Top 10 Awesome Back to School Tech! 2017

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It's time for 10 Awesome Back to School Tech!
FTC Disclosure: As stated in the video, this video is sponsored by LastPass. All opinions expressed are my own and all products shown are owned and purchased by me.
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•Free Amazon Prime: goo.gl/73213t
•RavPower FileHub: amzn.to/2vqNkWt
•Everlast Notebook: amzn.to/2woGQMy
•Logitech MxMaster 2S Mouse: amzn.to/2g6m39U
•Amazon Echo Dot: amzn.to/2g62VsR
•WD 4TB Hard Drive: amzn.to/2g6YjlY
•Transcend Portable SSD: amzn.to/2w5ns4p
•Electric Skateboard: goo.gl/AjBHmH
•Nomad Hub: www.hellonomad.com/usb-hub
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FTC Disclosure: As stated in the video, this video is sponsored by LastPass. All opinions expressed are my own and all products shown are owned and purchased by me.
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Comments 80
randomfrankp 2 years ago
Dont forget to check out last years video for some bonus tech! ruvid.net/video/video-5mbbhsNMkDE.html
patrica oneile
awesome at 2:03 YES and easily the best tech i got for my dorm was a #lumiy lamp totally CHANGE how is study! TOTALLY
Danger bros media
randomfrankp I
Kayyan Elmasry
Kayyan Elmasry 2 years ago
randomfrankp I
jack brannan
jack brannan 2 years ago
randomfrankp I
Louis Spig
Louis Spig 2 years ago
randomfrankp o
Griffin Haunts
Griffin Haunts 7 months ago
Ok just so I don't waste my time, I haven't watched this video yet; is any of this stuff actually affordable?
Djole i Pavle
Djole i Pavle 8 months ago
those notebooks are not special. The main worker is the pen that uses a special ink that can be erased by the eraser on the pen or by a wipe. I know this because when i was about 9 years old, everybody had these pens in my country and the text could still be erased
MD Hossain
MD Hossain 9 months ago
when I tried to skate on a longboard, I was NOT able to stay upright, I was going all over the place!
KatMaster 9 months ago
Why does a hard drive need to be fast?
Sarah Ye
Sarah Ye 11 months ago
The funny moment was when he hit the bottle
happiiea Year ago
I love it how he is saying how fast the skate board is and he is still having to skate it 😂
Nolan Hudson
Nolan Hudson Year ago
Featured that Ever Last notebook in like 5 different vids damn man we get it you're sponsored
Gatsby Year ago
My wallet is a cavern with a piece of lettuce worth 1 dollar
obisike divine
At a exactly 9:19 he rapped faster than Eminem
Whitey Mamasan
This is racist
Woody Hall
Woody Hall Year ago
Also we’re students he can’t expect us to have 100 dollars to buy a mouse with! get some cheaper stuff like I can’t afford it !
Woody Hall
Woody Hall Year ago
Who else thinks that password app sounds a bit dodgy
jp verma
jp verma Year ago
Mighty mug can also use when you are angry punch it slap it it will never fall off
Sam Gibb-Randall
I swear all these companies are just his sponsors
Royal Archer Gaming
School succ
Jojo Star
Jojo Star Year ago
tupac is in cuba
Joyy Year ago
Man I never even buy these stuff. 😒
Future XO
Future XO Year ago
Your desk is awesome! Where can I find it? Please reply
Trevor Morrison
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Year ago
The thing is the ssd could fail xd
S Ficklin
S Ficklin Year ago
Why not use Google drive
DeZiiRe SlaZeR
Bro the book is dumb just take a pic of your notes
JeSuis Alex
JeSuis Alex Year ago
Is the ravpower thing fast??
But... what if lastpass got hacked? Bye bye all our accounts
Cjay Huff
Cjay Huff Year ago
Going to middle I think the notebook be helpful
Jason Chong
Jason Chong Year ago
everlast copybook is too expensive...i would just scan my normal copybook with camscanner lol
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez Year ago
9:45 he makes the hard drive disappear😱😂
Gavin Stone
Gavin Stone Year ago
When u forget the password to last pass
N. S.
N. S. Year ago
Always top quality content, love from Italy 🇮🇹😎
AnnieMay Year ago
Are you going to make a video for 2018? That would be pretty cool.
Jackson Zane
Jackson Zane Year ago
Dont forget back to school tech for 2018! 👍👍
Juvan Belonio
Juvan Belonio Year ago
This Video: 50% Content 50% Endorsement
David Dalehaug Aasland
Good video bro
Nerd Year ago
Heres my Iphone 6...in 2017 wtf lmfao
beer Happe
beer Happe Year ago
haha are you joking, notebooks for $35
big smile
big smile Year ago
Can you stop screening in your vedios plz
Does the RAVPower WiFi have a battery in it? If so is there a way to charge it (Not the portable charger)
MrMerks Year ago
Notebooks ain that costly
Leianna Chung
Leianna Chung Year ago
who's watching instead of doing homework lol
Brain Cube
Brain Cube 2 years ago
I cannot afford any tech I saw in this video....nice
ltzz mee
ltzz mee 2 years ago
Yo thanks for being the only channel that ACTUALLY gives good tech for SCHOOL and not just random tech
Zitz 2
Zitz 2 2 years ago
I never went to school...I trained hardcore
PrestonWinn 2 years ago
Are you a ginger who dyed your hair.
