Top 10 Best Countries To Live In The World In 2019

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Happiness is the key in deciding the best countries and Happiness is always a choice that any one can make.
Regardless of where you are and what you are going through, you can still choose to be happy, you can still choose to smile.
Keep recalling the quote, "Accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept" and make sure you are happy at the end of the day.
Here are top 10 best countries to live in the world in 2019.
If your country's in the list, you are lucky indeed.
1. Switzerland. (best for business)
2. Japan. (best for entrepreneurship)
3. Canada. (best for quality of life)
4. Germany.
5. The United Kingdom.
6. Sweden. (best country to raise kids)
7. Australia.
8. Norway. (best for citizenship)
9. The United States.
10. New Zealand.
Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you.
(This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment).
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Mar 3, 2019




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Comments 3 898
LAZARO NAATA 39 minutes ago
Pia Liechti
Pia Liechti 2 hours ago
I am from Switzerland 😍🇨🇭
Rem Puma
Rem Puma 6 hours ago
I was very sure USA 🇺🇸 no 1. 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Logan Henry
Logan Henry Day ago
Canada is a nice place to live higher benefits and free hospitality,Unlike shitty place America eww
Muhammad Irfan
Title of this video should be top10 countries for rich people to visit and spend there extra money.
橘柚香 2 days ago
The best living country is a comfortable life.amzn.to/2OSmEvk
Georgey Boy
Georgey Boy 2 days ago
I expected lots of thing ,but USA... I didn't see that coming
Minarchist 412
Minarchist 412 3 days ago
If UK is 5 then there is no hope.
Antares 3 days ago
Watch from 3:37 to 3:40 to see a boat drift! It's really nice.
Antares 3 days ago
Yay Japan! Japan's my favorite country. And no, I'm not Japanese.
葉品寬Kasper Yeh
When Kim Jong Un in North Korea saw this video: Y!!!!! Y NO ME
Penny4Bernie 2020
Why would you include The United States? We just broke a history record on having the 400 top wealthiest Americans paying less taxes then all tax brackets and yes, including McDonald's and all retail workers! Our minimum wage is $7.25 an hour! Characteristics of minimum wage workers, 2017. In 2017, 80.4 million workers age 16 and older in the United States were paid at hourly rates, representing 58.3 percent of all wage and salary workers. Thanks Republicans, for the cuts to our educational system since Reagan, that have led uneducated idiots to vote for you! Trump being the most idiotic!
Srinu polisetty
Srinu polisetty 4 days ago
Is it Good to study and live in Ireland?? Anyone tell me if you have idea...
Alexander Reny
Alexander Reny 4 days ago
Why is everyone so bad against America most of the bad things it had done your countries have and your countries also have fat people in them and are polluting
Darren Walsh
Darren Walsh Day ago
MATE MADE 4 days ago
Japan? What about radioactive contamination? Foolish people...
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 3 days ago
This comment is hilarious
Marco Rectogamboa
Best country ♡ 1.Philippines 2.Philippines 3.Philippines 4.Philippines 5.Philippines 6.Philippines 7.Philippines 8.Philippines 9.Philippines 10.Philippines
Hat 1607
Hat 1607 5 days ago
My top 3 favourite countries: 3. UK 2. Australia 1. USA Even though I’m Australian and I really love that country and it’s actually safer. But I just can’t resist the great stuff in America.
Right behind you
Right behind you 6 days ago
curious, every country has western idology and don´t tell japan hasnt because after ww2 japan focus in western culture.
Güven Yılmazlı
Hello, I have videos of world cities on my channel. Would you like to see? m.ruvid.net/show-UCOEDf62d1oGuZcreAwdXp_g
Fernandoking1969 MTB
Right behind you
Right behind you 6 days ago
Macho que españa tiene 3 millones de parados ya te digo que para esas personas españa no es un paraiso ademas de otros millones que se fueron por la crisis.
redxpen 7 days ago
I guess we're all just gunna forget that nearly every single aspect of modern life was invented in america, by americans. Sure, maybe other countries are great now, but you can thank us 🇺🇸 for making you that way. Spreading inventions, entrepreneurship, and representative democracy since 1776
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 6 days ago
redxpen all the key inventions come from Europe, not the USA. Electricity, the whole modern society system (Roman empire), democracy, the modern building technique(Venice), the concept of a monetary household. And entrepreneurship comes from the ‘economic theory’, which was written by a scot.
redxpen 6 days ago
@Lenin our savior oh was it now? Well i guess we can ask the brits what stuff they invented and compare notes.
