Top 10 Best Coming Out Scenes in Movies

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The best coming out scenes in movies were as revealing as they were glorious. For this list, we’re looking at the most poignant, cathartic, and authentic coming out moments in film. Our countdown includes “Boy Erased,” “Blockers,” “Moonlight,” and more! MsMojo ranks the best coming out scenes in movies. Which coming out scene is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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Mar 29, 2020




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Myroegani Lees
Myroegani Lees 10 days ago
Sometimes i forgot the actors are straight…
David O'Garr
David O'Garr 11 days ago
Wow there are so many great coming moments that you have missed, you went all sentimental with this, but in movies like Get Real where the main characters coming out was incredibly political in his school. The coming out scenes in Better than chocolate, especially Judy to Lila, was just beautiful in all the rage. There are a couple that should never have been on this list, especially In & Out. I also wouldn't have included the Abby and Simon scene, I didn't feel it was that poignant, however the coming out to his parents scene, I will agree, that was spectacular and beautiful
Larry Scantland
Larry Scantland 12 days ago
wow did you miss a lot... DEBS, Defining Gravity, Latter Days, The Wedding Banquet, Shelter, Beautiful Thing, The Day Laborers, Doing Time on Maple Drive, Consenting Adults, now a couple of these are Made For TV Movies, but the scene in each was much better than In & Out...
Larry Scantland
Larry Scantland 12 days ago
stop showing lies with your ad... trump has killed 200K+ Americans with his COVID failure and none of us have any job to be taxed anyway... only rich white men and women in his administration got tax cuts ... he is a liar
Jorge P
Jorge P 15 days ago
I know this was only movies but I’d like one about series, Kurt coming out to his father or maxxie in skins is my favorite coming out scene
Fechi Ihenakwe
Fechi Ihenakwe 18 days ago
I am soo gay
Super Saiyan Rosè Goku Black
And then there's Dumbledore
Michael Kun
Michael Kun 28 days ago
i wish my parents were more open minded....and accepting....they are soooo in denial about me and my brother...its....sad...old fashioned christian values...ftl
Michael Kun
Michael Kun 28 days ago
who knew simon fell in love with kid flash xD aka wally west never seen the movie...but damn..these spoilers...make me wanna watch the movie xD
changle hart
changle hart 29 days ago
God Is Good
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Month ago
What about ugly Betty
P Sanson
P Sanson Month ago
The First Wives Club should be included for the funniest coming out
bob guinto
bob guinto Month ago
Love Simon always makes me cry
SWLinPHX Month ago
I think REAL "Honorable Mentions" should go to the first three groundbreaking coming out movies that this video missed, the ones that set the stage for more acceptance and future film and TV representation: 1) Michael Ontkean's character in "Making Love" (1982), also starring Kate Jackson as his wife and Harry Hamlin as his love interest. 2) Barry Tubb's character in "Consenting Adult" (TV-1985), also starring Marlo Thomas and Martin Sheen as his parents. 3) Aidan Quinn's character in "An Early Frost" (TV-1985), also starring Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara as his parents. Those were ultra powerful because of stellar performances and that they were never before seen in mainstream cinema at a time when they had the most impact.
Francis Xavier Redondo
This would've been more popular if this was released on pride month
Sieren Tokiio
Sieren Tokiio Month ago
Thank you for putting Bohemian Rhapsody in there somehow
Love, Simon is just the best movie ever
SWLinPHX Month ago
It was good, but Alex Strangelove was more realistic to me. I didn't like how they kept showing glimpses of the guy writing SImon the love letters and you saw just his body and hands (a white guy) but then it turns out to be the black guy who was more predictable. Why show a white guy the whole time? Weird.
Luka Višekruna
Luka Višekruna Month ago
what is the movie on the beginning in which 2 black guys kiss?
Maxime Noel
Maxime Noel Month ago
I'm sorry but there are so many more movies around homosexuality, in so many countries that it is a bit sad to see mostly US movies in the ranking, and to see twice a coming out sequence from Love, Simon. This movie was cute and good feel, and I salute that it was the first romcom blockbuster with a gay guy. But it was a highly commercial movie and the scenario was everything but original. If you want to look at the following movies you would find very good coming out stories too, and it's like 1/5 of the great gay movies there are out there: - call me by your name - brokeback mountain - pride - Billy Elliot - Holding the man - Handsome devil - Alex strangelove (if you want something similar but more realist and spicy that came out the same time as love,simon) - The way he looks - Mysterious Skins - The shelter - Departure ...
