Top 10 Best Friendship Moments on Glee

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Top 10 Best Friendship Moments on Glee // Subscribe: ruvid.net/u-MsMojo
Gleeks unite! For this list, we’ll be looking at the best moments when the Glee club and company stood up for each other, had each others’ backs, and were just generally the best of friends. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Friendship Moments on Glee.
List Entries and Rank:
10. When Coach Beiste Dressed Up as Santa
9. When Tina Helped Rachel Achieve Her Dream
8. When Quinn Reunites the Glee Clubs
7. When Sue Helps Beiste Stand Up for Herself
6. When Kurt & Quinn Helped Sam
5. When They Dedicated Nationals to Finn
4. When Mercedes Took Quinn in
3, 2 & 1???
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10 фев 2019

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Sonja Lahti
Sonja Lahti Час назад
“And Finn even dedicated the week’s lesson for her” just like he should have!! That’s the LEAST you can do after OUTING someone!! Finn fucking outed her and still people are trying to make him the hero because he dedicated a lesson for Santana, if he didn’t, he’d be a lot bigger bitch than he already is and it literally is the least he could do after outing her!!!
Zera Jeffry
Zera Jeffry 19 часов назад
Gleeks forever! I can't believe this year is the show's 10th anniversarry
Netflix lover
Netflix lover 2 дня назад
totally i kissed a girl i agree is number one
Aurélie Duforest
Aurélie Duforest 3 дня назад
There is too many friendship moments in Glee to make a top 10 But I really like Puck's song to Finn after his death it's so emotional... and Finn's song to Santana in the episode you mentionned I think it's better than "I kissed a girl"
Blu Moon
Blu Moon 4 дня назад
puck and beiste.... ?
Marcus Winicius Carneiro de Oliveira
What about Sue's sister funeral?
More Grosso
More Grosso 9 дней назад
This is why Glee is my favorite show❤
Ishita Singh
Ishita Singh 9 дней назад
Can you make one top 10 tv bromances
Waddles Penguin
Waddles Penguin 9 дней назад
I love this list but where is Sam helps Blaine feel better about himself after cheating on Kurt? That was a huge one
Potato Pizza
Potato Pizza 9 дней назад
Finn was so sweet to everyone after he joined glee while on football it's just so sad
Paula Fitzhenry
Paula Fitzhenry 9 дней назад
Top 10 surprisingly great glee duets
Anna Tarashuk
Anna Tarashuk 10 дней назад
Did we forget about Sue’s Sister’s funeral??
Olimi Olympus
Olimi Olympus 10 дней назад
always refer to trans people as their correct pronouns even if you're talking about events that happened before they came out
stephwrites92 10 дней назад
All great moments! The one that always gets me is when Rachel thinks she's pregnant and santana holds her when she cries
Maranda Bernal
Maranda Bernal 10 дней назад
I'm a Gleek
Taylor johns
Taylor johns 10 дней назад
Who else wants a top 10 puck or finn moment video
Drew Hill
Drew Hill 10 дней назад
oh and when sue protected becky after the gun incident
Drew Hill
Drew Hill 10 дней назад
also what about when will and the glee club helped sue through her sister's death
Drew Hill
Drew Hill 10 дней назад
Justin Eves
Justin Eves 10 дней назад
Very very great list I like it a lot and a lot of fun too and very funny too can you please make more videos like this one please
ERAUPRCWA 10 дней назад
Good thing you classified this as "moments" because there were many best friends on the show that would start and disappear throughout the series... Kurt and Mercedes. Mercedes and Quinn...
Νικόλας Μπραούλιας
MsMojo's lists are always irrelevant but now it's actually disturbing. WHERE THE FUCK IS KURT & RACHEL.
darealleelee 11 дней назад
If you don't have a change of clothes, I have a tent that you can wear. Omg Sue is the worst 😂😂🤣
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 11 дней назад
I wish there was more Mercedes and Quinn moments. Their friendship had so much potential !