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 7 days ago
I guess we’re all just gunna forget that what America is today was invented by the UK
AYYAPPAN K 7 days ago
The best country in the world to live is india... The most beautiful country.... 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Right behind you
Right behind you 6 days ago
YEAHH!!! rape no wc shit rivers ans pollution everywhere what a wonderful place to live
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 7 days ago
If we’re talking facts it’s not close
Andi Yulyan
Andi Yulyan 7 days ago
Best country to live in the world is philippines,,,, like if you're filipino
youtube user
youtube user 5 days ago
Best country to live is philippines? While their are many filipinos that apply on abroad for proper job to live their family. Im from philippines and absolutely philippines is not the best country to live , their are accident ,crimes,roberry, not clean I am one of the victim of roberry. Some accident are caused by transfortation, alchohol and more. Some places on our country is best to live. Im really sorry for saying this, This is what I only observe on news and in our place. Im so sorry....
xh Li
xh Li 8 days ago
I only love my bed
Jack Of Hearts
Jack Of Hearts 8 days ago
And yes Japan is there
Arc Turus
Arc Turus 8 days ago
I like Switzerland Love from Philippines
Cynthia 8 days ago
nah, where's Thailand and Philippines .
youtube user
youtube user 5 days ago
Thailand is best. But philippines is best? Absolutely no , Their are many filipinos that apply from abroad to live their family. I always observe a crime,roberry,accident and more. Im from philippines and I know the sad reality of phililpines.
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 7 days ago
Not close
Yumie's Channel
Yumie's Channel 9 days ago
are this kidding me
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 7 days ago
Why would it
Pintu Biswas
Pintu Biswas 9 days ago
Of course you have to put usa on the list. Because it's all about "wealth and power" isn't it.
Ca4t 2019
Ca4t 2019 9 days ago
I think I got aids from this comment section. Don't look at the comments or it'll be too late..
3517 alt
3517 alt 9 days ago
they are also most expensive countries to live
Turbo Turtle
Turbo Turtle 11 days ago
I’m from OZ & I love my NZ & Canadian brothers & Sisters & their amazing countries 🌏
Thunder Snake
Thunder Snake 11 days ago
I laugh when I hear American Presidents say they have the best country and with the most freedom.
Tommy Rosati
Tommy Rosati 8 days ago
Thunder Snake we take in half the worlds immigrants, have 90/100 of the worlds most successful and productive countries, we have freedom of speech, and we are one of the most accepting countries on earth. We also have a democracy and are free overall. Tell me how we’re not the best.
Deborah Edwards
Deborah Edwards 11 days ago
Don't go to japan there's tsunamis witch is a killer wave that can kill 10 of thousands of people
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 11 days ago
These comments are so hilarious
Technickk1 12 days ago
Sweden is shithole.
danielaxx _yyy
danielaxx _yyy 12 days ago
GNZALO MRAS 13 days ago
Japan? I don't think so
Stephen Salt
Stephen Salt 13 days ago
You had me going until England and the US got added to the list.....haha!
MEG singer
MEG singer 13 days ago
Kindly remove USA from the list
badland 11 days ago
Felindah Tavita
Felindah Tavita 13 days ago
New Zealandddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
Potato-Frost 15 days ago
You did my country New Zealand 🇳🇿 good it was on the list
Ariel Sider
Ariel Sider 15 days ago
Alan Jacups
Alan Jacups 15 days ago
Of course australia is the best its not to cold and not to hot and for the best reason there is no litter like other countries its true those other countries on the list idk how wheres australia as the BEST!!!!! At least its on the list
Tinu Alexander
Tinu Alexander 16 days ago
Gods on country, kerala
wetshy35 16 days ago
Love it 👌🏿
bigdeneen 16 days ago
USA 🇺🇸 should have been number 1 , we invite everybody in ! Not to many questions asked , the other top rated countries before this ranking ask a lot of questions!
