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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 815
Kyle Corrigan
Kyle Corrigan 11 days ago
The win doesn’t make up for the original loss sorry wilder or fury #1 take your pick
Will 12 days ago
First interview for Bellew after getting KO’d!
Benno Cadman
Benno Cadman 23 days ago
Coke anyone?
Frankie Lyman
Frankie Lyman 23 days ago
TONY you'll never see me again BELLEW
Richard Pinkham
Richard Pinkham 29 days ago
Not surprised this fella is a company man. Everything of note he achieved/earned was done because of them...
Declan McG
Declan McG Month ago
Who listens to this punch drunk, fat scouse bum? He's admitted to be Joshua's friend and constantly flip flops. Total c*nt.
Tony Ross
Tony Ross Month ago
Respect Mr Bellew! You talk good sense.
Jatinder Phull
Jatinder Phull Month ago
Trust Bellew to over exaggerate on a topic...is he Joshuas mascot on his payroll?
Jason Meza
Jason Meza Month ago
Gtfo tony! Comparing that aaK performance to Ali's rumble in the jungle? 😆 ALI got the knockout! ALI was scared of Foerman at times in that fight but he fought back bravely showing heart and knocked out Foreman. AJ was scared all night vs Ruiz and ran. Then smiled and stuck his tounge out at Ruiz like he was beating him up. 😆 AJ full of bs.
Debbie Lough
Debbie Lough Month ago
Bellew stated Tyson fury was the best heavyweight in the world. Mmmm
Six Zero Preneur
Tony Bellew one of my fav boxers
mythology masterツ
Radio Rakeem talks weired.
Oscar Lobster
Oscar Lobster Month ago
AJ won but honestly it wasn’t impressive in my opinion. He beat an obese fighter
Harragoth the Lonely Smegol
Roy Keanes wife is the greatest fighter in the world - she avoids shiners like an absolute undisputed champion on a weekly basis
G S Month ago
Jesus christ. Loma, canelo, usyk... if we are talking actual boxing talent P4P this is a fuckin joke of a comment by a guy with his head so far up AJ’s arse hes gona come out the other side. He was great that night but this comments outrageous. Fuck off lad.
voode vood
voode vood Month ago
See the size of the ring see the ref straight in as soon as Andy got close to aj. That's what you get when a fighter who isn't the champ has a rematch clause where he dictates everything this is why a fight with wilder or fury will never happen cos they try and screw you over with the contracts
Uklm Ngubane
Uklm Ngubane Month ago
lol Peanut butter is the best bread spread in the world.
Imaan Mohamed
Imaan Mohamed Month ago
Deontay wilder and fury would kill him
Nicholas Humpage
love tony but hes wrong about a j being the best boxer when he obviously isn't fury is number 1 by some distance would love to say a j 2nd but he is'nt until he beats usyk and wilder and makes it 2 - 1 over ruiz
Leo Reinhardt
Leo Reinhardt Month ago
Trident Month ago
Biggesy pile of 💩 in 🥊
realnesx Month ago
Bellew bums AJ. Wilder and Fury are the best in the world sorry. I bet AJs next opponent isn't a decent fighter. Uskys to small AJ way to big and strong. Wilder and AJ should be next. Fuck all the bullshit and just make the fight happen. I don't really have a favourite heavyweight I just wonna see the best fight the best.
James Hoad
James Hoad Month ago
Tony "you'll never see me again" bellew
JuneBug Smith
JuneBug Smith Month ago
AJ and Hearne waiting for Wilder and Fury to get old and grey before AJ decides to fight them.. AJ’s NOT the greatest fighter when he constantly runs from the top two in the world!
Ann Hepworth
Ann Hepworth Month ago
he ran away from a fat lad for 12 rounds.when ruiz started swinging he grabbed him.pathetic.fury would eat him alive
Reuben Fevrier
Reuben Fevrier Month ago
AJ is the man with a plan.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith Month ago
Skills pay the raving homosexual bills
Steven Blyth
Steven Blyth Month ago
Well I for one had Joshua down for a points win days before the fight so I'm chuffed lol. I can see why you could say Joshua is the best in world after seeing his performance on Saturday but for me hes got to go beat a wilder or a fury to absolutely confirm it.
Pix3lG33K Month ago
Tony Bellew is such a class act man.
DCBeatsMarvel Month ago
Andy must be the Greatest cuz he made AJ Quit.
John Bryan
John Bryan Month ago
If Joshua was a lollipop Ruiz would've licked him! But instead he ate 2000 burritos!
mtb brickwork
mtb brickwork Month ago
Tony you said Tyson fury is the best in the world a month ago hahaha
Ryan Gomes
Ryan Gomes Month ago
He’d leave his Mrs for Joshua would Bellew
Wil Porter
Wil Porter Month ago
Bellew talks for the sake of talking. Loves the sound of his own voice.