Aoife Murphy
Aoife Murphy 11 дней назад
We're seriously not gonna talk about Finn and Will's friendship? Finn went from being just his Spanish student to his FREAKIN' BEST MAN AT HIS WEDDING!!! He told Mr. Schuh about Quinn being pregnant before he told anyone else! Mr. Schuh made Finn take over the glee club when his life was falling apart to help get him back on track! Mr Schuh stole Finn's jacket after he died just so it wouldn't feel like Finn's gone. WE'RE SERIOUSLY NOT EVEN GONNA GET AN HONOURABLE MENTION ON THAT!?
Lara 11 дней назад
There were so many more great friendship moments
Irelia 2468
Irelia 2468 11 дней назад
I love how glee ended four years ago and there are still videos like this
Abi Alston
Abi Alston 11 дней назад
Julia K
Julia K 11 дней назад
Friendship between Sue and Becky? When they sang for Sue's sister at the funeral? Good list overall though.
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur 11 дней назад
Klainish bish
Klainish bish 11 дней назад
Ugh! Such a beautiful show! I thought everyone forgot about Glee, and thankfully I got into the fandom. Truly awesome. I would love to get to know more gleeks than just one lol!
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses 11 дней назад
if blam isn't on here ill sue
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses 11 дней назад
if blam isn't on here ill sue
Madison Sheridan
Madison Sheridan 11 дней назад
Gleeeeee😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 I ❤️glee
TheLadySilverMoon 11 дней назад
One of the most beautiful moments on Glee - which should have been on this list - is when the Glee club support Sue after her sister died and they sing "pure imagination" at her funeral.
Covenfan1234 11 дней назад
I’ll never get over how Rachel and santana didn’t make up after their falling out in New York
B MOORE 11 дней назад
I loove Quinn’s and Mercedes’ moments. I wish they made a real friendship for them
Wassim _Bn
Wassim _Bn 11 дней назад
Wait , what about when Santana did her research about Brody to protect Rachel "her arch-nemesis" and when she went with her to the doctor when Rachel thought she was pregnant ?
Augiegrl12 11 дней назад
100% agree with the number one pick!
Leoni Blamgleek
Leoni Blamgleek 11 дней назад
The best friendship moment will always be Sam's video essay
LMandthings 11 дней назад
Where is when Rachel tells Kurt he might be feeling lonely but he is not alone. Or how she gets the club to help protect Kurt or how she helps Mercedes when she feels neglected. Or how she is a freaking surrogate.
Koh Kai Lun
Koh Kai Lun 11 дней назад
Glee 🎤🎹🎸
Koh Kai Lun
Koh Kai Lun 11 дней назад
Chris Colfer harry Quinn 🤴🏻👸🏼🎄💖💋🥀🌹
Glee and Potter Macaw
Glee and Potter Macaw 11 дней назад
This is amazing. I love all of glee. The teachers and students are always amazing and the friendships that occur are to good to actually rank
enigmagirl 11 дней назад
Ok, while this list is good I want to point something out. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned/confirmed in the show that it was SUE who bought Artie the ReWalk (which broke down after one day).
lifewuzonceezr 11 дней назад
Stupid Cutting Onion Ninjas!
Nujen Flores
Nujen Flores 11 дней назад
City of Angels episode!!
BlackAndBlueMadness 11 дней назад
No Sam and Blaine moments? I feel cheated
Gerwin Opong
Gerwin Opong 11 дней назад
Other things to include Kurt moves to NY and comforts Rachel The glee club sings to Quinn when her pregnancy came out When Jessie egged Rachel, the gleeks wanted to rally and beat him up When they lip sync to help Brittany When Quinn and Santana gave the talk to Rachel about her posing for a nude shoot
Vicky Prm
Vicky Prm 11 дней назад
honestly a blam moment deserved to be here
Emily Darby
Emily Darby 11 дней назад
I'm sorry but what? "It may seem a bit weird that beiste was so offended to find out that the glee boys (and Tina) think about her in compromising situations with their significant others" - how on earth are you supposed to feel if you find out "Oh by the way - I think about you to stop myself from premature ejaculation" - I wouldn't be pleased that's for sure.
