ghibli Studio Enjoy! 🤗 1. Spirited Away 2. Princess Mononoke 3. Howl's Moving Castle 4. Kiki's Delivery Service 5. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 6. My Neighbor Totoro 7. Grave of the Fireflies 8. Castle in the Sky 9. The Tale of Princess Kaguya 10. Whisper of the Heart Honorable Mention: 1. Only Yesterday 2. The Cat Returns 3. Ponyo 4. The Wind Rises 5. Arrietty 6. Porco Rosso
JakobSoAndSoYT 22 hours ago
I’ll be honest i watched ponyo like 100000000000 times
Jim Drinks Bleach
Jim Drinks Bleach 23 hours ago
Actually I wanna chop of my ears listening to this in English
AlicaBrown Gaming
Thanks so much I found Spirited away, it was a good movie but I didn't know the title since it came to our the during 2014
Taruto Linggi
Hey guys if u reading this comment than don forget to watch wishper of the heart 💓
Nyom Day ago
Just got watched the... "marnie was there"... freakin cried my eye balls out,, even it's an happy ending for the protagonist i still have heavy feels on my chest because it's a masterpiece and very touching... Now i am thnking to watch the grave of the fireflies but at the same time i don't want to proceed since it's also a sad movie (possibly more sadder).. i think i've had enough for now xD
chrisgy micah
All of them i like it
Student.Sully Christian
Top three: Spirited Away, Castle In The Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle!
Giorno Gyro Giovanna UwU
Ghibli is the heart of the anime world...and thats a fact
Reindeer_ Playz
Reindeer_ Playz 2 days ago
Lol...I Dont know if I've seen all of them but I Know I've seen most of them
Weeb Weeb
Weeb Weeb 2 days ago
Is it just me whi loves, when marnie was there?
Sean Macdonald
Sean Macdonald 2 days ago
how the hell did ponyo not get a spot on that list?
ThatTalkingDude 3 days ago
1. spirited away 2. princes mononoke 3. the wind rises 4. my neighbor totoro 5. howls moving castle
Heavy Metal 357
Heavy Metal 357 3 days ago
4:20 fun fact : my neighbor totoro was distributed by TROMA entertainment 🛢☢🦆🔫🧟‍♂️
Migz Soberano Arts
1) Spirited Away 2) The Wind Rises 3) Kiki’s Special Delivery 4) Porco Rosso 5) Princess Mononoke 6) Howl’s Moving Castle 7) Castle in the Sky 8) Grave of the Fireflies 9) My Neighbour Totoro 10) Ponyo
chetchat channel
chetchat channel 3 days ago
Yes these are all available on Netflix
Jiri Aryea Edwin
Jiri Aryea Edwin 3 days ago
Spirited Away is my favorite movie of all time
Rosario Diana
Rosario Diana 3 days ago
Wispher of the heart and ponyo is the best i watch it forever
Lilla My
Lilla My 3 days ago
My favourites: 1. Spirited away & My neighbour Totoro 2. Princess Mononoke 3. Kikis delivery express 4. Howls moving castle
Kirama Gaming
Kirama Gaming 4 days ago
Princess Mononoke is so good.❤❤❤
Russel Shangpliang
No Ponyo???
ii •sxnset•
ii •sxnset• 4 days ago
Marnie is literally my fave movie
Alaa 5 days ago
" the tale of princess kaguya " story is unfortunately boring as fuck and the full movie is two hours god damn! ,but the animation the colors everything else is amazingly amazing
Tahmid Musa
Tahmid Musa 5 days ago
I really like Kiki's delivery service.. It is a inspiring flim for coming of age girls
Premium IX
Premium IX 5 days ago
Whisper of The Heart, From Up on Poppy Hill, Ocean Waves and Only Yesterday touches my heart
Yu Dha
Yu Dha 6 days ago
Does anyone ignore the fact that kristen dunst voiced kiki from kiki delivery service
unKnown otaku
unKnown otaku 6 days ago
Grave of the firlefiles and one whos left behind are are rlly sad and there story are kinda similar too since its bout wars from japan
Miksy 6 days ago
bro The cats return is just my greatest childhood memory
Sleeping Zenitsu
Sleeping Zenitsu 6 days ago
Ponyo is my Favorite Ghibli movie
butterflyboob 6 days ago
wolf children is questionable sometimes but i love it🥺
Sikha Pal
Sikha Pal 7 days ago
Anybody remembers CASTLE IN THE SKY. It has very less sense of life compared to other creations. But very good idea and thinking.
sheeno818 7 days ago
I didn't like KiKi's Delivery Service. I prefer the sultry Only Yesterday.
Benjamin R
Benjamin R 7 days ago
My Miyzakai Top10: 1. Spirited Away 2. Laputa 3. Nausicaä 4. Mononoke 5. Totoro 6. Howls Moving Castle 7. Kiki 8. Porco Rosso 9. The Wind Rises 10. Ponyo
Marco Wang
Marco Wang 7 days ago
Grave of the Fireflies is very underrated in my opinion
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 7 days ago
Wind rises can't be a honerable mention. Such a beautiful movie.