Niki Duncan
Niki Duncan Month ago
The winner of Fury Wilder 2 must fight Aj then we will know who the best heavyweight is👍🏼
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Month ago
I think if & when AJ gets past Fury & Wilder there’s no doubt he’s the best heavyweight in the world. He’s already beaten more world champs then both of those guys put together, & achieved a lot more in a shorter space of time. But comparing things on paper & then it actually happening in the ring are two completely different things. Like no one expected Ruiz to beat AJ, but anything can happen.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg Month ago
Let’s be honest Bellew, you said Fury was the best heavyweight the other week. Half of these geezers from sky was talking shite & now he’s won they’re licking his arse again.
Zain Smokes
Zain Smokes Month ago
Bell end chat so much shit changed his tune quick time😅
bronx p
bronx p Month ago
Wilders going to beat Joshua
Robert Ilechuku
Robert Ilechuku Month ago
Tony Bellew was in top form in this interview.
Robert Came
Robert Came Month ago
Tom F
Tom F Month ago
Had no idea Chris Tucker doing interviews also, wow such a talent :)
john harrison
john harrison Month ago
Tony ‘get home safe to your wife and kids’ bellew
Leftsideofthebrain - Topic
No need for a 3rd fight. It would be even worse for Ruiz
Chukwudi Nwogu
Chukwudi Nwogu Month ago
AJ should always make he keeps his weight the way it is now or go lesser so as to fly. No reason for much muscles anymore. Congratulations the champ
jedimz muzic
jedimz muzic Month ago
AJ treat him like a child...a new born baby...
D-.-RAiL Gaming
D-.-RAiL Gaming Month ago
If he beats Fury or Wilder but you cant make those claims..the greatest fighter in the world is Wilder the best Boxer in the world at HW is Fury.
Jake Philips
Jake Philips Month ago
Different styles beat different fighters, you got to remember for the training camp, you train for a particular fighter an analyse the fighter, decide the best weight for yourself an the style your gonna use for that fighter, this is the reason I believe he lost to Ruiz in the first fight he was ready for a different fighter.
Jake Philips
Jake Philips Month ago
James in the first round the first punch that landed on Ruiz’s face popped his eye brow & AJ punched him up for 36minutes an when the fight ended he clearly had enough energy to go longer, he secured the win an used the style that was appropriate for this fight also it’s not about if Ruiz did this an that he didn’t do it , clearly got lost in the sauce
James Month ago
Jake Philips No wonder AJ won in the Olympic,s he is good at running.I did not see the fight,heard it on the radio.To me it sounded like a terrible fight,with Ruiz carrying so much weight he could not move.If he trained right and lost a lot of weight ,he might have been able to catch the guy on the bike.The commentator said Ruiz hurt AJ int the eight round,I think it was a waste of money for PPV.
Pati jay iwolomo
Number one in the world AJ No one like him this time Because he can put Boxing to anyway He is the 2 × Champion And more is coming AJ have more things what is going to bring to Boxing Blessing Pati Jay from 🇩🇪🇳🇬
You lost me when you said this was gonna go down or be remembered like The Thriller in Manila. This fight, Na dont think so.
Okey Okorie
Okey Okorie Month ago
Not sure what the comments are saying. Tony Bellew has been the most loyal AJ friend amongst all the ex-boxers and pundit- almost like a best friend. Stood behind him after June the 1st. . . Hope he gets home safely to his wife and kids 🙂
troy dubb
troy dubb Month ago
Aj took joseph parkers blueprint to beating ruiz it was practically the same fight
alex akuffo
alex akuffo Month ago
Which of the divisions is the WBC title holder not the best? Joshua is not even best in the UK.... Tyson Fury is.... Wilder is too much... All these British commentators just chatting breeze..
Lee Illman
Lee Illman Month ago
🙄Best fighter in the world prove it, not against an out of shape little fat man, putting it up there will rumble in the jungle 🤣😂🤣
Manny Ribera
Manny Ribera Month ago
You’ll never see me again radio. But you will hear me on the radio.
Orvil Kunga
Orvil Kunga Month ago
Suit and a rucksack??!
Rob Month ago
Bellew really wishes Joshua was his daddy
Jose Orta
Jose Orta Month ago
AJ glass chin joshua don’t act like you all AJ lovers didn’t notice
Steven Amoah
Steven Amoah Month ago
1 Wilder (knock out master) 2 fury (boxing master) 3 a j 4 ruiz 5 usik Top fighters in the right order
Steven Amoah
Steven Amoah Month ago
Wilder is the best in the world you said your self how scared you was to fight the man
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