Top 10 Anime Characters Who Got RIPPED (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

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Hey Anime Fans! Think you know your favorite shows? Then test your knowledge against our Trivia Quiz: watchmojo.com/trivia/hardcore-trivia-for-anime-fans
Do these characters even lift? Well...actually yeah. Join Todd Haberkorn as he counts down shows like Pokemon, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Hajime no Ippo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Masamune-Kun's Revenge, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, and more! So look out for heroes like Jonathan Joestar, Brock, and Mikasa Ackerman along the way.
#Anime #OnePiece #Pokemon
#10. Ippo Makunouchi
#9. Rigurd
#8. Masamune Makabe
#7. Usopp
#6. Saitama
#5. Goku
#4. Izuku Midoriya
#3. ???
#2. ???
#1. ???
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 100
leo Leondre
leo Leondre 3 hours ago
70%of us came from the thumbnail WM thank Mikasa
Deth Eater
Deth Eater 10 hours ago
John Lirhomer Cruz
I like that the narrator tocs👌👍😁😄
Lord Thanos
Lord Thanos 7 days ago
10:10 THE KING!!
JJ Ghost
JJ Ghost 8 days ago
Honesly how is Eren supposed to like Mikassa? He is obviously into normal, hot looking girls like Queen historia not ripped girls with 6 pack like Mikassa.
kawaii anime girl
kawaii anime girl 17 days ago
Can you make a video without English dub
Parthasarathi Banerjee
guys can anyone tell me when misaka showed those abs i've watched all episodes of 3 seasons and haven't found this......plz tell me in which episode was this scene shown??
Esai P
Esai P 21 day ago
Where the hell is naruto bro
PSYCO KING 23 days ago
What about esconore??
Haziq Destiny
Haziq Destiny 23 days ago
soooo "the drifter" is into anime too?
Arinze Onwuegbu
Arinze Onwuegbu 25 days ago
JuniorGaming Month ago
i just realize that i said force like five times
JuniorGaming Month ago
guys isnt pokemon pretty much forcing and capturing animals by force and then forcing them to fight for people entertainment and pretty much till they cant anymore its messed up if u think about it
adeleine the artist
Honorable mention: ZERO from UNO anime. It went from an AI who allies with the heroes to an giant macho brute robot who only fights with his enemies with the power of his muscles in the size of a mountain.
Vince mavric mapa
But goku was already strong as a kid
Zero Month ago
Still better than Abby.
How the heck is rigurd riped hes not riped when his named by rimuru he has evolved into a muscular fudging goblin
Andres Hernandez
2:40 “From Grandpa, to DADDY.” 😂 I fucking love Todd
suyog bhise
suyog bhise Month ago
I saw mikasa hence I clicked....
TheEpikNico Month ago
Just Some Guy With A CellPhone
Did I Just Saw My Self
only uchiha
only uchiha Month ago
Mikasa is hit af like I 100 percent simp for her
Kitten_lovxe r
Kitten_lovxe r Month ago
8:15 #2 Brock pokemon Me: WHAT
Dax Paul
Dax Paul Month ago
Baki the grappler
Zap Zap
Zap Zap Month ago
Where’s killua
Inquisitor Guy
Inquisitor Guy 2 months ago
Decent list not gonna lie
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 2 months ago
And mha creator copied dbs kale
Ayesha AlHamed
Ayesha AlHamed 2 months ago
And also Yona of the dawn
lavi 2 months ago
Amar Asani
Amar Asani 2 months ago
Jonathan looks like a guy who woulde go and fight with bears every day
Dorfy Dorfy
Dorfy Dorfy 2 months ago
What about Konohamaru? Or Naruto?
D-Boi FuntimePlays166
1. Basically every single Jojo character. Even an elementary schooler has abs
Joaquin Vergel
Joaquin Vergel 2 months ago
MHA season four: Deku uses One for All a hundred percent like the ultra instinct
Hoàng Lương
Hoàng Lương 2 months ago
Ippo was ripped since the beginning.
Splitted Dreames
Splitted Dreames 2 months ago
To be honest when mikasa is training she looks like Tifa
Splitted Dreames
@Levi Ackerman XD tifa is hot as Mikasa
Splitted Dreames
@Atrey yes
Atrey Month ago
Have you seen Tifa?
Icrus Spear
Icrus Spear 2 months ago
Ah yes,TIFA
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 2 months ago
Danish pinjari
Danish pinjari 2 months ago
8:04 Where this footage on Attack on titan
Christian De guzman
Christian De guzman 2 months ago
Ippo is already strong, remember at the beginning they amaze in their ripped shape becoz of daily routine he had before boxing, working hard the the boat fishing carrying heavy things etc
Dark Productions
Dark Productions 2 months ago
Ain’t that right todoroki is the correct line
Francis Gomez
Francis Gomez 2 months ago
this dude sounds like logdotzip
Guido Clement Abadilla
Ippo is already buff..
dain alcorn
dain alcorn 3 months ago
no mention of kenichi - the mightiest disciple
dcwinsane 3 months ago
that add was funny as hell
Just Some Guy Without A Beard
I wouldn't mind seeing Mikasa getting holed.Even if it is a ripoff
Livi Katty
Livi Katty 3 months ago
AYYYYE it’s the twin, fireball, greed, Asuna steeling actor
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 3 months ago
Where’s Mizuki from Naruto
Mabble 5
Mabble 5 3 months ago
What about Levi
Hello dear Friend!