SWLinPHX Month ago
That was EXACTLY what I thought right after seeing it in the theater. Mainstream, commercial, overproduced. I like the more raw, realistic "Alex Strangelove" which was very similar and the others you mentioned. I'm probably older than you and I remember the 1980s. I think REAL "Honorable Mentions" should go to the first three groundbreaking coming out movies that this video missed, the ones that set the stage for more acceptance and future film and TV representation: 1) Michael Ontkean's character in "Making Love" (1982), also starring Kate Jackson as his wife and Harry Hamlin as his love interest. 2) Barry Tubb's character in "Consenting Adult" (TV-1985), also starring Marlo Thomas and Martin Sheen as his parents. 3) Aidan Quinn's character in "An Early Frost" (TV-1985), also starring Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara as his parents. Those were ultra powerful because of stellar performances and that they were never before seen in mainstream cinema at a time when they had the most impact.
Harris Bren
Harris Bren Month ago
What? no Shelter?
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings Month ago
How about the 1982 movie "Coming Out" - it was a breath of fresh air.
emmamariee 2 months ago
levi schmitt from greys anatomy had a beautiful coming out
dagmawit terefe
dagmawit terefe 2 months ago
Kind of upset that Alex Strangelove didnt make at least the Honourable Mentions
Giraffe 2 months ago
this is missing riverdale cherly blossom, but otherwise 100%
tharntype XOXO mewgulf
Love, Simon 😍😍
Cathleen Mudong
Cathleen Mudong 2 months ago
Sooo anyone else go through that thing after they figure it out where they question all of their past friendships? Just me?
Rob Costello
Rob Costello 2 months ago
Piriah should not be an honorable mention! The power lies in its truth - Mother preaches and Father supports. Coming out is not always poetic.
Patrik Šurin
Patrik Šurin 2 months ago
Ehhh, where is Love, Victor😅😂
Bexy UwU
Bexy UwU 2 months ago
WHERE IS ALEX COMING OUT TO CLAIRE!?! that was my favourite coming out scene in HISTORY 😗
Malcontent 7
Malcontent 7 2 months ago
Paranorman still makes me laugh.
Elizabeth Lynch
Elizabeth Lynch 2 months ago
Another Gay Movie when the gay movie store worker tells his mom.
Alania Nethken
Alania Nethken 2 months ago
Boy Erased should've been way higher up on list
GENESIS WILDER 2 months ago
We’re can I watch boy Erased
Retchyy Boii
Retchyy Boii 2 months ago
I cried at the last part of when Simon came out to his parents. I might do the same real soon..
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno 2 months ago
It's not easy to be gay 🏳️‍🌈
Lily 2 months ago
Love Simon is literally the most emotional
Wess The Mess
Wess The Mess 2 months ago
I saw the actor that plays Uriah in Divergent and was like huh? I don’t remember that?
It doesn’t seem right that in so many movies I’ve watched that when a guy comes out as gay it’s sooo emotional and when a girl comes out it’s like: good for u. I totally agree with Simon that it’s not right that straight people don’t have to come out to their families and friends
IllDoHomeworkLater 2 months ago
"It's an especially sober moment." Well I'm glad he wasn't drunk.
andrew mcquinn
andrew mcquinn 2 months ago
It's like RUvid knew I just watched Love, Simon. I do wish Shelter made the list even in honorable mentions but still a good list and new movies to watch.
Timpest Warren
Timpest Warren 2 months ago
It’s funny because I watch love Simon so much but until you’ve played the last clip again I cry! Check out love Victor it’s good😀
Diego Rubio
Diego Rubio 2 months ago
Naaah I don't feel that blow of emotions when someone comes out of the closet, like in the movie "Prayers for Bobby", actually in "Love, Simon" they paint the world in pink and with so much acceptance
sadlobster1 3 months ago
Why can't ALL fathers be as understanding as Simon's...or as in touch with their emotions
Alan Forest Gardener
Lady, you are talking WAY TOO MUCH! It's not about you. It's about these characters, the actors embodying them, the screenwriters, the producers, et. al. Your endless chatter GETS IN THE WAY OF THEIR WORK. You're like the old-time DJs who talked over the beginning and endings of great music on the radio. No respect for the art. No respect for the artist. I despise that. Respect is as respect does. You want to provide commentary? Do it before the scene or after the scene. Not OVER it. And provide enough of the scene so it's power can SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Again, SHUT UP so I can enjoy this beautiful work. Speaking as a man who came out, AND a movie lover. I will NEVER subscribe to this channel.
diana wille-geers
diana wille-geers 3 months ago
I miss Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell from Eastenders. They both had terrible coming outs because of their homofobic dads. Very intens scenes but beautifully done
xAlxchax 3 months ago
We need more LGBT movies
barbra 3 months ago
rolly otero
rolly otero 3 months ago
What about Prayer's for Bobby
Ella White
Ella White 3 months ago
I know nobody knows what this is, but CURT COMING OUT TO TATIANA IN SPIES ARE FOREVER!! That little "till the end" makes me cry I love it
Beth Downey
Beth Downey 3 months ago
When will there be a similar list for TV?
