TOOL - Descending (Audio)

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Aug 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Pure Texture
Pure Texture Hour ago
I'm gonna tell my children this is Tool.
J Dizzle
J Dizzle 15 hours ago
The bass in this when heard from outside my garage literally sounds like an anchor underwater swaying about back and forth. When I first heard it I found it quite fascinating
skitneola 17 hours ago
Try starting the vid included on the hardcover copy album at the same time as you start this song; IT'S FUCKING EPIC UNTIL THE VID ENDS, please just try it. Almost like the video was ment for this song!!!
qwertynable 20 hours ago
toiletovhell.com/we-need-to-talk-about-these-maynard-james-keenan-allegations/ Thoughts?
Gene Hasenbuhler
Gene Hasenbuhler 23 hours ago
Tool has come to lead us into the dawn of the New Age Man!
Ess Ess
Ess Ess Day ago
Led who?
андрей волков
Привет из России
Valeria Devilat
Valeria Devilat 2 days ago
Este es el tipo de temas que da gusto te estén dando vueltas en la cabeza, y que sólo puedes sacártelos escuchandolos. Una y otra vez 👏👏
Jay Earheart
Jay Earheart 2 days ago
Fucking exquisite
Artur Wojciulewicz
Remember this song. This one is going to save many lives!
Carlos Andres Chavez
This song hit different when you walk alone in the dark
Alucard 666
Alucard 666 3 days ago
I’m a little upset that my favorite tool song isn’t on here! Especially right now. With all the insanity that is happening ...This tool song speaks to me and puts my emotions and thoughts into words...... SWIM Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon. Certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three-ring circus sideshow of freaks. Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call Phoenix The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time. Any fucking day. Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay. Fret for your figure And fret for your latte And fret for your lawsuit And fret for your hairpiece And fret for your Prozac And fret for your pilot And fret for your contract And fret for your car. It's a bullshit three-ring circus sideshow of freaks. Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call Phoenix The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time. Any fucking day. Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay. Some say a comet will fall from the sky. Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves. Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still. Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits. And some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon. Certainly hope we will I sure could use a vacation from this stupid shit, silly shit, stupid shit. One great big festering neon distraction, I've a suggestion to keep you all occupied. Learn to swim. Learn to swim. Learn to swim. 'Cause mom's gonna fix it all soon. Mom's comin' 'round to put it back the way it ought to be. Learn to swim. [repeat] Fuck L Ron Hubbard And fuck all his clones. Fuck all these gun-toting Hip gangster wannabes. Learn to swim. [repeat] Fuck retro anything. Fuck your tattoos. Fuck all you junkies And fuck your short memory. Learn to swim. [repeat] Fuck smiley glad-hands With hidden agendas. Fuck these dysfunctional Insecure actresses. Learn to swim. [repeat] 'Cause I'm praying for rain I'm praying for tidal waves I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it all go down. Mom, please flush it all away. I wanna see it go right in and down. I wanna watch it go right in. Watch you flush it all away. Time to bring it down again. Don't just call me pessimist. Try and read between the lines. And I can't imagine why you wouldn't welcome any change, my friend. I wanna see it come down. Bring it down Suck it down. Flush it down.
frank GFish21 ferrante
they play how I feel
Eddie 3 days ago
I don't believe that i've spent 24 years of my life without knowing and listening to TOOL A new life begins now Hey TOOL, come to Brasil, please!!!
EastCoastMC 3 days ago
Never before has Tool been so relevant to what's going on in the real world... Time to call us all to arms and order!
Renato 3 days ago
2020 intensifies
william p
william p 4 days ago
Festering and bubbling til the last minute...RIP FLOYD
william p
william p 4 days ago
Sounds like a Gathering at George Floyds march ✊ ✊✊
MichaelJ2020 4 days ago
They could have split this album in two and they still would have been the two best albums of the decade.
drew douglas
drew douglas 4 days ago
If Jesus Christ was a WWF wrestler this would be his theme song.
Cal L
Cal L 5 days ago
i'm hoping after all this lockdown in the uk they tour its on my bucket list to see them live after 20 years of listening to them throughout my life, they've always been there where other artists fail to.
