TOP 10 BEAUTY HACKS TO LOOK STUNNING || Girly Struggles That You Can Relate!

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How to apply nail polish accurately to have a nice salon manicure at your home? Simple beauty routine hacks will make your life so much easier!
You'll know how to restyle old clothes, transform oversized t-shirt and look awesome in your old shoes!
Try not to laugh watching relatable girly struggles with sibling or mom - I totally face the same almost every day!
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00:09 Manicure life hack
01:14 Clothes transformation trick
02:45 How to restyle oversize t-shirt
03:10 Clothing life hacks to renew your wardrobe
04:36 Sibling prank wars only girl can understand
06:30 Funny sibling prank DIY
09:27 Funny relatable awkward moment with mom
08:53 Funny bloopers
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Feb 10, 2020




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123 GO! GOLD
123 GO! GOLD 8 months ago
I like her nail art💅! Did you liked Sofia's manicure? Vote in the comments and subscribe GOLD👑 to support our new channel👇 ruvid.net/show-UCzAa37OHvk6LQTG6M2GcJEA
sadio radio
sadio radio 22 hours ago
sadio radio
sadio radio 22 hours ago
Jirina Zykova
Aloo Salam
Aloo Salam 2 days ago
Linis Beans
Linis Beans Hour ago
I really want to hear there voice 1 like to hear there voice
Maahi Jain
Maahi Jain 3 hours ago
K 8
karla lopez
karla lopez 10 hours ago
On the heals how will u even take off 😑😑😑
Mona Mis
Mona Mis 14 hours ago
مهل تخدربماکبژمز
Aya Wagdi
Aya Wagdi Day ago
Khamarazi Datu-Imam
I love 123 go!!
welisha warren
welisha warren 2 days ago
I’m gonna try the nail polish hack and I really like the high heel hack too
solomon eshete
solomon eshete 2 days ago
wow she SNATCHES her friends band-aid who has a blister to paint her nails Now kids that are seeing this what kind of FriEnD is that!?🤔🤔🤨🤨
Darlen Pineda
Darlen Pineda 2 days ago
Lilly is so beautiful 😍
Gevorg Markosyan
Gevorg Markosyan 3 days ago
Gevorg Markosyan
Gevorg Markosyan 3 days ago
Ava McIntosh
Ava McIntosh 3 days ago
I realized that when she showed her nails the girl showed hers and they were the same and then she said u better do mine next
Videos I have never Seen before
I'm lazy very lazy I make my brothers get me every thing for me so much lazy days for me wait what me oh dang it oh no I'm not going to be sorry to my brothers hahahaahahhahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah bye
Nicky Espinoza
Nicky Espinoza 3 days ago
Ngcobile Lusenga
Ngcobile Lusenga 3 days ago
Are those their real voices
Janani baral
Janani baral 4 days ago
I love it all lt is my best video
Mallika Biswas
Mallika Biswas 4 days ago
What your WhatsApp number
Yuvraj Arora
Yuvraj Arora 4 days ago
123 go gold the bathroom playing dirty happens with me too. I am the smaller sister just like Lilly I like Lilly I am a girl my ID name is yuvraj but my name is kiarra
Aloura Chaput
Aloura Chaput 4 days ago
ok i will do it ok
Madeline Wallmar
Madeline Wallmar 4 days ago
I love lala
Reese B
Reese B 4 days ago
We worried about the blisters not the manicure
bris3ida24 5 days ago
Curly Tops
Curly Tops 6 days ago
Polkiujhytgfvcred .?????
Shyann Caples
Shyann Caples 6 days ago
ygyutytg hty77ygy7 guyggy fhgty ghygyufry7 tfggtty77y
Yaneli Ibarra
Yaneli Ibarra 6 days ago
What a mean girl she wanted perfect nails and she took a band aid without asking.
Idalma Ordonez
Idalma Ordonez 6 days ago
You speak france
Kitty Player1212
Kitty Player1212 7 days ago
“Easy mail man” Me:it’s not a male and it’s a girl and it’s Vicky ;-;
geo Day ago
Her name is spelled Vikki
Teleia Lyles
Teleia Lyles 7 days ago
John Street
John Street 7 days ago
How do you take the shoes off
katie Wilmshurst
katie Wilmshurst 7 days ago
Vicky the post man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Paola Guzman
Paola Guzman 7 days ago
What does shoes with the ankle bracelet how are you supposed to take those off
Malak Taha
Malak Taha 7 days ago
THIS VIDIEO IS EPIC I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT THANK YOU UKNOWN PERSON WHO MADE THIS AMAZING THING AH AH AH AH AH LOVE IT some times i waAtch it over and OVER ah LllllllllllllLlllllllLllllllllove it❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💘💘💘💘👍👍👍👌👌👌✌✌✌✌✋✋✋✊✊✊✊
Laci Hudson
Laci Hudson 8 days ago
Juliah Yager
Juliah Yager 8 days ago
Girl what's more important safety or "yay so pretty my manicure 💅"
Indiani Thompson
Indiani Thompson 8 days ago
I'm going to do all of these hacks
SashaN Connors
SashaN Connors 9 days ago
😈 Anyone reading this means that YOU WILL DIE IN 20 DAYS 👇
jeffrey andrino
jeffrey andrino 10 days ago
Wow people who watch it but never does the hack ok but what if the hack does
Venya’s SQD
Venya’s SQD 12 days ago