MillyBlack95 11 дней назад
Kurtcedes is one of the most underrated friendships. Should’ve had more moments on this.
Rachael POllak
Rachael POllak 11 дней назад
I just want a Kurt list
luckyhorseshoe4427 11 дней назад
Kurt giving Finn's jacket to Santana.
Emily Payne
Emily Payne 11 дней назад
Jazmin Chico
Jazmin Chico 11 дней назад
En serio no pusieron cuando Tina fue reina del baile y le tiran una balde de slushie en la cabeza, pero el club Glee la anima y la hace salir a aceptar su corona?
Ethan Vo
Ethan Vo 11 дней назад
When Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer are the only ones you’ve heard of when you first watched Glee.
Shannon 11 дней назад
#1 could’ve been a great moment if they didn’t sing one of the more offensive songs you could sing for the situation...
Palacios Palacios
Palacios Palacios 11 дней назад
You just can't do a list about this, there is literally at least one moment on every episode about friendship, personally i think moments like, I.e Santana helping Rachel to attend her opening night, her speech was raw but true, Sue decided to persuade Principal Figgins not to close the glee club at the end of season 1 and Beiste helping Puck by the end of season 3 was one of the mos touching things ive ever seen should have got into the list
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 11 дней назад
I love Glee!
Carter Atwell
Carter Atwell 11 дней назад
Where was Kitty telling Ryder she understood what he was going through?
It’s ya Boi
It’s ya Boi 11 дней назад
I need the best brittana moments pleeeeeeaaaaaaase
Brittany Flower
Brittany Flower 11 дней назад
What about when everyone came together to mourn over Finn and were all there for each other
Cintss Cha
Cintss Cha 11 дней назад
Omg!!! They focused so much in romantic relationships in the show but the friendship moments were so touching!
Kherby Grande
Kherby Grande 11 дней назад
Great list! but I would like to add the part in season 6 where Kurt and Rachel need to recruit a members in Glee Club and all of their friends are there to help. Like they are just one call away to help each one of them that's a true friendship.
Kirsti Johnson
Kirsti Johnson 11 дней назад
Hummelberry is the best!
Mandi Mall
Mandi Mall 11 дней назад
Great list but it should’ve had when they all risked losing sectionals for Marley when she collapsed
Kirsti Swanson
Kirsti Swanson 11 дней назад
I love Kurt & Rachel friendship also Sam, Tina & Blaine friendship
Kirsti Swanson
Kirsti Swanson 11 дней назад
I started crying when their mention Finn/Cory death
Frankie x
Frankie x 11 дней назад
I love every friendship on Glee especially Sue and Becky. I love the friendship moment when Artie ended any chance of a future relationship with Becky and she was heartbroken telling Sue and she decided to cheer her up with ice cream and said she would be there holding hands with her cheering her up. Also when Tina,Quinn,Coach Roz, and Sue were questioning Becky’s new bf about his intentions with her. 😂 Also, lastly Santanna when she defended Kurt and Blaine against Karofsky. I miss Glee so much. 💖
Chalz Inc
Chalz Inc 11 дней назад
I can’t believe you forgot about the pre opening night of funny girl when Santana visits Rachel
Alondra Mendoza
Alondra Mendoza 11 дней назад
I miss glee ❤️
Cintss Cha
Cintss Cha 11 дней назад
Me too.
Isabella Rendon
Isabella Rendon 11 дней назад
How did Santana supporting Rachel with her pregnancy scare not get mentioned?! REALLY NOBODY THINKS SO?!
Isabella Rendon
Isabella Rendon 9 дней назад
So was Kurt with the Sam thing...