Shawn Aune
Shawn Aune 6 days ago
This album is prophetic. The peak is behind us. This will be as comfortable as falling out of several trees. Take the high road. Take it like a man.
Charlie Ritch
Charlie Ritch 6 days ago
Cosmic energy feeding my soul.
Iä! Iä! C'thulhu
Question: is the audio recording descending from orbit or ascending from the deep?
Iä! Iä! C'thulhu
Beat drops at 10:34
Iä! Iä! C'thulhu
It makes my mouse vibrate so much it seizures the cursor across the screen
Kissy, Kissy!
Kissy, Kissy! 6 days ago
Did this song really need a note-less ambiance of thunder and ocean for 1:13 ? This is a music album, not a sound machine.
fastball 3 days ago
Stonebanks 6 days ago
This song increases the chakra.
William Lobach
William Lobach 6 days ago
Adam's solo strikes me as the sound of weeping, coinciding with the lyrical content. It isn't just a 'look at me' solo, it's conveying very specific emotion. I imagine him standing atop a smoking pile in a dark vision of mankind's future if we do not reverse course, playing us off into oblivion. "Do not go easily into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light".
Daniel Higgins
Daniel Higgins 7 days ago
The 56 page booklet that comes with the music smells really nice.
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips 8 days ago
Alex Newfield
Alex Newfield 8 days ago
Please don't ever give me a Swan Song. At very least, when you do, please just name it Swan Song so I know?
Love Handles
Love Handles 8 days ago
Hearing this song in memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, and all the other unnamed Black Americans murdered through state violence. Wake up, America. Mitigate your ruin.
ultimadum 9 days ago
God the guitar work is so fucking boring
ultimadum 15 hours ago
@timmzzzz88 personally as a songwriter myself, I think metal as a genre is very creatively limiting, after all there's only so much you can do with chugging. But when you disregard all the technical stuff, the average music listening masses care about bands that can write SONGS. Regardless of what tool fans think of the main stream, I think all of us music fans love a heavy underground sound- incorporating pop song. This last tool album hasn't really gave a shit about songwriting and instead focuses on recreating what they did with 10,000 days. The guitar work is boring because there isn't a song to back it up. A great example of great guitar work by Adam Jones that supports the song is Porabola. I hope this elaborated on my thoughts.
timmzzzz88 22 hours ago
I used to say that until I learned a few tool songs. Yes if you just sit back and look at the notes, Adam is a very simple guitar player. But it kind of adds to it because there's not much to think about while playing. So then you can feel the music and Rock with it very hard. I know that is kind of a amateur answer. But at least in my opinion it holds to be true.
Danny Torres
Danny Torres 9 days ago
We must stay alive.
notchjohnson1 10 days ago
If this song doesn't remind you of buttsex, nothing will
Rafael Conchas
Rafael Conchas 11 days ago
I love you with every cell of my Body Thank you tool
Mornepin 11 days ago
I submit to you my interpretation of this masterpiece by associating it with the well-known myth of Prometheus. It should be a good trip somehow. It might not be perfect, but I found that the sensations while listening were surprisingly consistent with the narrative of this myth. Be careful with the time markers, so that it makes fully sense. 0:00 After his people has been defeated, the Titan Prometheus creates men, at the request of Zeus. Slowly, he creates their bodies from earth and water. 1:13 He now breathes life into them. Men open their eyes for the first time. But very soon something goes wrong. 1:33 The beginning of the sung part is a long cry from men unto heaven, as the tone suggests. This is the most human and tragic part. Epimetheus has not fulfilled his mission to arm men like other animals, with claws, fangs, fur... They are not strong enough to survive, and deeply flawed. "This epilogue of our own fable", "This madness of our own making" Men's creations are always insufficient, even the societies they have built for themselves. "Free fall through this boundlessness", "Falling isn't flying" Men feel incomplete, lost in the vastness of a world they don't understand. "Come our end suddenly, All hail our lethargy" They try to wake up, but always end up sinking into darkness. They're on the verge of ruin again. "Lest we cease to be", "Mitigate our ruin, call us all to arms and order" They are afraid to disappear and call for help. Prometheus listens to the tale of men on the verge of sinking, he feels pity and still blames Zeus for overthrowing the Titans. 