TOP 10 Astounding ACOUSTIC Auditions On Got Talent And Idol Around The World!

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Check out the top 10 best acoustic auditions from Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, Spain's Got Talent and American Idol!




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Comments 80
pas pigna
pas pigna 2 days ago
k perry volgarotta
Fu Dog Whisperer
Fu Dog Whisperer 7 days ago
Imagine if one of the guy's was creeping on a girl like that..........they'd get crucified.
Cody Garrett
Cody Garrett 8 days ago
i was so in awe with Alejandro i paused after his guitar performance to leave a comment when i finished comment hit play he goes shreds the piano and hes walking high keys in perfection with a moving song. this guy is genius no doubt. Bach is his inspiration need not say more. very humbling...
Cody Garrett
Cody Garrett 8 days ago
Alejandro Aranda wow incredible, guitar playing definitely top notch, voice you feel it pulling at your heart, this guy can end up where ever he wants to take his career. thank you for sharing your creativeness definitely a honor to hear you preform....
Faustin Nshimiyimana
How good is to see dad and son sing together! I love it
Mr x
Mr x 8 days ago
questionable upload, really not in focus
Zachary England
Zachary England 8 days ago
i’m just sayin, i read the title as Top 10 Autistic Auditions, and i’ve never been more intrigued then disappointed before
Nicholas Stevens
Nicholas Stevens 13 days ago
I thought the contestant was the one who said "How ya doin'" I'm like man this dude sounds just like Luke Bryan
Richard Craig
Richard Craig 14 days ago
That Swedish beard man has an amazing voice
Chords Day ago
Mr. Kläfford? Yes. An elegant man.
Queensue jesuseschild
I love the father and son singing it was great. Great songs and the son has a great voice so does dad but the son out shines the daddy sone. He's such a cutie
John Sikes
John Sikes 17 days ago
Don't know if he knows, but that guy at 10:55 is practically channeling the Isley Bros.
Ray Jim
Ray Jim 17 days ago
Alejandro is a gem find, what a talent
tyler glenn
tyler glenn 17 days ago
the kid and has dad gave me goosebumps!
jdh6200 17 days ago
wish i understood spanish
James Hensley
James Hensley 18 days ago
He sounds a lot like Shawn mullens
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner 18 days ago
Yeah i was crying on that second one. What a story what a voice and what a love they have.
She is an incredible women!!!!
Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson 19 days ago
Dude at end is fire 🔥 too. So laid back!
Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson 19 days ago
Version of “imagine” is 🔥 buy that in a heart beat
Surya Gurung
Surya Gurung 20 days ago
I really liked the dishwasher guy
Matt Fedor
Matt Fedor 20 days ago
I’m sorry I’m really sorry like Ik these people have talent I just wish there was some sort of tv show that didn’t do the whole sob story or background thing, ok I’m done now
J W 20 days ago
Dad and son duo is Amazing 🙌
J W 20 days ago
Don't respect me! I love her.
Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson 19 days ago
J W they all want treating nasty in the bedroom 😉
Likely Hood
Likely Hood 21 day ago
Jose Antonio... I mean how long it takes to find a diamond
Jonathan De Smedt
Jonathan De Smedt 23 days ago
Miracles tsfh😍
boorhadly 23 days ago
first guys gf way hotter than perry
Malcolm Adams
Malcolm Adams 23 days ago
When Katy gets shut down in the animal 🦒 world 🌎 and the girlfriend stakes her claim.
m r
m r 23 days ago
When you're a judge and your name is Katie Perry, you get to flirt your pants off....! :-)
Joe Green
Joe Green 23 days ago
Alejandro reminds me of a new age Nick Drake, so soothing.
Todd Jenkins
Todd Jenkins 24 days ago
Nothing beats a humble person that has no clue what they are.
Jun Cortes
Jun Cortes 25 days ago
Alejandro, wtf mind blown
Matthew Kelley
Matthew Kelley 25 days ago
very good use of Two Steps from Hell
Caden ALter
Caden ALter 25 days ago
I love how real and awkward all of the American idol auditions are, it kills me 😂
Paris Lady
Paris Lady 25 days ago
There is this constant negative energy from Lionel Richie. He is desperate for control to be the first judge instead of Katy Perry. Sorry but that's exactly what it looks like. Idol could be #1 in the ratings if they replaced him. Watch him and observe. Actions speak louder than words.
Sojejejdkkd Kejsjjene
25:14 was the best no cap
David Gearardo
David Gearardo 25 days ago
Most of these acoustic auditions seem to love taylors. Cant blame them
David Gearardo
David Gearardo 25 days ago
Swedish dude 3 words, are those leggings?
Gatsby A
Gatsby A 19 days ago
Skinny jeans lol
David Gearardo
David Gearardo 25 days ago
Sorry but take aout drama and lifes little problems that we all face, everyone has has a story, can you sing? That chic that did new rules could actually pipe that shit out with clarity.
Kaeriell 26 days ago
10:38 his control is astonishing
brian kleinkopf
brian kleinkopf 26 days ago
simon? givenin a gold buzzer? Priceless!@!
brian kleinkopf
brian kleinkopf 26 days ago
father ^ son??? amazing!!!!!!
Medo Seyie
Medo Seyie 26 days ago
That golden buzzer deserve Chris 🔥
Trevor Wakely
Trevor Wakely 27 days ago
Thanks my name is Trevor too
Tom Foster
Tom Foster 27 days ago
I thought these were supppsed to be amazing auditions. I deserve better.