Drumgvnツ 2 years ago
How do plug in a ethernet cable to a smart phone?
Adams Ynw
Adams Ynw Year ago
The_Rage Gaming power cord to Ethernet
Karel Mertens
Karel Mertens 2 years ago
I'd rather have a bike than an electric board
Floppin 2 years ago
No f'n way a student needs 4tb of storage dude 😂 Word documents and even large Picture or video sices won't need that much space
Daniel Choutka
4k60F porn has really huge files
Floppin 2 years ago
randomfrankp Alright I'm not hating! I love your videos! We just don't have colleges in Germany😇
randomfrankp 2 years ago
I'm not talking about word documents, I've worked with some files that over 600GB for a single file
MrLachie 2 years ago
That notebook is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. You can't afford another book for $1?
Gabe Starr
Gabe Starr 2 years ago
MrLachie horrible for the environment and it's handy to be able to send all your handwritten notes to your phone it's actually really handy and useable
PANDA GAMING 2 years ago
So Amazing Bro . Thanks Again This is very best Tech for back to school.
K. Tanner Barfield
K. Tanner Barfield 2 years ago
link to iphone wallpaper?
Jason Biggs
Jason Biggs 2 years ago
Heads up, if you are at a university, check to see if your IT department allows Alexa devices to communicate on your network. My IT department doesn't allow Alexa devices on our network because of their chattiness.
Isaiah B
Isaiah B 2 years ago
What kind of computer do u have it looks cool
WannabeClout Member
The notebook was on shark tank
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks 2 years ago
P.S. LastPass ad from 4:08 to 6:14
Brenden Munoz
Brenden Munoz Year ago
Matthew Brooks not all heros wear capes
No1wierdguy 2 years ago
I'm very confused, either he's very special and has a different colour beard and hair or he changed his hair colour or beard
Nathaniel B
Nathaniel B 2 years ago
uses electric skatebpard still pushes it to go
randomfrankp 2 years ago
You don't listen too well do you?
Casper Ko
Casper Ko 2 years ago
Can I microwave the Everlast like the Wave?
Gilad Shaked
Gilad Shaked 2 years ago
In my age, Caesars were a pretty cool gadget
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 2 years ago
Last pass... ever heard of a pen and paper???
CarsonBEAST 1
CarsonBEAST 1 8 months ago
Most schools don't use notebooks that often anymore. My school uses chromebooks about 80% of the time
ReZo Blue
ReZo Blue 2 years ago
Wait what's that wifi stick called that's pretty cool
CricLive Streaming
CricLive Streaming 2 years ago
Brian Murrell
Brian Murrell 2 years ago
Where did the poles between the ikea drawers and ikea countertop come from? What are they called?
Zach LeBlanc
Zach LeBlanc 2 years ago
Thumbs down 👎 for triggering my echo 6 times.
Nate Bailey
Nate Bailey 2 years ago
With that wifi thing... let's say my schools network sucks. I can turn this thing on and it's my own portable wifi source that I can connect to?
FozTech 2 years ago
Nikita Bolotnov
Nikita Bolotnov 2 years ago
Please think why a student with an intelligence think that they need a $100 mice?
ツOutwore 2 years ago
4:43 Instead you can just download KeePass...
Harry Lees
Harry Lees 2 years ago
Its nice to see last pass getting some attention, ive been using it for years.
CummyBot 2 years ago
What are your monitors
Qasim Asghar
Qasim Asghar 2 years ago
Anyone willing to buy me this stuff
Chris M
Chris M 2 years ago
That Rav power device is so sweet
A A 2 years ago
So when you advertised the little all-in-one WiFi puck, you didn't really mention HOW it acquires its service? Is it like a MiFi puck that's offered through a cellular company that you have to pay monthly for? Does it use your data service on your cell phone to turn it into a "Hotspot" for your other devices to use? (Assuming your cell phone doesn't already do that) I'm assuming it's the latter, because it has to pull the service from something. I could, of course, look into this device and read its specs and such to determine the answer for myself, but I figured I'd ask the question here to show that it wasn't mentioned in the video.
Adnan Huseinbašić
You made really good suggestions, things that you can actually consider "back to school" - tech; unlike other youtubers who show us TVs and stuff
Payton Towers
Payton Towers 2 years ago
You said the skateboard is $200... But the website is selling it for $350
Ruchir 2 years ago
I am 100% sure that you were praying to God that the cup stays in place while abusing it during the video. 😂😂😂
ArcusCo 2 years ago
now thats a real " back to school" video! most of the guys write the same title with ridiculous items...
Robert Moore III
Robert Moore III 2 years ago
I never saw any ethernet cables lying around lol
Jan Alexander
Jan Alexander 2 years ago
Don't buy external HDD's they are so fucking slow I literally want to kill myself if I see someone using that shit.
Nico Diaz
Nico Diaz 2 years ago
Radicale Strijder some of them are good
Mighty Mug
Mighty Mug 2 years ago
Frank! Thank you so much for covering us. Be Mighty - Jayme, Founder, Mighty Mug
Ashergill 2 years ago
0:13 or you have had school for 7week
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