LMandthings 11 дней назад
Maybe because she only was involved because she was being nosy.
Regina Martinez
Regina Martinez 12 дней назад
I miss glee so much!!!!
Katherine Perry
Katherine Perry 12 дней назад
"You don't have to change your clothes, I have a tent you can wear" even in her finest moments, Sue is still the OG savage.
Amber N
Amber N 12 дней назад
So many people say Quinn is selfish and evil, this video proves she is one of the best friends to have.
LMandthings 10 дней назад
+Amber N I know I watched the show I also saw her be very selfish and very bad. She learned and regress. The truth remains she could be selfish and could be bad.
Amber N
Amber N 10 дней назад
LMandthings firstly she was a kid who got bullied and had a shit family and strict religious upbringing, then due to that bullying changed it around and became the opposite(popular and a bully). Psychologically some people who have been bullied become bully’s as a way of release and control due to their own past oppression. Then she gets pregnant due to cheating which I think is stupid of her but she then loses her home, her family, body and her reputation which is bound to mess her up added to the fact she’s 15. Then gives her baby up for adoption which is a very hard decision to make so of course she’s gonna go a bit crazy and she even says ‘I just want somebody to love me’ and I know she cheated on her boyfriend and shit but I think it’s her trying to latch onto someone as she feels let down by people who leave her like her parents and Beth so she’s conflicted. Having a baby at such a young age is traumatic so she is clearly reacting to that in season three when Shelby comes back so tried to get Beth back and sooo many people cheated like Rachel, Blaine, Brittany, Tina so I think way too much hate gets pressed into her.
LMandthings 11 дней назад
Because she was she was bullied as Lucy and decided to be a bully, lied cheated, set up Shelby and was doing that stuff even in season 5 w/ new BF.
the Phoenix boy
the Phoenix boy 12 дней назад
Jasmine Destefano
Jasmine Destefano 12 дней назад
Me seeing the video: no way um watching it I will cry *clicks the video* Me: *crying* told you
Hanna Marin
Hanna Marin 12 дней назад
can you do a video like this but for pretty little liars
tdg1001 12 дней назад
What about when the sang Keep Holding On for Quinn thoooo
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
tdg1001 that’s a good one
Trinity Gilreath
Trinity Gilreath 12 дней назад
I needed more Quinn and Mercedes Rachel ,mercedes,and kurt together (kurtcedes and hummleberry stans unite)
Corijuan Reese
Corijuan Reese 12 дней назад
They should have kept Quinn and Mercedes friendship going. They were best friends and were more alike than it was given credit for. Their interaction diminished dramatically as the series went on. I remember the 3rd episode in the 2nd season the sat next to each and then stood up and did a dance together... then in the 3rd season, Mercedes gave Quinn a hug when she came back to Glee club... in the 4th season, Mercedes mentioned how sweet it was that Quinn and Rachel keep in touch.... the 5th season had no interaction between them other than Mercedes enjoying Quinn and Pucks final performance in the Glee club room and Quinn quickly put her arm around Mercedes during Don't Stop Believing. The 6th season also had no interaction but they did do a lot of cute stuff next to each other in the final performance of I Lived, they even held hands if you watch closely, but we shouldn't have to watch closely... their friendship should've carried on.
Lynzeep 12 дней назад
Not gonna lie, when they decided to make Kurt and Rachel bffs I got so mad because they completely dropped Kurt and Mercedes. They had one of the best friendships on the show and the writers really let them flop like that. It was so disrespectful!
LMandthings 10 дней назад
+Lynzeep no one is offended I was jsut saying they had the plan for Rachel and Kurt to be friends from the start. I am saying they dropped the ball on Kurt/Mercedes due to Klaine not Rachel.
Lynzeep 10 дней назад
LMandthings idk why you’re getting so offended when I literally said the writers dropped the ball. I mean they’re the ones who ruined a good friendship considering they write the show...