Whoever is reading this: Your skin isn't a paper don't cut it Your body isn't a book don't judge it Your heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it You are beautiful and don't let anyone bring you down Be you.. Stay safe!! (By the way I'm also a small RUvidr looking for support) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread positivity Plizz
Annabelle Viteka
Annabelle Viteka 8 days ago
what is your youtube channel called because I will gladly subscribe to you
why we here
why we here 15 days ago
as a kid i loved baking, baking cakes for that matter i baked so many that nearly every time it was almost perfect
Kaydence Hucks
Kaydence Hucks 15 days ago
Ally Mae Kitten
Ally Mae Kitten 16 days ago
Lana: Puts lunch date outfit in closet Lily: does sisterly thing Me:JUST PUT A LOCK ON IT IF ITS CAUSES THAT MUCH TROUBLE!!!! 123 Go: TAKE NOTES!!! Me: that’s what I am for
Kirsty Pierson
Kirsty Pierson 16 days ago
I love you'r hackes
Aziah Dimas
Aziah Dimas 17 days ago
Naresh T
Naresh T 20 days ago
And do more videos
Naresh T
Naresh T 20 days ago
I like your name
Naresh T
Naresh T 20 days ago
Hi akka I like your videos
Syeda Rija Batool Jafery
How did sofia wear bangles in her feet because the bangles are small to wore in the feet
Celina Rodrigues
Celina Rodrigues 21 day ago
amanda aguirre
amanda aguirre 21 day ago
Is Lilly and Lana actually sister in real life because they look like twins
Jing Hernandez
Jing Hernandez 22 days ago
Donna Evers
Donna Evers 22 days ago
How to do this nail fing it is good and Is very very good
Carmen Moreno
Carmen Moreno 22 days ago
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Teabork 22 days ago
Sofia: Hey, Gimme That Bandaid! Me: But what about the girl's BlIsTeR, Do You rEaLlY cArE aBoUt ThE naIlS tHaT mUcH?!
Sunset_ Playz
Sunset_ Playz 23 days ago
" stop, play " me: ? *PILLOW FIGHT*
Arlene Figueroa
Arlene Figueroa 23 days ago
Amit Khanna
Amit Khanna 23 days ago
I love 💝 your tricks
Hayate Asgan
Hayate Asgan 24 days ago
sravanyavarma7 24 days ago
Chulbuli Saraswat
Chulbuli Saraswat 24 days ago
Which app you edit please tell me
Sherry Cen
Sherry Cen 24 days ago
Anyone 2020?
Isabel Rangel
Isabel Rangel 24 days ago
Rubbieha7u Feasteryj665 j u
Vicky is a woman
Nadir Ismail
Nadir Ismail 24 days ago
I. Love 123go
Obed CAM
Obed CAM 25 days ago
At 2:08 흫-๑╰╥
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson 25 days ago
Love the videos
Keily Casillas
Keily Casillas 25 days ago
Keily Casillas
Keily Casillas 25 days ago
You 🌈🦄🦄 and 123keily
Rebecca Grantham
Rebecca Grantham 25 days ago
anyare lol
anyare lol 25 days ago
Life with silaV
Life with silaV 25 days ago
Love you
Nabila Hussain
Nabila Hussain 25 days ago
Are these actually beauty hacks😬
Nandini Reddy
Nandini Reddy 25 days ago
Kugan Roja
Kugan Roja 25 days ago
Niñajoy 1235
Niñajoy 1235 26 days ago
How many subs u guys show ur real voices ???? Pls do a real voice😣😣😣😯😔😔
Lakshmi Raja
Lakshmi Raja 26 days ago
i like lanas prank she is a super and perfect woman
Ravish Mehdi
Ravish Mehdi 26 days ago
Vadla Narahari
Vadla Narahari 26 days ago
Super I like 123 go
Foyeg Hossain
Foyeg Hossain 26 days ago
Genesis Martinez
Genesis Martinez 26 days ago
I loved this video!😂
Bindu thomas Bindu thomas
Best channel in earth❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bailey Saunders
Bailey Saunders 27 days ago
What is all about bloopers? I only can read so much because I'm achy 7😬.
Bailey Saunders
Bailey Saunders 27 days ago
I do have a sweet big brother callum
Raniel Reyes
Raniel Reyes 27 days ago
Jorge Herrera
Jorge Herrera 27 days ago
Wowowowowowow 🤗
Shawn Houle
Shawn Houle 27 days ago
-&6( S As
lizzs10 27 days ago
I wish I could record RUvid videos 😢
Shanell Rich
Shanell Rich 27 days ago
🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯I want to do that stuff
Jacqueline Serafin
Jacqueline Serafin 27 days ago
fidel ortiz
fidel ortiz 28 days ago
Tyvyfutygy*thkmjn,,,,,,,,,uhhghgvhvgttgvhgyubhholmj,o,j,iu,johmu hu77),7)7.)7.)7).)..7)7)7(8;7(;.(8;(;7,8(;6,,;8,/*6::*67/5&&&;6&5/&64$/5$#=-#443#-35-$
Sarah Last name
Sarah Last name 28 days ago
cyclingjoey 28 days ago
AsdfdgfghjklqwertWho is this I want to read I don't want to know go away
CrazyCupcakeGirl 28 days ago
I am watching the video and and reading the comments
Caileigh Ember Garbosa
Aimee Steele
Aimee Steele 29 days ago
O 7 Royal rumble
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones 29 days ago
Doffs fries Wevhdghvk Grf ggggggggggffffffffddfffffffssssssss Gggggh(j’”oiuuuhyyyyttttrrreewwqassszsxxccccvvvbbnnmmmjjjjhhhuuhyughuhgghgggvvvesdfbn
Xoticc gaming
Xoticc gaming Month ago
Do cool:)
jpangly Month ago
123 go.
krislon Johnson
krislon Johnson Month ago
What's you real name
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