5:15 And so Prometheus decides to steal fire. He secretly enters into Olympus with the help of Athena. He takes the fire, and offers it to mankind. 5:44 Astonishment. Men see fire for the first time. They begin to use it, and gain strength and confidence. "Rise" and "Stay alive" Their complaint takes on a tone of a warrior song. 6:49 The golden age of men begins. They discover metallurgy and survive more easily. They end up dominating the animal world, their new strength is mechanical but brilliant. 8:22 Change of viewpoint : Zeus. Zeus, in his almighty calm, hears men in the distance. Their success is increasing. Could they defy the gods? How did they become so strong? He begins to watch them from Olympus. 9:29 Zeus perceives that men have fire. Who gave it to them? He looks behind him and realizes that the flame has indeed disappeared from Mount Olympus. 9:38 Zeus enters into a black anger. He searches everywhere for the culprit, among the gods, men, and finally his old enemies, the Titans. He learns that Prometheus is responsible. He hunts him down, looking for him wherever he may be. 9:57 His anger grows bigger and bigger the nearer he gets to Prometheus. Prometheus flees and hides. But there is no escaping Zeus. His escape is in vain. 10:25 Zeus knows where he is hidden. He flies towards him. Prometheus almost feels his embrace on him. He's already there. 10:34 Zeus appears in a flash before Prometheus. He throws himself upon him and strikes him savagely. Prometheus screams as he tries to protect himself, but he is not able to stand up to him and is almost beaten to death. 10:53 The punishment of Prometheus is returned. Zeus shows the Caucasus and the eagle. He will make an example of him. 11:12 Prometheus has resigned himself to his torment: but Zeus' anger is not turned away, and so he also decides to punish men. 11:51 With the help of the other gods, Zeus starts his most twisted creation : Pandora, the first woman. Each god and goddess offers a quality to the creature: Athena offers her beautiful clothes, Aphrodite the grace and beauty... and Hermes the curiosity, by order of Zeus. He also takes all the evils of the world and locks them into a box. He gives the box to Pandora and instructs her never to open it. He then offers her to men. 12:50 When the box is opened, the danger of men to the gods was at last extinguished. The golden age of men ends, and the omnipotence of Zeus is no more questioned. The title "Descending" refers to the fire brought from Mount Olympus, or to Pandora, at your discretion.
RG 12 days ago
This says truth to me. I hope others hear it. Keep up the great work guys. Even when the world is sleeping, your work reaches a few of us.
redguyphil1 12 days ago
A few weeks ago tripping on 7 tabs of acid and listening to this album on repeat was the most incredible audio and spiritual experience I've ever had.
Scott Marcom
Scott Marcom 12 days ago
9:38 - 10:34 ....YES!
Kevin MacNaughton
Kevin MacNaughton 12 days ago
Die with your boots on patriot s
Matt Rosenberger
Matt Rosenberger 12 days ago
Celebrate life people!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2020!
Durkee 12
Durkee 12 12 days ago
This album reminds me of Lateralus and 10,OOO Days.
Professor NutButter
Adam Jones always takes me to other dimensions with his solos. All of them are such truly gifted musicians.
short chick
short chick 13 days ago
Doubled dipped owsley? Anyone ? Fuck I’m in the wrong comment section
Marco Turini
Marco Turini 14 days ago
If someone is interested I've made a Tool-inspired song on my channel. It's called Gray if you would like to hear it. Of course I don't mean to copy them, it still has my own identity I think. I just would like if people would listen to it.
Dr. MyndBendęr
Dr. MyndBendęr 14 days ago
The bass on this entire album is sweeter than death.
Andrew Weinstein
Andrew Weinstein 14 days ago
They could have just released this song , woulda been enough for an entire album. Absolute masterpiece.
Ian Cowan
Ian Cowan 14 days ago
Shoutout to all the zombies here today. Congrats, you made it back!