A brazilian hater
A brazilian hater 3 months ago
I can't wait to finally come out...Now I can't though.Sooooo I'll be kicked out home yey ;-;
natalie Black
natalie Black 3 months ago
Victor to Felix is Adorable i wish it was in here
Tindra Biedermann
Tindra Biedermann 3 months ago
Not to be that person… but notice how there is so much more gay male represantation than female
Clinton Moale
Clinton Moale 3 months ago
“The two share a blunt”
Sophie Watson
Sophie Watson 3 months ago
what is the name of the boy in the title card?
Clown Town
Clown Town 3 months ago
Okuno Satsu
Okuno Satsu 3 months ago
Why are such lists on ms mojo and not on mojo itself?
Eric Dangol
Eric Dangol 3 months ago
You forgot Alex strange love itwas best movie why didn't you include it you re more focused on love Simon alexstrange love is underrated we all know it was even better than love simon
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 3 months ago
Alex Strangelove is terrible.
Anthony 101
Anthony 101 3 months ago
r.i.p River phoenix taken way too soon and he was super cute...
ilikemuffins 3 months ago
i did not handle my coming out with tact at all. i literally went to my parents out of nowhere told them i needed to say something important, said i liked girls proceeded to cry and then they comforted me saying it was ok and my mom was like "i knew it"
Kb Gbade
Kb Gbade 3 months ago
seen love, Simon over 4 times now and everytime I loved it
Tutsyang Almario
Tutsyang Almario 3 months ago
This is coming out scenes in American Movies, you should widen your scope. There are more heart warming coming out scenes from movies here in southeast asia. Where it is more controversial than it is in liberated countries.
Country_roads76 3 months ago
Pp poo poo
vaporeon 101 s
vaporeon 101 s 3 months ago
Omg so funny I'm dead🤣
Michael Purintun
Michael Purintun 4 months ago
I really like the scene in Beautiful Thing when Jamie comes out to his mom. It’s rocky and tearful and real.
Bexy UwU
Bexy UwU 4 months ago
*so robin is just non-existent?*
Dixie Manning
Dixie Manning 4 months ago
Why does number 3 remind me if Phillip Schofield ???
stryker1026 4 months ago
Love, Simon is amazing and really helped me come to terms and want to come out to my family and I'm in my 30s. I watched it on a flight from DFW to LAX and was balling on the plane. Thankfully I had a window seat. On a side note, "Beautiful Thing" and "Get Real" were my go to movies when I was coming of age. Great british LGBT movies of the 90s, they deserved a least an honorable mention.
Riley Astra
Riley Astra 4 months ago
I Just get how non of them are actually lgbt+ in real life..
Gia isnotawkward
Gia isnotawkward 4 months ago
thank you for this list, i needed more lgbt movies to watch.
joangocha 4 months ago
Where is Prayers to Bobby????
Federico Juric
Federico Juric 4 months ago
Freak Show?
Sparkling Weirdo
Sparkling Weirdo 4 months ago
Voldara 4 months ago
Latter Days (2003) and Make the Yuletide Gay (2009)also had amazing and very VERY different coming out scene, yuletide was really sweat and funny, where as Latter Day... I still tear up a bit thinking about it it's so sad, and moving.
Louis Haskins
Louis Haskins 4 months ago
No, I don't agree. 2 from "Love Simon" and not the scene from "Call Me By Your Name" between Elio and his father? That was one of the best coming out scenes I have ever seen. Even though the parents already knew, the father was able to communicate how much he loved his son.