Maja Buhl Christensen
from up on poppy hill is really good
Oscar Bolivar
Oscar Bolivar 7 days ago
Only Yesterday is more than an honorable mention!
Laxman Katagre
Laxman Katagre 7 days ago
Guys can you recommend me some movies like whisper of the heart??
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson 7 days ago
studio ghibli brings so much nostalgia it’s unreal
Palak Malviya
Palak Malviya 7 days ago
No one in the comments talking about *only yesterday* ?
Nisrien Nam
Nisrien Nam 7 days ago
not a studio ghibli work but wolf children is a must to watch. it tackles about single parenting, growing up, choosing paths plus the romance at first. this anime deserves an oscar. really, it's a great movie. if you haven't watch it, watch it now!!
Bisma Khawaja
Bisma Khawaja 7 days ago
anyone gonna talk about my neighbour totoro
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 8 days ago
My faverouts are: 1:princess mononoke 2:spirited away 3:my neighbour totoro
Briana Mtz 08
Briana Mtz 08 8 days ago
my favorites are ponyo, spirited away, and my neighbor totoro 🥺☺️
Dope Kingcoco
Dope Kingcoco 8 days ago
What I like all of these movies but not number 9
Shawn Evans
Shawn Evans 8 days ago
I remember watching Spirited Away on Toonami at like 11pm when I was like 9 or 10 years old. Still to this day 14 years later it is still my favorite movie of all time
Annice Abadjian
Annice Abadjian 9 days ago
my fav is when marine was there such a beautiful and hart warming movie
GearUpMr 9 days ago
Princess Mononoke is my favorite.
Its'ash 9 days ago
My top 5 1.whisper of my heart 2.the world of arriety 3.the cat return 4.sprited away 5.when Marnie was there
Hydro Pump
Hydro Pump 9 days ago
I'm disappointed that The Secret World of Arrietty and When Marnie Was There wasn't included
arinator sniper
arinator sniper 9 days ago
My fav one is spirited away! Who else?!
「•bxtter•」 。
Is it me or is it just me that I actually like the spoilers- T w T
Mouhaman Alli
Mouhaman Alli 10 days ago
When both my childhood ghibli movies are on the honourable mentions a.k.a arriety and ponyo big sad
Ash Crow
Ash Crow 10 days ago
I loved ocean waves too. I hope everything in the video was in Japanese instead of the dub.
Ru Gune
Ru Gune 10 days ago
Spirited away ❤
Your fav Kpop fan
Your fav Kpop fan 10 days ago
no one: the guy: CAT BUS!
Your fav Kpop fan
Your fav Kpop fan 10 days ago
i agree with this list, but i would also add your name... one of the best movies ever
Carmella Villar
Carmella Villar 10 days ago
When Marnie was there had me I cried a lot.... my eyes hurt 😥
Imran Azam
Imran Azam 10 days ago
Can someone tell me how to watch full spirited away and hotarubi no mori e movie in english
weeb trash
weeb trash 10 days ago
I actually forgot i watched Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service on Disney Channel
Vale Sole
Vale Sole 10 days ago
Can we talk about Porco Rosso?
Blink Galaxy
Blink Galaxy 10 days ago
I'm not really a fan of Ghibli but when I watched Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighborhood Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service I became a big fan! Those 3 movies are also my fav! Pls tell me I'm not the only one who cried at Howl's Moving Castle at the part where Sofie said "Wait for me in the future!" Ahh... That line is so unforgetable
Jim Hwang
Jim Hwang 10 days ago
my 3 favs howls moving castle spirited away princess mononake
Avantika Choudhary
Avantika Choudhary 10 days ago
How is no one talking about Ponyo,it's just such a beautiful movie,so is Ariety,I've always been confused about the spelling of that,
ALEchannel 10 days ago
Mryy_21 Mryy_21
Mryy_21 Mryy_21 10 days ago
I love spirited away and totoro
Lupita Millan
Lupita Millan 10 days ago
I love whisper of the heart
ARMY 4life
ARMY 4life 10 days ago
Who else HATES dubbed anime???????
Henry 11 days ago
not putting porco rosso is practically criminal
Sarai Pérez
Sarai Pérez 11 days ago
What about ocean waves? :c
Jahn Cyrus Peñaflor
How about Pom Poko?
Shachi Chang
Shachi Chang 11 days ago
When I first time watch grave of fire flies... I cried Second time I cried and explain my siblings Third time I cried while explaining to my friends Fourth time I cried because of exam I had the next day
Kiara Lee
Kiara Lee 11 days ago
my top 5: 1. Totoro 2. Ponyo 3. Laputa 4. The secret world of Arrietty 5. The cat returns This is just my opinion, please don't be offended
Sweenie 11 days ago
I’m not a fan of sad movies, but I am in love with when Marnie was there, and I’m beginning to cosplay Anna.
Manivald Lehes
Manivald Lehes 11 days ago
Disney sucks imo
Manivald Lehes
Manivald Lehes 11 days ago
Disney sucks imo
Soleimani Media
Soleimani Media 12 days ago
Comeon all are best .....different stories different plots ,,,,...
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