Dustin Walker
Dustin Walker 14 days ago
Popped my ears to hear it louder, still not enough.. my soul craves more..
Jollibee 15 days ago
been the biggest tool fan since 1990 but this album has been pure shit and i dont care what you all think, maynard is fucked
donovo 6 days ago
I wouldn’t say it’s shit. It’s just a different angle from them. It’s more harmonic I’d say. It’s still good work and they obviously have skill. I could see where you’re coming from if you were expecting something different though. Listen to it a few more times. It grows on you.
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma 9 days ago
tOOl fAn siNCe 90's
Oscar Daum
Oscar Daum 15 days ago
anyone else notice the face in the center of the design looks like the devil
Dillon Peters
Dillon Peters 15 days ago
Greatest thing ever
Filipe Marques
Filipe Marques 15 days ago
Mesmerizing \m/
Kris Boy
Kris Boy 16 days ago
Best Song on the new record. Peroid.
Celeste M I
Celeste M I 16 days ago
My god the timing signature changes are brilliant. Once again I am blown away. No other band comes close.
Girish Chandnani
Girish Chandnani 17 days ago
One of the best songs of isolation times!
ww1980kolo 18 days ago
Pure, unfiltered Tool. Absolute perfection. The build, the climax. This is the Peter North of metal music.
Scott A
Scott A 18 days ago
Trump 2020
CNUtheArtist 18 days ago
Tool was a big inspiration for my latest art work
Nick Zzz
Nick Zzz 18 days ago
Best song on the new album
Frank Roskam
Frank Roskam 19 days ago
Fantastic is a understatement .
Frederik Vanaverbeke
This is how it sounds when a parallel universe very briefly collides with ours. Oh my god... This is so majestic, so primal and raw. U can only come up with this of you live that music with every fiber of your being and of you've come to full maturity as a band. Thank you for this. Also on the same album: pneuma. What... Uh... Where do you keep finding that stuff? It's not even the only great song on the same album.
Mr. White
Mr. White 19 days ago
Why do these ten minute songs go by so fast?
Hubert von Vestra
Hubert von Vestra 19 days ago
5:54 is so fucking sublime, best part of the entire album honestly.
aaron kling
aaron kling 19 days ago
This song just screams to me, WAKE UP! Look around yourselves, decide for yourself the line between fact and fiction. Think for yourselves, question authority.
Adam Diaz
Adam Diaz 19 days ago
Beach sounds are great
Jim Davis
Jim Davis 20 days ago
This seems prophetic right about now! Lest we cease to be.
Marshall Wysocki
Marshall Wysocki 20 days ago
So about that new tool video to go with the album haha
Anton Slavik
Anton Slavik 20 days ago
Genesis Lopez
Genesis Lopez 20 days ago
one of the best son of this album
Sean Fitzsimmons
Sean Fitzsimmons 21 day ago
Fuck I love this song. It is the Lateralus of Fear Inoculum. Bloody good song
mathew godchilla
mathew godchilla 21 day ago
...and once more...
joe joe
joe joe 21 day ago
I was in Montreal in November 2019. I rented a car the 11 and I made the round trip alone in the evening just to see the concert. And this concert was just magic. I remember that as soon as I heard this song I cried directly! Even though I was alone, I was surrounded by all this energy, and it felt so damn good. This group is unique, one of the best of all time.
Katie LaVorne
Katie LaVorne 21 day ago
Lat the othr drone crews know KEith WEinman pretends I am the dumb whore at work in order to take over the government
fastball 3 days ago
what even
Pimp Juice
Pimp Juice 21 day ago
isaiah aaron
isaiah aaron 22 days ago
Imagine this album with visuals though. Talk about an outer body experience. 😵
Erik Edlund
Erik Edlund 22 days ago
Everything before 6:51 is their swan song, and efterthing after is the epilouge.
David Blayne
David Blayne 22 days ago
Great tune! Not nearly as good as anything by Nickelback. But still alright.
John Chapa
John Chapa 22 days ago
Honestly, Tool could have released only Fear Inoculum and Descending and I would've been satisfied.
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