Tom Foster
Tom Foster 27 days ago
Trevors woman is way hotter than Katie.
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury 28 days ago
Now imagine if Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucía and John McLaughlin,showed up....................
Richard Meyer
Richard Meyer 13 days ago
I saw Al Di Meola playing the Ovation guitar about 20 years ago. He was so good.
Catherine Christy
Catherine Christy 28 days ago
The father and son duo are amazing and little Jack reminds me SO much of a young Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block
Isaias Torres
Isaias Torres Month ago
Alejandro’s song is life ! Its so legit i can hear this on the radio and being a hit he has such an amazing talent loved it 100%
Fred Watkins
Fred Watkins 6 days ago
I know programming when i see and hear it...I'm deciding
Lucas Prong
Lucas Prong Month ago
i dont even have a dad... those two are amazing
Evelyne Robinson
Wow I'm speechless, beautiful 💕 I have tears in my eyes 💕
Hiway Highway
Hiway Highway Month ago
Worst version of American Idol judges ever. Show is dead.
Yvan Godon
Yvan Godon Month ago
47;iemes minutes WOW
jonathan wright
jonathan wright Month ago
Alejandro was ROBBED... he should have won. He is the most talented musician this show has had on since Carrie Underwood. 12 year old girls with iPhones 10s bought by Mommy and Daddy are the reasons Laine won.
Shawn T Williams Powerlifter
Katy Perry "Only hot guys are named Trevor" GTA HAS ENTERED THE CHAT*
Awesome_boy 36
Awesome_boy 36 3 days ago
Shawn T Williams Powerlifter is
Jangtory 17 days ago
Shawn T Williams Powerlifter shes fuckin right about that
Wayne Parker
Wayne Parker Month ago
Why couldn't I be much younger and meet katy?
DJ Allen
DJ Allen Month ago
Good grief! All you clowns cutting down Ms.Katie for just having a good time. Get over yourselves. That probably can become quite grueling sitting there listening to literally thousands of people who the majority of don't have a chance at winning. Lighten up for fuck sake. Relax, have a good time and enjoy the ride....
Billy ray
Billy ray Month ago
Didn't understand much, however I still enjoyed it, I believe the lady called him Antonio? Gracias Antonio 🇬🇧 Bueno
po lice
po lice Month ago
Alejandro is a prodigy.
Lu Sherman
Lu Sherman Month ago
x Panda x
x Panda x Month ago
2 legends in front of you and you’re stuck staring at kattie
TheFellClutch Month ago
what's with the dad mouth kissing the 12-year-old son? is that something that is common in Europe?
Albert Yankey
Albert Yankey Month ago
Albert Yankey
Albert Yankey Month ago
Mr x
Mr x Month ago
Catie with a "C" is so damn cool. Love her! Did any one notice that some of the best singers come from places we will never get to visit?
Viviane Laniel
Viviane Laniel Month ago
@ 47:00 Alejandro Aranda. Just Wow!!!
Shawn Troxel
Shawn Troxel Month ago
who was the older guy from Spain and guitar player i did not understand a word but probably the most moving music of the group.
N1k Mike
N1k Mike Month ago
I hate all the story's and stuff. Jusge people's musical talent.... based on there musical talent, not their life's problems
WhirlyBird Aerial Services
The first guy on here... his girlfriend is WAY hotter than Katie. Just sayin....
gary dassing
gary dassing Month ago
Katie needs to be a little more professional and stop drooling.
sky bliz
sky bliz Month ago
27;11 i want to be able to play the guilter like that
Xtreme Scratchers
Why can't we all find someone like her
tank7737 Month ago
*@&#@ing Marcus man! That made my day big time.
Chris Myers
Chris Myers Month ago
Did you notice how he said music was over before he said relationships were over . His true passion is music and that's beautiful.
Kelvin Enos
Kelvin Enos Month ago
Alejandro 🥳🔥🔥🔥It’s great how he’s shy and you can see there’s a lot of emotion in his life and heart
Alejandro is a genius. I would buy an album of his in a heartbeat.
Mr E
Mr E Month ago
@SeanBasedSwag Its Scarypoolparty NOT schoolboyparty. At least you got me close. 😎
Kelvin Enos
Kelvin Enos Month ago
associatedbears1 me toooooo
Th3 W4yneTr4in
Th3 W4yneTr4in Month ago
Its rly funny but just imagine hollywood if a guy was saying that to a gild thats auditioning, they would lose their minds
George Isaak
George Isaak Month ago
All of them were wonderful but that old man , he is traditional , he is experienced , technical , soulful and Mediterranean man . The whole he sang i could imagine someone on the top of a table dancing in trance , creating dust with his heels ... The young man who had the accident touched my heart with his story and he is really blessed that God gave to him such a woman , now that is what i call happiness !
drummond1100 Month ago
I dont know what he was saying but It made me cry. All my memories of leaving home and those that loved me but I still had to say goodbye and go out into the world came back for an instant there.
Carlos Hernandez
The story he told was intense. I wish I could share it with everyone.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Month ago
How many people bet money that Katy Perry took that Trevor guy back to her dressing room n nailed him on the spot??? ha ha ha ha, girl was playin with herself under the desk
Maddenmobilelegend #19#9
24:50 by far the best performance
Mitchell Month ago
the guy who got hit by a car didnt even try.
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