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 15 days ago
The list is “best countries to live” and not “best countries at letting Mexicans in”
King Gibbs
King Gibbs 16 days ago
you are full of shit
Gpod Joe
Gpod Joe 17 days ago
Japan? Are you fucking kidding me? Why does everyone in the fucking world worships Japan so. I am Japanese, I fucking hate living in Japan. Everyone is so cold towards other people like fucking robots, work hours are ridiculous, you are expected to conform and not show individuality, being a high school student there SUCKS ASS cuz you are expected to get ridiculously high grades on ridiculously hard exams in order to get to college. Sure it looks nice on the outside, but no hunny, it’s HELLISH, listen to me, HELL. I’m currently in Taiwan, everyone is so nice and warm here, the cities are as clean as Japan could be but without the shitty parts about Japanese society and the whole country is rich in beautiful Chinese culture. Taiwan deserves to be on that list, not Japan. I dare say Taiwan Numba One, Mainland China can suck dick. And the US IS ON THAT DAMN LIST??? Americans are the scums of the earth, IDGAF if Japan is allies with USA that stupid alliance shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Oh and btw Singapore is the best for entrepreneurship, not Japan, Singapore should replace Japan on that list.
Andrei Plane
Andrei Plane 18 days ago
The actual rankings from a real website: 1. Switzerland 2. Japan 3. Canada 4. Germany 5. UK 6. Sweden 7. Australia 8. US 9. Norway 10. France This is the website: www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/overall-rankings
North. 5 days ago
Andrei Plane what about Australia though?!
Andrei Plane
Andrei Plane 6 days ago
@North. Who tf wants to live in NZ lol. As it being a small island, it will be underwater in a few decades. Plus, NZ don't have the greatest job opportunities unless your in the major cities. To be fair, NZ is great for visiting, not living.
North. 6 days ago
Andrei Plane that list is a bunch of bullsh*t especially since Australia isn’t at #1 & NZ doesn’t even rank!! It’s US news that’s why lmao
Andrei Plane
Andrei Plane 16 days ago
@Lenin our savior The list seems about right anyway. 😂
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 16 days ago
Andrei Plane you don’t see any problem with the name of that site?
Shahed A Talukder
Shahed A Talukder 18 days ago
Thanks Around The World Team..More Video Uploaded Please,,
Nabe 20 days ago
Japan? A country where there’s literally a word for death by overworking is in 2nd place? You guys must be dreaming or something.
Tommy Rosati
Tommy Rosati 8 days ago
It’s not by places lol they are not ranked
Ashlyn Woolsey
Ashlyn Woolsey 17 days ago
its probably cause the Henti TBH
aga war
aga war 20 days ago
US is #9?! Not #1?!
Shs Fahad
Shs Fahad 20 days ago
The country where you live is the happiest country in this planet ,,, this is what you need to believe ,,, only then your country will become happy ,, no matter which ever country you live
Shock Shplock
Shock Shplock 20 days ago
My persnoal favourite (as a Brit): 10: Sweden 9: UK 8: USA 7: Japan 6: Germany 5: Canada 4: Norway/Denmark (couldn’t choose) 3: Australia 2: Finland 1: New Zealand (Honorable mentions: The netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium) (Also I know there’s a lot of hate for the Uk and US but they really aren’t as bad as people are saying)
Simranjeet Sidhu
Simranjeet Sidhu 3 days ago
nice 1 im from kiwiland🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🤙🏻
danielle 20 days ago
Shock Shplock Australia should be #1
Slutat 21 day ago
Gilla om du är svensk
Knut Reibo
Knut Reibo 21 day ago
Buuh! USA on the list - as number 9! - makes the whole thing unserious. Stupid and a complete lack of knowledge. Hah!
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 17 days ago
How do you know that it’s not true?
Human being
Human being 21 day ago
Live from India
Kiran Varghese Vinu
Switzerland fans
Blubba Bubba
Blubba Bubba 22 days ago
I live in NZ. It is just like he said!
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