LMandthings 10 дней назад
+Lynzeep not sure how they dropped the ball on Kurtcedes until Kurt skipped out on her for Blaine and said she was using tots as a substituent bf. .
Lynzeep 11 дней назад
LMandthings the writers definitely dropped the ball before Blaine even came into the picture though. When Blaine came it just got worse.
LMandthings 11 дней назад
Klaine came between Kurt and Mercedes more than Rachel.
Wladilson Martins
Wladilson Martins 12 дней назад
Quinn was Always a great friend ❤
Taylor Quinn
Taylor Quinn 12 дней назад
What about when all of the glee guys except Finn beat up karofsky
Seán Cowman
Seán Cowman 12 дней назад
This list just proves that Mercedes was a great character and her potential was purely wasted on the show. From singing, to friendships, to storylines.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 11 дней назад
Exactly. The writers really just used her to push diversity and to park and bark.
Andie Ngo
Andie Ngo 12 дней назад
Bro, my girl Tina never get enough recognition, she never got a solo, she good friend, MY GIRL TINA DESERVES BETTER!
18boweraf3 9 дней назад
Handsome Mahlambi
Handsome Mahlambi 12 дней назад
Y'all forgot when Kurt came to the rescue for Rachel in New York when she was having a rough time, and when Santana stood up for Finn's tree and pushed Sue in "The Quarterback"
LMandthings 11 дней назад
How did Kurt rescue Rachel when he didn't even know she was having a hard time? Kurt went to NY for Kurt.
Amy Rose
Amy Rose 12 дней назад
My brother is right there next to quinn at #1
DigiDestined55X 12 дней назад
#4: When Mercedes Took Quinn In (stifled laughter) You--you realize they never spoke after this episode right. Actually Mercedes taking Quinn in was never acknowledged on the show again. LOL
Trinity Gilreath
Trinity Gilreath 12 дней назад
Actually will mentions it in s3
C Note
C Note 12 дней назад
Even though this show has its faults, there is just something about this show that is special.
Khadiisam 46
Khadiisam 46 8 дней назад
Guilty pleasure ❤️
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
C Note I agree
Beautiful Bizarre
Beautiful Bizarre 12 дней назад
I’m a simple girl. I see glee...I click
Azza White
Azza White 12 дней назад
I love Glee so freaking much!
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
Azza White same
Okan iduğ
Okan iduğ 12 дней назад
Rachel Kurt, crying in the car after that NYADA meeting in s1 was one of the good and realistic friendship scenes. So was Kurt moving New York and surprising Rachel there.
EuSciLd 12 дней назад
Bringing tears back to me, I love Glee! ImissthemSoMuch
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
EuSciLd same
Khadiisam 46
Khadiisam 46 12 дней назад
i hate how kurtcedes was forgotten, they had a great friendship in season one
LMandthings 10 дней назад
+Dee Dee but they started building the friendship of Rachel and Kurt started in season 1. Blaine was more of an barrier to them.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 11 дней назад
Kurt became a lot more popular in season 2 and the writers just pushed the friendship of Kurt and Rachel and threw away Kurt and Mercedes. Kurt and Mercedes were better together. I mean come on Mercedes was black and Kurt was gay, they made pop culture!
LMandthings 11 дней назад
When one gets a boyfriend it often changed things.
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
Khadiisam 46 yeah I know right
Love Is A dream
Love Is A dream 12 дней назад
I’m not crying your crying
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
Love Is A dream I am totally crying
gmhimmel 12 дней назад
What about when when the glee club apologizes to Marley about making fun of her mom and when Kurt visits Korofsky in the hospital after he tries to commit suicide
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
gmhimmel that’s a great one
Paris Chaplin
Paris Chaplin 12 дней назад
It seems like kurt and mercedes has always been best friends and after graduation Kurt and Rachel became close
darkfarie94 12 дней назад
Gleek for life
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 12 дней назад
darkfarie94 heck yeah
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