Hello dear Friend! 3 months ago
“Rigur went from grandpa to daddyyyy” ~quote of the year~
VZG 22
VZG 22 3 months ago
is this a joke? How are you not including Mitsuhashi kei from hinomaruzumou :'D
phuwakrit wannakajornkit
yeah sorry I like levi better
phuwakrit wannakajornkit
Oh yeah I came hear for thicc arm jonathan
RAI AYUSH 3 months ago
mikasa 7:23 . thank me later
Louis 8A Chandra
Louis 8A Chandra 3 months ago
Is it weird that i know all the 10 animes in this list
justin poulson
justin poulson 3 months ago
what about kenichi from history's strongest disciple?
Mainak Barai
Mainak Barai 3 months ago
Where is Naruto, who became the Hokage from being the greatest loser of his batch to the greatest shinobi of the Land of Fire.
Roshan Rai
Roshan Rai 3 months ago
It doesn’t make sense to put video of misika from attack on titan
jijilop erto
jijilop erto 3 months ago
Is it just me or dose the guy talking kind sound like natsu
Jairaj Dhankhar
Jairaj Dhankhar 3 months ago
Glad they talked about rocks 'onix'
Fat Goose
Fat Goose 3 months ago
bro mMasamune-Kuns revenge ending was so underwhelming. It's clear that it wasn't finished. I wonder if it ever will be.
EvoX 3 months ago
I am here for mikasa💚
Lightrodash 3 months ago
POKEMON IS NOT ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bodiche le Gamer
Bodiche le Gamer 3 months ago
I saw the thumbnail and the title I clicked faster then the Ultra Rapestinct
Lucina Main
Lucina Main 3 months ago
I think they're all great picks, but they're just ordered wrong
al west
al west 3 months ago
al west
al west 3 months ago
A... A guy from WatchMojo with character?
Shadow Chloe14
Shadow Chloe14 3 months ago
Did i really *"WOOHOOO"* when i saw Brock.........yes..yes I am
Cent R-
Cent R- 3 months ago
Bob Gibbons
Bob Gibbons 3 months ago
Why is Saitama lower than Goku?
Marshall Cross
Marshall Cross 3 months ago
Luffy (One Piece) Sometimes he's ripped, sometimes he isn't. A mystery.
Eira Vahlroos
Eira Vahlroos 3 months ago
Kevin Gilbert
Kevin Gilbert 3 months ago
how about levi
Eduard Henry
Eduard Henry 3 months ago
Me myself got ripped
Give way, Queen Nino is here
I clicked because of the thumbnail, but I stay because of God Ussop.
Justanotherderp :P
Justanotherderp :P 3 months ago
btw,Mikasa was ripped way back when Eren saved her,like for babushka`s sake,Armin`s bullies are terrified of her!
Mr. bla
Mr. bla 3 months ago
Where is kobi from one piece
HvarTveit 3 months ago
Where the heck is Pikachu
John nazarene Jocson
kingstar playZ
kingstar playZ 3 months ago
where is kaneki(sorry if i spelled wrong) fron Tokyo ghoul?
Kingzilla Plays
Kingzilla Plays 3 months ago
Who tf invited this fake behind terrorizer cuz I actually liked is parts and number 8 legit looks like a taller and more in shape version of Kirito from SAO
Yousef Aljumah
Yousef Aljumah 3 months ago
What episode of mikasa is that clip at the end?
Icekae 3 months ago
Asta: My time has come!
Siddharth Rai
Siddharth Rai 3 months ago
Me after watching the video and before that the thumbnail. Why?...........why in the wwwwwooooooorrrrrrlllllldddddd.
Leo Vinchi
Leo Vinchi 3 months ago
Eww dub
Jorge Ivan BOTYONG
Jorge Ivan BOTYONG 3 months ago
Tell me something i don't know...how disappointing i was expecting amine which is not popular but really is good
_MaxTheDealer_ 3 months ago
Izumi Shinichi?
Biggiebeastboy12 3 months ago
wtf is this dub
Gino Bertoli
Gino Bertoli 3 months ago
I found that legos help to pass time during qurinten
Kensei Hayabusa
Kensei Hayabusa 3 months ago
What about Ichigo from Bleach during and after the soul society arc?
*CENSORED* 3 months ago
I know this comment is in 2020, but damn did you kinda predict and already had the corona experience
Hi World
Hi World 3 months ago
Who here clicked the video because of the Thumbnail
Aidan Grady
Aidan Grady 3 months ago
He is isn’t your average joe...
Znehrrip rrip
Znehrrip rrip 3 months ago
I want eren to earn those
Craneface 3 months ago
Ok first of all; I didn’t read the title of the video, only looked at the thumbnail. My thoughts were “Wow this guy could easily become a voice actor, he sounds slightly familiar actually” Then I realised it was Todd after re-watching the video and reading the title! Todd I love your voice acting, you’re amazing
Aman 3 months ago
Ackermans are powerful
Earl Balmera
Earl Balmera 3 months ago
i thought that this video is only for mikasa.
3.2.16_Namo_Kwankaew _Dheeranoot
I’m a simple girl,I see Mikasa,I click
deez 3 months ago
Bro just use sub instead
Makak1 3 months ago
2020 be like i feel you man we all are stuck inside houses maybe not in basments but totaly inside
Lennon Williams
Lennon Williams 3 months ago
That thumbnail got more fan service in it than fairy tail
Light Anime Clips
Light Anime Clips 3 months ago
I thought it was raped from the thumbnail lmao
killingmonkey11 3 months ago
Mikasa got ripped? No, Mikasa has always been ripped.
NiGhTmArE 3 months ago
Each generation of joestar is getting worse and worse phsych
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