Ophidia🐍 4 months ago
Kissing Jessica Stein is the dumbest fucking movie I've ever seen. I will never forgive them for that ending
E-D HINKS 4 months ago
Never ceases to amaze me how every video with the word ‘gay’ in it gets put on ms mojo
Luke Jack
Luke Jack 4 months ago
Need to download all these movies....
wasin zidan
wasin zidan 4 months ago
Im from a muslim country, its very much shameful for me to be a so called homo sexual where Im sorrounded by homophobic people.Literary every person I have know since birth are homophobic so I cant even imagine myself to be called gay let alone coming out cause I will definitely get killed.After so many failed suicide attempts, Im living my every day life with a full of depression. I dont have someone to share or love.Just want to say Why Allah! Why?☹
markmh835 3 months ago
@wasin zidan -- Your story is very moving.... and sad..... and unfortunate. For so many people in the Muslim world, moving to a more tolerant country would seem to be the only option. Just remember that not all homophobic people are hateful. Some "act" homophobic just to fit in with their crowd and go along with society. But it is not a very sensible, educated, scientific or tolerant point of view -- which just goes to show how primitive and backward the Muslim world really is. Hopefully those societies will eventually modernize. May you stay safe, and eventually find love. (By the way, your English is excellent.) 😊 👍
wasin zidan
wasin zidan 4 months ago
Thanks for the support. I hope oneday Ill be happy☹
asterixxer 4 months ago
If you can, go to another country. In Middle and North Europe or the US its no big deal. Best wishes to you :-)
Ihaveacrushondannydevito _
Not even a honorable mention for Mickey I'm disappointed
caden blake
caden blake 4 months ago
Love, Simon was an incredibly accurate depiction of being in the closet and coming out
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 4 months ago
Shout out to Bobby coming out as a mutant in X-Men 2; it was a coming out scene in a blockbuster way before any major studio would entertain the idea of a proper on-screen coming out moment.
Ms_ Magenta
Ms_ Magenta 4 months ago
My fave movie is love Simon lolol
Abyss Walker
Abyss Walker 4 months ago
Rock n rolla Bob's coming out scene is the most hilarious. "can i come?:🤣
Disae Collister
Disae Collister 4 months ago
no i don't agree with your picks 😂 where is prayers for bobby!? that movie always has me in shambles
Adachi Selas
Adachi Selas 4 months ago
The coming out in Dawson’s creek was better than the scene of Simon with his parents.
markmh835 3 months ago
Dawson's Creek was a TV show, while this is a list of movie scenes. Thanks for mentioning it though. I think Miss Mojo has a list of TV coming out scenes.
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter 4 months ago
Paranorman has one of the best, most nonchalant coming outs ever
Sam C
Sam C 4 months ago
My favourite scene in paranorman
Van Gagogh
Van Gagogh 4 months ago
but have you saw the coming out / love confession scene in the film Like Grains of Sand???
Raj 4 months ago
looks like ms. Mojo is a ms.Fujo
Tuhin Sikdar
Tuhin Sikdar 4 months ago
I really love RiverPhoenix, I miss him, really do 🙂
Anya Lee
Anya Lee 4 months ago
Simon's 'friends' were just awful, it doesn't matter what happened, you don't ever get to treat someone like that no matter what you think they did. If my friends treated me like that, i would have never spoken to them again tbh because straight people just understand how truly terrifying coming out is
chima chibi
chima chibi 4 months ago
All straight actors. Not that it’s bad. They all give off the straight guy vibe.
Valentina Mercado
Valentina Mercado 2 months ago
you know it's wayy more common to be straight than gay right? and you know that they're actors and their job is acting as a fictional character? and this comes from a bisexual girl, it's like complaining that the Elio actor in Call Me By Your Name isn't called Elio in real life. The actors' sexuality is none of our business
Joseph Breen
Joseph Breen 4 months ago
Turns out, not every gay man is a walking bonfire.
불리안 4 months ago
but Simon was outed.. 0.0
Fussy Clint
Fussy Clint 4 months ago
I am forty and still in the closet.
your moms side hoe
your moms side hoe 4 months ago
awww im sorry
Parker DW
Parker DW 4 months ago
Im surprised love simon is on here twice... There are so many amazing coming out scenes in movies, yet they are no where to be found. I will assume no one at MsMojo has watched Beautiful Thing. The coming out scene in that one was SO beautiful and touching, way more than Love Simon, but I guess its less mainstream so not many people will be able to relate.
Ybn.Qwayala. 4 months ago
Love,Simon is my favorite movie of all time
Tony Oli
Tony Oli 4 months ago
Well. Prayers to Bobby? Seriously?
A Sensate
A Sensate 4 months ago
How can you not include Lito from Sense8 in this list?!! His was so iconic.
liza marri
liza marri 5 months ago
love simon is probably my favorite lgbtq movie ever
Pablo Maldonado
Pablo Maldonado 5 months ago
In Love, Simon, I loved when he comes out to Abby. Reason being he's coming out on his terms and their reactions are so genuine. I too came out to my friends first and I felt the exact same way. My friends also reacted in a similar way to Abby and I swear it was one of the best moments of my life. However, Simon's moments with his parents after he comes out are so damn good.
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